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If anybody has an idea for a new RP, just post it, and I - as well as any future mods - will give opinions and ultimately decide whether or not the RP will go up on this forum. We'll judge fairly, so if you're uncertain about an idea, just post it and we'll take a look. We also tend to develop RP ideas here once they've been brought up, so don't worry too much about ironing out small plot holes before posting your idea, although it'd still be nice if you could try to keep plot holes to a minimum. :P

Well, go ahead and post your ideas, folks! :)

7/24/2009 #1
Nero Redwolf

Let's see, how about we start off with...a Vacation RP, where the heroes go to a tropical resort for a well-deserved break from adventuring and saving their worlds, and the villains go to relieve the stress of the heroes ruining their plans. Just so we have an RP until the votes are tallied.

7/26/2009 #2

I like the idea. RPing with my villains and not trying to kill everything in sight sounds especially appealing, and this also sounds like a good place to develop romances 'n' stuff. I think a lighthearted RP like this is exactly what I need, and I imagine a number of other people here could agree with me on that. Just a question, though; is this a specific resort like Isle Delfino, or is it just some random one that has been made up for the RP?

With all that said, I approve, and as there are no other mods here as of yet to say otherwise, go ahead and post it.

7/26/2009 #3
Nero Redwolf

I hadn't had a resort in mind, but Isle Delfino works.

7/26/2009 #4
Trueblade Hinata

How about a Training RP,much like the Training mode in Smash Bros games? Our characters would go into simulation rooms in the Smash mansion.

7/26/2009 #5

Meh, I don't know. I don't really see a point to it. If you can expand on the idea or add something to make it more interesting, then I'll consider it, but I won't lie; I'm pretty skeptical about this RP.

8/1/2009 #6
Nero Redwolf

I have a suggestion. Perhaps something happens to the simulators (villains hacking them, console getting fried, ect.) that traps most of the characters inside, with all of the safety devices deactivated, while the rest have to find a way to get them out.

8/2/2009 #7

Ok, I have an idea for an RP, which is probably going to be the only RP I'll post in for now. It's called the Pikmin RP. The story goes like this; Olimar, Louie, and Prez are being payed to go back to the Pikmin planet in order to study the Pikmin and Pikavores. To do this, they get a new crew full of are characters to go their and help study, but little do they know whats in store for them...

Unlike the Stranded RP on the old SoSF, their is no interviewing segment, and the characters are not stranded. They could be brought in on Olimar's crew, or they could be going there for their own reasons. I already have the basic plot down since I'm going to be using this RP to tie up my plots for my main characters. Once this RP is over, I'm going to be done with them for good.

8/4/2009 #8

Well, I suppose it's as good an idea for an RP as any, Toko. Milk will still need to give his opinion first, though.

8/4/2009 #9

@Toko: Approved. I had been hoping the Stranded RP would get somewhere, and this seems as close to that RP as we'll ever get, now. And I don't see anything that needs fixin', so it's good for postin'.

@Notme and Chef: I'm still skeptical about this one. One of my bigger issues is the setting. How exactly do these simulators work? What will the characters' surroundings be like? But my main issue is without a doubt the premise and plot themselves. It's just really bare-boned, I find, even with Notme's suggestion.

TiR, if ya don't mind, seeing as your a Mod and all, could you contribute to this discussion? (You don't really have a choice in the end, but it's just polite to ask. XD)

8/4/2009 #10

*Sigh* I knew that I should never have signed that contract... in blood. X_X

Anyways, to be honest, Chef and NotMe, I just really don't see much promise in this training room RP. After all, even though the idea of these varying training sessions involving our characters is unique, I really don't see much different between that and what our characters already do in other RP's. Plus, there really is no designated goal that would be important enough for our characters to consistantly pursue. I'm sorry, but unless some other idea comes along that makes this sound more appealing, I don't think this would make a good RP and people probably would ditch it after a few weeks.

And, yes, I'm sorry that sometimes I can sound brutal when I'm honest, but I didn't mean any offense to anyone here.

