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Trueblade Hinata

You can register not only video game characters,but also characters from any media(Comics,movies,TV shows....)




Appearence:(Mostly for OCsYou don't have to do it for canon characters)




Extra Info:

You can also bring groups of characters.

Group name:




7/27/2009 #1
Nero Redwolf

Until the ownership thread is up, I'm going to list who I'm transferring from BC to Neo BC:

My non-OCs

Shadow the Hedgehog



King Dedede

Star Wolf




Movie Autobots

-Optimus Prime


























Obsidian's team

Obsidian Wolfe

Aqua Wolfe

Lily Wolfe

Hunter Drake

Blizzeta Drake

Essence Drake

Umbros Drake








Darkstone's Team




PHantom's group





7/27/2009 . Edited 7/29/2009 #2
Trueblade Hinata

The characters I transfer:


Greil mercenaries














Dawn Brigade







Crimean Royal Knights:






Other characters:

Miles"Tails" Prower(If TiR decides to join,I'll give Tails to him.)

Cream the rabbit

Rouge the bat

Fox Mc Cloud

Black Knight


Plusle and Minun

Cynthia(With Lucario,Rosarade and Garchomp.)


Dr Eggman Nega


Amelia the white wolf(Sonic the hedgehog)

Mathias the white wolf(Sonic the hedgehog)

Also Notme,can I have Sonic and Amy?

7/27/2009 . Edited 7/27/2009 #3
Nero Redwolf

Go ahead and take 'em. Oh, and I forgot Julie. She's still mine.

7/27/2009 #4
Trueblade Hinata

There's my first three new characters!

Name:Sonic the hedgehog



Personality:Anthousiastic and cocky,but brave and kind.

Powers:Super speed



Name:Amy Rose



Weapon:Piko Piko hammer

Personality: Short tempered.Obsesed about Sonic.But is kind hearted and brave.







Species:Cerinian vixen

Powers:Telekinesis.Can use magic spells using her staff.

Personality:Calm and wise.


7/27/2009 . Edited 7/27/2009 #5

For right now, I'm bring over:

Pikmin and Olimar,









Scourge the Heghog,

and Rena.

I'm going to be going to be doing a major overhall on my OCs once I decide to RP again. Intill then, these are the characters I'm bring over.

7/29/2009 #6
Trueblade Hinata

Name:Blaze the cat



Personality:Timid,but brave.



7/29/2009 #7
Nero Redwolf

Name: Link

Age: 17

Personality: Your stereotypical hero

Powers: None

Weapons: Sword, shield, bow, the list goes on, so play the games if you want to know them all.

SIde: Good.

7/30/2009 #8
Old SmashBro

Uh... I don't know if the non-OC characters are taken or not, but what the heck, I'm going to try.


Name: SmashMan.exe

Age: feels, looks, and acts around his late teens, but the program's only two years old.

Appearance: Short red spiked hair, blue eyes, light skin. Hair spikes point toward the back, not upward. Navi Suit is black, with red gloves, red boots and also colored red around the collar section. Also sports a yellow pack on his back, about the size of a backpack (in proportion). On his chest is the Smash Bros. insignia, the red circle with the offset cross cut out of it. The Smash Bros. insignia is also his NaviCode, the little picture inside the circle that identifies each Navi from one another.

Personality: a great friend, bold, reliable, but overwhelmingly random

Powers: almost anything, as he uses many different BattleChips to fight and dodge

Weapons of Choice: Sword-type chips, SpeedUp chips, Invis chips, StarPwr chips, Yo-Yo chips

Side: Good (for the most part).


Name: IceMan.exe

Age: looks young, but acts much more mature; program is about six years old.

Personality: curious, spazzy, and silly, but can become quite serious around friend and in battle.

Powers: he's named 'IceMan', of course he has ice powers.

Weapons of Choice: FrzTowr chips, Cloud-type chips, Bubbler-type chips, IceCube chips, Invis chips

Side: Good.


Name: Mallow

Age: around the early teens

Personality: highly inquisitive, nervous at times, solid fighter

Powers: ability to manipulate weather

Weapons of Choice: Hammer Swing, Thunder, Rainfall, Blizzard, Twister, HP Rain

Side: Good without a doubt.


Name: Geno

Age: unknown

Personality: mysterious and cold, but always willing to help those in need

Powers: He's a magic wooden robot. What do you expect?

Weapons of Choice: Arm Cannon, Geno Increase, Geno Beam, Geno Whirl, Star Laser

Side: Good.


Name: R.O.B.

Age: he's a robot.

Personality: again, he's a robot.

Powers: well guess what... he's still a robot.

Weapons of Choice: Beam Laser, Gyromite Top, Robot Spin, Boost Thrusters, can create a Mini-Mario toy to aid in battle

Side: I dunno. Good, maybe? I mean come on, he's a robot.


I restate that I am unsure whether or not these characters are taken. If they aren't, then yay for me. If they are, then you can take 'em back if you want 'em, because if not, I'll gladly accept them. I mean, so far all I had was SmashMan. Sure, I'd use other Navis, but like I said in the other forum, they're only rentals and anyone can register them at any time. Except for IceMan. He's mine. :P

7/31/2009 #9
Nero Redwolf

Forgot to mention that with Link comes everyone that's traveled with him to provide hints.

7/31/2009 #10
Ultimate Soldier

[My Characters]

Light (in true human form): Light wears a black cowboy hat and white sunglasses, with his mocha eyes behind it. He wears a white trench-coat with the collar reaching up to the tip of his nose. Below the trench-coat was a black shirt. He wears white jeans and white shoes. He has Oblivion strapped to his back.

Light's Original Outfit: He wears a black trenchcoat with red lining that resembles Ichigo from Bleach's trenchcoat during Bankai. He wears white jeans, white gloves, black boots, bandages that cover up his upper body: chest, stomach, neck, arms, hands, and back. He wears white, but clear sunglasses over his eyes.

Light's Neo Outfit: Light he wears a white trench-coat, with the collar reaching up until it is on the level of the tip of his nose. He wears a white shirt and below the white shirt is a black muscle shirt. The shirt has a collar of its own, but it wouldn’t matter because the ‘coat’s collar covers the shirt’s collar. The trench-coat’s shoulder blades are fitted, like a suit’s jacket, hell, the ‘coat has the same material as a shirt’s jacket. He wears black leather jeans and chain shoes, resembling Atem’s shoes. He was white angel wings behind his back. He wears black leather gloves that have metal knuckles equipped to it. He has two belts strapped to his arms: one is strapped on his arm and the second one strapped where the elbow area is at. Another belt was strapped on his waist, on top of the trench-coat’s waist. He has white hair, looks a little muscular, has grey eyes, wears white sunglasses, both skin and lenses, skin is tan, and a black hat resting on his head. Oblivion was strapped on his back.

Light's Bankai Form: He has the wings of the BESD that is sparkling, pure good to be sensed from the wings and has a tail. His zanpakuto resembles Luster's zanpakuto, only a color difference... Light shines very brightly, with all of it pure white, while Luster's all black and it reflects light, giving it a shiny appearance, but far less dull from Light's.

Light's Finkai Form: Light is wearing his old outfit, but this one is very different. His trenchcoat is now entirely white, the sash that buckles the trenchcoat is now blue. The edge is now black, with the outline of the trenchcoat red. His jeans is entirely white, with white shoes that are similar to Yugi's shoes. His bandages are now colored black. His eyes are now purple, which indicates that Solarice and Light are now one, focusing on their combine strength and meld them together. His hair is still white, but with edition of black highlights, only coloring the edges of his hair, showing the effect that the roof of his hair starts white than slowly fades to black when it reaches the tip of the hair. His sword is now a Tensa Zangetsu, only entirely white, with the blade shining more brightly than ever before, with the aura showing a misty appearance.

Darkness' Outfit: He wore a long, full black trench-coat that resembles Yami Bakura's. He wears a long-sleeved black shirt below the 'coat. He wears dark blue jeans with black metal boots. He was a thin tail coming out of his rear, flexing around lightly. He wears a mantle on the shoulders of the 'coat, with metal ridges resting on top of the shoulders. They have spikes. Darkness wore a eyepatch over his right eye and his hair is all spiky. His hair is all black. He has a scar on his left cheek. He wears spandex gloves and his "eye" is the color of mocha.

Vanessa's Original Outfit: Vanessa has blonde hair with green eyes. She wears a silver crop-top, with a silver trench-coat that has a blue flames and a black dragon as its design. She has blue designer jeans that has silver flames on the bottom of the jeans as a design and wears silver boots that are knee-length. She wears silver gloves. She wears sky-blue sunglasses over her eyes.

Spirit's Original Outfit: Spirit wears a huge black coat that reaches to the ground. The coat has sleeves. Spirit wears black gloves. Spirit also wears a red shirt below the coat, with a white under-shirt. He wears black cargo pants and black boots. He wears black, but clear sunglasses over his eyes.

Spirit's Current Outfit: The man is wearing a long-sleeved black shirt with a black chain around his right shoulder to his left hip; an extra chain was connected to the same chain the length all the way to the ground, a belt around the waist of the shirt, a black trenchcoat with silver shoulder blades has many designs on it among them a flying skeleton dragon and a collar that goes up to the length of his cheekbones, a metal ring on the upper part of his left arm and two more metal rings on the upper part of his right arm close to each other with another ring in the middle of the lower half of his arm, a black sword replacing his left hand, wears black pants with the length toping an inch over the top of his boots; the boots is with the front part on the ground with the back part having an inch-sized heel. A metal ring was around his thigh, with two more on the shin of his left leg overlapping the boot. He wears a black eye-patch on his right eye, with his left eye colored yellow with a black slit in it; he has royal blue hair and pale skin. His appearance is complete with bat wings on his back, with the claw colored crimson red. The man looks around 25 years old.

