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Something I thought of. Since I'm trying to keep the story more or less clean, other than the Author's notes at the start of Chapter Eight, I'd rather keep them out of the story itself. Especially the mess that is a progress summary that most authors seem to do. What they did, why a chapter took so long, whatever. People reading straight through don't need to read a dozen notes each chapter saying: "Sorry it took so long" or whatnot. So I'll keep a progress record here. A sort of Captain's Log. Anyway...

I'll start off with today and summarize things in short.

November 8th, 2009.

"So I've begun chapter nine of MSLN test dummies. Actually, I began it about two weeks ago, but at a rate of about a page a week, I've progress, you guessed it, two pages. I'll explain a few things.

- First off: After completing, inspecting, and uploading chapter eight, I was pleasantly surprised to find the view count skyrocket. For a work that barely got a couple of hits a day most of the time, the spike to 140 hits in a single 24 hour period, dropping slowely back to a steady pace of between 20 and 50 hits on 'average' for the remainder of the month until now has been encouraging to say the least. But even with that, the first two almost three weeks after chapter release I had to 'cool down', as forcing myself to hit the work on chapter eight came positively close to burning me out. If I burn out, the only thing you'll see me do is vegetate on a forum, and play video games. I have too much work ranging from music, to universe building, to this story to allow myself a burnout. So I had to relax and shift focus to another project with a little less intensity.

- Second: I had to arrest my momentum. Days after I started reading the rather in depth and well thought reviews, I started formulating chapter ten in structure and detail. It would be no good for me to Slap chapter ten down when I haven't even done chapter nine. Plus I have learned to recognize my tendancy for impulsive enthusiasm. I have a lot planned, but if I operate on pure enthusiasm, the execution will be nowhere near as good as the reviews have stated I pulled off chapter eight with such 'win'. After getting this far, I shouldn't let my enthusiasm degrade my sanity and affect my quality of work. That would be an insult to the reader's intelligence.

- This brings me to third: Chapter nine itself is where I need to work a lot of threads VERY carefully to control my plot. As long as I keep the enthusiasm that I'll eventually reach chapter ten with all the fun I have planned there, I can keep myself thinking of chapter nine on and off.

- Fourth: Chapter nine is HARD. Not hard because I don't know what to do, but because I don't know how I want to go about doing it. Anyone who's made it to chapter eight will recognize I have an edge for minor rambling tangent narrative seemingly at random. (Anyone who's read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy should spot the influence.) Part of what makes this so hard is that despite seemingly random tangents, it's important to remember that somehow, the seemingly trivial stuff are pivotal to setting up scene flow and in fact, related to the scene in a 'Oh by the way, did you know...' kind of mundane manner that triggers you to examine things in detail. Setting this up is an artform. Not because of the rambling, but because you have to string together the concidental facts and transition into the scene flow relevantly. No easy task when you consider the scene itself is kind of hazy in my mind. A lot of this chapter could fail hard under the hammer of mindless exposition if I don't do this right. I don't want to start writing something, then yank the reader around the scene with bad flow. I'm working on it, and as I think up and discard methods of layout, transition, the execution will fall into place.

So as you can see, I'm working, sort of. And while I haven't had screams of 'HURRY UP!' from any fans, I figure those who make it all the way to the FF-net forum here and bother to read of this desserve to know at least a little bit of what is going on 'Behind the Scenes'. I make no excuses about how fast or slow I may go, as those are my decisions. But as readers, you have the right to know the pace."

Please, for HouseKeeping's Sake, no questions or commentary in this log. Questions belong in Questions Corner.

11/8/2009 . Edited 11/8/2009 #1

November 15th, 2009

I think I'm good to hit my stride here on a good portion of chapter nine. I've spent the last few days brainstorming once this particular idea hit me, and I can just about wrap my mind around this scene and make it flow nicely. I had to stop and do some serious research effort into part of the elements I'm looking into here. In building the conversation that works off that detail, I ended up building several pages and have my scene more or less kickstarted.

That's good news, as I can progress now. Chapter nine is probably going to be short in comparison to other chapters, but I think I have enough content to make it work nicely. Which was part of my issue setting it up.

11/15/2009 . Edited 11/15/2009 #2

November 22nd, 2009

Sunday again? Well, technically it's november 23rd since I'm doing this at 2:30 AM local time, but as far as I consider the day as a sleep cycle, it's still the 22nd. But anyway.

