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Not more paperwork!

9/14/2009 #1

Kazuma took a deep breath as the three Captains stood before him. They had made an exeption and allowed for his wife, Chiharu, to stay and observe the fight. He looked over at her for moral support.

6/15/2010 #2

Chiharu smiled reassuringly.

6/15/2010 #3

Kazuma passed the first two trials, but now it came to the test of skill. His opponent would be 10th Division Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya.

The started fighting with blinding speed and force.

Sajin looked over at Chiharu.

"You must feel pretty proud of your husband, Ms. Metadami?"

6/15/2010 #4

Chiharu nodded.

6/15/2010 #5

Kazuma was blown back as Toshiro unleashed his Bankai. Kazuma had already unleashed his, but he was soon overwhelmed and caught in a block of ice.

As he was frozen time seemed to slow down as he felt something burn inside him. Others were looking up to him, valued his friendship... the one thing he had been lacking most of his life was a strong sense of commitment.

Toshiro had turned his back towards Kazuma figuring the fight over, but he then felt a spike in Kazuma's power as his ice broke apart and Kazuma appeared in a newer form (check bio for appearance description).

Kazuma then soared towards Toshiro and now seemed to have the upper hand. In the end, Kazuma managed to pull off a win and was now appointed Captain of the 9th Division!!!

((Going to bed, mind editing the Taken Ranks thing to place him officially as the 9th Captain for me?))

6/15/2010 #6

Afterwards Kazuma walked over to his wife a bit exhausted.

"How'd I do?"

6/17/2010 #7

"You were absolutely fantastic,"Chiharu said.

6/17/2010 #8

((Are we still going to have Chiharu replace Kazuma as the Lt for the 7th Division or should we allow that position open for others?))

Kazuma smiled and breathed an exhausted sigh.

"Looks like I've finally gotten the full power out of my Bankai too."

6/17/2010 #9

(We'll just leave the position open.)

Chiharu smiled,"It seems all that training really paid off."

6/17/2010 #10

((I'm thinking Kazuma could revive the Men's Shinigami Association by perhaps giving them publishing articles and supplying more manly merchandise to the Gotei 13? wdyt?))

6/17/2010 #11

((Oops forgot to post in the last reply... sry))

Kazuma nodded.... still a bit exhausted.

"Mind if we head home... I'm a little tired?"

6/17/2010 #12


"You go ahead and do that. I have some important business to attend to, so I'll be back later,"Chiharu said.

6/17/2010 #13

Kazuma nodded but made sure to give his wife, quite a passionate but still short kiss, before he left.

"See you at home then."

6/17/2010 #14

New Day

(Needed to be done)

2/8/2011 #15

The Head Captain called the meeting to order.

"In an unrelated note... who let this baby in here?"

Kazuma sweat dropped a bit and went to pick up the little boy.

"Sorry Head Captain he's my son, Ren."

9/18/2011 . Edited 9/18/2011 #16

Kazuma couldn't help but wonder. 'I thought Chiharu had someone watch him?'

9/18/2011 #17

Chiharu walked in, gently took Ren out of her husband's arms, and left.

9/18/2011 #18

Kazuma had his left hand on top of his head rubbing his hair as he watched them leave. He then remembered she had her Club meeting.

((Can I play a bit as Ren in the SWA thread?))

9/18/2011 #19


9/18/2011 #20
Little Tokyo Rose

Miku barged into the room, her hands holding a large stack of papers. "I'm sorry to barge in, but my taicho has ordered me to give these papers to you immediately!"

9/18/2011 #21

The Head Captain nodded his head.

"Just set them on the desk in my office."

9/18/2011 #22
Little Tokyo Rose

"Yes sir!" She quickly ran and set the papers on the desk in the office. "Uhm, sir...Can I please ask you something?"

9/18/2011 #23

((The Captains are in the meeting room not his office.... you seem to have the two places mixed up. She'd be in a different room then they are now))

9/18/2011 #24
Little Tokyo Rose

((Oh o3o, whoops lol))

9/18/2011 #25

The Lieutenant's Meeting room,

A meeting was called for the Lt's of all the Divisions.

11/30/2011 #26

Chiharu Metadami arrived to the meeting.

11/30/2011 #27

The Lieutenant's Meeting room, Shuhei Hisagi

"Hey Chiharu... any idea why we have an urgent summons?"

He figured there was a chance her husband, the Captain of his Division may have hinted at why he and the other Captains were being so quiet and had depressing looks on their faces.

11/30/2011 #28

"It might have something to due with those Altered punks." Chiharu guessed.

11/30/2011 #29

The Lieutenant's Meeting room, Shuhei Hisagi

"I heard about the 6th seat of the First Division... but that was days ago. This seems like there's something more important to call us all with such urgency. Hell my Captain wouldn't even tell me why. He just said that I'd be told during the meeting. I get the feeling he didn't want to risk exposing certain details on something. Did your Captain at least say anything?"

11/30/2011 #30
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