Hydra's Original Outfit: Hydra wears blue jeans with a black skirt with it and wears green heels. She also wears purple T-shirt, purple sunglasses, black trench-coat with the end of the coat end at her thigh level. She also wears a pink long-sleeved shirt below her T-shirt with the arms that end at the palm of her hands. Her entire hair is flowing; she has red eyes and white hair and is a little tan.

Jaden's Outfit: He's wearing a black trench-coat with a red shirt beneath it. He's wearing black jeans and his Slifer sneakers. He's wearing red sunglasses with red lenses, and has black gloves with metal knuckles on them.

Jaden's Finkai: The blade of his sword is all red, the handle into a orange square one, and then grip is entirely black. It looks like Tensa Zangetsu, but except the color scheme. Jaden still looks the same, its his clothing that's different. He wears black sunglasses with red lens, wears a red trenchcoat with both edges and outlines black. a black sash was round his waist. He wears black jeans and shoes, and wears black gloves. He has phoenix wings on his back and has visible red highlights on his hair.

Alexis Outfit: Alexis wears a sky blue vest on and a dark blue long-sleeve shirt. She wears dark blue jeans that hs water and bubbles as a style. She also wear sneakers, a necklace, and dark blue glasses.

Alexis' Armor Mode: Alexis is a knight of blue and ice. Her body is covered in ice, including her head. The armor could be of like the female version of Omnimon, but the opening of the helmet is covered by an ice visor. She has wings of an ice wyvern.

Vertigo's Outfit: The man was wearing a blue trench-coat that has scales on it with a dragon eye on the back of it as a design. He wears gloves that has armor plating on top of the hands and claws of dragons. The way the armor is fixed resembles of the hide of a reptile. He wears a white long-sleeved shirt with a dragon symbol on the chest. He's wearing black jeans that has flames as a design with a dragon between the shin and thigh on both leggings. He wears shoes that resembles Silver's. His skin tone is tan, with white claw markings on both his cheeks the same way when Inuyasha went Full Demon. His eyes are all white, but has irises since there were outlines to tell. His hair color is both black and white and the same hairstyle as Atticus Rhode's.

Spirit's Shikai Form: Spirit has a blue sign on the left side of his face, crossing over his eyelids. The left eye changed to yellow. He wears silver jeans and silver trench-coat with white soul reaper shirt below the trench-coat. Apocalypse changed from a normal sword to Omnimon's Transcendent Sword, but it's edges were black and the rest white.

Vertigo's Shikai Form (with Hollow mask): Darkness is now a black sword, resembling a katana. The hilt is wrapped by chains, with the massive power resting in the sword, ready to burst. Vertigo grew wings of darkness, still burning like the flames. Along the flames are serpents; all of them eyeless, all black, have sharp teeth made out of the said flames, and are like tentacles.

Vertigo is wearing a trenchcoat made out of darkness. It has shoulder blades made of darkness as well. The sleeves are long enough to cover Vertigo's hands, with the blade showing its glory, the hilt gone under the robes of the sleeves. It resembles Ichigo's Bankai trenchcoat. The bandages are red, orange, and yellow flames while the "clothes" are blue and black. He wears tight, leather pants to show his skinny legs. He wears boots with metal strips in them, with spikes coming out of said strips.

The blade is on fire, with a mixture of black, blue, red, yellow, and orange. Vertigo's hair has grown longer, resembling Byakuya's hair. His eyes are still the same, but the mask stays, but has manifested a little more.

Vertigo's Bankai Form (Phase 1): Vertigo wears what Ichigo wears in bankai form. But there was never a sword now. He grew a metallic black tail, two very large metallic black wings. Metal black claws, almost all color of him is black. All said metallics have sharp edges, as accurate as a katana. The sword is none other than the final metamorphosis of Vertigo's bankai. This form is the first step of the three steps. And the special ability? Nothing goes into him nor anything comes out.

Zeo's Outfit: Zeo wears what looks like to be a samurai outfit, one that would match Samurai Jack's. But once it was thrown away reveals a more matching style for Zeo's legendary master ability of swordsmanship. She was two sheaths strapped to her back, forming what looks like to be a X. She wears a red tight shirt, with the drapes on her forearms, reaching half to the floor. She wears red jeans with red boots. She has long red hair that resembles Rin's hair from Nagasarete Airantō. She has also has a shade of red to orange to yellow in her eyes, much looking like fire.

Stardust Dragon (in human form): Stardust Dragon, in human form, also walks by. Her hair is of all the colors of her spirit form. She wears a white dress with purple orbs all around the bottom of the dress and the colors of said spirit form and/or hair. Her eyes are the same color of the eyes of her said spirit form and is really beautiful.

Luxeques (Hero Suit): She wears a leather jacket that looks like a movie X-Men jacket with angel wings on her back. Her hair is blue, eyes dreamingly blue as well, with the white part of her eyes fade blue. Her skin is pale. She wears black leather pants and shoes that go along with her pants and jacket. Underneath the jacket is a blue shirt. A belt was around her waist, a deck strapped on. She wears leather gloves, equipped with gold claws. A blue dragon was on the left side of her jacket and jeans, but on the right is a black leopard. She wears a red bandana around her forehead.

Luxeques (Finkai Form): She wears armor that only a Paladin Angel would. A armor so beautiful, so carved, and so powerful... Her armor is made of stainless and unbreakable glass with the following is the armor. She wears boots that goes knee length, wears dark blue pants which the boots locked into her feet. She wears a skirt and wears armor a Pegasus Knight wears in Fire Emblem. Her moveable glass gloves covers a 3/4 of her arm, showing little of her beautiful skin at the top of her arms. Her shoulder blades are similar to a Warrior from Fire Emblem. Her hair is purely white and her wings grew in size and has more feathers. She's equipped with Ultima Lux in her hand that resembles Tensa Zangetsu, only everything about it is white. A bow is strapped to her back.

Nephenee's Modern Outfit: Nephenee is wear a blue long-sleeved shirt that has what looks to be half-gloves. The shirt reaches to the middle and ring finger and covers them with the same material as the shirt itself. She wears light brown leather jeans and blue boots. Her lance was strapped to her back. And the final detail, a black hat resting on her head.

Soren's Modern Outfit:

Megatron's Human Form: All his clothings and his hair are grey. His eyes are red. He wears a trench-coat, long-sleeved shirt, jeans, Jordan shoes which's second coloring is black, and gloves that has claws on them.

Oblivion's True Human Form: From the looks of things, Oblivion wears a white button-shirt on and a grey-suit jacket. He wears grey gloves and wears grey jeans. He walso wears black shoes, has a watch on his left wrist, a sword strapped to his back, has dark brown hair and mocha eyes, along with tan skin. He's also more muscular and handsome than Light.

Apocalypse's Outfit: He has glowing yellow eyes, with the rest fading yellow. His hair is a mixture of blond and raven hair. His left eye green and right eye red. He has tan skin, wears a long, blue trench-coat, all cut up and scrapped. He wears a muscle shirt below the trench-coat and wears black jeans, with boots that has spikes on. He has a long, REBD-like tail coming out of his rear, and his ears are pointy.

Ichigo's Finkai Outfit: He is still wearing his bankai outfit, but new additions. He has black reitsu wings planted on his back, orange sunglasses planted on his face, another Tensa Zangetsu for his left hand, and marks all over his face and body. Tensa Zangetsu was unchanged, but its power is more stronger. When he places both Tensa Zangetsu's grips together, they will meld into a new sword. The entire lower half of the sword is the same as Tensa Zangetsu, but the blade is not made out black reitsu, able to cut through anything.

Samus' Outfit: She's wearing a cowboy hat, her hair the same style, wears a brown vest, and under the vest is a blue baggy shirt; has blue jeans and interestingly, her Zero Suit boots are treated like her shoes. In fact, her gloves are the same gloves of her said suit, meaning she's wearing it all underneath her clothing.

Chaos: Chaos wears a red trenchcoat and a black shirt. The back, where the shoulder blades are located are holes for Chaos new black dragon wings. Chaos wears black jeans, with the bottom of the jeans shredded also. Also, the cuffs of the trenchcoat and shirt are shredded also. He wears dark armor shoes. His hair has hair spikes, similar to Ichigo's. His hair is black and his face resembles Kaian's, without the creepy eyelashes. His skin is also the same color tone as Kaian's, but his eyes re red, with the conjunctiva having a tint of black. His zanpakuto, Dark Element, is strapped on his back. He has a black dragon tail which is the length of two humans, and the wingspan of his wings are triple the size of humans. He wears black gloves that has metal claws equipped. He has fang teeth and looks around the age of 24.



Elemental Blade (EB): Ultimate's signature weapon and it is one of the most powerful artifacts. The blade has an ability that is largely based on atoms, elements, cores, etc.. It can instantly kill a living person, turning said person into nothing but atoms. It can create and destroy atoms. Also, by creating something, it has to have the atoms it needs to actually creating said thing. Same thing goes for destroying, but the atoms that are in said thing fell apart rather than destroyed. A unique sword, it's the most powerful in my own Weapons Vault, equal in strength to Dark Element. Only Gods or other super-powerful beings can use this sword. Devils and any other shall be electrocuted humorously and in a humiliating way.

