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Karasu had gone back to his barracks and was putting down the last of his paperwork when the intense spritrual power hit him. what the hell is that? He asked himself. The masssive power was that of a hollow, no many hollows he also felt the deaths of countless souls beyond the walls of the Sereitei. He jumped his desk grabbed his Zanpakutou and threw it onto his back, shunpoing out the door towards the source of the chaos, calling to his men to prepare. he jumped over rooftops making his way as quickly as possible.

Power like this. Ive never felt something this strong. He knew he was too far, the people outside were dead, but he could still hold them if he could reach the gate in time. He landed on a building's roof and watched as the gate was destroyed in a massive blast. Menos hollow poured in like a mad crowed. Damn, this is bad. The other captains better get here. He thought as he gripped his sword's hilt and lunged towards the gillians, intent on holding them here at the gate if nothing else.

"This will be fun." His Zanpakutou hissed.

8/24/2010 . Edited 8/24/2010 #361

Hideo looked at all the destruction around him as it unfolded and unlike many of the captains he stay still and quiet, expressionless. He then looked up and saw this slim woman dressed in white. Yea...... that's the one controling this horde....... fuck why are the evil one so good looking...... He thought as he raised up a fist at her. So hot...... so very hot..... hot.... hot.... just look at rack..... fuck...... this sucks so much...... "Hadou 31, Shakkaho....." The word crossed his lip lightly more like a whisper then anything else but the energy that build up in front of his fist was very loud and he pulled it back like a cocking gun then released, his fist plowed forward releasing the blast straight at the arrancar.

8/24/2010 #362

Freya turned to look at the Menos at the entrance ot the soul society, it seemed someone was already taking care of the, she raised her finger and locked on the Shinigami that seemed to fight back the Menos there, but then she widened her eyes and in a blink of an eye she avoided the incoming Kido that exploded a few meter above her, the violent wind that the explosion produced blew through her uniform and stands of hair, she silently look at the Shinigami, A captain, Something familiar about his face an Reiatsu......she narrowed her eyes without saying a word, she could almost remember this guy.

" Who are you ? " A simple question came from her lips as she looked down at the Captain.

8/24/2010 #363

Hideo smiled as he watched the arrancar get over the shock of being attacked so soon in the battle. "Won't have guessed a pretty little girl like you would be interested in my name....." He answered without answering. "So why don't you come down here so we can get to know each other better......" He finished casually, even in the face of pure danger and death Hideo found time to foolishly flirt with the opposite sex.

8/24/2010 #364

Freya remained silent, to then let out a long sigh. " Shinigamis are like this....." She muttered to herself and then to direct to Hideo. " I believe I asked you a question, Shinigami........." she went expressionless for a few second until she raised her hand and swiftly send a Bala to her opponent at high speed. " Bala..." was the only thing she said before sending the attack to her opponent.

8/24/2010 #365

"Snare my enemies, Akuma Chen!" Karasu called out as he drew his sword. The blade changed, morphing around his right and left forearms into a set of shining white gauntlets. The right hand came forward and a 20 ft long chain lashed out, piercing the mask of the hollow at the lead. Karasu yanked the chain backing tearing the monsters face and slashing the one next to it with the bladed links. The first two hollows fell but many more were coming in their wake. He swung the chain overhead bring it down on the closest hollow, splitting it in half.

He landed after the strike and watched as more hollows replaced those he had killed. "Just hold them back." he told himself. He shunpoed aside as a number of Ceros were fired at him, before swinging the chain overhead in a circle and lashing out with horizontal strikes cutting the gillians in rows, dodging ceros with shunpos and all the while only barely managing to hold the hollows advance.

8/24/2010 #366
Lord Zero Master

"Hadou 33, Sokatsui...." Called out a voice from behind Karasu, soon a blue blast enveloped the Cero's canceling them out. "Karasu...... please be more careful not to cause collateral damage........ I mean some of our troops could've been hurt by the stray Cero's." Ikuro said standing their with a serious look on his face. "Now allow me to push them back for you, Hadou 58 Tenran!" Ikuro then held out his palm as a strong whirlwind was blasted towards the Menos pushing them backwards and slowing down their advance.

