Beka and the Rogue
A Beka/Rosto fan? Well this forum is for all of us fans out there that think Beka and Rosto should end up together. How can we- Beka AND us- resist the charms of such a deadly 'white-haired' cove? Exactly. We- Beka included- can't...and shouldn't :D
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I know. Beka tells Rosto that they can't work and she mentions him being 22. I couldn't tell you the exact quote but it was something like Rosto was 22 if he was a day. I'm on Squire so I don't have my Terrier quotes in the forefront of my mind.

1/24/2010 #31

So we all think George and Rispah get their Rogue blood from Rosto that's become the common decision but I recently read a very very interesting story that was about Beka's father and I really liked it.

4/6/2010 #32
Aurora's Rainbow

This is rather off topic, but in Lady Knight, there's the ex-convict from the hills names Gils Lofts. Maybe related to Tansy?

12/18/2010 #33

It's possible. Welcome to a forum that hasn't been touched in a while. We'd love for you to stick around. I'm always around the Forums when someone actually does pop up.

12/18/2010 #34

Really??? his last name is Lofts?? hmmm....interesting! oh tammy, fostering such speculations :) welcome to the forum! I need to get back in the swing of things Tortall...hey, Nav!

12/19/2010 #35

I'll have to look that up as well. Maybe Tansy's future children weren't able to handle the stress of being bankers so they turned to being robbers? Hey Starz.

12/19/2010 #36
Aurora's Rainbow

But another thing.

Gil was from hill country. Isn't this where Tunstall is from? Also where Mastiff is going to be staged?

Correct me if I'm wrong on this.

12/19/2010 #37

Mastiff is supposed to happen all over the place but they will hit the Eastern Hill and yes Mattes is from the Eastern Hills.

12/19/2010 #38

I agree about your comment on Granny Fern; she seems like a no nonsense woman who deosn't care about your rank or who you are. She seems to treat everyone equally, excet for strong men like Rosto, of course... =D Yup, moving furnature actully sounds like a rather perfect request for her to make of the Rogue.

4/8/2011 #39

I can see it now. Granny Fern'd tell Rosto to put his pretty lean body to use and help her out, as Beka mentally slaps her hand to her forehead at the request :P Welcome to the forum, WarriorKnight! Sorry that they're not too hot right now (the forums), but you're free to hang around :) I'll be nonexistant for about another month till I get out of school.

4/8/2011 #40

Yes it's rather dry in here and I'm busy with my school as well. I have Math that I'm failing and I'm also getting ready for my play so that's keeping me occupied. Nice to see a new face though.

4/9/2011 #41

Yeah, totally understand about the school thing. I'm still in school too, and get on fanfiction if I can.....

But I'd really like Tammy to write at least a scene of when Rosto meets Granny Fern, 'cause we all know Rosto and Beka were meant for eachother =D

4/11/2011 #42

I think they're going to have to, because in most of TP's books, you meet the person that they're going to fall in love with pretty early on, and it's always kind of obvious. Alanna and George-George was mentioned when Alanna was first going to the city, he was the thief that Coram mentioned and Alanna watched.

Numair is mentioned in the first book when Daine saves a hawk, and then he's always with her after that. (14 years? Creepy)

So Beka and Rosto will probably end up with each other, since they met early on and they obviously belong together.

6/11/2011 #43

That would be nice but we can't rely on that at all this time. Just take Bloodhound for example. None of the other books have the girls acting so OOC. It's only Beka who forgot every thing she learned and Tamora Pierce has as much as said they won't end up together so that's what's so annoying. She's no longer writing like she used to now that she's set as a well known author as my mom puts it she's doing it for the money more than for the love even if she claims otherwise her writing shows the truth. Look at what happened after Terrier. She lost all of Bloodhound and couldn't be bothered to get the characters right again so she just dumped her views in the book slapped the character's names in it and put the title on it and sent it to be published.

6/11/2011 #44

Whoa whoa whoa, Nav! I can't get passed the fact the TP pretty much said they won't end up together! That's makes me very depressed. I'd like to think she's taken so long to release Mastiff (heavens, it's been ages!) because fans have bothered her so much about beka and rosto ending up together and she originally hadn't written it that way but has now gone and changed it back. I wish I had jedi powers to make her hand write it so :P Because if she doesn't end up with Rosto, then who? To introduce a new character in the last book for her to end up with would just be wrong! I agree with you, Suki-Alanna, there has to be some background with the pairing!! So everyone cross their fingers!!!!! :S Heck, if Beka doesn't take Rosto, we will! ;)

6/13/2011 . Edited 6/13/2011 #45

Just look at CB was there background for him? She had Beka smitten with him for no reason! You have to admit Bloodhound was an absolute mess in terms of character development it knocked everyone way back when they should have been moving forward. Since you've popped back up Starz does that mean an update?

