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She released the technique, shaking her head. "That isn't a Quincy technique," she said simply, before (Hirenkyaku-ing?) off again.

(Second guy she's surprised with Hayabi Arts)

5/31/2012 . Edited 5/31/2012 #451

(when do the main altered come in?)

5/31/2012 #452

Hallways, 3rd floor, Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya

"I see I'll have to render you unconcious if I want to keep you from getting in the way."

Toshiro drew his Zanpakuto, but then Toru appeared infront of Ayame with his sword leveled at Toshiro, "Ayame... are you alright?"

5/31/2012 #453

((I guess now... but for the time being can you try not to have any of your characters interefere with this fight between Toshiro and Toru?))

5/31/2012 #454

A little stunned and hurt that Toshiro had actually been about to attack her, Ayame nodded. "Yes...I'm fine."

5/31/2012 . Edited 5/31/2012 #455

Outside Arthur and his group engaged the shinigami while the made sure the groups detector was safe

"Are there any captian leveled shinigami?" Arthur asked as he used one of the syndicates latest shinigami harming weapons

"Not yet, we still don't really need to throw restrcitions up yet" The detector said with both his eyes closed

5/31/2012 . Edited 5/31/2012 #456

Hallways, 3rd floor, Toru Shibata

Kusanagi appeared along with the girl from before.

"Ayame I know you and this guy have some history... so I'll fight him... just try to help save as many others as you can! Kusanagi stay wit hand protect her."

Toshiro, "Is it really wise to fight without your partner?"

Toru, "Kusanagi's powerful, but we're both two halves of my power. Besides, with that limiter on and only letting you use 1/5th of your full power.... I think I should be more than enough to fight you!"

5/31/2012 #457

Ayame hesitated. She didn't want them to fight each other- but then she heard a scream... "Don't die," she said finally, leaving it unclear who she meant(because her creator is evil and likes causing drama) and ran towards the sound.

5/31/2012 #458

(maybe we could do some outside fighting?)

5/31/2012 #459

Hallways, 3rd floor, Toru Shibata

Toru and Toshiro clashed in a series of Shunpo and Sonido attacks and movement as they even carried the fight outside the school and in the air.

5/31/2012 #460

Kazuya appeared next to Arthur, "So is everything in place, yet?"

5/31/2012 #461

"Oh yes, we are ready here, but I my question is the real fun, the real challenge?!" Arthur asked bored with the weak shinigami he was fighting

5/31/2012 #462

(This sounds so awesome and yet Ayame can't watch it)

Ayame pinned three Shinigami to the wall with arrows before turning to the students they had been terrorizing. "Go, get to safety," she told them, not even looking to see if they obeyed her before darting off again.

5/31/2012 #463

Hallways, 3rd floor, Hiroki

"Ayame... what's going on? Are terrorists attacking?"

5/31/2012 #464

Shaguri woke up and was disoriented

"Wha...what happened...?" He asked looking around

5/31/2012 #465

Ayame skidded to a stop, hiding her bow behind her back before realizing the girl couldn't see it. "Umm...Yes. Yes, they are, and..." She spotted the door behind Hiroki. "I need you to go into that closet and hide- I'm going to go get help."

5/31/2012 #466

Hallways, 3rd floor, Hiroki

"No way am I leaving you to run for help... we can look for help together.... or find somewhere safe!"

5/31/2012 #467

Ayame sighed. "Hiroki-chan...I'm really sorry about this." Without warning she grabbed her friend, shoved her in the closet, locked it, and sealed the door with a barrier. "It's for your own good," she called over her shoulder before running after another Shinigami.

5/31/2012 . Edited 5/31/2012 #468

Hallways, 3rd floor, Kusanagi

Kusanagi had it's lower serpentine body move in the way of Ayame, in time to stop her from running into a Hado #31 Shakkahō (赤火砲, Red Fire Cannon) blast.

5/31/2012 #469

Ayame turned to the thing that had protected her. "Um...thank you," she murmured, bowing before turning towards whoever had launched the kido.

5/31/2012 #470

Hallways, 3rd floor, Lt Rangiku Matsumoto

"Well well.... looks like I found an Altered and her Alter."

She apparently assumed Kusanagi belonged to Ayame.

5/31/2012 #471

Shaguri stood up and looked for Ryu

"Yo, Ryu where are you?" Shaguri called holding a metal pipe

5/31/2012 #472

Kazuya, "Take your pick, just make sure to seem like the hero. I'll go after and acquire the catalyst."

5/31/2012 #473

Rooftop, Ryu Murahama

Ryu was busy fighting off several Shinigami that seemed quite nervous around him.

5/31/2012 #474

Ayame's eyes widened, taking a step back. "No, I'm not...this isn't..." She raised her bow in case the Shinigami tried anything.

(I don't know if she knows Rangiku or not)

5/31/2012 #475

Arthur smiled cruelly as she shoot another one of the shinigami

"Detector, find me someone strong" Arthur asked and his man started getting to work

5/31/2012 #476

Hallways, 3rd floor, Lt Rangiku Matsumoto

"Your Alter seems pretty powerful, girl. Guess taking you in won't be so easy?"

5/31/2012 #477

Several higher seated officers were picked up trying to capture some weaker Altered.... a perfect opportunity to find stronger opponents and play the hero!

((Maybe Jinbei or someone else could be among them?))

5/31/2012 #478

"I'm not an-" She then caught sight of the woman's shoulder badge. "Tenth squad? You're...Matsumoto-san!"

5/31/2012 . Edited 5/31/2012 #479

The man called the detector's eyes opened

"Several high level signatures have entered a 500 yard range of this spot, at a few have lt. level strength" The man said

"Good, I leave your group here, the Akane, Denske, and you come with me we have work to do!" Arthur said as she tore of his eyepatch and the walked of to go do some acting

(Jinbei will arrive later then the rest)

5/31/2012 #480
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