8/25/2010 #367

Nekoru too felt this feeling of uneasiness, though to him it was not meedlesome at all when compared to staying close to one captain. He clearly recognized what it was, partially because it was familiar with the reiatsu of hollows, though not to this vastity, partially because it was quite difficult not to notice a rip in the sky and a black sea coming out from it, with all the Menos Grande swarming around.

He barely heard Mizu's orders, as he had already shunpo-ed away from him and Haruki, towards the source of the scream and from the towering hollows.

Screw you, Gillians. Screw you, shikai... I've still been trained in taking down an hollow... and I do know about the stupity of those hollows... With a good combination of Kido and swormanship, I'll manage to take out a good number of them, he thought, as he faced the first group of Menos Grande.

The first Gillian attempted to crush Nekoru, but with a pair of flash step, the shinigami easily dodged the hit of the hollow till it was angered and charged a Cero from its mouth. That's when Nekoru used a Kido Spell.

"Bakudo 4: Hainawa!", he said as an enegy rope wrapped around the Gillians arm and will a strong pull, he made it turn just as he blasted the Cero. In the process, three other Menos Grande were destroyed by their companion's attack, through another flock were protected by a Negacion. With a second pull, he made the towering hollow fall and with a swing of his sword, slashed its mask, killing it on the spot.

Four down... - he thought, looking at the other left hollow - One Billion to go!


Along with Freya, there was pretty often another arrancar who followed her. Her name was Marina Juanitas, Freya Legendre's Fraccion. A dark-skinned red-haired voluptous beauty... but her voice and mentality were those of a child! Right now, unfortunately, it did not come as funny or hilarious, but a bit creepy as she was on full predator mode. Marina was in fact among the few arrancar who hadn't overcome their hollow instinct, so was in a perpetual state of morbid hunger.

Now, she was obeyeing to the mistress she adored and helping the other hollows in the conquest of Soul Society. The chaos caused by the Menos and the several souls around were her perfect hunting ground. She hid, her reiatsu masked by the Gillian's incredible number, then, when the poor soul was escaping she jumped from behind with her maws wide open. The only things left were the blood on her mouth, which she did not clean properly. If wounded, she just escaped and healed her taking with a bite a large chunck of the closest Gillian around.

When she felt full of souls, she just threw up, letting out a red toxic liquid which exploded on contact, or let out a large red Cero from her mouth. Usually, she was just a childish fool who could have easily been considered a retard. Now she was a predator.... and Soul Society was her prey.

"Must... Eat... MORE!"; she muttered with her childish voice, her blood thirst never ending.

8/25/2010 #368

"Shakkaho....." Hideo answered as he threw another punch and another crimson red blast shoot towards Freya, on a direct intercept course. The second the bala and kido, a deafening boom ensued as energy turned in on itself most violently, the air cracked with power and blurred object off into the distance. Hideo remained calm with his usual smile on his face. "Now we can do this all day but I don't think we will get anywhere." He used his considerable skill of avoiding question in hopes of drawing the arrancar closer so he could end this without using his zanpaktou......

8/25/2010 #369

Karasu looked at the captain, his face was rather empty to the captains comments. "Much appreciated, Captian Ikuro." he said calmly, before cutting down one of the remaining hollows within the walls. "The rest of the troops should be arriving shortly, if we can hold them here at the walls then we can at lest protect the sereitei." he said to the captain. Karasu was worried about a few of the Menos who had slipped through but he could feel others fighting with them. "Do you know where everyone else is?" he asked Ikuro before returning to swinging his chain at any hollows in reach.

8/25/2010 #370
Lord Zero Master

"Right, but I sense something even more powerful here, and it seems Captain Hideo is confronting it." Ikuro replied calmly drawing his blade and looking at the Menos, "I sent Orimaru to go get the Head Captain so he'll be able to get us some much needed reinforcements, that's if he is even there right now."

