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It is also around February 2011 in the RP. The timeline is this way according to when we started keeping track, and the it hasn't moved very fast. We're trying to get it to move faster, though.


The first quest on this forum was pretty simple. Go to a bunch of national monuments, collect some important magical or even non-magical items. And then go back home. The first quest was where half-bloods first encountered the Doc and his Crew, a very small group of people, mainly dejected Greek demigods, at the time. There were, of course, the affectionately named "Kidnapped Kids", but we won't really get in to much with them.

The Doc = A crazy maniac with a super horrible life that blames the gods for all of his problems. He is a clear sighted mortal who started to experiment on half-bloods about fifteen or twenty years ago, and he's only started to get his "Crew" together in the past three years. Over the course of the last year, they have quickly gained members - as well as fearful notoriety.

At the end of the first quest, the Questers on it were captured by the Doc. The quest leader, Oskar Sheinfeld, had touched Apollo's cursed golden bow, and thus attracted fast growing leukemia from it. Later, after the kidnapped kids and the Questers had escaped the Doc's base, with the help of a few half-bloods that had decided to switch to the "good side".

After the Questers and kidnapped kids got back to Camp Half-Blood, they released a magical barrier breaking chemical into the atmosphere, a chemical created and enhanced by the Doc himself. Only a couple days afterwards, the Doc and his Crew attacked the camp. They managed to destroy it entirely. There were casualties on both sides, and though the Doc's Crew was seen to have "won" the battle because they destroyed the camp, Camp Half-Blood's demigods killed more of the Doc's Crew than they were killed.

The defeated demigods were split up and sent to three safehouses; these safehouses were in Alberta, Canada, Cobh, Ireland, and New Orleans, Louisiana. After the demigods were sent to these three safehouses, three mini-plots for each one were decided.

The mini-plot for the New Orleans safehouse was the only mini-plot that wasn't a quest. It involved two clans. TRhe clans were the Thieves' Clan and the Assassins' Clan, and they were both patrons of the gods; the Thieves to Hermes, and the Assassins to Ares. The Clans were started around one-hundred years ago, and have been mortal enemies almost as long. The plot involved kidnapping and torture and death, and an eventual hurricane sent by Poseidon that had devastating effects on the city and the safehouse. The demigods from this safehouse were sent to live in Alaska, with the owner's of the house in New Orleans sister, after the hurricane. There is a more detailed description of the New Orleans plot below.

The Canada Quest was the first quest that set out from the safehouses, even though Ireland didn't start too long after. The quests' prophecies were given at the same time from the oracle Rachel Dare. The Canada Quest was led by Bri Cebilla (the distraught and dejected daughter of Cer, who had lost her boyfriend Oskar, leader of the last quest, to terminal leukemia), and members of the quest were Quinn Alders, Arra Smith, Jamie Pickett, Piotr Koslav, and Luna Mason. Somewhere along the lines, Piotr and Luna died or were lost or ran away. Bri, Jamie, Arra, and Quinn managed to make it to the Underworld, the destination of their Quest. They had followed the Doc and his Crew, who were in possession of items they stole from the members of the first quest, and were going to use these items for malicious means. The Questers stopped them from using these items to raise faded gods and heroes, though at a price, since the quest leader, Bri, ended up dying by the end. There is a more detailed description of this plot below.

The Ireland Quest, more commonly called "ITT", was the last, and probably the most important mini-plot, since it is the plot that lead to the next stage of plot in the RP. The Quester members included the leader, Seth, a son of Apollo, his girlfriend, Lexi, a daughter of Poseidon, and the other quest members Jacob (Bia), Sylvia (Nyx), Cara (Aphrodite), Justin (Keres, who eventually got taken out), and Sean, a son of Tyche and the youngest at thirteen. The ITT Questers were given a prophecy that involved time travel. Later, they were also given a pendent, and were told to travel through time to collect the other pendents. The pendents were almost exactly alike, just different in color. The ITTers traveled through WWII, 1920's Chicago, the Titanic, the American Civil War, medieval England in the 1200s, and Ancient Greece before finally making their way back home. In the 1920's they picked up two demigods named Elliott Lane (a son of Hermes) and Amy Rodshire (a daughter of Hades), who have something to do with a future plot and/or quest, but we haven't exactly figured it out yet. There is a more detailed description of the actual events of the quest below.