Appearance: It's a katana with a small chain below the hilt. Its blade has the colors of a rainbow and the colors move as if the sword itself is alive. It can change its color by will.

Dark Element (DE): Darkshroud's signature weapon. It has the same abilities as Elemental Blade but the only difference is appearance and can be only used by "Shrouds".

Appearance: It resembles the Elemental Blade, but the colors of the rainbow are arranged to be their negative opposite. For example: black for white.

Darkness: Vertigo's zanpakuto and main weapon of choice. As the name suggests, it can control all the powers of darkness. Depending on Vertigo's positive and negative emotions, the darkness can be cold and even warm. It also has the spirit of Darkness-Light's older brother-for reasons unknown. As a zanpakuto, it has two forms: shikai and bankai. In shikai form, its power doubles and the agility and power increases in Vertigo, along with tentacles of darkness that should aide him in battle. In bankai form, is shall remain secret.

Oblivion: Light's signature weapon and zanpakuto. It holds the spirit of Light's father, Oblivion. Unlike the name, it doesn't just send anyone to oblivion. It has the power to bend and control light. Some say it's one of the most powerful. In shikai form, its power decreases but in favor for Light's agility (speed) and skills of maneuvering the sword. In bankai form, Oblivion is released as a BESD (Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon) with Light's power tripling, but in a great decreases of his speed. It doesn't show if Light has Oblivion's powers or not.

Apocalypse: Spirit's signature weapon and zanpakuto. It holds the evil dead spirit of Spirit, Apocalypse. Unlike the name, it does not bring apocalypse to one world into another, though it does fit well to Spirit's father since he does it multiple times. Very ironic. It has the powers of darkness and its only second to Vertigo'sDarkness. In shikai form, to fit well Spirit's position as mortal enemy, it does not have negative effect; it greatly increases his power, speed, skills, and mind power, along with the control of complete darkness. In bankai is an opponent's worst nightmare, Apocalypse is unleashed as a REDD (Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon) and he has all the abilities of his father and even more greater power for himself.


[My Mirror Characters]

(Mirror) Light Lopez/Reaper (Luster Reaper): This Light is very different from the Light we all know. Instead of being oblivious, sometimes stupid, but yet reckless, he's more prone to notice the obvious, very intelligent of an I.Q. of 300, same as Eggman's, and can wait for the moment of attack. His personality is very cruel, dark, and evil. In the Mirror World, he's my most cruelest character. Has no regard of his allies, friends, and even family, though his family is run by evil itself. Instead of being the fastest character, he's the most powerful of my rooster and is not the type you should mess with.

He wears a trench-coat that is black, resembling Ichigo's Bankai's, but instead of the inner part of the clothing red, its instead black, same thing. He wears a negative color of bandages on his upper body, black also, with the outlines white. His eyes are not grey, but entirely black, except the white part of the eye. He wears black leather gloves with sharp spikes on the knuckle parts. He wears black jeans, black shoes, and has black wings, made of black feathers. His skin, instead of tan, is slightly tan, to the point you can mistaken the skin as pale and his hair is white.

Luster's Bankai Form: He has wings, similar to a REDD, but they were covered in luster stone, reflecting the light off of its beautiful wings and has a luster-covered tail. Luster now wears a blue trench-coat that replaced all his upper body clothing, leaving his battle and abuse scars from his past, all seen and covered by the new clothing. Luster than opens his new blue eyes, with an intensified dark color, slit pupils, iris dark blue, and the white part of the eye with a tint blue.

Luster's Finkai Form: He wears a black trenchcoat that has metal spikes to cover the top of his shoulders and two large upward-curved horns that are placed on the location of his shoulder blades; the edges of the trenchcoat having a white color, the outlines now red, a mixture of black and red sash to buckle the trenchcoat. He wears black jeans with black shoes with small wide heels. His eyes are permanently orange with fiery red iris. His shirt is black, with a dragon on it, a red and orange dragon. His sword is a Tensa Zangetsu, entirely black. The aura is very cold and has a tentacle-like appearance. He has black hair, and to add something, he wears a Hollow mask that resembles Ichigo's, on his right face. The right eye is black, the iris yellow, and the pupil black, much like a Hollows. He has sharpened teeth and a black dragon tail.

8/1/2009 #11
Ultimate Soldier

Also, I'm transferring Samus and Pit down here as well.

8/1/2009 #12
Nero Redwolf

Toko already claimed Pit for if he joins.

8/1/2009 #13
Ultimate Soldier

Oh well. Samus is the one... and only Smasher... unless Mario is open?

8/1/2009 #14
Nero Redwolf

I've got the better Mario Bro, so go ahead and take Mario.

8/1/2009 #15
Ultimate Soldier


8/2/2009 #16
Wraith the Destroyer

Name: Organization XIII

Side: Neutral

Summary: A group of Nobodies, being's lacking hearts, from the Kingdom Hearts Series. Each has there own element whcih they command and a unique weapon. There goal is to obtain Kingdom Hearts to become whole again, and don't care how they go about it. They are incapable of showing emotion, but are able to fake it.

Leader: Xemnas

Memebers: Xigbar














Lower Nobodies.


Name: Xemnas

Age: No longer does

Gender: Male

Species: Nobody


Weapons: Areil Blades (Look a lot like Lightsabers without hilts.) His Areil Blades can either be used as slashing weapons, and or projectiles that can be shot.

Gaint Sword: When astried his Nobody Dragon Xemnas gets a Knight like appearence and a huge sword as well as unlimited acess to the other fourteen memebers weapons if they have been killed.

Abilities: Nothing waves: Sends tendrils of Nothing foward.

Replication: Can make a clone of himself although the clone disapears after a couple of hits.

Flight: Self Explainitory.

Teleportation: Can Teleport.

Extreme Speed: Turns into an unhitable Dark Ball that speeds around. However he can not attack in this state.

Nothing sheild: Creates a barrier infront of himself.

Like all other Nobodies, Xemnas' body is far more resiliant than the average human body. Lastly in Xemnas' Knight form he has unlimited acess to the other Nobodies Abilities if they have been killed.


Name Xigbar

Gender: Male



Weapons: Guns. Can combine them to form a sniper rifle

Abilities: Teleportation, Defing Gravity, and can warp physical space.

Xigbar's body is far more resiliant to that of an avarge human.

Xigbar makes sporadic appearences through out Kingdom Hearts II, taunting Sora and teasing him ("You be a good boy now." "Man did it pick a dud this time.") Xigbar also taunt's the player with bits of information about upcoming events in the Kingdom Hearts sereis. Lastly Xigbar was the hardest boss in KHII for me to beat.


Name: Axel

Age: Unknown


Gender: Male

Weapon: Chakrams

Abilities: Axel is capable of the Manipulation of Fire, and is able to move gracefully among the battle field. His tradmark moves are creating a wall of fire and generating a pit of fire. More commonly, he ignites his chakrams and throws them. Resistant to fire, Axel actually is healed by fire based attacks. Lastly Axel's most devistating attack is where he takes in as much heat as possible and let's out a gaint explosion capbable of wiping out thousands in a flamming kamakazie.

Personality: Axel is the wild card of the Organization, constantly shifting alligences. He is often protrayed as cocky and arrogant, and is usually heard spouting his catchphras 'Got it Memorized?'


Name: Demyx

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Nobody


Weapon: Sitar

Abilities: Demyx is able to contort Water to use as he see's fit. His most common attacks are: Water clones combined with his sleeper count (Demyx create's Water Clone's that slide around him. When hit they turn into Music notes. Meanwhile Demyx play's a melody on his sitar causing the opponent to fall asleep. In Kingdom Hearts, Demyx is invinsible during this time until all his water clones are destroyed) Gyser streak (Demyx swings his sitar causing jet's of water to appear under his opponet. The style of the swing causes the attack to very.) and exploding bubbles, which he can either shoot from the tip of his sitar while playing, or trail them behind himself then cause them to rain down.)

Demyx's personality seems odd from all other nobodies. Unlike the other's he fakes the ability to feel sorrow and happiness far beyond any other's scope of capability. This is just a facade he uses to trick his opponets. He has a dislike for fighting, but will if ordered to. Number IX in the Organization, Demyx is suprisingly concidered by most fan's the hardest one to beat due to his odd style and steady stream, being second only to Xemnas KHI and II and Marluxia Re:Chain of Memories.

10/15/2009 #17
the batter X

Name: Behemoth

Age: Unknown

Gender: None

Appearance: A mangled humanoid creature about the size of a T-Rex. It has huge hands for mauling its victims. It is bloody and looks like it was burnt alive. Its head, is a bloody mangled head shaped like a skull with no lower jaw. Instead it has sharp jointed mandibles made out of bone. It has four long,narrow teeth jutting out of its upper jaw, and it has giant horns like a bull. Its legs are muscular and kind of short. Its feet are just stumps. It has no eyes, just eyesockets.

Personality: Extremely aggressive and highy territorial

Powers: It only uses brute strength and overkill

Side: Neutral

Extra Info: The behemoth is basically a bunch of body parts put together to make a huge monster. It can roar and bellow, and it makes mountains shake.

10/24/2009 #18
the batter X

Group Name: MG Corp.

Leader: Chief Commander Alexander

Members: Commander Roland Kane

Commander John Grimes

Commander Al-Sad

MG Grunts

Side: Evil

Summary: MG Corp. is a terrorist group that has decided to take over the SSB Universe. They have brought a whole army with them to destroy any who oppose them!

Chief Alex:A white old man with long white hair and a rough beard. He is 67, but don't let his old age fool you. He is a specialist at close combat, mainly for his EXO Suit.

