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First off all, welcome to FF.net's first District 9 forum! I hope you enjoy your stay here. ;D

The rules to chat are simple, so just take a second to read them all below.

1.) BE NICE. I'm not asking you to be a perfect angel, as they say, opinions are like butts since they all stink, but, please, if you are going to disagree about anything with someone (be it about their writing style, or a geek argument over which character is better) please disagree politely. Remember, on the other side of the screen, there is a real person and they have real feelings that can be hurt. Simply, treat others how you want to be treated. I can not stress this enough.

2.) Follow all FF.net guidelines for forums. I'm not going to spell them out for you, so just go read them.

3.) Rule three, keep profanity and general naughtiness to a minimum. As stated in the guidelines, keep it PG-13. I don't believe in censorship, so the language filter is off (until someone decides to abuse it), but swearing in every other sentence makes you just look stupid and will get you deep into poo.

4.)Be semi-literate. I'm not a jerk when it comes to spelling, but please show us you have a tiny sliver of a brain. Don't use chatspeak or 1337 ('leet) speak. I'm no spelling/grammar genius either, but just use periods to separate sentences, that’s all I ask of you. (And I’d you really want to be nice, capitalize your letters at the beginning of those sentences!)

5.)No spam. I think this does not need an explanation. If you don't know what 'no spam' means then get off the internet.

6.) This is a forum about District 9. Let's keep it that way. Means, no non-D9 related threads, but off-topic chat within a thread due to the casual flow of conversation is allowed. :)

7.) If I'm not around and someone starts acting up please PM me. I'm not on FF all the time and there are no mods yet, but I do check my email quite often, so it is the best place to reach me if something bad starts happening.

This is all for now.

Think something should be added as a rule? Don't like a rule? I'm flexible, feel free to PM me about it. :)

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