A mysterious boy was following the ITTers around on their quest, a boy who somehow had a pendent of his own. They learned that this teenage boy worked for the Doc, and was following around to try and get some of the pendents. The boy, named Drake, managed to snag a few of them before the Questers could.

The Questers finally reached Ancient Greece, where the plot would start to unravel. Here, they met a few Ancient Greek demigods at a training camp on the outskirts of Athens. These demigods didn't really know what they were training for, but they soon would. After being at the training camp for a few days, it was attacked by an army of misunderstood demigods, mislead human soldiers, and vicious monsters. The Questers called Chiron (who was running the training camp in Athens at the time) into question, and, knowing that they were on a Quest that could decide the fate of the gods, even though he hadn't sent them on it (yet), told them what was happening.

Hopefully I can put this in simple turns. Basically, the gods have been here for however long, you know, they have. For a really long time. Of course Gaea, Ouranos, and the titans came before the gods, but after they were vanquished, the gods were the supreme beings that were left. However, they weren't alone. They like to lie that they were, but they never were. There were always different pantheons living wherever they lived, and though they weren't always popular at the same time, they still presided over their people. And for a while, this worked. But around 5000 years ago, at the dawn of human civilization, they started to have problems with each other. As their people fought, they fought, and eventually it stretched beyond this; the gods would fight each other even when their people weren't fighting each other. Eventually, the Greeks allied themselves with a few of the other pantheons, including the Egyptian pantheon and the Norse pantheon (even though, historically, the Norse weren't around by then).

After many years, there was a prophecy given by the Greek oracle. In the prophecy it was stated that the gods would eventually go into a large scale war with their other godly enemies, and that they would either destroy or be destroyed. To try and prevent this from happening, the Greeks locked the other pantheons up in a limbo-like place. They had only wanted to lock their enemies up, but during the cantation or whatever they did they lock their enemies up, they somehow managed to lock their allies up, too. The Greeks tried for centuries to get their allies out of the limbo, but eventually gave up, figuring out that they didn't have what they needed - the pendents. The pendents that could control space and time, but also had the ability to lock pantheons upon pantheons of gods up in a limbo sort of place. This is why they sent the ITTers through time to get the pendents. They had finally managed to find one in the 21st century, and sent the ITTers back in time to retrieve the ones that they had missed, since the pendents are kind of like a maze, one pendent leads to the next. Not all of the pendents have been collected, though.

Towards the end of their stay in Ancient Greece, one of the ITT quest members managed to find the pendent. Drake, their, well, kind of like their "stalker", was standing not too far away, and when the quest member picked up the pendent, they were whisked away yet again. Though this time, they were sent to the limbo place that the Greek gods had locked their enemies (and allies) up in millenia earlier. These different pantheons sat in their limbo, a eerie and sort of surreal place that almost seemed like it was in the clouds, though not, and watched over the world as it grew and prospered under the Greeks. However, the enemies of the Greeks wanted to escape and destroy the world that the Greeks had built up, thinking that they could have done better with it. The Greeks have lied about being the sole pantheon for so long because they don't want anyone, even their own children, to find out about the other gods, for fear that somebody might have tried to release them. Unbeknownst to the Greek gods they released the other gods, and when they were returned to Ireland, immediately Iris Messaged Chiron. The ITT Questers had seen the gods and a couple of the gods had even spoken to them, one saying that he would destroy them, and the other telling them to warn their parents that the "others" were back.

The other pantheons have already set up some camps across the United States for their half-blood children. This was unknown to the Greeks and done entirely in secret, through time travel. Basically, most of the children of the other pantheons of gods are sent back in time after they are born and adopted, so that they will eventually fight in the upcoming war. This was done so that the Greeks wouldn't notice that the other gods were back when it was too early, so nothing would happen before the other pantheons actually returned to the world.