I progressed well after hitting my stride. Moving forward at a rate of five pages in no time flat, that's much better than my previous rate. Of course, I recently picked up Flight Simulator X, and I've spent over fifteen hours goofing off. Things I've accomplished? Well, I learned to manage flying a B-1b lancer. I got an SR-71 blackbird up to altitude and speed. (Which is actually harder than it sounds because the SR-71 is VERY tempermental. It took me an hour.) I accomplished a B-1b cross ocean flight from Hawaii to LAX at MACH 1.10 cruise speed. In flying the B-1b, I was kind of pretending to fly the Deep Sky. I even changed the tail number BF01DS (BEST Force 01 Deep Sky) and the flight number to AF15D. I flew an apache longbow all over france (Landed in a soccer stadium in a city in southeast france, just for giggles.), and an MH-53 Pave Low around San Francisco. (I find the helicopters are easier to fly and land than jets... but that might be due to my training playing BF1942 Dessert Combat mod and learning to effectively kill and manuever in super unstable helicopters. I can set a chopper down like a feather.) I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to safely land an F-22... Which, despite having the crash detection off, I'm screwing up. I keep coming in too hot, too high, and end up drifting all over the glide slope practicing the approach at Edwards Airforce Base. (Longest Runway in the world.) I keep bouncing off the runway like a rubber ball. (A good indication that I'd be a crater if crash detection was on...)

I need to work on calming myself down enough to recognize that it pretty much stays airborne at a 180 knot crawl and that I can pretty much idle the engines and it'll keep on flying... After a few aggravating attempts, I switched to the B-1b and fly from Edwards to LAX (short flight over the mountains.) And Managed a relatively okay landing (verticle speed about -400 ft/min) at LAX on the southern most runway approaching from the west. (Came around for it.) I overshot the end of the runway though, but managed to avoid plowing through the fence... just chewed up gravel, yawed, braked, and spoilered like madman to bleed off that last bit of speed.

But I digress. You didn't come in here to read my flight sim exploits. (Though I'm sure imagining a giant rubber F-22 bouncing off Edwards AFB's longest runway is interesting thinking.)

I put the first scene up for a quick sanity check before I continued. It seems the scene has passed sanity check from my peers, especially one of the nitpicky ones who tend to HAXX bust and KHRACK test it, so It's good to continue on. (Not that there's much to HAXX bust or Khrack Test this chapter.) And scene two is already structured and I know how to lead it into scene three and execute scene three, so the chapter's pretty much on track. (I like to seperate my chapters into three 'scenes', or segments of respectable focus at a minimum. Not all scenes are location changes, some are tempo changes. I like to have three in a chapter minimum. It keeps me from turning out truncated chapters thus far, and helps me control the pacing of large chapters, like chapter eight.)

Ah well, enough rambling. We both know that the time I spend rambling about what I could be doing here, is time I should be spending DOING it. So, Until next post. The POWER! Is YOURS!... er.. Wait. That's not my script.

I want the guy who put lines from Captain Planet in the script. And I want him SHOT.


11/23/2009 #3

November 24th, 2009

Well, I managed to hit another stride and wrapped up that short chapter. It won't be full of epic win and awesome like chapter eight, but I'm sure cute little Vivio will keep people occupied.

Now I can take a break.


11/24/2009 #4

November 29th, 2009.

These sunday updates are getting to be habbit. Not that anything is here to update this week. But whatever. I'm probably going to continue on into this week on my 'break' from the story. Probably work on some music, goof off with Flight Sim X some more... play as Chuck Norris in MUGEN. You know, procrastinating stuff.

It's FUN!

11/29/2009 #5

December 6th, 2009

"Well, I guess break is over for me. Time to get started on Chapter Ten. In my down time, I've been modding a B-1b in FSX... I've almost got it down to the specs for the Deep Sky. Or at least, as close as I can get it in FSX without a working option for a non-turbine based engine. Go figure. I'll keep you posted."

12/6/2009 #6

December 13th, 2009

"Well, I did get started on chapter ten, if only I put out a few lines this week. I ended up continuing to work on the mod for the Deep Sky. But I put the texture I did to good use by reworking the old deep sky video you can find in the Media Corner thread. That's essentially burned up most of my time this week. But I promise to spend more time on Chapter ten in the following days. Also, after some conversation with my father, I've decided to begin writing on another project. This one NOT a Fanfic, but a project I've been developing slowely called 'MAGICAL GIRL'. That's right, that's the entire title.

