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For anything UTAUloid related, be it favorite songs or favorite pairings. All UTAUloid fans are welcome, please stop in and post something!
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I Am The Raptor

I LOVE Tei Sukone!!!


10/8/2011 #91

Ruko Yokune X3 She has an awesome voice! And she's really...er...cute? Kinda... (Now that I think about it, she looks kinda like Teto)

And Teto Kasane, of course! God she's so cute, bubbly and childish ^.^ (Just like me, actually :P) But I don't like her voice.

10/13/2011 #92
I Am The Raptor

Ruko is awesome. It is true. Teto is extremely cute, but I think Momo Momone beats every UTAU in the 'adorable' contest. I actually like Teto's voice. I think it adds to her cuteness :3

10/23/2011 #93
Traveler in Time
*Charges defibilitater* Clear! *Zaps the thread back to life* Uh, hi there. I'm a bit of a thread Necromancer. Can you be banned for doing that? (•.•)? Anyways, I honestly prefer Amane Luna, Nagone Mako, and Fugga Koto. I'm not sure if the last one's spelled right, btw. But uh, the whole MikuxRonald thing? Wow, um, LOL. Anyways, there were my feeble attempts to revive this thread. I'm not gonna talk to myself to revive it though :P
8/16/2012 #94
to be honest, there is some weird UTAU's out there. here's some: 1: the king from the legend of zelda 2: dr. robonik 3: one out of microsoft sam
8/19/2012 #95

'w' Hello people! Let's try to bring this forum back to life!

My favorite UTAUs are Suzune Arika, Nekuta, Namine Ritsu, Bubblepop, Utaune Nami, and probably more I can't think off the top of my head!

Bubblepop is a weird one since it's basically...pops from a bubble. There's Gagaloid, but she's illegal, Stitch from the old tv show Lilo & Stitch, and N(squiggle)Nyan that was voiced by a real cat...


8/25/2012 . Edited 8/25/2012 #96
Violet woodwind


I guess my favourite UTAU would be Teto because she is the only one I know well. And Momo Momone second (Geez, she has a lot of "Mo's in her name.)

By the way, I do remember one Utau dressed in purple and black and has short hair. Who is she?

9/13/2012 #97

Ack, sorry for the late reply! *bows down*

Her name is Utane Uta, most know her as Defoko. She's the first UTAU ever!

10/14/2012 . Edited 10/14/2012 #98
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