This plot twist will lead us into our next quest, which is a quest involving senior counselors from all of the camps. Basically, they will decide the fate of their camps, though their parents have pretty much decided what sides they will be on. It will be up to them to make the final decision on what side their camp is on and what that means for the camps, though. At the end of this quest, the Greeks and their allies (who are going to end up being the Egyptian and Norse pantheons) are going to travel to the Doc's Base and release all of the half-bloods from it. They'll totally like, blow it up or something. It'll be awesome. Just a fair warning, though, you are not allowed to have a senior counselor for any camp until abut two weeks after you join, but as long as you think you can stay dedicated past that point, I will try my hardest to give you a slot for the senior counselor quest! :)

Also, Camp Half-Blood was taken over again by the senior counselors of the camp sometime after the Doc's force was weakened, and they were able to rebuild it. However, the Doc is gaining even more power than before.

As of now, we also have some kids being tortured and experiment on in Wyoming, though as stated above, they are going to be freed and rescued by the Greeks and their allies on the senior counselor quest.

If you have any questions about the plot, please post them on Chat.

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Element Wolf

The New Orleans Mini-Plot (Now Alaska)

The New Orleans Plot revolved around the Thieves' and Assassins' Clan of New Orleans. The two Clans have a bitter rivalry, and have since late 1914, when they were first founded. At first, they were intended to work together, as their two first leaders were friends, but after a series of events, the founding leaders of the Clans, Roi (Assassins), and Luc (Thieves), turned into fierce adversaries.

The Clan are pretty self explanatory. The Thieves steal rare or valuable objects for money, while the Assassins literally assassinate people for their pay. The Thieves' Clan is a patronage to the god Hermes, and the Assassins' Clan is a patronage to the god Ares.

The mini-plot started immediately after some of the demigods from Camp Half-Blood were sent to New Orleans for safety from the Doc and his Crew. The mansion that they stayed in was owned by Pierre Charbonneaux, a 69-year-old man who was the leader of the Thieves' Clan. However, Pierre was murdered by members of the Assassins' Clan (most notably the Assassins' Clan leader, Marcel Beaulieu), in the weeks following the half-bloods' arrival.

The Thieves' Clan was taken over by Pierre's 43-year-old son Emile, who, shortly after Pierre's death, thought that it was his duty to get vengeance for his father's murder. Emile had seven of the Assassin kids kidnapped. These kids were Rose Beaulieu (Marcel's daughter, child of Enyo, age 14), Rylee Vincent (daughter of Morpheus, age 14), Daniel Maxwell (son of Hades, age 16), Jeanna Sha'ri (daughter of Poseidon, age 14), Octavia Drago (daughter of Enyalius, age 19), Ahcan Abney (son of Alastor, age 16), and Asher Cohen (son of Athena, age 16). During a short video conference, Emile told Marcel that he wouldn't give the children back unless Marcel paid him a large sum of money. Marcel, however, wouldn't allow this and kidnapped some of the teenage members of the Thieves' Clan, in hopes of Emile giving in to his own mistakes, and trading the Assassins' kids for the Thieves' kids. These teenagers were Remy Charbonneaux (adopted son of Emile and heir to the Thieves' leadership, on of Hermes, age 15), Claude Charbonneaux (Emile's nephew, son of Agon, age 17), Katie Barkly (age 14, daughter of Thanatos), Iliana Acosta (daughter of Moros, age 16), Myra Romiro (daughter of Hades, age 16), Sheila Ferreline (daughter of Cratos, age 14), and Lucie Lorette (daughter of Poseidon, not a Thief, aged 14). Despite the threat of the Thief children possible being killed, Emile didn't back down, and didn't come to terms with a trade.

The Assassins' kids were kept in the Thieves' basement and the Thieves' kids in the Assassins' basement. There were many events that took place during the time in which the kids were kidnapped. One of them was Rylee having her pinky finger cut off by Gustav, the sadistic torturer for the Thieve, to prove that the kids were still alive. Gustav also tortured Rose (by burning her very badly) and Asher (by burning him, beating him, suffocating him, and shooting him after he killed a Thief named Devon). When the footage of the tortures were sent to the Assassins, an Assassin named Erik (the Assassins' torturer) and an Assassin named Sam tortured Katie, and later Myra and Remy.

