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((It's been a quiet time in the lives of the heroes... There have been no attacks by the villains in quite a long time, and so far everything has been has been very peaceful... However, that all changes one day when multiple characters start getting letters sent to them, with the return address all marked with the same name... "Silent Hill". Who is sending these letters, though?

As of right now, no one knows... But each letter says something different, with something written in it that sparks the interest and curiousity in the people it's sent to. Hoping to figure out what is going on, the characters set out for the town of Silent Hill... Only to quickly descover that there is something seriously wrong. They quickly find monsters of unimaginable horrors are wandering around the town, and a twisted nightmare filled alternate realm known only as the 'Otherworld'. Now the characters are forced to battle the monsters and their own psychies as they try to find a way out of the hellish town...

Now first and formost, this is a horror themed RP. As such, you can't have the characters just going around randomly owning the monsters. There has to be some form of parelle durring the battles. Also, in this RP, characters can die. Of course the standard rules apply as it must be agreed with the person who owns the character, but I just wanted to put it out there that this RP will be darker then most of the current ones we have.

Now for the biggest one. While in Silent Hill, the characters powers are supressed by the forces in the town. Characters on DBZ levels of powers will be reduced to being on the same level of a standard video game hero. Then there is the Otherworld. When the Otherworld takes over, the characters are unable to use their powers AT ALL. This means they will be forced to rely on whatever standard weapons they brought with them or find in the town, from steel pipes to fire arms.

So yeah. You can consider this our RP for Halloween. :P ))

The fog was thick in the town of Silent Hill, which currently was living up to it's name. Not a single sound could be heard, as the streets were earily empty. Not a car zoomed by, nor a person walking on his way to work. However, no one could ever predict the events of what would happen in the next few hours...

10/18/2011 #1

Pepe le Pew stood by the railing of a parking lot, overlooking Toluca Lake. He wasn't the confident skunk he normally tended to be. Not after the letter...

In my restless dreams, I see that town.

Silent Hill.

You promised you'd take me there someday, but you never did.

Well, you SUCK, Pepe! You SUCK, and I HATE YOU!

I stole your wallet. Come to our "special place".

No, Pepe, not Paris.

Wait, wait... Wrong letter. That was from a parody. Ah, there it is.

In my restless dreams, I see that town.

Silent Hill.

You promised me you'd take methere again someday, but you never did.

Well, I'm alone there now…in our "special place", waiting for you…

The name on the envelope... said "Penelope". His love's name... But that was impossible. She would sooner die than write to him. That's what Pepe kept telling himself. Penelope dropped off the face of the world many months ago. She would never write to him.

So then... why was he looking for her? Was she really waiting for him?

Confused about his heart for first time in many ages, Pepe turned to the road, which was blocked. With a sigh, the skunk went over to take the runner's trail, the shorter route, in terms of walking.

The fog was truly eerie. Everything felt... wrong... about it. The thickness, the time, how everything was given a creepy air. Everything. But Pepe kept jogging, following his memories to the cemetery gate. It creaked as he opened it and went through, looking around. "... Spooky, no?" he asked, as if there was an audience present, without his usual confidence.

10/19/2011 . Edited 10/19/2011 #2

Legend has it that in the Town of Silent Hill that a grand treasure lurks to those brave enough to seek it.

That was the first thing to jump to Wario's eyes when had opened his letter. He didn't even bother to read the rest as he had already booked it down to that town on his motorcycle. Wario scowled as he looked around, it being nothing like he had expected. The place looked like a dump, and he could barely see a damn thing through all the fog. He looked through the letter again with a growl, before crumpling it up.

As far as he could tell, there was nothing of value as far as he could see. If someone was trying to play a prank on him, then they would quickly learn exactly how well Wario can take pranks envolving fake treasure... Wario got back on his motorcycle, and decide to at least give the place a proper once over. At the very least he could probably find some loose pocket change...


"An eerie presense is on the wind." Nagato said in her normally emotionless mannor. As she and Kyon were currently walking down a fog ridden path, Kyon scratched at the feeling of being watch on the back of his head. He didn't need her otherworldly powers to figure that out.