8/25/2010 #371
Hikou no Kokoro

Crap . . . reacted too late . . . Haruki thought, immediately perking up and glancing around, noticing the high spiritual pressure around her. She quickly shunpo'd to a group of Gillians. Man . . . These things always makes me think of a Pinochio version of "No Face" from one of those funny movies . . . she noted, watching as one of the giant feet started rushing towards a building. A building that possibly hase people in it. Crap . . . She raced underneath the width of the foot, slicing off the chunk before it landed on the house. However, it crushed the entrance, but she thought it was good enough. Hopefully, nobody was there . . .

((Only on for a sec . . .))

8/26/2010 . Edited 8/26/2010 #372

Freya remained still as the smoke dissipated revealing her opponent on a lower plane than her, not really looking at Hideo but focusing on his Zanpakuto, it had a bit of Hollow energy, just a tiny bit, compressed deep within it, waiting to be exploded, she narrowed her eyes wondering what was a captain of the Gotei 13 doing with Hollow energy, even if it was a tiny bit, if resulted to be an insult for her, she crossed her arms, still wondering. Vizard......she thought, but it was futile to consider him such a halfbreed with that kind of hollow energy, it would have to be exploded somehow, finally the smoke disappeared she raised her hand once more. " Two more left....." she twitched her fingers and another gigantic Garganta Puked the Menos liquid to the ground, replacing and increasing then number of the ones that were already there.

8/26/2010 #373
Lord Zero Master

"Oh you have got to be kidding me......" Ikuro said to himself as he finished off a Gillian, only to see more of them coming out of another Garganta. "Oh well time to get to work." Ikuro then shunpo'd to where the other Menos Grande were. He then pointed a finger at them, "Hado 4 Byakurai!" He yelled as lightning came out of his Finger tip striking one Menos on the side, he then swung his finger to the side as he did so the lightning cut at least three Menos in half. "Who's next?" He then used shunpo to go up into the air and confronting the other Gillian.

8/26/2010 #374

Hideo looked at the garganta then back at Freya, his eyebrow half cocked like this was a totally unexpected turn of events. "Really is that all....." He said disapprovingly like he was her parent before extending his pointer and pinky fingers on his fist. "And what do you mean by two more.....?" He questioned as blue lightening began arcing across his fingers and it was aimed at the arrancar.

8/26/2010 #375
Sono of the Sun

Ranicho had retaken his chair from where hideo was sitting, contemplating more than anything. He understood the current situation was a drastic change and assured that the Espada were causing the whole "hollow increase" recently. He knew the Captains could hold out and with a few more showing up would lock down the Gillian crisis. As well, Hideo was dealing with the Espada himself, which though she was powerful, he knew that the man he grudgingly called his friend would beable to handle her.


Disu cut through one of the last Gillian's that had escaped the other Captain's wall of protection, sheathing his sword after downing the beast. He began tending to those who were wounded and in need of emergency attention, while watching the battle between hideo and the Espada out of the corner of his eye. Such power, that must be one of the strongest espada easily.

8/26/2010 #376
Lord Zero Master

Orimaru appeared in the room with a dash of shunpo, he then bowed before Ranicho, "Head Captain excuse me for barging in, but Ikuro told me to come here to ask for reinforcements due to our current situation."

- - - -

Ikuro continued cut through the Gillian's defeating them slowly one by one, he felt the Espada's presence but felt something else, like another Arrancar but he ignored it and continued to slice at the Gillians. Hopefully once he got finished with them he would be able to help Hideo, since he knew that even though he was skilled... Hideo needed any help that he could get. Taking on an Espada would be suicide when going at it alone, he just hoped that Hideo could handle himself without getting himself killed. If worse came to worse then he would intervene if necessary."