6/13/2011 #46

No, but she's not going to end up with him! CB is to Beka as Liam is to Alanna (don't you love analogies? :P). No background for either, but neither do either of the girls end up with these guys. Though I did like Liam despite his wariness of magic, he was a kick-a** fighter!! I mean, the guy was shot with how many arrows or somesuch before he fell? I cried when I read his letter to Alanna *Sniff* But wait. I'm going off-topic here lol. In Bloodhound Beka was playing a part. She took it a little *ahem* farther than she needed for sure, in a no-strings-attached kind of relationship, though. We all had our expectations, I guess, which is the problem when you have too much time to contemplate the next book in a series. Especially when its been YEARS!

About an update....maybe. lol. No, I have started to write again will still be some time before an update unfortunately. I'm trying to get a few chapters under my belt first!

6/13/2011 #47

Yeah but the thing is Alanna didn't change that much while she was with Liam. Beka did a 180 and took steps back in character development which is bad. I actually loved Liam just not with Alanna. I couldn't stand CB at all.

Also you're going to get a kick out of what I'm writing Starz. George is a noble and Alanna went to the convent. It's for a challenge.

6/13/2011 #48

Hey guys! Good to see you on =D But Navigator, did she really do a complete 180? She kin of just seemed like she was needing a romance, even if it was short. Which for some reason seemed easier to take than Rosto's love. Hmmm..... Maybe it's that whole thing of someone new entering your life, and you think you're in love with them. I don't know...but I do kinda agree with you there. Not completely, but just a bit =)

and Starzgirl, PLEASE update

6/13/2011 #49

Think about how she acted not just with CB but in the whole book. In this one Beka is 17 yet she doesn't remember half the things she knew in Terrier and doesn't have common sense including the tricks she came into puppy training knowing. It's really sad.

Don't get me started on the whole Nestor/Ohka thing that was a little bit disturbing to me since the book was marketed towards middle school kids apparently. A lot of people were disturbed by that one. I felt like that part was unneeded. It might just be me and a few of my friends but a lot of her characters didn't seem to be themselves. Also Beka swore in Terrier that Canoodling was all fine and dandy but she wouldn't let it get in the way of her job. That's exactly what she was doing in this book. She didn't even seem to be that interested in her case so much as canoodling.

6/13/2011 #50

Quick question- What happened to all our other threads in this forum? I opened it and there are only 3!! :(

George a noble, and an Alanna goes to the convent story, huh? Gotta admit that I love George as a thief, though I don't want him to be a thief if he's a noble. That could get hairy lol.

@WarriorKnight: I agree. It was like Beka wanted a short romance, but getting involved with Rosto could get tricky! Unlike CB, she can't count on not seeing Rosto again/running into him if it ended. It was like a fling in Port Caynn lol. No better way to describe it! She needed some loving and she's too afraid to turn to Rosto.

@Nav: The Nestor/Ohka thing was a little strange, but Tammy likes to be realistic lol. And she has included same sex pairings in the Circle books (I think. I haven't actually read them though so correct me if I'm wrong.). Also- did canoodling (lol. this word cracks me up) really come in the way of her job? I think they only...canoodled (lol)... twice? I don't know.

Haha I'll get to the updates soon! Right now I'm crazily trying to plan a wedding in place of my best friend (the one getting married) while she's out of the country for a month and she's getting married in less than three months so we're running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to plan everything in under 3 months. it's crazy!! So if I start randomly posting wedding websites and discussing colors, just ignore my ramblings lol.

6/16/2011 #51

I assumed you had deleted them. I haven't been over to this fourm in ages. MoT still has all its threads.

Yep and they're engaged to be married. I'll have it up here soon enough I hope Starz.

Yes but they weren't to the extent of the Nestor Ohka thing they were much more subtle actually up until Will of the Empress. Even then it wasn't as bad as this one. Let's think back Starz was she as interested in her case or was her mind on Canoodling? Was she willing to consider CB a suspect because she was canoodling him? No and no. She kept shying away from the possibility of him being involved in the case and was much more interested in canoodling. She was so relieved when he wasn't involved because she was so unsure she'd be able to handle it.

Not to mention Beka's basic personality traits like common sense talking about the case where she could be overheard? Yeah she knew better than to do that in Terrier why would she suddenly do it in Bloodound then there's the whole going gaga for a boy which I don't really see her doing while she's working. Even for Rosto. she knows how to keep her work separate from her social life in Terrier that was obvious by becoming friends with Rogue but she forgot how to do that in this one. I felt like Beka did a 180 in personality and TP was trying way to hard to alter her personality I'm not the only one who noticed if you go to Amazon and look past the 5 star reviews that go on and on about how great the book is there are a few that note it's really not her best work.