Kane's Appearance: (My avatar is him.)

John Grimes: A bald Asian with an Adolf Hitler moustache. He wears the same outfit as Kane.

Al-Sad: An Arabic Commander with a red military beret and sunglasses. He wears similiar clothing to Grimes and Kane.

MG Grunts: The primary soldiers of MG Corp. They wear camo jumpsuits under a black chestplate, black metal combat boots, black metal combat gauntlets, and a black metal helmet with a respirator and a menacing visual set with glowing blue,yellow, or red eyes indicating to threat level. The Grunts have a Q looking eye on the right, and a dot triad on the left. They wield M16s, magnums,SMGs, and RPGs.

10/24/2009 #19


Group: IPF Metahuman Squad 1

Name: Aaron Shields

Age/Sex: 20, M

Ethnicity: American

Appearance: Muscular build with straight brown hair, and pale blue eyes, about 6 feet tall. Has a scar on his left forearm.

Powers/Abilities: Control over sound, enhanced reflexes, stronger, faster, smarter than the average human, adrenaline surges are more powerful, Hand-to-hand master, speaks Japanese.

Side: Good

Weapons: He will use anything except handguns.

Personality: Cold, doesn't trust, or give trust easily. Underneath; he will do anything to protect others, and fight for what he believes in.


Name: Sokudo Hosaka

Age/Sex: 19, M

Ethnicity: Japanese

Appearance: Black spiked hair of medium length that tends to lay flatter after using his power, brown eyes, thin build.

Powers/Abilities: Superspeed, heightened reflexes, can dial up his own reaction time with his speed power, to the point where bullets stand still. Enhanced strength speed reflexes, stronger adrenaline surges.

Side: Good

Weapons: Prefers lightweight weapons (knives, machine pistols, etc.), and things that go boom.

Personality: Aaron's best friend, fun-loving, carefree. On a side note, he's kind of a perv.


Name: Brooke Lynn (Guess where she was born. Go on, guess, I'll wait.)

Age/Sex: 20, F

Ethnicity: American

Appearance: Black hair that goes down to her mid back, Green eyes, her mouth has a natural curve that looks like a small smile, or a confident smirk. Pointed chin.

Powers/Abilities: Is able to grow angel-like wings from her back. Then pluck or shoot the feathers as projectiles, which go through rapid rigor to become hard and sharp as steel blades. Wings disappear in a white light. Same latent powers as all metahumans, enhanced strength, speed, reaction time, etc. has keen eyesight. Thus, she is a good shot, and is often the DM on missions.

Weapons: Barret .50cal, alternate weapon varies, usually carries the explosives.

Personality: The happiest Goth you'll ever meet. She prefers Gothic style because of how spectacularly it clashes with the nature of her power.


Name: Jerome Allen

Age/Sex: 18, M

Ethnicity: Jamaican

Appearance: Short black dreadlocks and a full face give him a childish appearance.

Powers/Abilities: Control over gravitational forces, same natural enhancements as the others.

Weapons: Anything

Personality: Besides the typical teenage attitude, he has a lot of respect for Aaron and the other members of his team.


Name: Vladmir Ylestin

Age/Sex: 21, M

Ethnicity: Russian

Appearance: Shaved head, brown eyes, highly muscular build (bigger than John Cena.), 6 feet 8 inches tall.

Powers/Abilities: Super strength (*sarcasm*What a twist!), can shrug off small-arms fire, same natural abilities.

Weapons: He prefers his bare hands

Personality: Lots of respect for Aaron. In contradiction to his power, he is peaceful man, and even goes on the occasional diplomatic mission. Generally to countries who wouldn't listen the first time.


Group: Espada

Members: Coyote Starrk/Lilynette

Baraggan Luisenbarn

Tia Halibel

Ulquiorra Cifer

Nnoitora Jiruga

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Zommari Leroux

Szayel Apporo Granz

Aaroniero Arruruerie

Yammy Rialgo

Appearances: Bleach Wiki The 3rd's anime appearances are what I'm using, This is a roughly T/PG-13 forum after all

Side: Evil

Powers: Various, but all have these powers: Hierro, Cero, Sonido, Pesquisa, Bala, Flight, and Garganta (Which could used as a sort of fast-travel system in the Multiverse.)

Background/Personalities: Various


Name: Sosuke Aizen

Age: ?

Appearance/Powers/Personality: Bleach Wiki

Laziness (and Wikis) FTW!


Name: Takedo Asakura

Age/Sex: 22, M

Ethnicity: Japanese

Appearance: Long black hair, yellow eyes, athletic build,

Occupation: Current ruler of Hell.

Powers/Abilities: Absorbs negative emotions, (Hate, sadness, rage, envy, etc.) Can concentrate the negative enegry and fire it from his hands and feet. Virtually immortal, able to be killed then come back to the living world and posess someone. As ruler of Hell, he commands Satan's army, same passive abilities of other metahumans.

Side: Evil

Weapons: None

Personality: Arrogant and hateful.

Background: After being killed by Aaron Shields, Takedo was sent to Hell to repent for his crimes. Upon reaching Satan's domain he began gathering the negative energy there, when he gained enough power, he overthrew the demon king, and took over Hell.


After thinking about it for awhile, I figured that I'd corner the market on Bleach villains, if anyone has a problem with that, just say so. I'm keeping the Espada though.

Name: Kaname Tosen

Side: Evil

Appearance, Personality, Powers (APP): Bleach wiki


Name: Gin Ichimaru

Side: Evil

APP: Bleach wiki


Name Wonderweiss Magera

Side: Evil

APP: Bleach wiki


Name: Fura

Side: Evil

Purpose: Summon for Aizen

Appearance/Powers: Bleach wiki

Personality: None.


Name: Menos Grande

Side: Evil

Purpose: Big cannon fodder, if we do that in BC.

APP: Bleach wiki


Name: Hiro Matsuo

Age/Sex: 20, M

Ethnicity: Japanese

Appearance: Thin build, shoulder-length black hair, rectangular glasses.

Powers/Abilties: Controls electricity, can download himself into electronic devices and travel through power lines. Decent hand-to-hand fighter, channels electricity into every strike for added effectiveness. Can hack computers from the inside, but must download data onto flash drives, all data is wiped from his mind when he exits to prevent head explosion. Same passive metahuman powers.

Side: Good

Weapons: None, may use metal poles for obvious reasons.

Personality: No-nonsense, but very quiet about it. Doesn't smile much.


Name: Jasper Hollicker

Age/Sex: 19, M

Ethnicity: British

Appearance: Bald, blue eyes. Skinny.

Powers/Abilities: Healing energy that can be focused to cause internal damage to an opponet. Qualified physician.

Weapons: Pistols and SMGs.

Personality: Though a healer, even he knows that sometimes blood must be spilled in order to protect the innocent. Present an ailment, he'll heal you. Cross him, he'll shoot you. Very simple.


Name: Wayne Holden

Age: ?


Weapons: Any type of gun

Powers/Abilities: Super regenerative capabilities granted by Harmonizer. Skilled marksman, can pilot a VS. Disc for Harmonizer to power up PTX-40A "Ivan" VS.

Background: Wiki him


Name: Landon Ricketts

Age: 60


Weapons Schofield Revolver

Ability: Dead Eye

Background: He's spent twenty-five years killing men, he's never read a book or done a day's work. He lives in Chuparosa as low-rent would-be messiah, he considers himself a relic, and loves to shoot bad guys.

Personality: If you read the background info, and don't understand his personality, then I can't help you. Just watch how I use him.


Name: Eddie Riggs

Age/Sex: Unknown, Male


Personality: A rocker. Through and through.

Weapons: Separator (double-bladed axe) Clementine (a Flying V guitar.)

Powers/Abilities: Can use Clementine to call down lightning strikes from the heavens, conjure fire from the bowels of hell, or simply melt faces. Can fly whenever an epic battle draws near, and is a maniac behind the wheel.

Background: Play Brutal Legend. Or search the internet.

Quote: "A good roadie knows his whole job is to make someone else look good, keep someone else safe, help someone else do what they were put here to do. A good roadie stays out of the spotlight. If he's doing his job right, you don't even know he's there. Once in a while, he might step on stage just to fix a problem, to set something right. But then before you even realize he was there, or what he did, he's gone." - Eddie Riggs


Name: Jane Shepard

Age/Sex: 29, F

Side: Neutral Good

Appearance: Shoulder length black hair, green eyes, her mouth has a slight curve and the ends, as if she's always smirking. N7 armor.

Weapons: A pistol which she is proficient with, a sniper rifle, shotgun, and assault rifle.

Powers/Abilities: As a Sentinel, Jane has access to both biotic and tech attacks. Stasis, Throw, Lift, and Barrier. For tech powers she can use Sabotage, Overload, and Neural Shock. Her secondary Bastion abilities grant her enhanced barriers and stasis fields.

Personality: Uh, just see how I use her...

Background: Her life was spent growing up on various spaceships, when she was 18 she joined the Alliance military. She held off Batarian smugglers during the Skyllian Blitz, earning her recognition throughout humanity.


Name: Garrus Vakarian

Age/Sex: Somewhere around 40, M

Side: Garrus left C-Sec because he was tired of being Lawful Good, and wanted to be Chaotic Good. After wrestling with his emotions, he's now leaning toward Neutral Good.

Appearance: Just use Google, Though I'm using his ME1 appearance.

Weapons: Proficient with sniper rifles and assault rifles, but also carries a shotgun and a pistol.