At one point, the Thieves and Assassins came to an agreement to trade the kids off, but when they got to their meeting point, there was a gun malfunction and Gustav's wife, Stella, was killed. In turn, he murdered Camille, the Assassin whose gun had accidentally gone off. Because of the deaths and approaching police sirens, the deal was called off and the Assassins and Thieves fled back to their mansions with their prisoners. Once they were back at their respective homes, Gustav shot Dan in the head and killed him, and tortured Rylee to death.

Emile and Marcel eventually came to terms with a trade of the children. Gustav, however, was angry by this trade, and kidnapped and killed yet another teenage member of the Assassins' Clan, and killed her by burning her to death. This death angered Poseidon, who was the girl's father, and he sent a raging hurricane to New Orleans to punish the Thieves and Assassins, despite the fact that they were making a trade.

The trade occurred on the very same day that the children were traded back to their respective Clans. Gustav, still angry with the Thieves and Emile for having a trade, apparently thinking that it would make them all seem "soft", shot Remy in cold blood. The boy fell over the edge of the pier, into the storming ocean brought on by Poseidon. Emile was enraged, and kicked Gustav out of the Clan and the house, to which Gustav swore revenge.

The Thieves and Assassins later went back to their respective houses. The hurricane, dubbed "Hurricane Scarlett, roared into New Orleans and demolished the city, partially destroying the Thieves and Assassins house. When this happened, the demigods were quickly moved to a new safehouse, after staying in a hotel in Baton Rouge for a few days. Remy was late found to be alive and returned to his family, brightening suicidal and depressed Emile's life (because as we all know, Emile has "more issues that Vogue") (totally Bri and Cara's pun ;D). The demigods were transferred to Emile's sister's house in Nome, Alaska. Meanwhile, a new topic was created for the Assassins, entitled "the Assassins", to show their many misadventures.

The kidnappings, killings, and other events that happened because of the Clans are not wide-known to a lot of the half-bloods, except for a few that have inside connections.

The Clans will probably play more parts in future plots, and spots MIGHT be open for any new ones, but you would first have to talk to the Admin.

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Element Wolf

The Canada Quest

The mini-plot in Canada is a Quest. The prophecy goes:

Descending to Death's Door, six must go

To save the world from an unusual foe,

Union will break at the most severe of times

Though the deceitful will pay for their crimes,

The item of desire must come at a cost

But yet not everything will be lost

The Quest leader is Bri Cebilla, a daughter of Cer, and the other Questers are Arra Smith (daughter of Aphrodite), Quinn Alders (son of Chione), Piotr Koslav (son of Hephaestus), Luna Mason (daughter of Nyx), and Jamie Pickett (daughter of Apollo).

The Questers from the Canadian safe house have to travel to the Underworld during their Quest. After they exit Canada, they journey to Boise, Idaho, and continue on their journey from there.

Along the way, the Questers mainly battle the Doc and his Crew, barely escaping with their lives on many occasions. They also stay under the radar for nearly a week to practice their fighting skills, then continue on to California and the Underworld. On the first quest of the role-play, Questers had to journey to famous monuments across the world and retrieve famous artifacts. When they reached their last destination in New York City, in the Statue of Liberty, the Doc and his evil Crew were waiting for them, and took the items from them. Now, the Doc has to travel to the Underworld in order to raise powerful faded gods and heroes that will help him win the war. These gods and heroes are Helios, Perseus, Selene, Atalanta, Jason, Achilles, and Metis. These faded gods and heroes are reforming, thanks to help from the Doc and his scientists, but they are weak and can't form fully, and so they have to share a body and soul with one of the Doc's people. The people planned to meld their souls with one of the faded one's were the Doc himself (Helios), as well as well as some of his Crew: Linus Lockhart, son of Nemesis (Perseus); Ophelia De Vane, daughter of Phobos (Atalanta); Matt DuJaurk, clear-sighted mortal (Jason); Mason Masonette, son of Enyo (Achilles); Alicia, clear-sighted mortal (Metis); and Cascadia Ramos, daughter of Eris (Selene). If this confuses you, think of Kronos and Luke, and how Kronos had to share a body with a mortal before he had enough strength to form his own form.

As well as being faced by the Doc and his Crew during the journey, the Questers also faced clones of demigods that had previously been experimented on by the Doc. Some of the clones were of people that the Questers knew, such as Oskar Sheinfeld, the leader of the first Quest, and Jacqueline Pierre, a mortal girl that they were familiar with. Yet some of the clones were also people they didn't know, but people they didn't want to fight; such as little children. The Questers eventually defeated them and continued on to the Underworld.