8/26/2010 #377
Sono of the Sun

"Disu has joined in the rear to help the wounded and will join in combat when his first priority is done. My luitenant and 3rd seat aren't around, but they would most likely already felt and where informed of the attack. I can give you my 4th-10th seat to aid you and then request Captain Jin to join you." Ranicho stated, looking out at the dilema. "I would go out and help you myself, but i would rather not hit from behind without someone in the rear to handle them."

8/26/2010 #378

" Nothing of your concern, Shinigami...." She answered as the mass of Menos started spreading once more, she remained silent and looked at Hideo's fingers. " What's that .....Another of your Shinigami techniques ? If you think that'll defeat me you're wrong, Shinigami " She ended again with the label, saying it with despise and anger.

8/26/2010 #379
Lord Zero Master

"That would be appreciated sir, and I understand." Orimaru replied looking at the Head-Captain. 'It seems as though I'm joining this fight after all.'

8/26/2010 #380

"Too bad that's not what I wanted to here......" Hideo said coldly as the sound of thunder crashed the momentary silence. Damn..... why do the cutes ones always play hard to get....... He thought in all the noise. "Hadou 63: Soren Soukatsui......" And lightening shot forth from his hand as two blinding shots of blue energy straight at Freya with enough power to kill several menos in a single strike........

8/26/2010 #381

Freya simply raised her and pointing at the incoming Kido. " Cero......" The suddenly a Crimson Cero fired neutralizing the attack with ease. " Why don't you use your Katana, Sinigami....Isn't that the pride in your race ? " She asked sarcastically as she lowered her hand, it was still not the time to free the last pack Of menos to this slaughter, she looked down at the battle, everything seemed to go acording to plan, some of the lowest Shinigami were killed by the Menos and and others were heavily injured.

8/26/2010 #382

"Where is the fun in that?" Hideo mockingly answered from behind Freya as she finished her question. His foot then came around and down onto the arrancar's shoulder, he knew he wasn't expecting such speed or a hand-to-hand judging from her tactics she had been using. and with at he spun sending another kick into her rib in the hopes of send hurdling towards the rumble, for Hideo so hated fight in the air too much planning as involved to make it work and that wasn't for him.

8/26/2010 #383

Hideo's plan succeeded, she wasn't expecting that quickness in hand to hand combat so early, she was sent through one a few houses down to the floor, making a small earthquake as she crasher. " I really hope all Shinigami men aren't like you......" she sighed and stood up, her Hierro was strong enough to get her withoutinjuries from a hit like that, she Sonidoed a few meters away from Hideo and Unsheathed one of her Zanpakutos. " You leave me no other choice, Shinigami......" as soon as she unsheathed it, in a blink on an eyes she had the tip of her blade a few centimeters from Hideo's eyes, she narrowed her eyes and spoke up. " Rafaga......" the the Zanpakuto got covered in pink Reiatsu that was sot toward Hideo causing an incredible explosion.

8/26/2010 #384

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?", a voice echoed through the whole soul society in an inhuman shriek of frustration. He was no hollow, but an unseated shinigami, Nekoru Mei, who, as he lacked the skills of a captain, was having troubles fighting against so many Menos Grande. He had already killed 4, a very small number, but now that it was sent another swarm, he was getting seriously upset and feeling upstaged. It became evident when another flock of six Menos Grande run after him. After dodging the blow of the first Gillian, Nekoru quickly casted Hadou 1, which sent a push powerful enough to make all the flock of Gillians fall in a Domino effect.

While at first sight it would look cool, Nekoru actually gritted his teeth, thinking: This is an awful amount of collateral damage.

But he had no time to hesitate: he jumped and slashed the masks of the first three hollows, but the fourth stood up and slapped him against a not-so-nearby building, leaving a huge imprint of it. Shrugging off the pain, he stood up, holding his head on one hand and the zanpakuto on another, only to see the Gillian charging up a Cero. Nekoru could have dodged it with some effort, but the building behind him was (as he could hear from the screams) inhabitated, so he had to protect it. He barely manage to end the incantation for Bakudo 39, Enkosen, as the Menos Grande shot the crimson blast. Luckily, the shield remained intact, but a second Gillian punched Nekoru to the side upwards, making him fly.

