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it is quite awesome, really..... you know what would be even more awesome? more of our favorite comic!

8/23/2009 #31
Blue Lone Wolf 2574

XD I couldn't agree more. But we still have to wait a couple more months before they release anything. Which is a slow and heartless torture if you ask me. So cruel these people.

8/23/2009 #32

It is it really is....so as this is a comic discussion....let's talk about.....well....I don't know.

8/24/2009 #33

ya, blue I did it I posted a one shot.

8/24/2009 #34
Blue Lone Wolf 2574

Really? Cool. *goes to read it*

8/24/2009 #35

ok, this seems like the correct thread to post this....



8/31/2009 #36
Blue Lone Wolf 2574

*confused* 'It's the End of the World' by R.E.M. ?

8/31/2009 #37

no, it-- well, that, too. but no!

Disney. is. buying. Marvel.

8/31/2009 #38
Blue Lone Wolf 2574

WHAT. THE. FUCK!!! Please tell me that's a lie. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF WHATEVER GODS THAT EXIST that's just lies and propaganda of some sort. Those assholes are just gonna candy it up and make it into Sucksville!

8/31/2009 #39

google it.

*cries off in a corner somewhere*

8/31/2009 #40
Blue Lone Wolf 2574


Oh wait.... *reads some more* Okay stories won't be changed... that's good I guess....


*goes to cry in a corner with Yayme-chan*

8/31/2009 #41

seriously, why didn't i see this coming!?

"One distribution channel that will likely benefit in the short term is Disney's new DisneyXD channel, which is focused on programming for boys ages 6-14. The channel already shows 20 hours of programming each week featuring Marvel characters." (some article about it)

honestly, as a 17-year-old girl, i watch that channel all the time.

*goes back to corner*

8/31/2009 #42
Blue Lone Wolf 2574

I'm 21 and even I'm disgusted by this news. These people better know they've got limits or we're going to wherever they are in protest. Like fuckin' hell they're messin' with our favorite hotties!!

8/31/2009 #43

honestly, first thought into my mind: what happens to billy and teddy?

8/31/2009 #44
Blue Lone Wolf 2574

Hopefully? Nothing. If anything is done to them, we can always write them very angry letters how they were dumb enough to merge for just 4 million buckaroos.

I'll go all the way to their offices just to boot the in their big fat asses if I have to.

8/31/2009 #45

I flipped when I found out. I mean disney, how are they going to show something like the Ant Man movie. Henry Pym wasn't the greatest most perfect super hero on the planet now was he? I'm sixteen and I lOVE watching the Marvel shows on Disney XD and on NicktoonsNetwork. But you don't see Nicklodeon trying to by Marvel. I hope the stafrfing won;t change though because the marvelenertainment people that helped make all the movie so far are awsome.

When I read the story on Yahoo Buzz my reaction was similar NOOOOOONONONONOOOOOOOOO WHat can we do?

9/1/2009 #46

I saw that yesterday. O.O They had *better* not touch Billy and Teddy.

The whole Disney image is just... nothing like the Marvel image. Marvel is so much... darker/more anti-heroes. I mean, Warner Bros. already owns DC and not much was changed there. But that's WB. This is *Disney*.

However, I don't think they'll really... change things. Marvel has such a huge fanbase (that's *why* Disney bought it); they'll be careful not to ruin it too badly. . Hopefully. Fingers crossed. And we do have to think that Disney does own several companies that don't just stick with G ratings, so we can hope that they won't get wholesome family goodness all over our comics. (*Madly trying to justify this/console self*)

As some of the other YA fans I know pointed out, there is a silver lining!! Disney is big money, and Heinburg is currently working for them (which is what he's doing while not writing more YA comics *sulk*) So this could mean *great* things for getting the series going again.

Again. This is either salvation or disaster. .

9/1/2009 #47

That's one of the reasons that I prefer Marvel over DC; everything seems a little more realistic somehow.

I've been watching the Spectacular Spider-Man on Disney XD because, well, I'm a sucker for Spidey and I can tolerate the things that they change. But the fact still stands that they have changed things. They've made it sugar-coated and edited out the realism-- not to mention the artwork is hideous when compared to the comic. I'm worried that they'll do this to other great series as well.