When the Canada Questers finally reached the Underworld, they found themselves faced with yet another problem: somebody had stolen Charon's oar to get across the river Styx. The goddess of the river, who went by the same name, Styx, only allowed the Doc and his Crew to cross the river because he was holding her seven-year-old daughter, Catalina, hostage. Since it was the holiday season, and, even though this might be cheesy, Styx was weak since hate wasn't as abundant around Christmastime, the goddess was very weak. She allowed the Doc and his Crew to cross the river, but when they did, the Doc gave the order to kill Catalina anyway.

The Doc's Crew quickly exited the boat and fled to Tartarus before Styx could do anything to them, since they were on land and she was weak anyway. Styx was enraged that they had killed her young daughter, and so demanded of the Questers that iftheywere to cross the lake, they would have to pay a price. This price ended up being "a life for a life". Styx demanded the life of one of the Quest members, and the Quest leader, Bri, ended up sacrificing herself for the good of the Quest.

Jamie, Arra, and Quinn forged on (Piotr and Luna had run away), catching up to the Doc's Crew at the edge of the pits of Tartarus. They battled the Doc and his Crew there for the possession of the stolen items, along with a couple children of Hades and their friends who had come to help out. In the end, the Questers managed to knock all of the items into Tartarus and finish the Quest, victorious. They sorrowfully returned to the Canada safehouse, three of their six starting Quest members presumably dead, even though they were only sure that Bri was.

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Element Wolf

The Ireland Quest (aka ITT):

The Ireland Quest involves time travel and pendants. The prophecy is:

Seven must travel six places through time

To find a pendant unique to one's prime

A task must be done

For each pendant to be won

Heros from the present and past will unite

And enemies older than the gods shall regain their might.

The Quest leader is Seth Containty, a son of Apollo. The other Quest members are Lexie Floros (daughter of Poseidon), Sean O'Cathain (son of Tyche), Sylvia Sollean (daughter of Nyx), Justin Lammers (son of Keres), Cara Jarvis (daughter of Aphrodite), and Jacob Wilhelma (son of Bia).

To begin their quest, the ITT Questers were given a pendant that whisked them back in time, to their first stop in their time travel quest. Each time they are taken back into another time, they have to find the next pendant in order to take them back yet again. However, they have a mysterious foe that followed them around to each time, who had also collected some of the pendants.

To appear more incognito, the pendants that the Questers gather automatically change the clothes that they wear into ones that fit the time era that they are in.

The times and basic events of each of the stops of the Quest are as follows:

1944, WWII, Auschwitz Concentration Camp - The Questers first stop after they were whisked away from the Ireland Safehouse is Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Nazi occupied Poland, in the late summer of 1944. The four boys, Seth, Jacob, Sean, and Justin, ended up inside the concentration camp, adorned in prisoner uniforms, while the girls ended up outside the walls of the camp, in womens' wear of the time.

The girls were soon found by Annika Kaiser, the kind-hearted yet tough daughter of the Nazi general who ran the camp. Unbeknownst to the girls at the time, Annika was a half-blood daughter of Bia, and was working with the Polish resistance to free prisoners inside of the camp. They eventually found out and told Annika about their Quest, to which she was shocked, but promised to help look for the boys.

Inside the camp, the boys met an American soldier who was pretending to be a German-Jewish prisoner, in order to gain information on what was going on inside the Nazi death camp. The man's name was Rollin Boyd, and he was a 19-year-old demigod, a son of Hygeia. Since both Rollin and Annika were also working with the resistance, they knew each other, and Annika smuggled food and water to Rollin every night, to give him a better chance at survival inside the camp. Rollin and Annika eventually smuggled the boys out of the concentration camp. Annika hid them in a hidden room inside her house.

Later, during the night that Annika had brought the boys to her house, they snuck out of their room and up to the general's office. However, before they could retrieve the pendant for 1944, they first saw a glimpse of their mysterious enemy, who got the pendant before them, and also killed Annika's father, the Nazi general, Gerald Kaiser.

