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I was thinking 'Latias'. Hm... I don't think Charles would have the patience for an impulsive, stubborn girlfriend. She'd also have to tolerate his masquerade. And the fact that he's a lawyer.

9/25/2010 . Edited 9/25/2010 #91

What about a Latias that's attractive and intelligent, but also shy? The kind of person who shines if you get them to come out of their shell, metaphorically speaking. Charles would still need some patience to pursue their relationship due to that shyness, though. She would definitely associate with how he hides himself as a human all the time, though, since she'd be the same herself.

(And I accidentally misspelled that as 'methaphorically' a second ago! XD)

9/25/2010 #92

I think that would work.

(And don't worry: my spelling is also abhorrent. I like my spellcheck).

9/25/2010 #93

All righty then! (Ace Ventura moment)

I'm horrible at character descriptions and clothing, though, so I'll try not to take forever coming up with a name and appearances. I'd probably best try and register her now, anyways, before I lose my train of thought, so any other final suggestions or ideas would be great to have now before I start.

(Me too, but it doesn't catch when I'm typing 'help' and accidentally hold the 'L' key too long. O_O)

9/25/2010 #94

Well, would anyone be interested in giving Succubus someone to select? After all, she's not very useful if she doesn't have a partner. I would need her appearance and personality.

1/4/2011 #95

And by word of Pikana-ore-sama I pronounce Zo/Soap onesided canon. Seriously. That pairing has been TORMENTING me for years and I only realise I havent made it official AFTER Shiny is gone *facepalm*

I want romance! Abusive relationships! Cheesy stuff! Crazy relationship! I need material! *dies cause I need inspiration*

12/17/2011 #96
I have so many singles that I think my forever aloness has caught onto them :(
2/18/2012 #97
Trueblade Hinata

To Notme:How about we try a pairing betwwen Kabuto(from Naruto) and Charlotte?

2/26/2012 #98

To Pikana: Well, if you want, maybe we could develop a pairing together in one of the RPs. But, I need some info about your characters so I can figure out which character of mine that would be suitable to pair off with.

To Ultimate: Hey Ulti, I was wondering if you would like to do a different pairing with me in SoSF. You'll find my characters in RP Character Ownership.

2/26/2012 #99
Ultimate Soldier

Hmm, don't really know who to start with. Right here in this forum I have a very small rogue of characters.

2/26/2012 #100

I understand. So, what small rogue of characters do you have in SoSF right now?

2/26/2012 . Edited 2/27/2012 #101
Ultimate Soldier

Hmm, I don't know who to pair with, Krys. =(

2/26/2012 #102

Alright! I'm pretty much still trapped in the fantasy that Mario and Peach are together so let's see my available characters

Meiko: That's ALL of us

Me: Shaddap!


Ships that exist for me: All inactive




Zorbacka/Soap (Onesided?)

Shadow Queen/ Ganondorf (Onesided...)


Available characters:

So Zelda- I tend to portray her as a calm, mature woman as she appears in the LoZ games. Since I registered her when TP came out, she takes that appearance. I'll ship her with anyone considering that Link is just friends to her in this forum (Much to the rage of this shipper XD)

Pit- Take him! He's a fun-loving individual but he isn't innocent. His personality is based off the new Kid Icraus games as independent and slightly arrogant. I've been trying to ship him for ages.

Kasumi Hakura (Glassella) (OC)- Glassella really needs a partner so she can stop being so damned depressed. I had a pairing with Notme at some point but I have no idea what happened to that...

The Vocaloids (Vocaloid programs)- Umm... if you have a robot fetish then I can ship ya with any of the J** Vocaloids

Stocking Anarchy (P*** and Stocking with Garterbelt)- My gothic, sweet loving angel. She sees more then beauty on the outside and she can be harsh (Thats because her fiance was a disgusting ghost and left for heaven) but if you get under her skin she will be the best shipping fodda you could ask for.

Ryou Bakura (Yu Gi Oh)- Shy, soft-spoken and British. Sure he has an evil darkside but now he has control.

Malik Ishtar (Yu Gi Oh)- More outspoken, agressive and less compassionate but both Marik and Ryou I don't mind shipping


Pick a player! Any player!

2/27/2012 . Edited 2/27/2012 #103
Chaser Neos

Well, Pikana, I've always seen the Vocaloids as one of two things: androids, originally human with mechanical parts like how Android 17 and 18 from DBZ were created, or, in the Vocaloid Universe, the whole robot thing is gimic by their recording company. But, that aside, I do want to do a pairing with you. Problem is, I don't know who to use.