The premise of the story is, what if Magical Girls stayed exactly the way they've been portrayed in most of the classics, like Sailor Moon, but EVERYONE ELSE suddenly became COMPETENT? And by competent, I mean the villains aren't absurdly powerful but completely inept stereotypical bad guys, but guys that can and will kill you if you give them the chance... as well as the general human population isn't a world full of Naive adults who couldn't lift a finger collectively to stop a threat if their lives depended on it. Preliminary 'comments' from people I've thrown the concept at have been strongly positive. So It's in mental percolation mode at the moment.

So, as I get started on that, my time will be split between MSLN Test Dummies, and that project.

Anyway. The new Deep Sky vid is located at :

While you can view some early concept art for Magical Girl on my Deviant Art account.


(You have to highlight, copy-pasta, and remove the space.)

12/13/2009 . Edited 12/13/2009 #7

December 17th, 2009

"Happy Holidays from Samurai Penguin Studios (AKA: Me). I'm trucking along quite nicely. Already got the first scene of chapter ten finished, which is good news on the progress report. I set a goal for myself that I want to have this chapter done by next week, seeing as I know what I'm doing in this chapter. I won't rush, but I'm going to push myself not to be distracted by too much in order to get this done. I've got downtime to do so, so I'm going to use it. Keep your eyes peeled. My next update will come when I finish. Which I hope will be ahead of my set schedule."

12/17/2009 #8

December 25th, 2009. 12:26 AM.

"Merry Christmas you Filthy Animal..." *RATATATATAT!* " ...And a Happy New Year." *RATAT!*

-Angels with Filthier Souls. (Home Alone 2)

"Okay readers, here's your Christmas present from me to you. I busted my ass to ensure I had this ready several days in advance in order to have time to go back over it and get any commentary out of the way. Now I release it to the community for reading right on schedule. For those readers who are on the North American side of things, you get to wake up to this gift... Chapter Ten of MSLN Test Dummies is out, delivered by Santa Chrono and his trusty assistants, Yuuno and Zaphira. Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!"

12/24/2009 #9

Sunday December, 27th 2009

"Hey, back for another Rip Roaring Sunday update post after I skipped the one last week. (Though you can see why I skipped it.) It's break time here for me after pushing to put that out, but never fear. I'll be rockin' once more in January when I begin the Third Act with a BANG! MSLN Test dummies is about two years in the writing now from its humble beginings as a mere What If, but hey. you've had fun right? I didn't see very many reviews this time around, but I attribute that to it being the holliday season. It's the reviews that both motivate me, and let me know I'm doing it right. Anyway.

The next chapter onwards will kick the pacing up a notch. And once I get started, we're going to roll fast & furious. Third act's gonna be a blast. Stay tuned!"

12/27/2009 #10

Monday, January 4th, 2010 (Technicall Tuesday the fifth... but whatever.)

"So it's almost time to begin work on chapter eleven, which will be the big start for the third act of the story. But for the time being, I'm chilling out over here. Working on a refreshed enthusiasm for MAGICAL GIRL. Believe it or not, I got someone on the team with MAD art skills, and it was completely at random. And he ROCKS.

It was enough to make me finish work on the preliminary No Vocals version of 'Journey to Destiny', which will be the main suite for MAGICAL GIRL. If you want to listen, stop on over at the SPS youtube via the link below:

As soon as I get some latin translation back, I can begin integrating the EPIC LATIN CHOIR sections of the song.

Anyway, I'll probably devote a little more time here to 'MAGICAL GIRL' while the enthusiasm is high. Otherwise I'll be slogging through chapter eleven while on the wrong wavelength for it. Never fear! Chapter eleven is one of the sections where I have several pre-written segments. Which means that technically, I'm already way ahead. ^_^v

But anyway, until next time..."

1/4/2010 #11

January 11th, 2010.

"I meant to write this update last night, but I had such a bad case of mid-afternoon to late night lethargy that I couldn't even make myself play more than one round of Material Sniper (Lasted about two minutes) before 'meh'ing and going back to randomly browsing back and forth on reading some stories and web forums.

