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Totally post it, it would give u a chance to explain that u can't write for a month cause of NaNo.

Here I'll give you my beginning(I love it so much): Tonight was Halloween or Hallow's Eve, whatever you want to call it. On such a night one experiences candy, late nights, crazy and cute comtumes, and every so often a cavity. One never expects, and hardly experiences, death.

11/1/2009 #391

Oh, la la. I like it. i like it a lot.

I really hate my begining but your not supposed to delete anything in November so I'll change it in December. Although there is one sentence I'm proud of: If sleep was a drug, than all teenagers would be addicts; and Tyler was no exception.

i love semi-colons! If you ever want to impove your english grade, use semi-colons, they're magical!

11/1/2009 #392

Me too!! But my english teacher doesn't believe that, cause she crosses out all my semi-colons T.T

11/1/2009 #393

Really?! Teahcers usually love them! You should still use them in exams though, your teachers are probably just crazy, it's not that unusual for teachers to have lost their minds probably because they work with children.


11/1/2009 #394

Remember remember the fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder, treason Should ever be forgot...

...:) fireworks...

...but I wont be able to sleep to night :(

11/5/2009 #395

aww my cats looks so pwetty with the purple stuff round her neck XD

11/5/2009 #396

my foot's gone numb 0_o

can move it! ;( waaa

11/5/2009 #397

Wow, i could like cut my foot open and not feel an thing... Excellent *Grins evily*

11/5/2009 #398

Oh cool I remember about the gunpowder plot. It failed. They were going to blow up Parliment and the King (James) Afterwards King James wanted some remembrance for it, so he asked Shakespeare to right a play. Shakespeare could not write it because there was no plot )again it failed!) James also wanted 3 witches...thus came the story of Macbeth.

11/5/2009 #399

Bubbles, can you believe what Chris said. 15,000 words, gods I can't do that all before Monday!

11/8/2009 #400

I heard. And I'm even further behind then you are (plus it's later in the day for me than it is for you). I only have one word of advice for you: B.O.C.F.O.K. (Butt on chair, fingers on keyboard) And remember you only need to write, it dosen't have to be good.

11/8/2009 #401

Ugh, that's what I'm planning on doing as long as my dad doesn't kick me off it. Anyway good luck...we both need it.

11/8/2009 #402

So you giving up too Bubbles? It was fun for me at the beginning but then it just got too hectic. What about you?

11/13/2009 #403

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it.



11/26/2009 #404

Mmmm whats thanksgiving??

anyway,¬°happy thanksgiving! :D (whatever it means)

11/26/2009 #405

Um thanksgiving is an american holiday, celebrating peace coming from the native americans and the pilgrims. You stuff your face with turkey, mash potatos, and other yummy stuff.

11/26/2009 #406

ahh, have you guys seen New Moon? Taylor's so buff in it XP 3

11/28/2009 #407

Seeing it today with a friend. But I've been told that Kristan's poor acting skills are made up from Jacob/Taylor's hotness.

11/28/2009 #408

i saw it 2day, lol. Yeah, Kristen is kinda bad, she always talks in the same boring mono-toned voice.

And i thought i was going 2 start screaming when jacob gave bella his shirt to stop her head from bleeding- hes so RIPPED! lol XD

11/28/2009 #409

My friend Sara doesn't want to see it cause she doesn't want to see Edward's hairy pale chest. Yuck!

11/28/2009 #410

LMAO! yeah its kind of sickly!

11/28/2009 #411

That is the only thing I don't want to see :D

11/28/2009 #412

wow i havent been here for a while :O

happy lateeee thanksgiving! :)

omg i saw new moon the day it came out, i LUUURRRVVEEEDDDD taylor!!!!!! :D my friend and i couldnt stop giggling over him xD

robs shirtlessness was revolting :O

11/28/2009 #413

Welcome back!

I saw New Moon too with my friend, I love Taylor he seriously saved that movie. The girl playing Jessica was a better actor then Kristan.

Don't remind me. My eyes! MY EYES! XD

11/28/2009 #414

Kristen's an awful actor, it all looks sooo fake, and she has no emotion

taylors a reaally good actor, and not just because of his shirtless hottness :)

haha :D

11/28/2009 #415

Aro's very interesting... o.0

11/28/2009 #416

have you guys read the new blog on vampirates blog? eeekk Justin Somper says "will Grace and Lorcan marry one day? Not if Johnny has anything to say about it!" whats that supposed to mean? XD

12/3/2009 #417

awwww i hope they do!!!!!!!!!!!!

best couple EVER!!! (:

12/3/2009 #418

Really that's cool,

Johnny and Grace *thinking* it's defiently possible...

12/3/2009 #419

oh i hope its not johnny and grace! poor lorcan!!


12/3/2009 #420
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