8/4/2009 #11
Chrisschmidt 85

I have an Idea for a role playing game where characters can travel to any of the locations in the game series that have had characters from them in any of the Super Smash Bros games as well as Mega Man. Basically it is about the balance of power between the forces of good and evil and what happens when the balance is disturbed by the evil Crazy Hand and his allies Medusa, Mephiles, and Ganondorf, A.K.A the Subspace Syndicate. Basically those beings use their power to revive and restore numerous evil individuals from each world. Not only that, a few portals to this world are also discovered. Basically my idea involves people from this world as having once been able to go to each of those worlds and then it starts when the portals are reopened and someone from one of those worlds comes to this earth. Or to make a long story short this would be a multiple way crossover of several game series in which people can choose to play as themselves. By the way this Role Playing Game is inspired by the story Super Smash Bros. The Evangelion Wars by Shritistrang and Heroes Of Arcadia The Game Master's Legacy By Anthony Bault which can be found on . Ok so just tell me what you think about this idea and feel free to make suggestions about this since this would be the first time that I would be the Game Master Of an RPG.

8/13/2009 #12

Well, OK, it's a valid idea. However, I'm sure Milk and myself would like to know a few things before this RP can be allowed here.

First off, sorry to sound so forward, but who are you? I mean, there's no rule as of yet that someone new to this forum can't suggest an RP here, but maybe you'd like to introduce yourself and your characters in the appropriate threads first so we know who and where you'll be as a member here.

Second, personally, I'm opposed to RP's based extensively on non-canon universes and plots from other people's stories that not everyone may have read. I hadn't even heard of those two stories before, and I doubt I might ever get around to reading them. So, if this RP draws a lot of itself from these two tales, then I, among several others possibly, will be utterly lost.

Third, isn't the idea of RP'ing to play as other characters besides yourself? I mean, I'd love to write something about me spending some quality time with my favorite characters, too, but that's way off topic for the RP's plot, I feel.

At any rate, it's still a valid idea, Chris, but I'd just like to understand what you mean a bit more and possibly see you posting elsewhere in other RP's and threads on this site first before I want to seriously consider giving this RP the go-ahead.

8/13/2009 #13

To be blunt, I really don't care for the idea. Sounds like there would be too many plotholes. In other news, I have my own RP idea, but I'll wait till Milk is done with this guys idea.

8/13/2009 #14

I must agree with most if not all of the points TiR brought up. I also have to question Crazy Hand's role as the main antagonist. Although in many people's head-canons he's an evil entity bent on destroying the universe, on this forum it's been well established that good ol' Crazy has long since moved past his destructive tendancies, and though he's quite zany and eccentric, he isn't evil. I'd like to say some other stuff, but considering TiR has already covered everything I wanted to mention, that would just be repetitive.

8/13/2009 #15
Chrisschmidt 85

Ok so the only things that I would be borrowing from those stories are the Sky Counsel and Sup Space Counsel from the story Super Smash Bros. The Evangelion Wars (The Sky Counsel is basically a group of the most powerful good guys from a few worlds such as Arceus, Dialga, Palkia, and other legendary pokemon, Din, Farore, Nayru of Hyrule, and Palutena from the game Kid Icarus, Master Hand, and other extremely powerful beings. Basically they are a group of the deities from a few game worlds and other somewhat less powerful beings work for them such as Pit, Manaphy, Celebi, Mew, Stafy, to name a few. Basically Crazy Hand, Medusa (from Kid Icarus) , Ganondorf, Mephiles The Dark (from Sonic 360), and an original character named Nazo (a being made of negative energy that built up in the Chaos Emeralds) would be the members of the Sub Space Counsel with the other bad guys working for them. I guess that Tabuu (the final boss of Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Sub Space Emissary plot) could be used as the main villian though. Oh by the way the only thing that I would borrow from the other story is the whole deal about those world's being connected to this one yet I guess that idea can just be left out since that has been done so many times before. Basically all of the main villians from the games ( Bowser, Eggman, Andross, Ganondorf, King K.Rool) etc. team up and so the heroes from each world team up to save the universe.

8/14/2009 #16

It still doesn't sound all that great. It sounds like there would be barely be any room for branching out and other stuff. And it really doesn't sound all that interesting.