January 1926 Chicago - After getting a brief glimpse of their adversary for the first time, the Questers landed in the middle of a gang fight in 1926 Chicago, during the middle of the Prohibition era. The fight was between a young member of the Irish Mob, along with a girl who hoped to become a member of the same mob despite her gender, and members of Al Capone's Italian Mafia. The boy and the girl, Dodger Lane and Amy Rodshire, eventually defeated their opponents and turned to question the Questers and questioned the Questers, but the Questers soon left with vague replies.

Later, Dodger and Amy accidentally started a fire at an apartment building not too far from where the Questers were staying. The Questers met up with Dodger and Amy again, after trying to save some people from the burning building. Dodger and Amy questioned the Questers' story again and told them that they knew they were half-bloods. The Questers ended up finding out that Dodger was a son of Hermes and Amy was a daughter of Hades, and in turn they told the two demigods who their godly parents were, and later about their Quest.

To end their time in the Prohibition Era, Dodger and Amy helped the Questers sneak into Al Capone's apartment, but just because they were going to steal expensive items from him. In the end, they got the pendant, but Dodger and Amy ended up being swooped away to the next time with the ITT Quest members.

1912, Titanic - The Questers, along with Dodger and Amy, landed on the infamous passenger liner Titanic next. There, they met a young third class girl, a clear-sighted mortal, named Rebeckah Gullman. Also present on the ship was Megan Rodshire, Amy's presumably deceased older sister. Since Amy didn't know that Megan was rescued from the Titanic and joined the all-female group of Artemis' Huntresses, she was spiraled into emotional turmoil after learning that she was on the same ship that her sister has supposedly "died" on.

The Questers went through almost all of the entire sinking, and almost died, but during the last few minutes, just as the lights on the ship were going out, Cara Jarvis dived into the freezing cold ocean water to retrieve the Titanic time period pendant, which she had seen glimmering in the water.

Early 1860s, Civil War - After narrowly escaping death on the Titanic, the Questers found themselves in the era of the American Civil War. The demigods were yet again split into two groups. One group met William "Will" Eaton and Margaret Eaton, two cousins who lived on a plantation nearby. They were invited back to Margaret and Will's lavish house, and stayed there while looking for clues about the pendant, and where the others were. Meanwhile, the other group went into the small town that was nearby the Eatons' plantation.

When the Questers finally met up again, they battled Medusa in a shop in the town that they were in, with Margaret and Will by their side. Will ended up revealing that he was a demigod, a son of Dice, the goddess of Justice, to a shocked Margaret.

The Questers later entered a battle for the town. Dodger was shot in the stomach trying to protect Amy, whom he realized he had feelings for while on the Titanic. Seth healed him as best as he could, and promptly passed out from the energy. Just when the Questers thought they were going to die again, they were whisked to their time period. Their mysterious adversary had gotten the next pendant.

1242, Medieval England - The Questers next stop was Medieval England in 1242. They were split again, but almost immediately met up, after they all met a boy named Archer and a girl named Emilie, who helped them treat Dodger and Seth, who were still semi-wounded. The Questers learned that Emilie and Archer were part of a Robin Hood like group of bandits, of whom Archer was the leader of. They also learned through a little girl that Emilie and Archer watched over that some of the members of the group were demigods, including the little girl (Juliana), and Archer and Emilie. After telling Archer and Emilie about their Quest, the Questers managed to convince the two to help them find the pendant for the time era.

Since the Questers and Archer and Emilie alike figured that the pendant would be somewhere important, their immediate thought was that it was in the castle. They planned to sneak into the castle during a festival for a newly arrived addition to the royal family.



After the Ancient Greece plot, many pantheons of gods were released from a holding place that the Greeks had put them in, for currently unknown reason, and transported back to the future with the ITT Questers. This will give way for our next big plot, involving the other pantheons, some of which we have already started.

After ITT, the six pendants meld into two separate ones, and when the ITTers get back to the present (or, well, December 2010/January 2011, since the RP runs really, really slow . . .), the two pendants are scattered and hidden across the globe. This will lead to the next Quest, which will morph with three senior counselors from each camp getting together to decide alliances.

Suggestions are welcome for ideas for the Ancient Greece plot and further, but please post them on Chat!

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