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Hear are somethings I would like to see in Paper Mario 3DS:

1. I would like Sarasaland because it has not been shown since its debut in Super Mario Land which was approximately twenty years ago and we could get a clear view on how Muda, Easton, Birabuto, and Chai looks like as well as the people that live there, and maybe a history of each kingdom. I would also like Daisy to make an appearance even though I know she hasn't made an appearance a main game since Super Mario Land, but the Paper Mario Series techancially are not main games since they are not developed by Nintendo, but by Intelligent Systems. Notice I said developed. I mean Toadette made some kind of appearance in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and she debuted in a spin-off so their may be a slim chance that Daisy makes some kind of appearance whether it be playable or nonplayable. They could make a small reference to Sarasaland if it does not appear. If Kolardo, Kooper and the other archeologists make an appearance and explore any hidden artifacts found in Sarasaland could make an interesting sub plot and it will give a chance for Kooper to make an appearance. If they don't do this that won't stop me from enjoying the games as I enjoy every Paper Mario that I had played in the past.

2. It would be nice to see a remodeled Toad Town; that is if they are planning on using any places from the First Paper Mario. I think they should reuse Toad Town though if not any other place in Paper Mario and have access to the castle either during the game and after game. I know the castle could be accessed while playing as Peach and in Chapter Eight as Mario, but in most RPG's games with the in most of the RPG the castle is always taken over by evil forces and there are hardly any activities to do their. I mean just because Peach get's kidnapped doesn't mean that the castle should be used for other purposes such as mini-games.

3. I think Yoshi's Island should make an appearance in this game whether it be an requirement or optional.

4. I want to see Luigi as a playable character even if he doesn't join Mario's group. I know that he was playable in Super Paper Mario, but I would like to see him have another playable appearance.

6. I want the game developers to included the 'troubles' like the ones from Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door to be in the game meaning the one's where Mario fulfill people requests.

7. I also want to see Wario make an appearance. It would be interested for him to make a Paper Mario debut as well as the rivalry between him and Mario.

8. I would like to see Peach escape her captor(s) and join Mario group just like she did in Super Paper Mario. Though that is up to the developers on what they decide to do.

9. I want to see a Dry Bones, a Hammer Bro, a Pianta, a Noki, a Koopatrol, a Piranha Plant, a Shy Guy, a Birdo, a Toad, any other species that hasn't been Mario's Partner. I don't expect all of these species to be Mario partners, but some of them may fit in. Also if Mario's partner is a Dry Bones I can imagine that he/she will have a backstory about how they one was a Koopa Troopa and how there life was like.

10. I wouldn't mind seeing non-playable characters as Mario instead of an entirely new cast. For example Goombraia wanted to go on an adventure and I think they could put her to use. According to the Paper Mario/Beta Element page on mariowiki Goombaria name was present on the beta rooster with Paper Mario along with Twink and Goompa, which could possibly mean that they were going to playable.

8/31/2010 . Edited 9/1/2010 #1

That sounds pretty awesome; especially the bits concerning Sarasaland and playable Luigi because having Luigi is always a brilliant idea. I like the idea of having a Dry Bones as a partner; maybe it could have attacks like Bonemerang or Head Rattler or something like that. As for field moves, maybe it could throw a bone to hit targets high up or something.

I love Shy Guys so having one as a partner (Shyster?) would also be fantastic. It could have projectile moves as many of them seem to have slingshots or mini blasters of some kind and it could turn into Spear Guy as a special move. On the field; Shyster could have some sort of sneaky move as Shy Guys are seen to be quite sneaky.

Of course, there has to be side quests such as the troubles as you've mentioned. I wonder what sort there'll be? Can't wait for this game!

1/5/2011 #2

This sticker system looks pretty interesting and there's a place that looks similar to the Riddle Tower. Does anybody reckon that this will be given a proper title or will it just be called Paper Mario 3DS?

2/6/2011 #3

'Shyster' is a good name for a Shy Guy though if it is female her could be 'Shystella'. Here are some possible name I can think the Chain Chomp if it is male Changling, Chanlin, Chomper or 'Chompster'. If it is female her name could be 'Changmina', 'Changlina', 'Chompella' or 'Chompette'. I wonder if the a Dry Bones partner would be able to get back up after dying unless it was hit with a explosion just like the enemy Dry Bones. The could change the title did the first Paper Mario which was initially called Super Mario RPG 2. A area similar to Toad Town seems to be included in the game, but it really isn't confirm it is actually Toad Town. I wonder when this games in coming out. There haven't been a released date yet.

3/28/2011 . Edited 3/28/2011 #4

1. I'd like to see some solid cameos from former partners. Not just that, but maybe having them in pairs, trios, etc., so that there's some interaction; there wasn't a lot of room for member-to-member conversations in either game, and even less for PM1-to-PM2 ones. There's definitely some potential for it, though:

-Frankly is a mentor to both Goombella and Kolorado, and the latter seems to be doing the same with Kooper. Like Tamie sorta said earlier, how about Kooper, Kolorado, and Goombella are all seen together, doing archaeological work? It'd probably be the easiest cameo to set up, assuming there's a good location for it to take place in.

