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We have a youth group but we have never done all that stuff. :)

6/18/2010 #31
Falco aesalon

Ah, well, we're pretty crazy sometimes. Of course, I've learned never to volunteer for things at my youth group. I mean once, they had people put tapioca pudding in their sock (yes, their sock) and sqeeze the pudding part into their mouths.

6/18/2010 #32

We did something like that once, but it was they had to drink a whole soda through one of their socks that they had covered the opening of the can with. It was disgusting!!!

6/18/2010 #33
Falco aesalon

That is disgusting! I remember them having two tubs of water and you know how during fall festivals they have peopl "bob for apples"? This one was "bobbing for stuff". Like, random stuff. By the end, all six participants were soaked as well as the floor.

6/18/2010 #34

That is kind of cool actually. :) What kind of random stuff are we talking about?

One time we played blindfolded musical chairs. That was hilarious. :)

6/19/2010 #35
Falco aesalon

I don't really remember; it was couple years ago. There might've been a sponge, maybe blunt scissors, mostly waterproof objects. You know those little pill things that you put in water and then a little sponge shape comes out? I think he put some of those in too. It was a contest between three or four guys and girls, but I forgot who won.

Blondfolded musical chairs sounds really fun for some reason.

Once we went outside and had a marshmallow spitball fight. It was crazy and I had no clue how to fire, so I stood behind a tree the whole time and no one seemed to notice. XD

6/19/2010 #36

That's cool.

It was amazing!!! Especially because the youth group leaders were allowed to move the chairs around while the music was playing so they weren't in a circle. :)

I love marshmallow spit ball fights!!!!! Marshmallow guns in general are amazing!

6/19/2010 #37
Falco aesalon

Ooh, moving the chairs makes it sound even funner! Er, more fun. hehe.

It was insane! No guns, just pieces of pipe, marshmallowa and.... yeah. One guy I know said someone gave a bunch of marshmallows so he ate them all. I jsut hope they weren't "used." O.o

6/19/2010 #38
Falco aesalon

I mean marshmallows. *kicks non-checking self*

6/19/2010 #39

LOL!!! That is awesome!!

6/19/2010 #40
Falco aesalon

I just looked back and realized how long our conversation is. XD LOL *facedesk* ow...

6/19/2010 #41


6/19/2010 #42
Falco aesalon

First thing that comes to my blank mind: PURPLE ZUCCHINI.

You see, on the way to my youth group, this guy in the car (we carpool XD) pointed out the window and shouted"PURPLE ZUCCHINI!" and then everyone looked.

6/19/2010 #43

Niiiice. :)

6/20/2010 #44
Falco aesalon

I know, I'm such a weirdo. XD

6/20/2010 #45

Me too. XD

6/21/2010 #46
Falco aesalon

I just got back from a "missions trip." My youth group did a bunch of service projects at local food pantries and stuff like that. Some projects were fun, but some were reeeeeeeeeally boring. I will never look at Christmas decorations and rice krispies the same way again. (long story.)

Wow we are so off topic. I hope no one minds...

6/25/2010 #47

I hope so too....

That sounds like fun!! I just got back from camping this weekend. I would love to hear the rice krispie/decorations story!! :)

6/28/2010 #48
Falco aesalon

Well, about the Christmas decorations, my group of six went to a resale store (which is a partner of our church or something like that) and they had so much Christmas stuff that they were going to do a Christmas in July sale. We had to sort the stuff and by the end, we were so tired of it that we decided to put stuff in boxes and label it "Decorations." One girl was throwing everything in so another girl was like, "That is NOT a decoration!" because it wasn't or it was, as we called it, "wishes-it-was-Christmas." We got it done in a few hours (it would have taken longer if we hadn't done the decoration boxes) but I don't think they'll want us back.

As for the rice krispies, we had to bag the cereal out of these HUGE boxes. It was really repetitive and extremely boring and it took a long time. I've been avoiding eating rice krispies and anything containing them for a while now lol.

Some of the projects were fun though (like grocery shopping for a food pantry).

6/30/2010 #49

LOL! Sounds tedious. :)

6/30/2010 #50
Falco aesalon

It was. But it's funny to look back at now that we're not doing it. XD

7/1/2010 #51

LOL! I'm sure. :) We do a lot of stuff in drama club like that.

7/1/2010 #52
Falco aesalon

Do you mean stuff that's funny later or tedious stuff? Or both?

7/1/2010 #53

Stuff that is funny later. :)

7/1/2010 #54
Falco aesalon

Good, I wasn't sure. :) I think a lot of the stuff we said at the missions trip wouldn't have been funny if we hadn't been so exhausted and sleep-deprived.

7/2/2010 #55

Sleep deprivation does make everything funnier. :)

7/5/2010 #56
Falco aesalon

It sure does! And it's even funnier when you've been stressed out a lot too. ROTFLOL

I guess I've proved the point here. I lost even more sleep this week with the midnight showing of Eclipse and fireworks and the Fourth and now everything is even funnier than it was last week. XD

7/5/2010 #57

LOL!!! Yeah we were so sleep deprived when my drama club did their annual trip to the beach, and we had a blast!! :)

I get what ya mean. :) I am always a bit sleep deprived during the summer because I like to stay up till midnight all days of the week. :)

7/6/2010 #58
Falco aesalon

That sounds fun!

I wish! I'm a would-be night owl, except for drama camp in the morning and the fact that my mom would probably never let me sleep later than 9 a.m. under normal circumstances.

7/6/2010 #59

It was. :)

My mom won't let me sleep any later than that either on a normal day, but I figure if I am in bed and asleep by midnight, then I still get a good nine hours of sleep if the dog doesn't wake me up. :)

7/6/2010 #60
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