Powers/Abilities:Can boost his own shields in combat, Damping, Overload, and Sabotage.

Personality: Same as Jane.

Background: Mass Effect wiki


Name: Urdnot Wrex

Age/Sex: At least 300, M

Side: Chaotic Good

Appearance: Google.

Weapons: Is proficient with assault rifles and shotguns, also carries a sniper rifle and pistol.

Powers/Abilities: Can boost his shields in a firefight, can increase the defensive output of his armor through Immunity. Warp, Throw, Barrier, Stasis

Personality: Unlike Garrus and Jane, Wrex is mostly the strong silent type. When he does speak, he is very blunt, and most people listen. Expect one-liners.

Background: Mass Effect wiki.


Name: Neo AKA Thomas Anderson

Age/Sex: 37, M

Species: "Unplugged" Human or "Red pill"

Appearance: Google images

Powers/Abilities: Flight, telekinesis, can revive the recently deceased, stronger, faster, more durable than the average human (can black a sword edge with one hand.) Master of every hand to hand style known to man. (And a few known only to monkeys. =P)

Side: Good

Weapons: Usually none, but will use whatever is at hand when the situation demands it.

Personality: Wikipedia


Name: (Renegade) Agent Smith

Age/Sex: ?, M

Species: Computer Program

Appearance: Google images

Powers/Abilities: Same as Neo, can copy himself over other humans (like recording over taped TV shows.)

Side: Evil

Weapon: Sheer numbers

Personality: Hates humanity. 'Nuff said


Name: Faro Sukui

Age/Sex: 19, M

Species: Human (or Hylian in Zelda RPs)

Appearance: He is 5' 10" and has a lithe yet muscular build. He has golden eyes and ruffled, spiky brown hair. He wears an outfit similar to the Hero's Clothes from Twilight Princess, but the tunic is dyed red, and the outfit has no hat. Alternatively he wears an all-black outfit, which consists of a black overcoat that flares out at the waist, a black sleeveless shirt underneath, and black pants and boots. In both outfits, he wears unbreakable metal bracers over the forearm portion of the sleeves. These bracers also have IV scratched into them in the same manner as his dagger.

Powers/Abilities: Skilled Pyrokinetic, Lion transformation, control over the demon Malevolence, can break all seven Aggro Seals (with Malevolence's consent.) Brutal hand to hand combatant.

Side: Good/Neutral

Weapons: Shisobaku, his Father's sword, bequeathed to him in the event of his father's death. Normally the blade is locked in the scabbard with chains. In it's steathed form, a pressure wave creates an edge around the scabbard. Only a true Katachi-Tenkan (Shape-changer) can break the chains and unsteath the blade. When Faro weilds the blade his alternate outfit appears, no matter the circumstances. The blades glows orange, because it is heated for extra fire damage. Faro can shoot fire from the blade in a Getsuga Tenshou fashion. He also carries a small black dagger with IV cleanly scratched into it; the handle and hilt are both very ornate.

Personality: Faro tries to stay true to his animal form - the lion - by being courageous, noble, reliable, and trustworthy. However he occasionally questions his own motives, resulting in bouts of neutrality.

Personal History: (Your characters don't know this, this for your (the author's) benefit. Faro is the most complex character I have ever created, and knowing his history is vital to understanding who he is.)

Faro was born in the village of Katachi Tenkan, a village hidden in the mountains near the infamous Marble Palace, to Raion, the village leader and his wife Hato. Like all members of his village, he was born with the ability to transform into an animal that reflected their personality. Like his father Raion, Faro was able to transform into a lion, meaning he was strong and noble. However, Faro was born with an ability no else in the village possessed, pyrokinesis. Given Faro's extensive capabilities, Hato suggested they divide up the lessons he would need to learn in order to one day succeed his father. While Raion tutored him in combat training and attempted to help him with his pyrokinesis, his mother Hato taught him medical techniques, and how to use the advantages his animal form granted him, all in hope that one day their son would lead their village in a new age of glory.

Sadly, it was not to be. When Faro was only eight years old, one of Gilfeiad's shadow assassins snuck into the village and bonded a demon of Gilfeiad's own creation to Faro. The demon, Malevolence, forced Faro to wake, and then proceeded to slaughter the entire village with his fearsome powers. When the gruesome task was completed, Malevolence brought his host back to Gilfeiad's castle. Gilfeiad attempted to train the boy, but several problems arose. First, Malevolence's influence made Faro violent, and easily angered. Secondly, Malevolence's influence, combined with other things, rendered Faro out of touch with his true self, and therefore unable to assume animal form. While there was nothing Gilfeiad could do about Faro's animal form, he was able the solve Faro's anger issues by placing the seven Aggro Seals on him. This action granted Faro a level of emotional stability, and a newfound control over Malevolence, to the point where Faro could evict the former from his body at will. Despite these improvements, Gilfeiad still had Faro train with his most capable agents. At fifteen, Faro became one of Gilfeiad's best assassins, and was sent to kill some of his greatest enemies, with the help of his partner Gen'ei Tsurugi.

When the Takro War began, the two were placed under Elisi's command. When Elisi sent Faro on a solo mission to kill Jacob, the leader of the White Knights, he fell in love with a White Knight named Heiwa. She began to teach him about the importance of preserving life, instead of simply taking it. As an effect of her teachings Faro began to leave his targets alive, much to the disdain of Elisi, Gilfeiad, and most notably Gen'ei, who left to clean up after each Faro's failures. After many failed attempts to kill Faro behind Gilfeiad's back, Elisi sent Gen'ei to kill Faro; instead, he sought out and killed Heiwa. Feeling truly betrayed, Faro left Gilfeiad's employ for good, and began performing various acts of goodwill in order to redeem himself in the eyes of the spirits of Katachi Tenkan, the only beings who could restore his transformation ability completely.

(I do not own The Takro, Marble Palace, or Elisi.)


Name: Malevolence

Age/Sex: 11, Technically genderless, but prefers a deep male voice.

Species: Physical Manifestation of the darkness in all living things

Appearance: Black mass of shadow

Power/Abilities: Shapeshifting, can travel between shadows by rapidly moving his entire mass through the air in a jumping motion. Can bond with Faro giving him the same powers as Alex Mercer when all seven seals are broken. Can break the seventh Aggro Seal (with Faro's consent.)

Side: Good/Neutral

Weapons: Whatever his little imagination can think of.

Personality: Formerly a literal ball of hate and malice, prolonged exposure to the Aggro Seals, and Heiwa's lessons have generally mellowed out Malevolence. Make no mistake though, when the seventh seal breaks, he can become just as angry and evil as the day he was created.

History: He and Faro share most of the same history, except Malevolence was created in a lab 11 years ago for the genocide of the Katachi-Tenkan.


Name: Blade

Age: 24

Race: half-demon

Appearance: Physically, he looks like Inuyasha, but his hair is cut short. He wears a navy undershirt with chainmail over it, and a hooded black tunic over that. He wears black pants, and knee-high leather boots with multiple adjustment straps. He wears his daggers on loose belts around his waist, and a few leather straps on his right side which offer space a longsword. (Like Ezio has.) He also has a space on his back for short blades.

Side: Good

Personality: Laid back, often mistaken as being arrogant

Weapons: daggers that turn into hook blades when he puts his demon energy into them, claws, Naga's whip, which has the power to turn into a snake or became a fire whip. (Naga is a random demon I made up, so If you have an OC named Naga, I'm not talking about him/her.)

Powers: His half-demon powers vary depending on where the moon is, but he loses his powers during the new moon.


Name: Sesshomaru

Age: ??

Race: Demon


Side: Evil

Weapons: Tenesaiga, Tokijin, and I dunno if he uses his claws or not.

Powers: Wiki them


Name: Samurai Jack

Age: idk, 22?

Race: Human


Side: Good

Weapons: his magic sword


Name: Kane-242

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Side: Good

Race: Human/SPARTAN

Appearance: Black Mark 6 armor, but with a Hayabusa helmet

Personality: Calm, isolated, never speaks.

Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Energy sword, combat knife, MA5B-the assualt rifle from Halo 1. With the sixty-round clip

Abilties: Stealth, SPARTAN abilties


Name: Ice the hedgehog

Age/Sex: 16, M

Side: Good

Appearance: Icy blue fur, porcupine-like quills as his hair, the same icy blue is his eye color, streaks like Shadow's but white rather than red, same shoes as Sonic, but the red part is green

Personality: He's even more reckless than Sonic

Weapons: Ice swords, bats, spears, etc.

Powers: self-explanatory

Well, I warned you.

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Wandering outlaw

Well, These posts are gonna extra long then.

Name:Cole Macgrath

Age: Unknown, possibly in mid twenties/ early thirty's.


Side:Up to the player, but I'm going with good, seeing as how that is the possibly cannon side of the the games.


Powers: A living third rail, Cole can fire electricity from his hands, create massive shockwaves, throw grenades of electricity, and can call down a huge lighting bolt from the sky. Also a skilled urban explorer.

Background: Read this:


Name:War, rider of the red horse





weapons:choaseater, mercy.


bio:While not much is known about him, it is established that he was feared by both angels and demons, and hinted that he shares unpleasant histories with many. Even the Charred Council is somewhat wary of War, and was at one point defied by the horseman. A small army sent by the council to retrieve War was easily slaughtered before the other horsemen had to step in. During this, War showed his strength by attacking the other three, and somewhat defeating Fury. Death, who is almost invulnerable to physical damage apparently (evidenced by the fact that he was stabbed by Chaoseater without showing pain, then the stab wound healing almost instantly) was next attacked by War. No match for the senior horseman, Death cut off half of War's arm, subduing him. The half of his arm was later replaced by War's Gauntlet.

alignment: neutral


Name:Sam fisher

Abilities: Able to hid in shadows, able to mark and execute multiple enemies in rapid succession.

