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Your supposed introduce yourself in the welcome thread, before you post.

6/2/2010 . Edited 6/2/2010 #31

Only if you actually plan on becoming a regular. If someone just wants to pop in and advertise, whatever. They don't need to introduce themselves if they don't want to.

That rule is mainly in place just to keep random people from joining RPs out of the blue.

6/2/2010 #32
The Stupendous Jimbo

Eh, it's not like I have anything interesting to say other than "Hi, I'm The Stupendous Jimbo, I used to write under the pen name "KILL THE EMPIRE", how do you do?"

6/2/2010 #33
Albino Pikachu

Ah, I remember you now. You harshly flamed my friend's story... He deserved it though.

6/2/2010 #34
Albino Pikachu

Your supposed introduce yourself in the welcome thread, before you post.


6/2/2010 #35
The Stupendous Jimbo

Which story was it?

6/2/2010 #36
Albino Pikachu

... I don't remember... I think he deleted it... And it wasn;t really a flame as much as blunt constructive criticism. I just remember him saying you were right, it did suck, WAS plotless, and yadda yadda yadda....

6/2/2010 #37
The Stupendous Jimbo

Ah...I remember at the ends of my KTE days I became a very cruel flamer because I got involved in the Flame Rising stuff. Despite how I agree a lot with Flame Rising, I do not agree with who I used to be, which is a major reason I gave up the KTE account. In fact, soon it will be deleted.

6/3/2010 #38
Albino Pikachu

You can delete old accounts?

6/3/2010 #39
The Stupendous Jimbo

Not entirely. I'm gonna delete everything and just write a small note.

6/3/2010 #40
Albino Pikachu

Knew it. I tried, but my old Mr. Pichu account WON'T GO AWAY.

6/3/2010 #41

Quouted from my other thread that's going to be taken down soon.

The first fic I've actually read through in a year. It's ok. Although the plots a bit rushed and there are alot of mistakes, it's one of those 'simple yet fun to read' fics. Plus it's got me liking Gatomon X Meowth. I think I might actually write my own fic about the pairing... As soon as I get off my lazy a** and finish the one I'm currently working on. lol :P


A really good, yet really creepy fanfic about Animal Crossing. Once you read it, you'll never be able to look at Animal Crossing the same way ever again...

8/5/2010 #42
Gilbert Lysander

It's a good Nabari no Ou fic. I seriously doubt that any of you actually know it though...but it's still a really fic. Or at least I think so. Albino, since you don't like yaoi, don't read this!!!

8/5/2010 #43
Albino Pikachu

....*sniff* Thanks for the warning.

What you read, you can't unread.....




8/5/2010 #44

Have you guys read the Circo De la Luna?

Warning: Violent themes, torture and Link is a cute kitty...

8/6/2010 #45
Gilbert Lysander

There's no smut ok! Most of you would hate me for that if I put a yaoi lemon on here. It's fluffy least till chapter 8.

8/6/2010 #46

Todays Fanfic of the day is 'Of the Blowing Winds' by Super Klonoa. He's a writer who I feel deserves more credit, as well as the original creater of Super Klonoa who I've... Er... Borrowed for some of the RPs here.

Summy: The story is about Klonoa, the Dream Travler we all know and love from the RPs, living on Mobius. (or where ever you think the Sonic world takes place in) He admires Sonic's Super Form, and wishes he had one of his own. Meanwhile, Robotnik learns of the Dream Travler, and plans on harnessing Klonoa's wind energy (I hear you guys snickering. *glairs*) to power Eggmanland. Sonic catches wind of this, and rushes off to stop him.

Basically, the whole fic explains how Klonoa gets his Super form in SK's universe and why Klonoa doesn't wear cloths in it like Sonic and most other Sonic characters.

Personally, I think it's a really good read. It's long, being around 30,000 words of langth, but worth the read. I give it an 8.5/10.

8/7/2010 #47
Albino Pikachu









Also, I have a super secret project..... Involving Luigi........It

s a crackfic obviously.....

Maybe I should ive the romance writing thing a chance.....Write Clear Blue That RoyxPeach fic I promised......

8/7/2010 #48

... Is anyone bother to read the fics I post? I feel ignored... ._.

8/7/2010 #49

I skim them but I dont like them...

No one wuvs my CIrcus story... ITS GOT EVERYTHING YOU WANT IN A STORY AS WELL -_-'

8/7/2010 #50
Albino Pikachu



I mean, uh, uh,.... uh.




But I forgot the password..



Oh, this has nothing to do with fanfiction.....


Also, forum isn't dying, but *puts on Sonic shoes*


8/9/2010 #51


And apparently... Albie like Zorbacka in a bikini XDDDD



8/10/2010 #52
Albino Pikachu


8/10/2010 #53

First fanfic I've written in a while. Nothing serious, just something for fun to hopefully get me back into writing.

3/6/2012 #54

Have you ever read a fanfic that has caused you to face palm, groan, and want to write a long a** review of everything that is wrong with it, even though it goes against every moral code you stand for? Because I have. Just recently infact. It's not My Immortal levels of bad, but... Ugh... So many plot holes and dues ex machinas out the a**... If it wasn't for the fact that I'm currently writing a fic dealing with a similar premise, I would write a rant review on it. I don't want to seem like a hypocrite though...

I won't say what the fic is, but considering I'm currently only writing one fic right now, it shouldn't be too hard to spot if you look in the archive it's under.

3/18/2012 #55

Excuse me, but I'm new to this forum stuff. So forgive me if I sound a little ignorant or something.

This forum is about SSB fanfics, correct? I don't where else to ask this, but I'm looking for a certain SSB fic. I don't know if it is still here on though.

The plot from what I remembered was about Master Hand and Crazy Hand being bored and decided to do something about it. Crazy did something that cost him his life and change every non-human like creature to become anthro. Beings if I remembered such as Charizard, Pikachu, a Flygon, and others. Relationships were formed. Funny things were happening. Wolf dating Lucario who is actually a girl, who change her telepathic voice to sound like a guy. Mewtwo being a janitor. Charizard being gay with the Flygon I mentioned before. And some Ouran High School reference.

Does anybody here know what I'm talking about? Please respond.

10/29/2012 #56
Queen Antlers
Oh my god oh my god I remember that fanfiction! I loved it so much! Lucario was female and had a relationship with Wolf! Do you remember anything about the title or summary? I'll go on an epic quest to find it for you! :D
10/29/2012 #57

I think the title once held the either words these: Random(ness), Insanity, Madness or chaotic. I'm not too sure though... It has been a long time since I read it.

10/30/2012 #58
Paradigm of Writing

Where is the Writing Help forum exactly?

7/29/2013 #59
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