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I was just thinking, why not write stories about this 'vaccum'? The idea is new and has only been introduced in the last episode that was aired yesterday.

What is there? Did the first people leave and go there? Is that where the observers are from? Does it still exist or was it destroyed by the machine that Walternate is rebuilding? Did the first people have the abilities that the cortexaphan particapents have today?

Why not run with this idea a bit?

11/12/2010 #1

Haven't checked on the forum for a while.

To be specific, the Vacuum is not a place. It is the device described in The First People book. It is also the name of the machine on both sides of the universe.

The First People used to live on Earth. They died out long ago. It has been suggested that the Observers are connected to them, but we don't know how.

In Over There, Walter suggested that people used to have special abilities, that only Olivia and the others were created with. So maybe he is referring to beings like that.

11/18/2010 . Edited 11/18/2010 #2

Seamus Wildes is an anagram for Samuel Weiss. Anyone else see that? Hm....

11/24/2010 #3
Oh yeah! That was one of the trivia things on fringpedia for that episode.
11/25/2010 #4
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