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Translation means Crucible of Blood

A massive arena setup by King Ezio Auditore for use as proving grounds.

Such as for Hollows to prove themselves worthy of becoming Arrancars or for Arrancars to settle violent disputes through combat.

The arena is shielded around the sides so that the audience is well protected.

4/24/2012 . Edited 11/1/2017 #1

As Dirk and Beth arrived in the arena, from the sounds of cheering, it seemed like a match was starting?

Dirk, "Viewing is first come first serve. Would you like to watch the match?"

4/24/2012 #2
Skull Grunt Piros

"sure." she said.

4/24/2012 #3

Dirk found them some good seats so they could see the match.

This match was a one on one match with the promise of a free for all rumble afterwards. The two competitors were Adjuchas fighting to prove themselves worthy of becoming Arrancars. One was a gigantic bull like Adjuches and the other was a multi armed European dragon like one....

4/24/2012 #4
Skull Grunt Piros

Beth wasn't really interested in seeing petty hollows fighting.

4/24/2012 #5

Dirk, "Patience... we always let the personal matches come first. Better to get them out of the way and save the best ones for last. Arrancars tend to fight later... or with Hollows. The next match is a free-for-all with 20 different competitors.. both Menos and Arrancar."

The dragon Hollow spout flames from his mouth, but the bull one's thick armor shielded it as he charged electricity between his horns and rammed into the dragon one, crashing it into the arena.

4/24/2012 #6
Skull Grunt Piros

beth watched, not really impressed.

4/24/2012 #7

Dirk noted that, "This fight is to the death the winner may become an Arrancar if deemed worthy. King Auditore has found a far more effective method for creating intelligent Arrancars than that blasphemer Aizen have had."

The bull one threw the dragon but the dragon flew and hit him inthe side, and tried to tear his guts out, but the Bull grabbed the Dragon with his Humanoid hands and tore off one of the dragon's arms, then fired a lightning charged Cero at it, point blank and blew off a section of it.

The bull stopped having won, but the dragon pleaded for mercy... mercy that would not be given as it was restrained with Kido and dragged somewhere below.

Dirk, "Looks like Spitfire will become food for ones such as yourself."

4/24/2012 #8
Skull Grunt Piros

"looks like it." she said.

4/24/2012 #9

Dirk, "Minotauro has earned the right to become an Arrancar. Now the free-for-all match can begin."

There was actual food and beverages of all things being passed around. It even smelled good.

4/24/2012 #10
Skull Grunt Piros

beth caught a whiff of the food. it did smell good.

4/24/2012 #11

Dirk, "They don't charge you for the food. The ones that are from dead Hollows are obvious and the others... I'm not entirely sure where King Auditore gets them from. If you want any just ask and they'll hand some to you."

4/24/2012 #12
Skull Grunt Piros

"i'm good." she won't eat unless her children eat first.

4/24/2012 #13

The announcer appeared for the next match, "Now for the second of our three main events... a free-for-all match against the gladiatiors chosen by you the crowd... here to fight for their own pleasure as well as yours."

The crowd cheered and some even yelled to just get the fight started already!

4/24/2012 #14
Skull Grunt Piros

Beth wasn't used to so much noise, but was slowly getting used to it.

4/24/2012 #15

((I'm trying to see if Mamba will post with Dom here so we can have a powerful combatant wipe the floor with the others!!!))

4/24/2012 #16
Skull Grunt Piros


4/24/2012 #17

Mauricio (Arrancar), "I want to challenge one of the Espada for their position. I dare anyone of them to enter this ring and accept my challenge!!!"

4/24/2012 #18

Dom looked at him and said "That depends, do you think you can beat me?" Dom asked coyly hiding his power as well as his number

(would be funny if Dom was only a faction of the other's size)

4/24/2012 . Edited 4/24/2012 #19

Mauricio was easily twenty feet tall and other Hollows and arrancars appeared around as well, "I'll crush you into dust and take my rightful place as one of the Espada under King Auditore."

4/24/2012 #20

Dom smiled at that remark and replied "And then little riding hood said "My grandma what a big head you wait it was mouth you have..."" Dom said not really paying attention at this point basically leaving himself open

4/24/2012 #21

Mauricio, "Are you mocking me little man?"

4/24/2012 #22

"Huh what was that...sorry I lost interest last after you started that sentence with the letter A so basically all I heard was "Akkkssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh"" Dom said mimicing the sound of static while looking at the dirt under his own finger nails "Gonna need to clean these" He said to himself

(WOuld be funny if people were placing bets mostly against Dom)

4/24/2012 . Edited 4/25/2012 #23

Mauricio's spiritual pressure rose as he drew out his hammer axe (one side is a hammer the other side is an axe blade) and struck right next to Dom, "One more insult like that and you die... little man."

4/25/2012 #24
Dom jumped on the Axe and sonido kicked the Arrancar in the face
4/25/2012 #25

Mauricio's head turned to the side and he slide back, but as he was so big he was able to hold his footing and turn around glaring.

"I'll kill you!"

4/25/2012 #26

"What you mad bro, look you may be strong but that is about it, if you can' formulate a plan or even swing fast you aren't gonna last long, ever arrancer here thinks they have a shot at something great well let me give you a little advice, those arrancar wind up dead relly fast, and I you think that just because you're big that you are strong, hah don't make me laugh...on second thought make me laugh since I could probably win with both hand tied behind my back" Dom said before taking a breathe and asking "I am sorry where were we?"

4/25/2012 . Edited 4/25/2012 #27

((This guy is able to cut Dom in half with his weapon.... are you sure you want to let him do just that? The guys mostly power, with little to no speed.))

4/25/2012 #28

(Dom's hands are more durable then the rest of him and be could raise his spirtiual pressure to his hand and stop it with his hand or at least block with his on weapon, or I can edit)

4/25/2012 #29

((Might want to edit to be safe.... how about having him challenge the guy to even hit him if he can instead?))

4/25/2012 #30
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