But anywho, I'm getting started on actually working on chapter 11 in earnest now. I really don't have a good scene flow structure for this chapter in my head, just one big happy mess I have to open, explain, and close. So it's going to be slow work until I can assemble a structure. Pretty much the final run of the chapter is totally written as the entire sequence there was an early idea I had. I'll get something structured out soon enough."

1/11/2010 #12

January 17th, 2010

*Yawn* "It's still sunday! I haven't slept yet! So anyway, I've done a little work on chapter. But as I warned, it's been going slow. Got a few pages, but not nearly the rate i'd like to be moving. I'm having an issue of personal taste with the flow. See, I have some scenes (they're too self contained to be sequences of a bigger scene) here that are essentially reading like a series of false-starts. Or rather, they read like the ends of some of my longer scenes from previous chapters, but don't really OPEN and progress before I'm done with them. I need to improve the flow on these, but I'm not sure how much I really want to expand past the important parts of these scenes since I'm writing events that have self contained sime sensitivity. (People are in a hurry. If I expand too much, the urgency gets lost.)

I may have to just figure out how to make things look a little more urgent and make connecting flows. I just want to avoid the feel of three false-starts that seem to be occuring right now. It's disruptive to flow."

1/17/2010 #13

Janurary 24th, 2010

"Hey, I'm on time today, look at that! Anyway: Moved things along and reorganized the early sequences. I'm getting towards what I want, but I've been rewording things several times on each 'pass' I make. Overall, I've made smooth progress at a rate I'm comfortable with. I'm going to work on the chapter quite a bit tonight while my AN-225 makes a trans-pacific flight in FSX, in real time. Maybe this session will help me crank out a significant segment of the chapter... Or maybe I'll procrastinate. Who knows. I think I'm going to try and push this one for completion before the end of the month. That should make me put my rear in gear a little more. This chapter should be so easy, but battles are always harder to implement than people expect. (Remember chapter eight?) So long as I don't get too tired or my blood sugar goes through the floor (I can't think when it does.) or things like that... Until next update."

1/24/2010 #14

February 1rst, 2010

"Man, I've been going at it more or less non-stop (for me) all week and I'm still maybe around the mid-point. I'm not letting the fact that I missed my deadline yesterday slow me down. I'll have this chapter up even if I have to borrow Simon's drill and pierce a hole through the space-time continuum to do so. (At which point I'll be cited by the TSAB for illegal passing through dimensional space in a no-passing zone... damn tickets.) I cooked Tortilla Chicken Soup today. Second time I've done so, and I find I like making this recipe. It's that good. Anyway, I have to take care of the three S's (Sh*t, Shower, Shave) and get back to writing. I'll probably have 'Step Up' by drowning pool make a comeback for the ground portion of this battle, just to motivate me a little. I'm ready to let Vita go to town here doing what she does best. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"


"Okay I'll stop now."

*Hears the sound of a whip cracking.*

'Get back to work maggot!'


2/1/2010 #15

February 3rd, 2010

"Done... That makes chapter eleven. I ended up truncating a bit of mid-chapter combat, but decided I can easily make up for a lot of that later in the story. I'm three days past a self-imposed deadline, but I managed it. I decided to forego the sanity check since I spent entire sessions of my writing time sanity checking my work and rewriting entire sections in a nitpicky fashion. I hope you guys enjoy the epic awesome of the villain here. As you can see, even when he's failing, he's still ahead. How bad will it get? You can only hope to find out by reading."

2/3/2010 #16

February 4rth, 2010

"After some complaints on the formatting of chapter eleven, and a personal distaste over it myself, I have decided to go over the formatting and return to the style I was using previously. While my father's technical writing skill is acceptable for normal book writing... It does not function for the way FF net formats and crops files to window size. Along with this, I have been skimming and noted various typos I missed on my first TWO skims, as well as took in some of the commentary on reviews both here and elsewhere and found I need to make some minor tweaks in a few places regarding nitpick level of detail. The update will come out some time in the next few days and replace the current version."

2/4/2010 #17

February 5th, 2010

"It seems that I have discovered the root cause of problems regarding the complaints of linebreaks for MSLN test dummies. It's not that my formatting choice is bad, it's that my formatting was ignored. I write MSLN Test Dummies in Microsoft Word, using the page layout as my working layout. I use multiple line breaks to space out sections of of the prose. For example, when changing scenes from one location to another, I'll hit Enter four times to create a page break 'gap'.