It had been sometime since Haruhi receaved that letter. "In the town of Silent Hill resides the creatures beond imagination you seek.' Needless to say, Haruhi had gone to this town faster then you can say 'hyper active'. The letter had said to come alone, so even though Koizumi was the right hand man of the S.O.S brigade had a tough time convincing her to let him join. Part of it was because of his position to keep her happy, yet at the sametime he could also tell something was seriously wrong...

A few weeks have passed since then with no word from either of them. Nagato could tell something was wrong...

"Is this Haruhi's doing?" Kyon asked. At first, he didn't want to come along, but Nagato had a point. As much as he hated to admit it, he was Haruhi's morality chain. If something bad had happened to her, he would be the only thing standing between her and total world destruction.

"No. Although I can't really tell what it is as it would currently seem to be trying to supress my abilities, but I can tell that whatever this is, it's been here long before Haruhi knew about this town." Nagato stated, as Kyon sighed. He had a very bad feeling about this, especially if something was currently messing with Nagato's powers.

"I guess it's a good thing you told Mikuru to stay behind." Kyon said, as the two had finally reached the gate into town. Nether of them liked it, but they knew they had to find out what had happened to Haruhi and Koizumi...

10/19/2011 #3

((I once thought of making a joke character... One whom had been mentally scared into fearing ALL ponies by an encounter with Night Mare Moon. XD))

Pepe looked around the graveyard uneasily, trying to find the proper path to the town.

10/19/2011 #4

It felt like it was close to midnight, and something felt like it was lurking in the dark and fog. Or at least that what was Len Kagamine, international Vocaloid sensation aged fourteen, thought when he reached Silent hill. What was a robotic singer like him doing? Carrying his tired robotic counterpart Rin Kagamine. They had escaped the papparazzi on their roadroller only for the construction machine to break down when they were in the middle of nowhere. Now, Len was looking for help as he entered the gates of town, not realising the danger ahead.


"My kind of town. Lack of sun, chilling atmosphere, deadly hallows..." Ryou closed his eyes and tried to ignore Bakura by pacing back and front as Marik began tuning his motorcycle. The two men were on their way to the airport and neither one was impressed when Marik mannaged to get a flat tire. It wouldn't take long to find help right? Right?

10/20/2011 #5


2/5/2012 #6

(Well, the only reason I've been taking a long time to start this is because (besides the fact that I am normally busy lately), I wasn't planing on the RP being a direct copy and paste of Silent Hill 2. I had intended for it to just be a look into our characters sub concious and how they deal with it. Sense everyone seem to be going along with the copy and paste plot, I didn't say anything, but it has turned me off from the RP quite a bit...)

2/5/2012 #7

((I never played Silent Hill. I just know theres zombies. You teach me how to start, and I get action. I'm PIkana. I'm awesome and can do that))

2/5/2012 #8

(Well, in a nut shell, the town of Silent Hill has some dark power to create monsters based off of a persons mental state, usually using their darkest secrets and negative trates as a base. It can also pull people into the 'Other world' which looks different for each person, again being based off of their darkest secrets and negative trates. On the rare ocassion though, a person can be brought into anothers 'Other world', and it can case the monsters that appear for some people to appear for them as well afterwards.

It's unknown whether or not Silent Hill is actually trying to kill/drive people insane, but it can often end with them learning to deal with their dark secrets and negative trates, or it can drive them to some other... Darker solutions...

... And ocassionally some cult tries to use the towns power, only for it to go horrible wrong, but we're not going to use that kind of plot.

And that's Silent Hill in a nutshell, more or less.)

2/5/2012 #9

((Well won't Silent Hill be a blast for Alex.))

"Hey Alex. Remember that time when the Raekans approached us with a mission on research platform, and the docking bay had 'Turn Back' written in blood with a bunch of corpses that had bled to death. And it had turned out that the Raekans had given a Ferenic sanity, and we not only failed to contain her, but gave her the means to wage a genocidal war against every Ferenic Hive-created race?" COSE said, "And how I totally said from the start that we should have just said 'lol nope' and let someone else deal with it?"

Despite COSE's point, Alex and Reala continued to descend towards the foggy ground of Silent Hill on the Manta's lift.