8/14/2009 #17

I still stick to what I'd mentioned earlier, Chris, in that if you wish to have an RP posted here (especially one you already mentioned wanting to control as well), you first should become a bit more involved with this forum and join in a few of the already existing RP's as well. I, for one, just won't hand out permission to a person I really haven't seen in RP's here before since I won't know if they seem to be able to handle things well or not. Rules about godmodding and such on this particular forum are a bit more stringent than most, so I'd appreciate the chance to become more aquainted with your RP'ing style before I'll take this request all that seriously.

8/14/2009 #18

Anyways, I just thought of a new RP idea. Has anyone seen that new show called 'The Colony'?

8/17/2009 . Edited 8/17/2009 #19

No, but Wikipedia gave some insight. It's a Discovery reality TV show, in which ten volunteers simulate life after a global catastrophy. An RP with the same idea would be interesting, though I do think it would bear some - not a whole lot of - similarity to the Prison-break RPG...

8/17/2009 #20

I don't see how, since there the characters are trying to escap after being captured. This RP would be about our characters trying to rebuild after an, as of yet, undecided disaster.

8/17/2009 #21

Hmmm... I don't know. The idea has promise, but I'm just unsure as to how practical it would be in an RP format. This sounds like it would be a time-driven sort of RP, which past experience proves to find that they don't turn out too well since months could go by in real life before the first day of the RP even ends.

8/17/2009 #22

Maybe if we have someone take control of the time in the RP, changing it when they see fit.

8/17/2009 #23

I haven't really formed that much of an opinion on the idea yet myself. Could you possibly provide some more details?

8/17/2009 #24

Basically, after some as of yet undecided disaster, everything has been destroyed and most of all tecnolagy lost. Now, it's up to the smashers, in small groups, to rebuild and survive. Of corse, it won't be that easy, as outsiders constantly try to 'sneak' into the Smasher's hold outs in order to steal their food and, in the processes, end up destroying stuff they built.

8/17/2009 #25
Trueblade Hinata

To Milk:Can we restart the Archeology RP? I can also use my FE OC,Morgan,to replace Evian as the traitor that serves Tails Doll.

Also,what were classes in this RP?

8/24/2009 #26

I wouldn't mind making an RP similar to the Archaeology RP. Of course, if everyone remembers, SP closed the original one because the plot wasn't getting anywhere. So, basically, as long as we don't waste time with needless stuff like simulators or lunch dates, I won't have any objections to revamping the RP.

But about Morgan being "the" traitor, keep in mind that anyone is allowed to defect to Tails Doll's side, and vice versa.

As for classes, I believe there were:

Leaders: This should be self-explanatory. They're in charge of the teams they're assigned to, and have a lot of experience 'n' stuff.

Scouts: Also pretty self-explanatory. These guys go ahead of everyone else and scope out wherever it is they're going, ie: ruins, tombs, etc. The gear they carry is usually pretty lightweight.

Archaeologists: To put things simply, these are the guys who go in and do the actual archaeological stuff. They're pretty smart, are also quite well-versed in history, yadda, yadda, stuff like that. (So, basically, this role is off-limits to characters like Bowser or Dedede. XD) Their gear is mostly research-oriented; these guys aren't as prepared for a fight as other classes are.

Guardians: Personally, I like to refer to these guys as 'tanks'. They're powerful characters who can take a hell of a beating and still keep kickin' butt. Their primary role is to protect the archaeologists. They often carry heavy equipment. NOTE: I want to stress that this role especially is not appropriate for every character. Characters like Samus or Ganondorf are ideal, since they can both take heavy amounts of damage without sucumbing, and they're both very powerful. A character like Ike or Yoshi, although both are adept fighters, are not preferable for this role.

Um...I think I might be missing a class, but I'm not sure. If anyone who participated in the original RP can remember a class I've forgotten, then just remind me.

8/27/2009 #27
Trueblade Hinata

Also,do we keep Tails Doll as the main antagonist of the RP?

8/27/2009 #28

Of course, as long as TiR agrees. There isn't enough TD action on this forum, in my opinion. :P

Speaking of TiR, this RP still needs his permission before it can go up...

8/27/2009 #29
Trueblade Hinata

You're right. Let's wait for him.

8/27/2009 #30
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