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Izzy Ilmol

This is the ONLY place advertisements are allowed. Don't post it in the RP, in the chat topic, the rules topic, or ANY other topic. This is meant to control post traffick, so put your advertisement here; otherwise we'll just get pissed.

Have fun!

8/14/2010 . Edited by gubgub434, 6/13 #1

Suten: Well, as long as I'm here...

Want to start with a fresh, new Naruto RP that pretty much nobody has done anything in? Too lazy to make your own? Well, look no further. Just visit my forum at

and let the RPing begin!

8/16/2010 #2

Want to help decide the fate of an Entire Galaxy???

Then join my forum -

8/16/2010 #3
Decendent of the Moon

I just finished something. if anyone likes Disgaea then you might like this. Warning: Main OC is a gary stu(not intended)

8/22/2010 #4

Ok I'm actually not going to be on it for a week due to need of a break but I'm the admin of this site so if your intrested in a final fantasy roleplay site that crosses all the ffs into one rp feel free to join or pm me if your got questions.

8/31/2010 #5
Zen of Souls

you should really pin this topic


Well as most eveyone knows, I have a forum of my own, we recently had to reset the RP so things are really slow right now


Click the links Plz

It's supposed to be a Rosario + Vampie RP but things always end up like Ikki tousen in the end, so all you need to do is make a monster (with a human form) and give them arrancar-esque powers

10/22/2010 #6
Lord Fujiwara

Bleach RPG

11/16/2010 #7
Wolf Passion

Salutations fellow Bleach fans! I'd like cordially invite anyone reading this advertisement with an interested gaze to another, more organized, amazing Bleach RP!

Welcome to Bleach: Severance; this RP features all the cannon OCs just waiting to be taken by responsible, well-mannered authors who understand and have grand skills in the true and favorite characters of Bleach. You may also create your very own Bleach OCs and if you need help, don't fret! We'll help you to the best of our abilities in structuring your OC to fit the Bleach Universe.

The Main Plot is set after the Winter War in the original Bleach series (Won't give too much more than that, I would hate to spoil anything for people who aren't up to date with the actual Bleach series.) you can either be a Shinigami, an Arrancar or a Human. Vizards are rare but it's a possibility. If you'd like to know more please come and check us out! We're a fresh forum with potential for magnificent RPing experience!

I'd like to thank the author for creating this topic and ask to please forgive me if I've broken any rule by posting this advertisement. You are free to delete it if I've insulted you in any way.

11/30/2010 #8
Izzy Ilmol

I'm that author, and you're completely welcome to post anything and you haven't broken any rules. Good luck with your forum :)

11/30/2010 #9
Izzy Ilmol

And tell Dillon hello, 'cause I know him.

edit: Add sarcasm to the above statement...

11/30/2010 . Edited 11/30/2010 #10
Wolf Passion

Eh? oh sure thing haha. Sarcasm noted and will be transfered.

11/30/2010 #11
Izzy Ilmol

Awesome! *thumbs up* XD

11/30/2010 #12
Wolf Passion

Oh um if you don't mind me asking, which forum did you meet Dillon? It's so weird how FF is sort of a small world huh? haha

11/30/2010 #13
Izzy Ilmol

This one, actually.

11/30/2010 #14

If you don't want your summer to be lame and icky...

What? It IS an advertisement!

11/30/2010 #15
Armageddon Coconut

Louis: 'been trying to put off advertising here for about... well nigh on 3 weeks if my memory serves me correctly.

Well here goes, in my usual, crazy, yet intriguingly marvellous stupidity style:


I created a new Bleach RPG forum (that would explain the absence and the move to a new space time continuum no?), which is slowly but surely thriving. If you wanna be part of a recently created community we're looking for more people to join and RP. Hope to see you there:

12/2/2010 #16

If you're sick of flamers:

If you know anyone who may be considering quitting because of these flamers and their lovely comments, please direct them here so they can be showered with support.

12/10/2010 #17
Armageddon Coconut

Hellsing fans unite!

Hellsing fans of will probably have realised there isn't a single Hellsing RP forum that's alive. Well I decided to put an end to that by creating my own Hellsing forum. OCs and canons are both more than welcome. If you're a Hellsing fan join us:

Hope to see you there

12/19/2010 #18

Bleach Rebirth

A bleach roleplay set 10 years after the arrancar war, roleplay as vaizard,arrancar, shinigami quincy etc. or you can one of each character and come join in a more relaxed roleplay where we focus more on the roleplay than chatting.

If your more interested in having your characters relax in soul society or just want to go wild and hunt souls or fellow hollows in hueco mundo all are welcome.

3/4/2011 #19
So wait, your RP is taking place 10 years after this one?
3/4/2011 #20

Not really its different and based 10 years after the arrancar war in the manga (different characters but you can you characters that you already made, it was made after another one and it was suggested to make a new one)

3/4/2011 #21
Dragon Ball has similar properties to Bleach, right? :D

5/28/2011 #22


7/20/2011 . Edited 11/3/2014 #23


Please join the all new Sgt. Frog RP! It will be set ten years or so into the future and you can play as your favorite character's...KIDS!


(Keroro New Generation Shotai! De Arimasu - forum mod)

8/31/2011 #24
Naruto 31

Please join and help with my form

9/2/2011 #25
Naruto 31

I want members and a Mod.

9/2/2011 #26

If you like Jak and Daxter, please join. :D

9/2/2011 #27
Naruto 31

All positions are open exapt the first Espada and an of his 5 Fraccoin so please join it will be a great rp there is a suggetion i want reviewd so tell me what u think

9/4/2011 #28
Naruto 31


9/4/2011 #29

Could any of you join this please? It is a Bleach Highschool rp! =D Please join! I woul appreciate it! =D

It is going to be very fun think if more people other than me join1 THANKS! =D

9/10/2011 #30
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