When uploaded to FFnet, I was not aware that it was removing the extra breaks. This effectively kills any pretense of format I had. And it's no wonder I've been getting complaints about a lack of line breaks and criticism about my writing style in other locations. I was assuming that those complaints were in refference to a visual dividing line between sections that writers like to use, often using asterisks (*) or hyphens (-). Seeing as FFnet has its own idea of how it wants to format things, it looks like I'm going to have to go back and fix it. What does this mean to the readers? It means chapter 12 won't be started at a minimum until I have cleaned up my other ten chapters. (I already did it for chapter eleven.)

Depending on what I have to fix for the early chapters, this could take some time."

2/5/2010 #18

February 8th, 2010

"All right. I just finished parsing each and every chapter of MSLN Test Dummies to account for the way FFnet formats and applied visible line breaks where needed. I'm taking my break now. I'll get back to work afterwords."

2/8/2010 #19

Feb 13th, 2010: Special

"Let me take this time to tell you all something about fight scenes. Fight scenes are HARD. People like to watch fight scenes, but at the same time, people don't like to watch the same thing happening over and over again. So when you're narrating scene about fighting, you have two choices to make it go well.

1: You can gloss over the fight and just highlight key moments... Which makes for very quick fights from the perspective of the reader.

2: You have to watch every detail like a hawk to keep things running smooth and the audience engaged.

The second leads to really well played fights with wonderful dynamics, but keeping track of two people, how they're thinking, and where they are is a bloody nightmare.

That's just two people. You want to give a writer a hell scenario. Make them write a full scale battle.

It is common for writers to draw the focus of a battle into fights between groups of people in order to simplify things. Usually drawing fights into something akin to duels. It's not because duels are 'the in thing'... it's because they're "Easy." You get lots of bullets flying, lightsabers glowing, and explosions in the background, but there's a few bubbles in the middle where you have this seeming tranquil space between 'local' combatants. (I say local to refer to any two enemies fighting in general.) This is easy to keep track of, and it's easy for writers to pace.

But I've seen so many of these I'm sick of strict 'mano-a-mano' fights. There's something that's lost when you tight-focus on small groups. I like to think of it as: The Big Picture. And what happens is that in losing the Big-Picture, the writer is presented with the ability to make whatever they wish to happen in the background happen... regardless of whether or not it would or could happen. Say you get two fighting armies while the hero and the villain duel during a huge firefight. Finally, the hero wins and oh-so-predictably, the villain army is all but defeated. Yay.

Well what happens if the hero wins, but his army lost? O_o; What if some villain mook with a sniper rifle noticed the duel and decided to do his JOB and takes out the hero mid-battle and damn the honor duel?

The thing I like to convey about a battle is that its not a background effect that happens around the main cast. It's a very large, very DANGEROUS event in which you have to watch your six, or someone's going to pop your head with a fifty the moment you give them the opportunity.

A battle is a seemingly chaotic macro-scale event. But it's never true chaos. It's a series of moves, and counter moves made like a game of One-Thousand Piece Speed Chess. The hardest part of writing a battle isn't writing about the action or what's going on in front of you. It's assigning moves to people in the background so that everything comes together nicely.

For example, in an air battle with Nanoha. You would have her and maybe Fate go into battle. You focus on Nanoha for a scene, but while that's happening, Fate will be doing something, and her opponent will be countering it. This doesn't seem to hard, you just switch back and forth.

To make things interesting, you start making the off-screens repsond to on-screen events, and vica versa. But that's still not too hard with two pairs.

Now. If you up the scale of this to say, two-dozen of these 'event threads' going at once, with each thread responding to several other enemy threads all at the same time... What you have is a series of events that might as well get drawn up on the blackboard looking like the line of scrimage for a football play. While the reader is reading the scene about A and B, I have to think about how C is reacting to D, D is moving on A, E is reacting to C to cover D, F is trying to reinforce B while G, H, and I are all trying to move back and forth to cover. And who's covering A? I forget. The battle becomes purile 'chaos'. And most writers simply handwave the background and make whatever happen.

As I wrote chapter Eleven's fighting sequences, I was working my way through the battle in my mind with the end battle in mind. I had to ensure the right characters were in the right places doing certain things at different times in a fashion that logically wove together. I was mentally tracking the primary moves, and the counter-moves of both sides.