I can see them now, looking over Young Avengers and saying, "A team of teenaged superheroes? Awesome, we'll take it!" and then utterly tearing apart everything we love about the comic.

9/1/2009 #48

THey better keep Marvel PG-13 at least.

Again one of the reasons I love Marvel and dislike DC is that Marvel takes place in New York in DC there are these fake cities like Gotham.

HELL Blue they better not touch YA if they know what's good for them. If there will be a YA movie. Like yaaaaaayme said if Disney ever indorses a YA movie they will tare it appart. It's the way things are. They'll keep most of the original storyline but cut out half the violence probably cut out Natanial killing Kang and most likely cut out all of BxT cuteness we love and cherish. I think we should see what will happen when the runaways movie comes out. Then we'll judge.

Wait....does this mean that Disney is going to be making the Captain America movie? because that's gonna be something to laugh about and possibly flip out over.

9/1/2009 #49

Very true. Marvel just doesn't need to be Disney-ified.

I think we'll just have to put our faith in marketing for now and hope that Disney really does want to make money off of this. I think if anyone knows about "target audiences", it's Disney. So, if we're very, very lucky, they'll grasp the fact that comics *aren't* for 8-year-old boys and will let us keep our realism. . Because you're *totally* right. That's why Marvel wins out over DC.

Although, you know, lately the story arcs have been getting a little depressing. Maybe a little Disney sugar would be nice. (As long as they don't mess with the team dynamic. If they ruin BillyxTeddy, they're going down.)

9/1/2009 #50

8-year-old boys? Psh.... this forum is populated by girls (I assume; correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't seen a guy yet). Granted, my tastes often reflect those of a 14-year-old boy, but they shouldn't assume all comics are for little boys.

I'm willing to wait and see if anything we're afraid of happening actually does. But I agree; if they even touch Billy and Teddy, they will feel the wrath. Hell hath no fury like a fangirl scorned.

9/1/2009 #51

Let's face it, Young Avengers is a girls dream. Though I'd love to hear a guys point of view on this site, but I think you are correct to assume that this forum is populated by girls. My tastes also often reflect that of a boy. I love hockey, shopping annoys me and what annoysme is that when you go to a store all the guy shirts are marvel and DC and Transformers and Ninja Turtles, but in the girls section junior or not theres puppies and reainbows and peace signs thats's great, but I want more marvel shirts/

9/1/2009 #52

Reminds me of how I bought a t-shirt with Wolverine on it because Old Navy had an offer that if you bought any Marvel t-shirt, you'd get a special reprint of the first Spider-man comic. The shirt is a boy's large. It's huge on me.

9/1/2009 #53

lol. I'd love to see an "average" teen boy squeeing over Billy and Teddy.

And duuuude, that's a really cool promotional offer.

I keep seeing a Deadpool shirt that I desperately want, but it's all blocky and cut for a boy. Wouldn't fit me at all. :(

9/1/2009 #54

Perfect Example, I did find one at Kohls. It was red it read I need a Hero and had Captain America, Spiderman, Wolverine and the Hulk on it. But they were printed from the old comicbooks.

9/1/2009 #55

Or really, any of the ships. Correct me if I'm wrong, but shipping seems to be a fairly female dominated phenomenon.

9/1/2009 #56

Yes it is, but I mean it would be nice to have a male perspective on the comic book for which his forum was started for.

9/1/2009 #57
Blue Lone Wolf 2574

I want a Young Avengers shirt! Or at least one with Billy and Teddy on it. And yeah I hate the girls section of the stores. Fuckin' gender roles. I wouldn't mind having them in guy sizes but only if I'm gonna put them in frames or something. Sometimes a collector's item is just a collector's item. Though it would be nice if stuff like that came in women's sizes.

9/1/2009 #58

I Young Avengers shirt I'd totally flip over and over and over, especially if it had Billy and Teddy on it, but I do have something. I have a Young Avenger's posted in my room. It had Billy Teddy Eli and Natanial as their alteregoes. In the first volume. So Billy was still Asguardian. But I LOVE IT!!! I want like four more. Well

9/2/2009 #59
Blue Lone Wolf 2574

Posters? Seriously!?? I'm jealous now. The most I've got are fan art and wallpapers for my background. If I had more than that before my death, I'd die a happy girl. But for now, a book and some pics will suffice.

9/2/2009 #60
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