Gender: Male

Bio:A combat veteran of a hundred silent wars, Sam Fisher is one of the most experienced and highly respected covert operatives in the U.S. intelligence community. Prior to joining the NSA, Fisher had an extensive service career, working as a member of the CIA's Special Activities Division (Special Operations Group) and as a highly decorated soldier in the U.S. Navy SEALs, in which he served as an operator in both SEAL Team 3 and DEVGRU, where he rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He retired from active duty sometime in 1996, but later returned to work for the NSA in 2004, when he was recruited into Third Echelon. Fisher is an expert in the art of stealth, trained in various techniques and tactics. He is extremely proficient in both armed and unarmed combat, specifically SEAL CQB and Krav Maga, and can also speak a startling number of foreign languages including Russian, Korean, Arabic, Chinese, Persian, and Spanish among others. When possible, Fisher operates almost exclusively at night and prefers to work alone in the field.



e: Angol fear

Age: 14,800

Gender: Female


Side: Neutral


Powers/Abilities: Expert spear fighter, able to withstand a great deal of punishment.

Weapons:Lucifer Spear Black

Personality: Determined, somewhat arrogant.

Background:Once there was a man who, disappointed over life and the world, entreated the heavens to curse all existence as soon as he died.

While alive, the man acted as a prophet. By achieving a momentary connection to the cast annals of history that slept in the abyss of the cosmos, he was able to learn about events from the past and future. But, in as deep a despair as he was, the man used his supernatural link in an attempt to send his regrets into the core of the universe. Until, at last, he made a pact with the Will of the Cosmos; destroy the planet.

Without giving the matter any further thought, the Will of the Cosmos made its decision. The world would be destroyed after a five hundred-year grace period. During that time, the Earth's doomed inhabitants could try to change their wicked ways.

However, as soon as the man died, a visitor came to earth. While she was a marshal in direct service of the Will of the Cosmos, entrusted with the power to punish on its behalf, she had not been tasked with the Earth's destruction. Instead, she was to investigate the earth. Five hundred years from now, when the one tasked to destroy the planet arrived, would he or she find Earth, a land where swords, spirit, and cursed waged endless battle, worthy?

Depending on what she found, there might be no need to wait for the appointed executioner to arrive. The day she judged Earth unworthy would be the day of judgment.


Name:Clint the Mercenary.

Age: 25 years



Appearance:Brown with a tanish hue, brown eyes. Wears tan coat with chain mail underneath and a bandolier with pouches. Also has black leather boots and gloves.

Personality:Unlike his namesake in ego vir, this Clint has no problems with letting other people know what he thinks of them. Often displaying two personalities. One has an absolute refusal to shut up. The other is focused, quiet, and calculating. But the core of the personalities is the same, he is rude, sarcastic, blunt, uncaring, and ruthless.

Skills:Thanks to decades worth of playing video games, Clint has faster reaction time then most beasts. As a side note of playing nothing but shooters, Clint has gained knowledge of firearm operation. Practitioner of mixed marital arts. Note:not a master, simply practices.

Weakness: Not very good at close quarters.

Weapons:Often uses a variety of weapons, ranging from guns to swords, but is never seen without a chainsword and duel pistols.

Short bio: When Clint isn't playing video games, he's probably out doing merc work. Also hates crowds, kiddie characters, clowns, and math.


Name: Jack "Raiden"

Age: unknow, possibly in mid 30s

Gender: Male

Species: Cyborg Human

Side: Neutral


Powers/Abilities: Above human strength, agility, and stamina. Expert swordsmen, dagger wielder and component pistol marksmen

Weapons: SOCOM, HF blade, throwing daggers

Personality: Once an inexperienced rookie to a cold and virtually emotionless soldier who doesn't care about his own life.


Name: April "Mayhem" Parker

Age: Possibly mid 20s.

Gender: Female

Species: Symbiote/Human hybird

Side: Good, but that's debatable, she wants to be a hero. But she does things in punisher style fashion. Meaning she kills first and asks questions pretty much never.


Or something a bit more tasteful:

Powers/Abilities: Originally, April has the same powers as Spider-Girl. After her genetic modifications, she gained various symbiotic abilities and her natural powers were enhanced. She has the power to cling or repel objects, a spider-sense, super-human levels of strength, speed, agility, durability, healing and possibly enhanced senses. Her symbiote-nature enables her to generate webbing, snares, tentacles, bladed and blunt edged weapons, and shapeshift into a variety of forms.

Personality: Ruthless, merciless, heck, she's basically a female version of the punisher. But whatever you do, don't call her crazy, she will rip you in two.


Name: John marston



Appearance: ((Ultimate: Sorry but please make a shorter address))

Bio: John Marston is a former outlaw and bandit. He ran with Dutch van der linde, bill williamson, and javier escuella, committing bank robberies, train raids, murders and other various crimes across the country. According to Marston, the gang stole and fought for a reason. In stealing from the rich and those who were given too much to give to the poor, they wanted to elicit change in the people of the West, although this might just be his own justification for their actions.

After being seriously wounded in a bank robbery in 1908, and was left to die by Bill williamson and his other former brothers in arms, Marston sought to retire from the outlaw lifestyle. Putting his past deeds behind him, he disappeared along with his wife Abigail marston and young son Jack and purchased himself a ranch. Between his abandonment of the gang and the beginning of the game, Marston had a daughter, but she died of cholera.

Despite Marston's apparent reformation, he remains a masterful gunman, rider, and hunter. Marston is a rugged survivalist and knows life as a fight to survive; he adheres to the old-fashioned West, in a world rapidly experiencing the advancement of technology.


People don't forget. Nothing gets forgiven.


Name: Daisy-023

Age: Late 20's

Appearance: without helmet.


Weapons: Assault rifle also know as MA5C, MD6.

Bio: Female spartan super solider who was KIA in the harvest campaign. Once escaped the spartan facility in order to take back her life. But when she got to her home home she saw her flash clone, and, after hearing words from the good doctor, went back to the spartan training.


Looking back at some of these old posts.... It makes me realize how much of a n00b I was.

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Trueblade Hinata

Name:Sasuke Uchiha



Side:neutral good


Powers:Basic ninja skills,pyrokinessis,Sharingan

Background:See link avove


Name:Itachi Uchiha









Side:Neutral evil


9/8/2010 #22

lol, forgot a few.

Anyway, here goes.

Name: Kaitlyn "Katie" Shields.

Age/Sex: 15, F

Ethnicity: Half Japanese, Half American

Appearance: Shoulder-length brown har, brown eyes. average height, thin and athletic.

Family: Aaron & Minatsuki Shields (parents)

Powers and Abilities: She has inherited her father's power over sound, but has only activated t in the past year or so, as such, she still struggles with the finer points of audiokinesis. Is able to speak Japanese. Heavy training in hand to had combat, courtesy of her uncle and father.

Side: Good

Weapons: She is unskilled in firearms right now, but is capable with swords and staffs.

Personality: She is more outgoing than her father, but just as wary.

Background: Her life was rather normal until she turned fourteen, and her power activated. Now she is being trained by Aaron in the usage of her new-found power.


Name: Marcus

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Species Human

Side: Chaotic Good

Appearance: Dark skin, White shoulder length hair, tall and kinda muscular, green eyes. Black duster coat, dark blue pants a dark blue vest, and a tan collared shirt, shades, and an X scar on his left cheek and chest. The latter being an injury sustanied while dueling a Scyther.

Powers/Abilities: No powers, but has the same hand-to-hand fighting skill as some of my other characters, namely Aaron and Faro. Good with names and faces.

Weapons: None

Personality: Willing to help when he can, and hates Team Rocket with a passion. On the whole, a peaceful and quiet man.

Background: Had a normal childhood, but a not a very good Pokemon journey. When he was 16, Team Rocket killed his first Pokemon. For the next 4 years, he chased them until he was sure they wouldn't come back. Nine years later they resurfaced, and Marcus set out to fight them again, and perhaps gain a bit more mileage on that old duster. A former pokemon G-man, he has a past with almost every reigional champion.


Vaporeon: (Water Gun, Aurora Beam, Bite, Quick Attack) or Glaceon: (Hail, Icy Wind, Bite, Quick Attack)

Jolteon: (Double Kick, Pin Missile, Thunderbolt, Quick Attack)

Flareon: (Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Bite, Quick Attack)

Leafeon: (Giga Drain, Magical Leaf, Synthesis, Quick Attack)

Espeon: (Confusion, Swift, Psybeam, Future Sight)

Umbreon: (Dark Pulse, Faint Attack, Confuse Ray, Quick Attack)


Name: Lance

Age: Unspecified

Gender: Male

Side: Neutral Good

Appearance: google

Powers/Abilities: I guess he's a master of disguise?

Weapons: pistol

Personality: Lance is very calm, rarely getting angry.


Gyrados (Dragon Pulse, Flail, Watefall, Ice Fang)

Dragonite x3 (Hyper Beam, Thunder Wave, Thunder, Blizzard, Dragon Rush, Safeguard, Outrage, Fire Blast. Confusing, I know. Don't worry, I'll keep everything straight.)

Aerodactyl (Thunder, Rock Slide, Crunch, Aerial Ace)

Charizard (Air Slash, Fire Fang, Shadow Claw, Dragon Claw)


Name: Giovanni

Age: Mid 40's maybe early 50's now.