6/16/2011 #52

I didn't delete anything! :S

Awesome :) I wanna read it! Was it an arranged marriage?

Honestly? I haven't reread bloodhound basically since it came out, so my memory's fuzzy. She wanted to believe he wasn't involved though because how horrible would that be? lol. At least with Rosto she knows he's involved in bad dealings lol.

Well new town, new Beka. lol. jk. She had a little vacation slip up haha. And I don't think she necessarilly went gaga over Dale, but in a relationship everybody gets a little carried away I guess. I don't know. I still think it still went with the whole new 'pretty puppy' persona which carried over into her life. She got a little into it I think. Hopefully Mastiff will be much better! Let's cross our fingers crossed!

6/16/2011 #53

Well the only other person who could would be the other forum admin.

Actually yes and George arranged it because he wanted Alanna. :D

To the point of denial and ignoring the case though? I mean that's pretty sad.

Starz I'm getting out THE RANT. It's from a friend of mine and honestly sums it up better than me going in circles. Warning it's long but has very valid points.

"Beka's character changed so much betweenTerrierandBloodhoundthat it's not even funny. It's ridiculous. I hated who Beka had become and she was my second favorite character from the first book (second to the oh-so-wonderful Rosto the Piper, who I absolutely love even now.). She had changed so completely that I wasn't even sure that she was the same person. And she wasn't the only one. All of the characters were out of character. All of them. Even Rosto, who barely appeared (compared to his rather large role in the first book), was completely out of character for the most part.

And go figure, he was continually mentioned, but all he did was sit on his butt in Corus (the capital of the country) and not do what one would think the King of Thieves would do when someone was counterfeiting silver and he was getting paid in false money. No. He just sat there. And did NOTHING. The only line I liked in the whole book was where another character described him as being "as mad as a bear with a thorn in his, er, paw." And for good reason, too. What would you do if the love of your life (because I'm absolutely sure that he loves Beka) slept with someone they had known for maybe two weeks after you had been pursuing them for a year? I'd be mad as heck, personally. So, I see his point of view.

Plus, Beka's too stupid to see what's right in front of her face. Hmm. Nasty, evil, horrible woman as the Rogue of the city who OBVIOUSLY has everything to do with the counterfeiting and everything? No, she couldn't possibly be the one doing it. I'll go chase my tail for a couple of weeks. A couple of weeks later? Wait a second. I found silver in her things. And she's chasing me. She must be the one who did it.

That's pretty much Cooper's thought process for the whole book. It's horrible. I've never seen such bad writing. And the sad thing is that people adore the book. How silly.

Oh, and don't even get me started on Dale Rowan (or, as I like to call him - Chipmunk Boy - because he reminds me of Dale from Chip and Dale). I could rant about how much I hate him (with a passion. After I read the book, I called him Evil Incarnate for weeks. I still hate him more than any other character I've ever encountered.), but I won't subject you to that this time.

And there's Okha. He creeps me out. Beyond all belief. I never thought something would bother me that much. It's worse than anything anywhere close to having an excessively graphic battle in a book or the graphic nature (very gritty, dark, etc. not gratuitous sex scenes) of one of my favorite trilogies. In every possible way. Heck, I'd rather read A Great and Terrible Beauty than readBloodhoud and get freaked out by that again. And that was one of the less than a handful of books that I had bought and started only to put down because there was somethingwrong with it. Okha (who is a transvestite who believes he was born a woman in a man's body, by the way) is one of the few things that has seriously disturbed me in any book.

Those are some of the many reasons that that book was so horrible. A friend of mine speculates that the book was horrible because Pierce lost everything to a complete computer crash and just started over by writing her beliefs and slapping names on it. I couldn't agree more. Bloodhoundwas one of the worst books I've ever read. That includes Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga, which I greatly dislike. It was also one of two books that I have ever wanted to throw against a wall. The only other one was Breaking Dawn (yes, aTwilight/Sparklepire book...) at the anti-climax in that. I didn't do that to either, of course, because my parents would have killed me for waking them up by throwing my book against the wall. Well, maybe.

Still, the point is, the excerpt fromMastiffis mediocre at best. It's not enjoyable and it's dry. Plus, there's a distinctive lack of Rosto-y goodness in it.

If Pierce can't fix it inMastiff, I'm never reading any of her new books again.

Funny thing is, the uber feminists loved the book where Beka was so utterly weak that she justhadto sleep with Chipmunk Boy. You'd think they wouldn't do that. Obviously, the ones who thought Beka was stronger in there and actually liked it to the point where they approve of the new portrayal of her, I don't approve. I'll keep my thoughts to myself in that regard...but my point remains.

Not worth it. Just not worth it."

