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With the closing of the original Society of Smashing Fiction, this forum has arisen to be its successor. Those of you who wish to RP, get writing help, post challenges or just chat, come on in and join the fun! All are welcome in our Society!
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General Rules:

1. For starters, there are the four at the bottom of the page. Please read them if you haven't already!

2. Please introduce yourself in the appropriate topic (hint: it's the one that says "Welcome" on it) if you intend to frequent the forum. Even if you're just dropping by, at least let us know who you are.

3. No flaming or bashing, whether it be of people, characters, pairings, stories, etc. Flames will not be tolerated and offenders will be devoured.

4. Post appropriate questions/comments in appropriate boards. No spamming.

5. Let's keep from swearing if we can, 'kay? There's already a profanity filter on, but it'd still be nice to keep cursing to a minimum.

6. DO NOT post RPs without explicit permission from ALL of the mods. I do not have a problem with people posting regular topics, unless the purpose of the topic is something that can be discussed in another existing topic. For example, posting a topic about a character, a pairing, a story, a writing challenge, a single question, etc.

* Hey everyone, Toko here. Just wanted to remind everyone that because Milk almost never post on this Forum and I tend to go missing in action from time to time, it was decided long ago that mod permission to post an RP is not always required. While it is EXTREMELYencouraged that you post your ideal in RP Ideals first to get feedback on whether people here will actually post in it first. It's strongly suggested that you have a minim of three people on the Forum like the ideal, but if a Mod likes it, feel free to go a head and post it.

7. Please use the Nag Thread to kindlyremind folks they're needed in an RP. Do not bug them in other topics to do so, and it is recommended that you only do this if it's been about three days to week since they've posted in an RP. Remember folks, people have lives outside of RPing, and aren't always available right then and there.

RP Rules:

1. Again, try not to swear too much. If it's in your character's nature to swear, than at the very least only do it on occasion.

2. The content of your posts must be kept at PG-13 and under. No sexual content or excessive violence. Keep in mind that this forum is open to all, and there are younger members on this site.

3. (Quoted from Stonerpikachu) "Wait for your fellow role-players. It takes a long time to catch up on reading, heck I was bombarded by 82 e-mail alerts at once, boy did it take me a long time to catch up. Also, do not decide an event's outcome that involves two people. For example: Tails asks Cream on a date, and she agrees. Now the player who controls Cream has taken a temp. leave of absence. Player who controls Tails goes ahead with the date and Tails is sad because Cream doesn't show up but player who controls Cream was not there to respond.

3a) IF you are going to be leaving for a couple days or so and cannot reply to RP topics, INFORM us so we know that you will not be there."

4. (Quoted from Stonerpikachu again) " No godmodding. This means not having a character that is over powered, and it also means NEVER controlling another member's character without his or her permission. Your character can not hit another character over and over without ever missing. Same goes with dodging, your character cannot dodge every attack that comes at them every time. There are exceptions to this rule. If you want one of your characters to over power another character of yours, then by all means, feel free, seeing as they are both characters that belong to you."

For more info on this rule regarding stuff like exceptions, just ask.

5. Be respectful and courteous to your fellow role-players when speaking out of character.

6. Read the first post of an RP before jumping in. It prevents confusion for new users who are just joining.

7. (Quoting SP yet again) "Do not post the exact same replies twice in a row. If you need to make a change to the post, use the edit feature, which can be found under the "MOD" button at the bottom of your post. We shouldn't flood the RP topic with two or three copies of the same post."

Final Smash Rules:

1. First and most importantly, your fellow RPer must agree to let you use your character's FS on their character. If the other character also belongs to you, feel free to hit them with it if you want. Remember, no godmodding.

2. Your character must be on the verge of defeat/unconsciousness/death/etc. to use their FS, and even then they must to have the power remaining to use it. If they've been beaten up too brutally, odds are they won't be able to perform such an energy draining attack.

3. Once a FS is used, your character will be almost completely drained of power and unable to keep fighting, or may even fall unconscious. There are exceptions to this rule.

4. Remember, FSes aren't omni-powerful, and won't always kill/knock out your opponent.

5. Certain characters, like Sonic or Captain Falcon, can only use their FS under certain conditions, like if Sonic has all seven Chaos Emeralds or if C. Falcon is riding in Blue Falcon.

IMPORTANT: OCs and characters from other games can use Final Smashes too. I will post a thread where we can discuss what kinds of FS would work well with certain OCs and other-game characters.

I think this should cover it for now. If anybody has any questions, just ask me.

7/23/2009 . Edited by TokoWH, 2/18/2013 #1

Can I ask a quick question about the rules?

9/27/2009 #2


9/28/2009 #3

Do we still have a power cap on our characters? And do we still need to ask before our characters can use a transformation?

9/28/2009 #4

That's a tricky subject. Power caps are in place, but they're more lenient then they were on the previous forum. They have to be. For example, I'm pretty sure nobody can deny that if the two were ever to fight, Samus vs. Marth would be a pretty one-sided battle. Some characters are just naturally more powerful than others, and I think everyone here has come to accept that.

However, by no means does this mean that over-powered characters will be tolerated. Unless the character is a canonically omni-powerful being like Master Hand or Arceus, both of whom are kept out of battles pretty much all the time on principle, characters that are virtually unbeatable will not be accepted, unless the RP calls for it, an example of this being the Post-Apocalypse RP. A way you can cap your characters' abilities without actually removing their canonical abilities is by simply neglecting to use certain powers during fights. I do this all the time with Samus. As everyone knows, her arsenal is vast and varied, and there are few characters here that she can't blow away instantly via a well-placed Sonic Boom, Wavebuster or any number of her other most powerful attacks. However, depending on the foe she is facing, I simply don't use most of her attacks, often resorting to simply using missiles and basic beam attacks, which is still often enough to keep most characters on their toes.