Gender: Male

Side: Chaotic Evil

Appearance: Anime appearance

Powers/Abilities: Bottomless pockets, evil henchmen, and a cold, cruel heart are the only tools he needs.

Weapons: those, and a sidearm.

Personality: Evil, cold hearted, always believes he is in control of the situation.

Theme: The Game - Motorhead. Seriously, everytime he's on screen.


Nidoking (Shadow Claw, Thrash, Fury Attack, Double Kick)

Honchkrow (Nasty Plot, Swagger, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball)

Kanghaskan: (Outrage, Leer, Sucker Punch, Dizzy Punch.)

Rhydon (Rock Slide, Earthquake, Fury Attack, Horn Drill)

Persian (Screech, Slash, Fury Swipes, Double Team)

Aggron (Iron Tail, Rock Polish, Double-Edge, Ice Beam)

9/8/2010 #23

Name: Gen

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Side: Good

Appearance: Short black fur covers his whole organic body except his stomach, muzzle, inside of his ears, and underside of his right wing; these are all tan. He has a metallic grey spike mohawk, and the tip of his right ear is missing.

His right arm, left hand, left leg, lower right leg, left wing, and right eye are robotic; his eye is completely red, his wing has a metallic grey underside and black overside, and the rest are iron grey with black accents. His chest is a sturdy metal patch that deflects physical attacks, as well as lasers. His fingers are pointed, and thin tubes connect his organic parts to his robotic parts, transferring blood.

A yellow box with black electricity symbols on the side is grafted onto his back, between his wings; It can plug into a nearby outlet or machine to draw electricity from it, and can plug into Gen's robotic limbs when he needs extra power.

Clothing: A dark blue robe that covers his entire body.

Personality: A bit quiet and reserved; He doesn't do well in social situations, so some might call him aloof. He seems depressed sometimes, but will attempt to cover this up with false cheerfulness if you point it out. He gets defensive and even more aloof if you mention his cyborg state. Unlike his counterpart, he will always try to do the right thing.

Powers/Skills: As a bat, Gen is capable of flight and has great hearing. His right eye can switch between normal vision, X-ray vision, and heat vision. He is capable of mentally accessing the Internet, and runs faster than most computers. His spike mohawk is actually made of metal, and can extend up to five feet like tentacles. His powerbox is connected to his nervous system, so he can control the plugs and wires mentally.

Weapons/Equipment: His fingers and toes are capable of slicing through rock. His left hand has a laser in the palm, and his right can shoot out like a grappling hook, both for pulling things towards him and vice versa. His feet have rocket boosters in the soles to increase his speed and stability when he's flying. Part of his brain is mechanical; this allows his Internet capabilities.

Bio: Gen's father died in the fight against Eggman when he was only five years old. Gen's mother had to work two jobs to support him and his sister, Jen, and they lived in a small, two room apartment. This existence was made no easier when Eggman conquered their hometown five years later.

Gen's mother, a strong and freewilled woman despite the trials she had been through, spearheaded the resulting resistance effort. Sadly, a spy in the resistance gave her away to Eggman, and he had her apartment building bombed while she, Gen, and Jen were the only ones inside. Jen and their mother were killed, but Gen miraculously survived, though he was greviously injured.

Some of Eggman's robots found him in the rubble later and took him to the base Eggman had dropped in the center of town. He was turned into a cyborg, his damaged parts replaced, and a chip put into his brain that took away his freewill.

Soon after his (unnoticed) 16th birthday, one of Eggman's artificial lifeforms help Gen escape from Eggman's control, ripping the brainwashing chip from his head and taking care of him as the resulting wound healed. Now the two are on the run from the evil doctor.


Name: Shuku

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Anthro-Bat

Appearance: Short black fur covers his entire organic body, expect his stomach, muzzle, inside of his ears, and underside of his wings; these are grey. He has a metallic grey spike mohawk, and a tuft of grey fur is on his chest.

His arms, legs, right eye, and upper right head are robotic; His eye is a silver orb with a single red pupil, and the rest are iron grey with black accents. The arms and legs resemble those of beginner bodybuilders. He has black shoulderpads with spiked tips, and his fingers and toes are pointed. 4 half-foot spikes run down his back, and thin tubes run between his organic and robotic parts, transferring blood between them.

Clothing: A dark blue one piece suit made of super conductive metallic fibers that cover only his organic body. It attracts and stores any electricity that comes near it and provides it to Shuku's limbs.

Personality: Consumed by anger and hatred, Shuku is highly volatile. He reacts violently to anyone he believes is mocking him. He's clever and calculating, though he turns this toards thinking up evil plans and henious tortures.

Powers/Skills: As a bat, Shuku is capable of flight and has great hearing. His organs, including a large part of his brain, have been replaced with mechanical versions; While this allows him to digest anything, hold his breath for long periods of time, rapidly solve problems, and store much information, he is also heavier and slower. The spikes on his back are capable of extending several feet and bending, becoming tentacles.

Weapons/Equipment: Shuku's right arm is capable of spewing flames, and his left can change into an energy sword. His feet are equipped with rocket boosters in the soles to increase his speed and stability while he's flying.

Bio: Shuku was born and raised in the Sol Dimension, living next door to Blaze the Cat. The two became good friends, and did almost everything together; they were inseperable at school, and one was always at the other's house. Sadly, this all changed when Blaze took up the job of guarding the Sol Emeralds.

Shuku became increasingly upset that Blaze had little time for her childhood friend, his happiness for her being replaced by jealousy. Why did she get to have the Servant Emerald? Why did she get all the glory?

Finally, when Blaze couldn't be around for his tenth birthday, Shuku broke. That night, he broke into Blaze's house to try to steal one of the Sol Emeralds. Blaze, not knowing it was him, attacked him with one of the Emeralds, severely injuring him. He woke up a few days later in Nega's base; he had apparantly taken him from the hospital and changed him into a cyborg, replacing his damaged limbs and organs.

Shuku was since harbored a deep hatred for the cat that he once considered his best friend, blaming her for the accident, and wants nothing more than to get revenge.


Name: Xari Iraz

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Side: Good

Appearance: Stringy black hair framing his face, with a few strands hanging into his face. Bright blue eyes. Looks a little childlike. Thin.

Clothing: No shirt. A Sound Village headband with a scratch through the insignia hangs around his neck. Dark blue jeans. A bandage is wrapped tight around his upper left arm. Underneath it is a mark resembling three small hexagons connected by lines.

Personality: Sort of quiet, and speaks softly. A bit shy, but opens up easily when people make an attempt to talk to him. A bit immature, but not annoyinging so. Humurous; Enjoys making others laugh. Protective and not easily frightened.

Powers/Skills: A curse mark allows him to change forms; In his level one form, the mark spreads as hexagons connected by thin lines. In his level two form, his arms quintiple (x5) in size, his hands becoming as large as a TV; his skin takes on a rocky texture, color, and strength; his eyes turn yellow with black sclera; and his hair grows to cover his entire head. He is also very adept at Earth-style jutsus; He's even made a few up himself. In addition, he has a large appetite, and can devour a large amount of food.

Weapons/Equipment: Any Earth-based weapon he can summon, though he usually is seen carrying a pair of nunchuks crafted from chakra infused rocks.

Bio: Xari was born and raised in the Village Hidden in the Sand. As he progressed through the village's ninja academy, it was evident that he would be a prodigy in Earth-Style Jutsu. Word of this reached Orochimaru, and when Xari was 9 years old, he was kidnapped from his home by one of Orochimaru's henchmen. Though the village searched for months, he wasn't found.

Xari's mind was warped, and he became a servant of Orochimaru. About a year after, Xari was given his curse mark, and barely survived the process. After months of training with the level one form, he was given access to his level two form. For some reason, the process caused the mind warp jutsu to cancel out, and Xari ran away from the Sound Village. He was found weeks later by Anbu Black Ops, almost dead from dehydration and starvation, and was taken the Leaf Village, where he was healed.

Xari has never spoken of what happened between being kidnapped and being rescued, save for the curse mark. However, he occasionally has nightmares about his escape, which become more frequent as the eve of the escape approaches. He has managed to avoid using the curse mark, thus preventing the negative mental effects.


Name: Freya Abumagi

Age: 42 (In Fleshy Draci years; She appears 28)

Gender: Female

Side: Evil

Species: Fleshy Draci

Appearance: Black scales cover her right hand, and black claws from several inches from these fingers. Small black wings with purple undersides grow from her back. She is viciously beautiful, with fairly sized breasts, harsh yellow eyes, and coal black hair that grows, silky and smooth, to her shoulders. The front of her hair is dyed purple, and she has a tattoo of a black dragon on her back.

Clothing: A purple T-shirt with ripped sleeves that leaves her midriff bare. Black pants with straps making an X between the legs, ripped knees, and chains hanging from the pockets. Black boots reaching halfway up her lower legs, with 1 cm spikes on the bottom. A black collar with half inch spikes. Large earrings made from diamond and shaped like the head of a dragon dangle from her ears, which are large, scaled purple, and pointed at the top.

Personality: Greedy and power-hungry. Manipulative and cruel. Enjoys watching others suffer; In fact, she only smiles when someone is being tortured. Totally selfish; will refuse to do or give something just to spite the person, especially if it causes even the slightest amount of trouble to her. Backstabbing, but takes being stabbed in the back VERY badly. Heinously punishes others for small misdemeanors. She only ever forgives infractions from the other Rift Rippers, and not often.

