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The regulars at Phantom Roleplaying talk so very much all the time. I thought it would be a good idea to create a more official place, instead of taking up room where we should be roleplaying Phantom of the Opera. Anyone is welcome to come chat, though!
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Josh: We'll do our best to try to make that happen, Grace...

Virgil:...I was wondering about the english...

Naja: *kisses him back lovingly, hands running through his hair*

10/26/2009 . Edited by drgn grl, 12/23/2009 #1

Jacob: He's been going back and forth between languages ever since he brought Ren out of the dungeons.

Micheal: *blinking* It's strange to hear English coming from him...

Sinclair: Easier to understand though. ^^

Thomas: *pulls away softly* My Queen....Naja....*arms hold her close*

Fanta: *smiles at them, finishing off the locks* You're welcome, girls. Have fun in Neverland! ^^

Alice cried out as he thrust in, a few blond curls stuck to her forehead as she moaned longingly, hips arching to meet his.

(Let's see if this works!)

10/26/2009 #2

Virgil: That, I must agree with.

Naja: *blushes, snuggles close* My King...

(Dammit. Didn't know we already had another chat. It didn't show up on my computer.)

10/26/2009 #3


Robert's Voice: Je parlerai comment je veux à, mon frère insensé!

Micheal: *covers his mouth to hide the giggles*

Thomas: *shakes his head, kissing her forehead* No, my Queen...I am but your humble servant...waiting upon your call.

(Do you want to continue here or move it to the other?)

10/26/2009 #4

Virgil: *grins, shakes his head*

Naja: *smiles softly, reaches up to kiss his chin* But every Queen needs a King...

(We'll move it to the other.)

10/26/2009 #5

(Will do! ^^)

10/26/2009 #6
drgn grl

(Changing this one to the new Chat 3 to save space. ^^)

12/23/2009 #7

(Since this is chat 3..shall we use it ?)

12/24/2009 #8

"Looking for a phone?" He asked with an amused grin.

12/24/2009 #9

"Yes.." I said with a sheepish grin

12/24/2009 #10

He chuckled and reached for the nightstand, opening the drawer and pulling out a slim black cellphone and handing it to her.

12/24/2009 #11

"Thanks." I said, taking the phone and dialing my family's number. I waited as it rand and left a message, getting the machine, telling them I was coming home for Christmas and bringing a very special friend

12/24/2009 #12

He grinned and settled back onto the bed, folding his hands behind his head, waiting for her to finish.

12/24/2009 #13

I smiled and hung up the phone and handed it back to him.


12/24/2009 . Edited 12/24/2009 #14

He smiled and kissed her cheek. "Start packing. I have a friend who owes me. I'll give him a call and ask him if I can borrow his jet tomorrow."

12/24/2009 #15

I nodded. "Okay."

12/25/2009 #16
drgn grl

Woman: *hugs back, grinning* Well, apparently it was an agreed upon thing. One day, they just came to me and said 'Mel, honey,' they said, 'we know you like writing and all, but we really think you should let a newbie take over. We could really use your help up in the offices, and we think your skills and potential are waaaaay more than what you're doing right now.' *shugs* And what could I do? When it gets decided for you--I mean, I tried holding out as long as I could, but... *shrugs*

*hugs him tight*

Alvita: *smiles* You should go get your dress fit.

12/25/2009 #17

Musiki: *quietly* Yes...when something is agreed for you...

12/25/2009 #18
drgn grl

Mel: *sighs* So what's your beef, girl? Why are you so down?

12/25/2009 #19

Musiki: Fanta. ...And Jaron has locked himself away again...

12/25/2009 #20
drgn grl

Mel: Ah, yes. I spose it's his way of grieving... Personally, I think there never should have been a Muse of Change, but she will be missed.

12/25/2009 #21

Musiki: Mary and William will both be missed.

12/25/2009 #22
drgn grl

Mel: They will be, and they are. As crazy as the two of them were, they were good people. ^^

12/25/2009 #23

Musiki: Yes...they were. They made mistakes...but who doesn't? *smiles at Mel* Do you have a moment for a cup of coffee, Mel? It's been a long time...

12/25/2009 #24
drgn grl

Mel: Sure do. ^^ Always tell them it'll take longer to do something than it really does. ^.~ You get free time that way.

12/25/2009 #25

He dialed a number on the cell and waited for an answer. Soon, he began speaking to the man on the other end of the line in a different language.

GE: *hugs her back tightly*

Ion: *small smile, kisses her cheek* Yeah...He's been telling me to go try it for a few weeks. Guess I better go...Bye, Alvy. Love you. *hugs her tight, then vanishes*

12/25/2009 #26

Musiki: *laughs* It has always worked. *goes to the kitchen, going to the coffee machine* How do you take it again?

12/25/2009 #27
drgn grl

Mel: Straight black.

Merry Christmas, love...

Alvita: Bye, Ion.

12/25/2009 #28

Musiki: *types it in* There we go. *hands her a cup of the most fantastic straight black coffee ever* *types in something for her* What was the office like? I've never really seen it.

12/25/2009 #29

I smiled and started packing, a hand on my stomach. "Ugh...eight more months..." I muttered.

12/25/2009 . Edited 12/25/2009 #30
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