However, when it comes to characters like Father Anderson, RepliCarter, or the recently registered Sylar, all of whom have regenerative abilities along with powerful skills and powers and very few if any canonical weaknesses, it is true that it can be difficult to properly cap them. My suggestion in these cases is this - just try not to go all out on foes they may face, and allow the other player opportunities to fight back, escape, etc., if the fight seems to be too one-sided. Unless the other User agrees to go along with it, it's unfair to simply own other players' characters, no matter how powerful yours might be.

Hopefully that all helps clear things up slightly. As for the possibility that I just confused you... sorry. :P

And do we still need to ask before our characters can use a transformation?

Depends. Define what you mean by 'transformations'.

10/1/2009 #5

I understand what you mean by the above statements, but there are some problems I have with it that I'll explain as I explain what I ment about transformations.

By transformations, I ment stuff like Ichigo's Bankai, which increases all his powers and abilities so he can take on stronger enimies that he couldn't before. In the old SoSF, I never got to use Ichigo's Bankai because I had to ask the other person if Ichigo could transform, which if I remember was the only one time... And I think that person said no because of plot perpouses.

Now, here's the problem I have with the power cap. Back in the old SoSF, because of the strick power cap Ichigo never needed to us his Bankai, because he won most of the fights he got in because of Ichigo's already exsisting powers. I really wanted to use Ichigo's Bankai at least once, but sence there were never any characters he fought that weren't more powerful then him. I have my own idea I'd like to suggest on this subject, but I'll wait for your respones to this one.

10/1/2009 #6

In that case, I believe that whether or not a User needs to ask to use a transformation depends on two factors: 1. What the transformation does, and 2. How powerful the other character is. For example, if one of your characters is going up against, say, Father Anderson and you want to use a transformation, I probably won't care if you don't ask me since he's already so powerful himself.

However, if the transformation is extremely powerful, for example Link turning into the Fierce Deity, than you must ask before using it, no exceptions.

Back in the old SoSF, because of the strick power cap Ichigo never needed to us his Bankai, because he won most of the fights he got in because of Ichigo's already exsisting powers. I really wanted to use Ichigo's Bankai at least once, but sence there were never any characters he fought that weren't more powerful then him.

Just an observation here, but didn't he only get into, like, one fight? With an FC? :P I guess it just doesn't seem like a particularly valid point to me. Anyway, go ahead and present your idea.

10/1/2009 #7

Could of sworn he was in more fights... But yeah.

Anyways, my idea is we could try what my friend Upp did on his RP Forum. On his Forum, he made a tread where we could classife what classes of power our characters were in. For example, there were six classes.

Class one was for normal characters that didn't have any powers at all, class two was for weaker characters that had some powers, class three was where most characters were, class four was where characterswho were more powerful were, class five was where most bosses and character transformations were, and class six was for 'final boss' characters were, like Ganon from the PA RP.

I was thinking we could do something like that for here, that way people could use their characters full power and other people wouldn't feel Godmoded because they know what to expect before hand.

10/1/2009 #8

I can't agree to that. Placing characters into specific classes of power is just asking for an argument to start up.

"Hey, he shouldn't be that powerful! Canoncially, blah blah blah! And I know this character is more powerful, blah blah blah!"

"Yeah? Well, screw what you think! Blah blah blah!"

Maybe not quite like that, but you get the point. I don't want to see people quarreling over petty things like that. Besides, whether people feel like they're being god-modded or not is irrelevant, because they are going to be god-modded if what you suggested comes to pass. Quite simply, it isn't fair for the User with the weaker character if the other player goes full out on them. Think about it. How much fun would it be if I had Dark Samus uncapped, going around and blasting pretty much every single good character into oblivion? How many of them would actually stand a chance? Not many, I can tell you that. People would get pretty pissed off at me. It wouldn't be any fun at all.

Now, if we continue to go along with what we've been doing so far, as seen in my above post, then it's more fair. We still acknowledge that certain characters are more powerful than others, but we don't destroy weaker characters in combat outright. We give them a chance, and it's more fun that way. And fun is what RPing is all about, not who has the most powerful character on the forum. I think we can all agree that it's more preferable that way.

10/1/2009 #9

Milk: I think it's time we add more details to the non-RP rules.

6/16/2010 #10

Strangely enough, I only just noticed your post now, Toko. :P

Anyway, I finally got off me lazy arse and added a few more rules to the General Rules. If anybody else thinks another new rule should be added to deal with an issue they've noticed, let me know here and we'll discuss it.

11/21/2010 #11

Edited because of idiocy regarding confusion. Now, can you bump threads?

5/11/2011 . Edited 5/11/2011 #12

Sure, no rule against that. It's actually a good thing sense FF.N started the auto-deletion thing, as it saves the thread for people who still want it up.

5/11/2011 #13
A Slowpoke's Dopey Face

I accept

9/6/2012 #14
Cookie Hero

Is the thread you talked about where we can talk about what FS would go with which characters open yet?

9/14/2012 #15
Ultimate Weapon X
Can we have characters w/ multiple final smashes and just specify which one we are using?
1/19/2013 #16

Updated the rules a bit to hopefully make things a bit less confusing and a bit more easier to streamline.

Samus: I don't see why not, though I wouldn't recommend it because of the draw backs of Final Smashes. If you have all the characters strongest moves as Final Smashes, then they wouldn't be able to do much good when faced with a opponent of equal strength because Final Smashes make a character extremely tired and whipped out after using.

2/18/2013 #17
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