-Goombario and the Yoshi kid fanboying over Mario, bragging a little about how much stronger they've gotten since their adventures with him and assuring him that they'd totally help out if they didn't have prior engagements (like having to return to the Glitz Pit for the champion fight, or having to return home because he's supposed to be grounded). I think the Yoshi's canonical color is green (and I say that as someone who prefers blue), but I'm not sure if he has a name, so that could be a problem. Maybe Yoshi or Gonzales Jr.?

-Flurrie can do a play somewhere, as part of a tour all over the world; Doopliss may or may not still be around. Sushie could be part of the audience, since she seems like the type to enjoy those sorts of things (remember her reaction when Mario told her he was trying to rescue Peach?), and maybe she'll even have her daughter and grandkid with her.

And the rest would probably depend on the actual plot and setting of the game, since there has to be some reason for them to be able to meet up and then cross paths with Mario. It'd just be nice to see a little more than cards, photos, and posters. Bow in PM2 is a good starting example, but again, the most partner-to-partner interaction there was Goombella joking around in her Tattle.

2. Luigi being the universe's chew toy again. It's pretty much tradition at this point. That said, I'd like to see him catch a break at the end, since going overboard is pretty bad, too (the trouble in PM2 where you disguised yourself as him made me feel pretty guilty, for example). I haven't played SPM, so I'm not sure how bad it got there (I mean, I know Mr. L's Totally Secret Identity, but I don't know any actual dialogue).

3. Unique partners like PM1+PM2, and not generic species. I'm not sure if the screenshots reflect the final version yet (because I know generic placeholders were used in PM1's early screenshots), especially since there doesn't seem to be any aimed date of release just yet, but just to be safe, I'll mention this.

4. I agree with having more Nokis. They always seemed more chill than the Piantas (and less likely to freak out at Mario based on dubious evidence), so I'd like to see a little more of them.

3/28/2011 #5

Those are good ideas. I didn't like that only Parakarry and Bow was the only partner that appeared in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door especially since the Beta elements of Paper Mario TTYD implied that all of the partners from the first game would make an appearance. I would also like to see the character from the first and second Paper Mario meet each other. Though we could assume that Bow meet the Paper Mario TTYR partners at Poshley Heights. It could be because they didn't have enough space to include if so then that is kind of understandable.

I wonder if that Yoshi kid at the Glitz Pit will actually get canon name if he makes a cameo appearance in Paper Mario 3DS. I didn't like when they made Mario disguise as Luigi just to get an autograph. In the first Paper Mario when Mario did favor for Koopa Koot he actually got Luigi's autography.

I would also like to see Kolorado make an appearance in the game as well. Kolarado has been referenced in Paper Mario and it seems that his father died in battling Hooktails.An interesting plot twist would be that there is a Dry Bones that joins your party and it is later on reveal to be Kolarado's father.

Kolarado is Maybe they could even a chapter relating to the University of Goom somehow, and Mario goes to explore whatever disaster that might take place there.

4/1/2011 #6

Hey, the University of Goom, that would be a cool idea! I think there could be some sort of mystery there like the sort you get in the Professor Laytonm games (that sprung to mind first). Of course, somebody like Pennington would have to turn up on the scene and fail spectacularly. "It's elementary my dear Luigi!"

I think it would be great if Mario stumbled across the Awesome Villains' Club! Think of the cameos and parodies you could get in that. Only Bowser turns up so Mario has to hide and then he can listen in on Bowser's plansd for more world domination!!!!

Or something like that.

4/2/2011 #7

I never see Bowser work with any other villains in the Mario Series though he did work with Dr. Eggman in the DS version of Mario and Sonic Winter Olympic Games and it is implied that he worked with the other villains in Super Smash Brother Brawl before they decided to team up with the heroes. I like the idea of having a villians club where different Nintendo I mean some characters from other Nintendo series make cameo appearance in Super Mario RPG and the beta elements that I saw on mariowiki of Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga suggest that character from other nintendo were schedule to make cameo appear. Those two game were made by different developers, but there might be a chance that character from other Nintendo games could make a cameo apperance in Paper Mario 3DS.

4/3/2011 . Edited 4/3/2011 #8

I'm doing an Awesome Villains' Club forum at the moment if that's any consolation for the lack of it so far. That would be cool in the games, especially if Wart managed to put in an appearance since he hasn't been seen for years! But then, it was all a dream...

4/7/2011 #9

Yes I would love Wart to make an appearance also. He has appeared in Mario games for 23 years.

4/17/2011 #10
Mechanical Oven

Y'know, I think it would be interesting to see some characters from the Mario & Luigi series in Paper Mario 3DS (I don't think that's going to happen, but it would be a cool idea).

And being able to play as Luigi or Bowser in the interludes would definitely be cool.

7/31/2011 #11

Yes it would be great if some characters from Mario&Luigi series would appear though the chances are most likely slim. Anyway it seems that a Green Toad character has also been confirmed as one of Mario's Partners.

9/15/2011 #12
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