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I'm currently writing a Paper Mario 4 story (won't post till completely done) and I need OC names, including names for original places.

9/24/2011 #1

I know all my partners. Here is some from me. Goomfu- A ninja goomba

Koopal- A koopa who is a soccer player

Hammy- A Hammer bro.

Luigi- You already know him

Flaredio- A fire bro.

Boomez- A princess boo

Bomb-buddy- A wizard bomb-omb

Karatoad- A ninja toad who is Goomfu's cousin

I hope this helps you!!!

1/10/2012 #2

Thanks! :)

1/10/2012 #3

I have a place name... And a few characters.

Mooshu Fields- A swamp-like field. (Sucks, I know.)

Comet Palace- A large castle with dark blue walls. Star's castle.

Koopla City- Main base of operations; close to Mushroom City.

Okay, now for the characters.

Star- Adventure loving wizard princess from the Comet Kingdom.

Nazy- A young, itelligent toad who wants to live life to the fullest.

Bomboo- A hot-headed boo with the power to manipulate small amounts of fire.

Ru- Star's little sister, who is also training to be a wizard.

(Yes, yes, sucky I know.)

7/11/2012 #4
Calypso, a female sassy blonde toad, who's extremely flirty and stubborn Koopstapher (Kinda like Christopher) A male moola with shaggy brown hair, he's very wuiet and somewhat socially awkward. Caroline, a smart, but annoying white haired 10 year old gito who craves adventure. Bobbi, a male green Bo- omb With a big shaggy beard and way too many stories about "Back when he was a boy" Hope this helps :3 Now for places! Cotton candy fields: Maybe you could do some sort of "Candy Land" like chapter. It's a field made completely of cotton candy, and candy canes. Starlight castle: A large black castle, inside you can find many star people (like Twink) they have large stain glass windows. Eel Lake: A murky lake, that's inhabited by many large eels. Sorry, they kinda suck :( Hope it helps!!
8/15/2012 #5
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