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There's been quite a controversy over whether the aliens in 'District 9' have genders. I know that they are Hermaphrodites, but in the movie, Christopher has a son. So therefore, doesn't that imply that the son has a gender? Does anyone know the answer? Or just state your opinions here! I'm so confused. :P

1/5/2010 #1
DR Fronkensteen

I think they call him a son because it is just natural. Try taking someone you know and then refer to them using only non gender specific words. It is hard, right? It is just weird for us humans to imagine something that does not have a male/female identity. So we label it with a male/female identity. Makes it easier for us. Thats the only reason I could think of..........

1/18/2010 #2

I agree with the other guy. The reason is that it is easier, but I think dimeanor might play a role as well. A "prawn" with a recessive, and caring dimeanor might be given a name more toward female, but an aggressive, leader dimeanor would be given a male name. Christopher is a leader, and "his" child might be given the male title just for being "his" child. So, the child may inherit the title. I think the bigger question would be HOW they reproduce. They describe them like earthworms, which would still mean they need a mate. Do you have an answer for that, because it would be helpful to know if Christopher might have had a special someone or not for other writers?

7/16/2010 #3

Good answers to the both of you. :) Thanks for helping out!

And as for usafSHADOWusaf: I remember that someone I knew thought that possibly they could produce a child all on their own, but I'm not sure how accurate that is. The whole concept kinda confuses me, there was just so much left un-explained.

7/20/2010 #4
Okay I think I have an idea on it. I remember the Mnu arseholes burning the eggs, which had this needles with tubes connecting to dead bodies that, if I recall correctly, provided nutrients for the eggs. I think they can self reproduce, but im not sure. I recall a scene when they were speaking with a prawn, or poleepkwa, or whatever the correct terminology is, urinating, and when it was, it came to my attention that there was no, well, male organ there, it was just spraying away like a female would be. Of course these are insect related creatures and insects things dont just hang out like people's, but they are aliens so many theories can be called into question. Also, the prawn/poleepkwa had a bra on (which was quite funny) though they do not have breasts. The best answer I can give is keep an open mind, though I as well believe that they are more'n likely hermaphrodic creatures.
6/19/2013 #5
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