"Hey Alex. This town looks creepy as f***. We have no backup," COSE said, "Let's just say 'lol nope' and use the plain old scientific method to advance hypercortex theory."

"And allow Eve to suffer in the meantime?" Alex said, "Do you have so little faith in Reala or my abilities to remain alive?"

"Alright," COSE said, "But when we wake up the squid-headed dragon in the non-Euclidian chamber, I get to say 'I told you so'."

2/5/2012 #10

Have you ever heard of the darkness? Not the absence of light but the true darkness. The malevolent being that lurks behind the shadows, arms poised and hands ready to claw your heart out? Ryou Bakura did. Everyday he lived with the knowledge that the darkness wanted him. They wanted his soul to be devoured. Some could say Ryou Bakura was scared; others say he was delusional. In reality, Bakura was a broken man and even though he tried to piece himself together- and succeeded for a period- the Egyptian Gods reinstated Akefia- the spirit of the ring- back into him. Ryou never questioned why, but he suffered. The spirit had not enough power to overthrow Ryou like in the old days but the potential was still there. Yami no Bakura had complete psychological control over him.

It was for this reason why Marik Ishtar, a man he scarcely knew, decided to take him on a world tour. Despite Ryou hesitating to leave his friends, he jumped on the back on Marik's motorcycle and hoped the Egyptian to a whole new world. They had seen many good places and had a great time... but things were still horrible for Ryou. Marik didn't understand. He understood having a dark side, but he didn't undertstand the feeling Ryou had. Marik had at least conqured his fear in Battle City. Ryou never managed to dispell the darkness.

But he couldn't complain to Marik- it wasn't in his nature- so he remained silent.

His complacent nature was why he let himself get dragged along through a remote, deserted, creepily-fogged town with Marik in a fruitless attempt to get gas and a new tire. Just when they had given up hope for civilisation, when they both realised that they were lost. Lost in a creepy horror-esque place. Great. The only benefit seemed to be that said evil wasn't talking to him. Actually, ever since they had entered Silent Hill, he hadn't even felt the Spirit of the Ring's presence.

"I can't see a thing in this blasted fog." Marik said as he used his Millenium Rod as a flashlight. The golden glow did illuminate some of the fog but most of it was dark.

"Neither can I. I don't think we came in this direction..." The two looked around.

"Ryou..." The Albino turned around, looking left and right. "Ryou. RYOU!!!"

"Marik... I have a bad feeling about this..."

"You have no idea... of what I'm about to do..."

"What's wrong?"

"... My Occult deck. Its gone!" Ryou searched his pockets. "I'm defenseless!"

"You always were Ryou... and now... I WILL SHOW YOU HOW USELESS YOU ARE!"

2/6/2012 #11

If Marik were to shine his Millenium rod to the right, the silhouette of Alex's Manta would be visible. Alex overheard his and Bakura's conversation.

"COSE, you told us so. This is an obvious trap I should have seen through before," Alex said. He commanded the Manta's lift to reverse; in a few seconds, he, Reala, and COSE were within the ASRS's cockpit.

And then things started to go south for Alex. The Manta failed to lift off the ground like Alex ordered it to. Although all diagnostics failed to find anything wrong with the Z-Pec device, the machine completely failed to to turn on. Alex's eyes began to moisten. The blonde teen gave the dashboard of the Manta a solid whack, and descended back to the ground of Silent Hill.

Alex hopped out of the Manta, and fell squatting in the fetal position. He held his hands together, and retracted the Cat's Claw, the particle accelerator he stored disassembled in his arm. Unlike the Manta's Z-Pec engine, the disk-shaped weapon responded to his commands; a particle beam shot out of the nozzle on the top of the weapon, creating a bright flash and loud 'pop' that would certainly be noticed by Ryou and Marik.

2/6/2012 #12

The duo were about to run but the bright light temporarily blinded them both. Being quick to adjust his eyes, Marik immediately jumped in front of Ryou, Millenium Item at ready. It may have been small, but beam deflection, mind control and a whole bunch of stabbing and clubbing techniques could be spawned from the solid gold item. Ryou rubbed his eyes and tried stay near Marik. His hands tried to look for any source of defense.

"Stay back... I'm armed! Identify yourself now and come out slowly!" Marik yelled out to Alex.