The most important place to look for this, is to note the subtle placement I make of the characters as the fight progresses. It helps to go backwards. You find where a character is, then skim backwards through the events to find where they were before. And you'll see that I try my hardest to track them through the fight. "Where are you, can you get over here for this important event... Yes/No? Okay, I need to adjust the scene to carry you here to here, and do X and Y so you're in shape to move to Z. And I need to do this to six of you while you're all 'off-screen' on top of it."

If you were to create a simple map. You should be able to trace routes for everyone to show how they each moved and reacted. There should be no arbitrary 'jumps' of characters from point A to point Zed. At least, not unless they've been left 'off camera' for a very significant amount of time. (AKA: Travel Time)

It's this process that makes a good battle scene hard. You're not writing about a battle. You're planning and executing it. Like you were there, trying to win.

Now that we can see how hard that really is. We add the last little nuance to cap it off.


Writing about a fight is hard. Writing about a battle is a nightmare.

Add the fact that the battle has to follow the 'rising action' line and you've got an entirely new problem. How do you keep everything under control while beefing up intensity? Fights don't follow the dramatic intensity curve. Real fights could do it in reverse.. they could roller coaster... they could start high, dip, and rise again.

I'm not entirely sure the best way to handle it, but I have one idea. And that's convergence. The closer everyone is, the more intense the fighting. So you look at the fight for it this way. What's the plot objective? Okay. What are the 'secondary' objectives? Start the fight by spreading it out across these secondaries, and converge it on the main objective as you approach the peak. The climb in urgency and the convergence of the fight on the central objective causes a natural curve of the battle. It's not perfect, and it doesn't fit every situation, but the natural tendancy to ramp up as everyone starts to focus on one goal makes a wonderful stop-gap measure.

Writing a good fight is incredibly rewarding, but the mechanics are brutal hard. Those of you taking the time to read this. Go back through my fights, and take a look at how much I try to track who's doing what, and where. I may not be perfect... but just ignoring the content and tracing one character's actions through a battle might be quite an interesting experience.

2/12/2010 #20

February 21rst, 2010

"Mmm... It's been an entertaining week for me. Between getting to where I've about got my car PAID OFF, and waiting to do so, I've been excited about it. I've also dedicated some of my time to Magical Girl and writing up some new tracks for it. Plus fleshing out characters with my new artist and slowely getting that set up.

For MSLN Test Dummies I've thought about a few things I've seen in the latest reviews and I'm making sure to account for them in the next chapter. Now, I have started chapter 12, but I'm not in a hurry this time around. Chapter 11 wasn't everything I was going to have it be but both my self-imposed deadline and a mind to keep the chapter from dragging ON AND ON kept it short and to the point. I cut out some drama and a gag I had intended here in leiu of pacing.

So for chapter 12, I've gotten started, going to take it slow, let my mind percolate and clean up the mess created by combat and solve some issues while making new issues. (As they say: If it's not one thing, it's another. This holds true for fictional characters too!)

My readership seems to be down a little after this last chapter reading spike. I suspect it's due to some commentary someone made about my fic. (Something I address preemptively in Questions Corner.) When it comes to 'business', it doesn't take but a little 'bad news' to go around to kill it. Before chapter 11, it was averaging 40 hits daily. The two weeks it's been struggling to get half that. And it coincided with the release of the bad 'word on the street' about it.

So if you're reading this log, and you like this fic, be a pal and help promote the positive aspects of it. When it comes to 'Word on the Street', It's not the people who hate it and say something is bad. It's all the people who think it's good that don't say ANYTHING.

2/21/2010 #21

March 7th, 2010

"I'm spending a little side time working on a little thought experiment of mine that resulted after a number of threads from spacebattles that paired you up with various fictional women and asked what you would do as their new fiance. Those combined with a strange idea I've gotten frequently lying in bed has resulted in the little short I've begun known as 'Sleeping with the Girls'. The thought experiment deals with a self-insertion played straight. No superpowers, no omnicharm, nothing I can't already do myself. Nothing I wouldn't do myself. Punt into the multiverse, mix, and stand back. Am I little more than a mook? Or is knowledge power even when it's in the hands of a regular joe? We'll find out."

3/7/2010 #22

Wow, it's been a while. And a wild ride. :)

Still, I'm missing Test Dummies now... :) Any plans to continue that story? Pretty please?

12/29/2010 #23
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