6/16/2011 #54

Wow. That was like a h*** argument right there (and yes I read the whole thing lol). Your friend hates Bloodhound with a passion, Nav! Wow. I keep finding myself thinking- was it really that bad? Terrier was amazing, and Bloodhound wasn't AS good, but I still enjoyed it. The worst part was the lack of Rosto for me. I love me some Rogues :) (of the male type, not crazy women with pearls for teeth hah). I'm just glad this series is not a quartet. I need some closure on Beka's story and ASAP!

If Rosto doesn't get to Dale first, your friend will! lol. I mean, I get where she's coming from, but I guess she feels more passionately about it lol. She's very against the book, huh? I don't know, I didn't feel that strongly against it like she did...I'm surprised she's even gonna pick up Mastiff!

THE RANT was pretty long, Nav lol.

As for your fic, I wanna read it! And of course he wanted Alanna! Have you seen the new SOTL book covers? Alanna looks pretty, but I was ranting in the bookstore that George and Jon didn't look right, and I was mad. lol. My friend was laughing at me hah.

I don't think Rowena deleted them....hmmmm....

6/16/2011 #55

Yeah and I actually feel about the same way she does. I'm still willing to buy Mastiff she's not. She'll get it from the library. Also the cover for Mastiff is out and Beka looks wonky. The color is pretty though.

Heh there's a group of people that will line up to go after TP if Beka ends up with some random guy like I'm half expecting but she's kind of said that Beka won't end up with anyone. I don't approve but it's her series.

That wasn't even all of THE RANT. It was just the main part of it.

I'm going with the idea that Alanna was still more or less the same except she doesn't know how to use a sword she stuck to archery and Thom forged their dad's signature to allow her to continue that at the convent since they lived on the border of Scanra. I just need a title and my beta is supposed to look it over today so I can post it. It will be up by the first though I promise.

Starz you need to PM me so I can tell you about some of my crazy ideas without posting a lot of spoilers. Especially with this crazy idea I had last night pertaining to a crossover or two.

I'm not sure what to say then.

6/16/2011 #56

Really? I'll have to look the cover of the book up! Have you read the excerpt of Mastiff yet? Is it good? I'm afraid to read it cuz then I'll be itching that much more to read it!!

But she has to end up with someone sometime! She does have kids as we know! lol. I hope one night stands don't run in the Cooper family... Kel hasn't ended up with anyone. We've had enough of realism lol.

Just part? My goodness.

Oooo sounds fun! How long is it? I find my things getting more and more involved as I write lol.

You didn't reply to this- have you or anyone else seen the new SOTL book covers?

6/16/2011 #57

I have; they look pretty awesome =D And I agree, she looks very pretty. I really want to buy the whole series including immortals and protector, even if they are in paperback (they're easier to reread that way anyway =) in that version.

Also, that was only PART of THE RANT??? Amazing; I wonder if your friend could stand to give that all in a speech, and how many breaths they would take =)

And Starz and Navigator, Beka and Rosto should totally end up together; she should definately get a chance at married life and with someone so like George it's scary --except Rosto has a bit more of an 'air' about him, I can't really explain it.........

I have a question though: how old is Rosto in comparison to Beka?

6/16/2011 #58

I actually prefer paperback books too, WK (we shorten names a lot on here lol. Do you prefer WarriorKnight, WK, Warrior, or just Knight? I'm a lazy typist lol)! they're much easier to hold as you read. though my POTS paperbacks' spines are as wrinkled as an old person's skin lol. But I love the new SOTL paperbacks. She does look really pretty. The series I have, she looks kind of crazy/demented. Only my Lioness Rampant is a good cover. Did you see TWWRLM cover with George and Jon on it? I wasn't as happy with their depictions lol.

I would like to see someone debate that rant lol. It would prove entertaining!

And I agree! Beka and Rosto are meant to be!! And Rosto is a little different than George. They are different, yet...the same. lol. Rosto is a little more cocky, I think. Like, he has swagger. LOL. George is a little more blend-into-the-walls type. if that makes sense.

I think Rosto is like 6 years older than Beka. When I remember how I figured this out, I will let you know haha

6/16/2011 #59

Yes and I forgot to add that in Starz. I actually don't like the covers at all. I think Alanna looks like a redheaded Alice from Twilight. I much prefer the Alanna from the black covers that I have.

I didn't like what George or Jon looked like at all. Jon wasn't too bad but George was UGLY! I was so sad! I thought I would like it when I realized one of my favorite men was on the cover but not at all.

It's a little over two and a half pages. I have plans to add to this universe as well. I have new ideas for it as well a before and after such as when Alanna's little and before the convent and after she and George are married. Maybe when she tells him she's expecting Thom and who knows they might have more kids since she's not busy being King's Champion I haven't decided and George and Alanna haven't told me though I think they might have at least one more.

6/16/2011 #60
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