"Marik! My Millenium Ring! It's gone!" Ryou announced frantically. Even though he hated the item with passion, it was something his father gave him and he still respected it. It also was useful in defending him, so to lose it in such a hostile situation was startling for the albino.

"You lost a Millenium Item? YOU LOST IT?" The ex-tomb-keeper scowled but kept his eyes trained on where the light and sound came from.

"You never lost it... you never owned it in the first place" There was that voice again. It was coming closer.

2/7/2012 #13

"I thought that thing only worked on guys called 'Steve'," COSE said, "No dice here."

"I can't leave, I can't even wallow in self-pity," Alex grunted, "I'm sorry for... er..."

Alex retracted the Cat's Claw. There was no immediate danger, and thus no reason to reveal its presence to the two. They would question where the particle bean had come from - but it wouldn't have been possible for them to know which direction the beam had been traveling. Alex would acquire some plausible deniability by claiming to have been shot at.

Alex pushed himself onto his feet, and motioned Reala to move towards Marik and Ryou. He put his hands behind his head, and slowly followed his second-in-command to the two.

"It would likely be advisable to run," Alex said, "I am uncertain what the recharge rate of that weapon was; I am certain that being in its sights when it is again ready to fire would be undesirable."

"I believe there is a building in that direction we may take shelter in," Alex said. He motioned in the direction of an abandoned saloon with his left elbow.

2/8/2012 #14

Marik frowned. Why did everyone assume that? His rod worked on all weak-minded, sentient beings. He eyed the two cautiously but Ryou grabbed his muscular arm.

"I'm not sure what he's talking about, just go with it Marik. I want to get off the streets as soon as possible." Grunting in response, Marik nodded and, eyes not leaving Reala or Alex, ran to the saloon without questions.

2/9/2012 #15

Alex and Reala, likewise, dashed towards the saloon. For all the two knew, there actually was some horror waiting for them in the building. For all they knew, there really was a crazed gunman waiting to mow them down outside. The only thing they did know was that pretending that someone was outside trying to blow their heads off was the best way to protect the secret of the Cat's Claw.

After running passed the swinging doors into the dusty interior of the saloon, Alex grabbed one of the round, wooden tables and turned it on its side, the top facing towards the front, and crouched behind it.

"You sure you need the table, Alex? If the shooter missed with that first shot, maybe that means he can't target well through the fog," Reala asked. She nevertheless joined Alex behind the cover.

"'Maybe' is not a reassuring word when one is in mortal danger, Reala," Alex said.

2/10/2012 #16

Marik did the same, except behind a different table. Marik held his item in defense, hiding his own fear. He stared outside where the shooter was cautiously. Ryou, on the otherhand, crept around and started looking through the saloon.

"There's no one here." He said as he did another look. "Just guns, ammo and alcohol." He looked at a pistol and pocket it with a few of its shells. Just in case.

"So..." Marik started, as he breathed slowly behind the table. "Who are you guys?"

2/13/2012 #17

Marik's attempts at concealing his fear were quite ineffective against COSE's scanning array. He felt rather bad about scaring the poor guy with this little ruse. Still, it seemed likely that there was going to be genuinely scary stuff in this godforsaken town. Maybe he was better off being prepared...

Alex took more notice of the firearms. Having a weapon to use instead of the Cat's Claw was quite appealing, even if it was a loud, inaccurate weapon that required reloading. He'd probably to use his internal nanorobots to reinforce his ears.

"My name is Alexander Samuel Thunderstorm, captain of the freelance ship Generator. She is Reala Doran, my first officer," Alex said.

2/13/2012 #18

"Ryou Bakura. I'm just a student taking a Gap year." The albino said as he loaded the gun and placed it in a holster he found underneath the saloon table.

"Marik Sebastian Ishtar, Egyptian historian and explorer. What are you guys doing here? We're just stranded and looking for fuel and a motorbike tire" Marik gripped his item and peaked over, wondering if anyone else was out there or coming in. He hoped not.

"Is itty bitty Hikari scared? The darkness is strongest here... the nightmares will begin soon"

2/13/2012 #19

"We arrived here based on a request we received. We were lead to believe we would be provided with information regarding the nature of intelligence," Alex said, "This no longer appears to be a valid assumption."