2/27/2012 #104
Nero Redwolf

Pikana: Unfortunately the plans for Glassella fell though because of my inactivity on this forum. While the character I planned to pair with her at first will likely be taken in some RPs, I have plenty of others that might be good for her.

2/27/2012 #105
Ultimate Soldier

Pikana: Zelda's my pick, but since you want Pit to be paired really badly, then we gotta work out which kinda girl I have to be with him.

2/27/2012 #106
Trueblade Hinata

To Notme:Check out post 98 in the previous page if you have the time.

2/27/2012 #107

I dont make ideas D: I just shoot them down when you suggest them to me! Just do that! Say your partner and I do the 'ya' or nah thig!

2/27/2012 #108
Chaser Neos

Well this kinda discourages me. But give me a little time and I'll think of something.

2/27/2012 #109

Sorry Chaser. Now that Im not high or at school I'll actually properly give reviews and pairing ideas to anyone. Keep in mind, I have weird crack pairings. I mean... I geniunely ship Mario/Link and Wario/Pit. Do you want me to make your pairings? Meh. Your funeral.

Chaser: Yeah, I go with the second option usually. Helps when I want to corrupt the vocaloids COMPLETELY with viruses. And I like robots :D I'm sorry I couldn't choose a person, but besides the Digimon, I have no idea who your characters are. You registered people I DO NOT KNOW D:

Ulti: Pit doesn't have to be paired that badly. I just wanted an excuse to use him. Who do you have in mind/available for Zelda?

Notme: Okay. Who do you have available for Glassella. Just someone nice. As much as I like abusive relationships in RPs, Glassella literally can't hold herself together for that kind of abuse

2/28/2012 . Edited 2/28/2012 #110
Chaser Neos

Pikana: I was actually thinking of pairing one of the [Female] Vocaloids up with one of the Dinobots in a manner similar to the girls from Transformers: Kiss Players. But I decided against it, because that manga was a little too creepy and S***^, the rather brutal member of the group, would have a fit and probably burn down half of Tokyo. Anyway, I still need to think for a moment.

(^And, I know his name is censored! Damn you England and your insipid idioms!)

2/28/2012 #111
Nero Redwolf

Pikana: Most of my guys are very nice, and would know to be gentle with her, some would even offer to help reverse her condition, if she wants to do that, of course.

As for who, perhaps Damien, since I want to reinvent him somewhat.

2/28/2012 #112
Ultimate Soldier

Notme: Wave's gonna be upset. XD

Pikana: I originally thought that Light should be with her, but let me see her age. I'll go look for Zelda's profile. As for Pit, I have a couple of girls on me (NO!). I have Vanessa, who's very aggressive and most guaranteed to be dominate over him, if ya like that sort of thing. There's Hydra who would nag him to death about a couple of things. Madlax since she's quite a gentle woman. Arcee is an Autobot, so in some ways, she's foreign (XP) and she's a euphemism for V, so she's a lesser aggressor than her. Or if ya want an alien (a lizard woman or Draturian/Shadow Elite, technically) to be with Pit, I'll register the OC later on.

2/28/2012 #113

Ulti: Zelda can be about any age but I made her her early twenties. and Pit... XD We can wait for Pitty cake. Let's just sort out Zellie first but I really like the sound of Vanessa. XD The domination thing is something I NEVER Rp in this forum! I'd like that if anything.

Chaser: Sounds good. Just when you're ready!

Notme: Sounds good ^^ Where to?

2/28/2012 #114
Nero Redwolf

Hmm...How about the RP in the Sky?

2/28/2012 #115
Ultimate Soldier

Pikana: Zellie, Zel, Z, Light's gonna have a field day in nicknaming her. 'Kay, Zelda's the one for him because my other males are a bit older than her or are taken. Though where to set up the pairing, I have no idea. Right now I believe Light's going to pair up with someone else in the RP for the Sky, but I would love to have the two be together in the progressing Multiverse RP! :P Or another RP you can suggest to me.

2/28/2012 #116

Notme: Sure thing! I'll start!

Ulti: There are so many dead RPs we can try revive (Ie the World RP) but I'm cool with the multiverse! No idea how to start though

2/29/2012 #117
Ultimate Soldier

Pikana: I'll go so see where to start and how to start? Start as friends and let their feelings escalate slowly. As for how to make them meet each other, I'll think of something.

2/29/2012 #118
Trueblade Hinata

To Ulti:How about we try out a pairing between Itachi and Vanessa.They are around the same age.What do you say?

2/29/2012 #119
Ultimate Soldier

Chef: The more, the merrier, eh? Yes, I would like to. Again, suggest to me of an RP and we can plot it all out.

2/29/2012 #120
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