Weapons/Equipment: The Laraek di Atonus Vers, an ancient weapon with incredible powers. It changes shape based on the wielder; for Freya, it has assumed the guise of a sword with two dark purple, serrated blades resembling dragon wings. The weapon gives the wielder complete control over their chosen element, as well as lesser control over the other eleven, and allows them to change into a small dragon. However, a portion of the wielder's soul is sealed inside the Laraek di Atonus Vers when they inherit it, increasing the blade's power and shortening the owner's life.

Powers/Skills: She is strong enough to carry the large Laraek di Atonus Vers. She can control all twelve elements, but is a master of the element of Sound, and mostly uses that. She can also grow large purple wings, strong purple scales, and two inch claws, and can even fuse with the Laraek di Atonus Vers, becoming a Pygmy dragon

Bio: Freya was born in the world of Okarthel, a world inhabited by half-dragon 'Fleshies' and 'Scaleds,' referred to as Dracis. Her parents, Ro and Wanda Abumagi, were king and queen of a large country naed after the royal family. Wanda died in childbirth, despite the efforts of the royal birthmother.

twenty-four years passed, and Freya was a mean and rotten princess from the day she could walk and talk; she bossed the servants around and punished them harshly for little reason; the fact that she had mastered swordsmanship within months of beginning her training only made this worse. She became known as the Whedab Dariv, or Dark Princess. Perhaps it was this nickname that set her future.

In Okarthel, 12 elements rule and make up the world. On a Fleshy Draci's 24th birthday, they may choose one of the elements to control. Freya chose Sound, and become even crueler, if that was possible; she utilized it for even more heinous tortures.

When Freya was 27, her father died under mysterious circumstances. Foul play could not be proven, and Freya was crowned the queen of Abumagi, inheriting the Laraek di Atonus Vers. Under her rule, the country of Abumagi conquered the continent it existed on, followed by the entire world, in only 5 years. Now, she seeks to conquer the other planes of existence, spreading the glory of the Abumagi to all living things.


Name: Ken Korekuta

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: shaved brown hair, with sideburns reaching almost to his earlobes. His eyes are black, and a light scar runs diagonally across his face, a remnant of when he captured a Scyther.

Clothing: T-shirt is white, with blue sleeves, and has a picture of Mew on the front. He also has blue jeans and a black belt with six pouches for his filled Pokeballs, clearly marked with a sticker of the Pokemon's face. He also has fingerless gloves with the Master Ball color scheme, and shoes with the Ultra Ball color scheme. He also has a basic yellow Trainer's backpack.

Personality: Very confident; some might say overly so. He accepts both victory and defeat well. He also enjoys challenges, and tends to seek trials. Always stops to help those in need.

Powers/Skills: Ken is a skilled Pokemon Trainer. He can sense the presence of wild Pokemon, and get an idea of their type. Rare Pokemon also appear to him easier than to other Trainers.

Goals: To capture all the non-legendary species of Pokemon, see all the legendary Pokemon, and find the Legendary Pokemon he is destinied to bond with.

Pokemon Team: (Name – Gender – Nickname – Moveset – Ability)

Scizor - Female - Scherox - Night Slash, X-Scissor, Strength, Iron Head - Swarm

Froslass – Female – Momartik - Icy Wind, Destiny Bond, Blizzard, Ominous Wind – Snow Cloak

Gallade – Male - Ellade - Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Close Combat – Steadfast

Bio: The Korekuta family has had a history ripe with strange happenings. Stories of heroic ancestors teaming up with legendary Pokemon to fight evil and injustice fill an old, leatherbound book, the family's most treasured possession. And it's not just these heroic stories that prove the family has a connection with the legends; Each of Ken's predeccesors, including his grandfather and mother (As it is from this side the stories come from), have actually bonded with a legendary Pokemon and obtained a taste of their powers. For his grandfather, it was Moltres, and Articuno bonded with his mother.

Ken grew up surrounded by these spectacular stories and facts, and while he has yet to bond with a legendary Pokemon, he has obtained an undying urge to travel the world and see all the great Pokemon that there are to see. Starting this journey at the age of twelve, he has traveled through his home region of Kanto as well as Johto. Now, he is on his way to Hoenn.


Name: Reizu Deddo

Nicknames: Hela, Ragnorok, the Grim Reaperess, Necra

Age: 200; appears 20

Gender: Female

Species: Lich

Appearance: Grey, mottled skin that's dry, brittle, and pulled taut over her skeletal system. Patches of flesh are missing, revealing yellowed bones. Most of her teeth are missing; those that remain are yellow. Her eyes are solid black, with pinpricks of red in the center. Her nose is missing, as is most of her hair; what little remains is white and hangs limp. Her fingernails are long, cracked, and blackened.

Clothing: A large, black robe with long sleeves and a large hood, to completely cover her body.

Personality: Very serious and unemotional; Doesn't smile or laugh much. Avoids other people.

Powers/Skills: She can summon zombies, skeletons, and ghosts, as well as a dark carriage pulled by skeletal horses. In addition, she can amputate severely damaged limbs, replacing them with undead limbs, that turn into copies of the original arm. She only does when it absolutely neccesary (I.E, when the limb has already been cut off, or has been injected with a poison), because it takes a lot of energy. This skill does not work with heads.

Weapons/Equipment: A scythe crafted from bones, topped with a skull and a titanium blade. The skull speaks to her mentally.

Bio: A few centuries ago, Reizu was a normal woman, living by herself in a small village. One day, this village was attacked by an evil wizard, who slayed everyone that lived there, except for Reizu. Miraculously, she survived long enough for the wizard to take an interest in her, and he turned her into a Lich, a mindless undead commander, forever serving him. As the decades passed, Riezu created the scythe out of the bones of those undead who had met their Final Deaths. This scythe, imbued with the minds and voices of a dozen souls, helped her break free of the wizard's hold, and she killed him. Now, she wanders the world, alone, avoiding civilization and trying to find a place where she can fit in and settle down.

9/8/2010 . Edited 9/12/2010 #24

I have a lot of characters I'm porting over from BC. Since this was when Notme said his characters were up for grabs, and sense I don't know who has who, I'm just going to post the list. The mods here can edit it to take out what characters have aready been claimed here.



Pikmin and Olimar,




Zatch and Kiyo,

Rick the Fox,


Sonic the Hedgehog,



Four Swords Link,


Hikari "Kari" Kaiya and Gatomon,


Rio, (Riolu/Lucario)


Gold Kotone,

Danny Phantom (Altverse version),

Jack Sparrow,

Paper Mario,

Mark Wildheart,




Solid Snake,

Sakura Kimomoto,


Megaman Trigger,




Sakura Kinomoto,



Monkey D. Luffy.


Don Patch,






Toon Link,

Toon Zelda,




Zeno and Dufort,

Docter Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik,

Mecha Sonic,

X.A.N.A and his monsters,

Scourge the Heghog,

Max Robotnik,




Sky the Cat,

Sophie the skunk,

Grabs the Chao,

Random Old Guy, (ROG)

Random Teen, (RT)

Cream the Rabbit,

Rena, (Riolu/Lucario)

Steven Stone,

Kiki, (Gatomon)

Alternate color characters,

9/8/2010 #25
Ultimate Soldier

May I ask the person that made the damn web page wider to fix the problem?

As a sign of my forgiveness and renew friendship with Mega, I decided to use an underrated character I loved when I was a kid in the Batman animated series but sadly it was cancelled.

Name: Terry McGinnus


Bio: I'm going to use my interpretation with the character since it was a long time ago I've seen an episode from Batman Beyond or Batman of the Future for other countries. Basically he's a street smart kid who had a bad life until he was in high school in which he decided to change things. He did so and especially making amends when he's taken under Bruce Wayne's wing, the first Batman. Now as the second reincarnation of the legendary, almost mythic superhero, Batman's better than ever than his previous incarnation but does not have all the abilities Bruce has.

9/8/2010 #26
Trueblade Hinata




Side:Neutral good


9/9/2010 #27

Name: Harry Potter (7th Year)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Wizard


Clothing: Gryffindor robes



Weapons/Equipment: An eleven-inch wand made out of holly, with a pheonix feather core; a feather from the same pheonix was used in the wand of the late Lord Voldemort. It was broken on his search for the Horcruxes, but he later used the Elder Wand to repair it.


9/11/2010 . Edited 9/11/2010 #28

Name: Parasite

Age: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Species: Human Scale Parasite

Appearance: roughly the same weight and height as a dog. They have 10 legs consisting of six spider-like, double jointed limbs and 4 "pincers" on the top and back of its body. They have very large jaws, pale gray skin and multiple black eyes.

Clothing: None

Personality: Prefers inclosed spaces for attacking and surprising foes and prey. Very vicious, with no intelligence, just instinct.

Powers/Skills: It can climb on walls and ceilings, and can jump great distances. It is capable of detecting unsuspecting foes and prey from afar. It's bite is painful and damaging. If mixed with water, it's saliva does something to it's victims that causes their chests to explode 20 to 40 minutes after being bitten.

Weapons/Equipment: None.

Bio: 2,000 Parasites were on the Cloverfield monster (Codename LSA: Large Scale Agressor) when it landedin the ocean. When the beast began attacking Manhattan a few months later, they dropped off of it to deliver their own brand of horror onto the soldiers and remaining civilians, attacking and killing them. This one, apparantly smarter, tougher, or luckier than the rest, survived the Hammerdown.

9/11/2010 . Edited 9/15/2010 #29

I hate to ask but, why?

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