Just fuel and a motorbike tire? Given an energy source, it was possible Alex could help them out. He wasn't entirely sure it would be a good idea, though. If the two had any survival skills, they might be useful as backup. Granted, they hadn't found any actual danger so far, but that note hadn't sent itself. It was possible someone had lured him to a place they knew would be difficult to escape from, but Alex wasn't dismissive of other options.

2/16/2012 #20

"I see..." Marik said as he peered over the saloon table to the outside. "I don't think anyone is out there that knows we're here." Regardless, the Egyptian didn't get up, he slumped back down against the bar with his weapon still in his hand. While the nervous man waited in caution, Ryou had taken out his pocket-flashlight and began stripping the place. He found a few first aid kits, a bunch of health drinks and, oddly, a pocket radio which he kept just in case. The albino quickly finished stocking up and slid back next to Marik, hoping that he wouldn't have to use the bullets in any case. "So what's the plan now?" Marik asked. It was an open question.

"Ryou... I think you need to go to the hospital..."

"We can stay here... Just anywhere but the hospital." Marik raised an eyebrow.


"Ryou... come to me..."

((Who operates the monsters?))

2/17/2012 #21

"Perhaps," Alex said, in response to Marik's speculation that no one was aiming for the saloon. Like Marik, he began scouring the building, picking up a pair of pistols, two holsters, and a bag for ammunition.

"Um, what exactly is wrong with the hospital?" Reala asked. The Brit was acting weird.

2/18/2012 #22

Marik stared at the albino who looked away nervously. He 'titched' and stood up, moving towards the window so he could have a good view of whatever was out there in the fog.

"I... um... don't... like hospitals?" Ryou answered weakly. "I don't know... I know there might be medical supplies there, but I don't like the... umm... vibe from this town. I have a... feeling most people aren't here and there's lots of danger..."

"Come to me Ryou. Now! Before I do something you'll regret..." Ryou subconsciously shook his head defiantly.

"I just think it's a bad idea to go there. Is that okay? Where did you think you're going?"

"There's a few town maps on the saloon table over there," Marik said from the window. "There shouldn't be anyone out there right?" The Egyptian muttered to himself, squinting as he tried looking through the fog.

2/19/2012 #23

It wasn't particuarly difficult to tell that Ryou had some other reason for not wanting to go to the hospital. Alex was more or less indifferent to this. If the man didn't want to go to a hospital, Alex had no medical troubles and was thus fine with not going to a hospital.

"Well, we were just out there," COSE said, "At this point, it wouldn't surprise me to find that people are getting lured into this town left and right."

2/23/2012 #24

"... I thought I saw something in the air... something huge." Marik muttered as he turned away from the window.

"...So what's the plan? We can't stay here forever." Ryou asked.

2/24/2012 #25

"I would suggest preforming some recconosance," Alex said. The yellow-haired teen grabbed a bottle of beer, twisted off the cap, and placed his finger on the top. A cloudy, black precipitate formed in the bottle.

After a moment had passed, Alex smashed the bottle open on a table, and picked up the gooey solid that had formed within it. He then placed the solid in a second and then third bottle of beer, with the end result being a fist-sized blob of firm goo.

3/3/2012 #26

((Dear Toko... screw you. I am now officially a SH addict. Ive played ALL OF THE FRIKKIN GAMES now except downpour))

"Sounds good to me." Ryou said. He looked at Marik again who was staring suspiciously at the goo.

"What on earth is that?" The Egyptian demanded.

From Ryou's pocket, teh broken radio started to crackle.

3/23/2012 #27

"What it is now is irrelevant," Alex said.

After a few seconds, Alex dropped the goo, which rapidly morphed into a solid structure. The structure consisted of three large rings, connected into an equilateral triangle by carbon fiber arcs on the top and bottom.

The sound of blowing air came from the rings, and the structure hovered in midair.

"This is a robotic drone I intend to use to survey this ghost town from the safety of this saloon," Alex said, "Now if I may ask, why is your friend's pocket crackling?"

3/29/2012 #28

Pepe le Pew still looked around nervously, perplexed by this fog...

3/29/2012 #29
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