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The regulars at Phantom Roleplaying talk so very much all the time. I thought it would be a good idea to create a more official place, instead of taking up room where we should be roleplaying Phantom of the Opera. Anyone is welcome to come chat, though!
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drgn grl

The fourth discovered world, uncovered by Loki.

9/11/2009 . Edited 9/11/2009 #1

The vast expanse of the Dante estate surrounded them, a lake off to their right. Loki led her towards the white mansion that loomed ahead of them. "Any idea how you will explain the visit, Miss Swan?"

9/11/2009 #2
drgn grl

Alyssa :*blushes lightly* Ah... *swallows nervously* No, I don't...

9/11/2009 #3

Loki: *grins, raises an eyebrow* Possibly...a job? Or would you prefer to stay on the higher side of things? You might actually get away with simply saying you wish to see Virgil. He's a secret here to everyone outside of the estate.

9/11/2009 #4
drgn grl

Alyssa: *blushes a tad brighter* To see Virgil, then. It is why I came. How should I say I knew of him then? Just that I had heard of an albino living here called Virgil? I don't know if that would work...

9/11/2009 #5

Loki: Say it's complicated? Or you could say that you saw him by the lake, but that might get him punished if his mother overhears.

9/11/2009 #6
drgn grl

Alyssa: Years ago by the lake, perhaps? And I had only just made it back this way. That way, it would be pointless to punish him.

9/11/2009 #7

Loki: *nods* That'll work. *knocks at the door*

A young servant dressed in black opened the door, stepping aside to allow them in. "Hola, Senorita. Senor. Usted tiene una cita con Senor Dante?"

9/11/2009 #8
drgn grl

Alyssa: *shakes her head* No, tengo miedo no. Acabo de llegar de Inglaterra y me preguntaba si un albino denominó Virgil todavía vivió aquí.

9/11/2009 #9

The servant paled, shifting nervously. "Uno...Uno momento, por favor. Usted puede esperar en el salón a su izquierda." He gestured to the room, then hurried off.

9/11/2009 #10
drgn grl

Alyssa: *small smile, goes to wait in the parlor*

9/11/2009 #11

Loki: *follows behind her* I think his mother's not here today...

Caesar walked in, his tanned skin pale and his eyes worried. "Qué sabe usted de Virgil?"

9/11/2009 #12
drgn grl

Alyssa: *smiles apologetically* Yo- lo siento si yo me asusté usted, señor. Yo lo vi por el lago hace años, y yo me preguntaba si él fue todavía aquí. Oí que su nombre fue Virgil. Soy Cisne de Alyssa, de Londres, Inglaterra.

9/11/2009 #13

Caesar moved closer, his voice quieting a bit. "Nadie debe oír de él fuera de esta casa. ¿Comprende usted? Las personas no aceptan de cosas que son diferentes..." He sighed tiredly. "....Qué desea usted con él?"

9/11/2009 . Edited 9/11/2009 #14
drgn grl

Alyssa: *nods* Comprendo... Deseo encontrarlo, si puedo.

9/11/2009 #15

Caesar watched her carefully, thinking. After a minute, he sighed and turned. "...Venga conmigo. Yo se le tomaré a él."

Loki: *looks to Alyssa* Do you want me to go with you, Miss Swan?

9/11/2009 #16
drgn grl

Alyssa: *stands* No, thank you for coming with me, though. I'll be all right.

9/11/2009 #17

Loki: *grins, standing and bowing slightly* As you wish, Miss. Have fun...

Caesar looked between them for a moment, then started off into the mansion.

Loki: *steps towards the door, vanishing while no one is looking*

9/11/2009 #18
drgn grl

Alyssa: *blushes slightly, follows Caesar*

9/11/2009 #19

He led her up two flights of stairs, walking a minute more before stopping in front of a door, which soft singing and a piano could be heard from behind. Caesar looked over his shoulder at Alyssa again, then took a key from his pocket, slipping it into the lock and opening the door, gesturing for her to enter.

9/11/2009 #20
drgn grl

Alyssa: *smiles, walking in softly to not disturb Virgil* Gracias.

9/11/2009 #21

Caesar nodded slightly and slipped back out of the room hesitantly, closing the door with the quiet 'click' of the lock.

The entirety of the walls were lined with book shelves,save for the entrance, and two other small doors. Each shelf was filled up completely, and several tall, neat piles stood beside them. The floor and ceiling were white, with the only things aside from the books being a white piano and bench in the center of the floor. Virgil sat at the piano, dressed in an elegant white suit and matching collar, both embroidered with bits of gold and black.

"Urunda hitomi no oku ni, kawaranu kimi no sugata, 'Doko made sekai wa tsudzuku no'? Todaeta hibi kotoba. Kogoeru arashi no yoru mo mada minu kimi e tsudzuku. Oshiete umi wataru kaze inori wa toki wo koeru..."

9/11/2009 . Edited 9/11/2009 #22
drgn grl

Alyssa: *stands off to the side, listening with a small soft smile, thinks* so much white...but so handsome, still...

9/11/2009 #23

Virgil's eyes were closed, a small smile gracing his lips . "Kasunda chihei no mukou ni nemureru hoshi no souwa. 'Akenai yoru wa nai yo.' To ano hi no tsumi ga warau. Furueru kimi wo dakiyose todokanu kokuu wo aogu. Kikoeru yami terasu kane kimi eto michi wa tooku. Kogoeru arashi no yoru mo, mada minu kimi e tsudzuku. Oshiete umi wataru kaze, inori wa toki wo koeru..."

9/11/2009 #24
drgn grl

alyssa: *decides to wait for him to finish, it's so beautiful*

9/11/2009 #25

"Kogoeru arashi no yoru mo, mada minu kimi e tsudzuku. Oshiete umi wataru kaze, inori wa toki wo koeru! Inori wa...toki wo...koeru..." He let the final notes fade out, breathing a sigh.

9/11/2009 #26
drgn grl

Alyssa: *smiles, waiting a few moments* Eso fue hermoso.... ¿Habla usted a japonés?

9/11/2009 #27

His eyes snapped open and he quickly stood, nearly tripping over the bench as he backed up. Virgil's frightened light-green eyes locked onto her, his body trembling slightly. "S-Sí. Quién es usted? Por qué dejaron entrar le ellos? ...E-Está usted aquí castigarme?"

9/11/2009 #28
drgn grl

Alyssa: ¡Ah! Ah, no.. *curtsies slightly, smiles apologetically but shyly* Lo siento que yo me asusté usted. Su padre me dejó entrar. Soy Cisne de Alyssa, de Inglaterra. Estuve aquí en España hace años y le vi por el lago. He querido encontrarle durante un tiempo.

9/11/2009 #29

Virgil relaxed a bit, lowering his eyes and moving away from the piano. "Hizole desea ver el ejemplar anormal otra vez, Senorita...?" He asked quietly, his collar jingling softly as he stepped over to her. "O tiene simplemente usted un querer para cisnes?"

9/11/2009 #30
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