As he was flying in the air, he sighted something: a familiar black clad man fighting against a woman, or rather an Arrancar, dressed in white, then an explosion. He quickly figured out what was happening.

Captain Hideo-sama is struggling against an Espada. I could help him, he said casting Hado 1 on himself, (dodging the Ceros up in the air) propelling himself towards the side of the main battle, preparing to cast Tsuriboshi to soften the landing.

((Courage without the power to back it up is foolishness - Xantospoc))


Marina, in the meanwhile, was continuing her feasting on souls. Her method was simple: crawling on the walls (she was strong enough to pierce walls with her fingers) she surprised the people inside and devoured them, exploiting the chaos of the Menos Grande. She spotted something inside the building: she looked like a normal human, but, as Marina's Pequias could attest, her reiatsu was much higher.... therefore, she was yummier than the other souls. Licking her lips and letting out a creepy childish giggle, she grabbed her zanpakuto and threw it through the wall.

If the blow landed correctly, she would have wrapped her zanpakuto around Haruki and forced her out of her building, hopefully in her jaws.

Must.... eat.... more, she thought as she performed the action.


A small jellyfish-like creature was floating around and, all of sudden, shot a long series of Hado 4, Byakurai, destroying a pair of Menos Grande, and was followed by another Kido spell much more powerful. Captain Matasaki had been monitoring this interesting activity of Menos Grande in Soul Society. But as she saw their number was too much vast, she let her lieutenant handle the monitors! He would contact her through her soul phone in case the situation worsened. She did not find fighting amusing at all... actually, she was being pissed off and wanted to destroy enough of them so she could return relaxing and writing poetry. Of course, she would have needed some help from the captain who had been tracking down.

I have always suspected that a black sea would have destroyed the city and then devoured the whole word, but what will be more futile: our struggling, of being possessing sentence and who are trying to stop the unevitable, or the Gillian's, who are not even able to understand what's going on in their foolish mindlessness, she thought proclaiming her gothic poetry.

Finally, she found a pair her colleagues, and, lazily waving at them, greeting them in her usual way.

"Hello handsomes!", she said as her zanpakuto, the floating jellyfish, kept destroying the Menos Grande.

8/27/2010 . Edited 8/27/2010 #385
Lord Zero Master

Ikuro continued to dispatch of the Menos Grande with ease. All he needed was his blade and his Kido skills, "A Captain can dispatch these things with ease...... and it's a good thing there's more than one Captain here, and possibly more coming in the long run." Ikuro then continued his attacks against the Gillian's noticing Nekoru heading towards the Espada and Hideo, 'Is that kid insane?! He's going to get himself killed in two seconds!' He was about to go after him but not before he almost got crushed by a passing Gillian. He then noted three situations, an Arrancar among the Gillian's, an Espada facing a Captain, and Gillian's that are coming in swarms.

8/27/2010 #386

'Arrancar...' The first division lieutenant noted in anger, finally arriving at the sight of the battle and drawing and Zanpaktou without the slightest bit of hesitation. "Enshroud, Kuragari!" His Zanpaktou split into two almost immediately and he took each sword into his hands, leaping into the fray and firing black exploding orbs from each of his Zanpaktou blades. They were simply called 'Bakufuu' and would splatter like a liquid when coming into contact with something... But then they would explode violently. Two gillian's heads burst into explosions just a few seconds after the attacks hit. Hiraku peeked at the battle between Hideo and the Arrancar, grimacing. 'I wonder who will win?'

8/27/2010 #387

And in that blink of eye Hideo was off to the side of her blade, the blast of pink Reiatsu raging right next to his face taking several strands of hair with it. I too old for this shit....... He thought as he reached out and threw a hail of punches into Freya's stomach. He knew the hierro of this arrancar was tough and he adjusted his strike accordingly, first was a jab. Hideo was focusing on making sure she would feel each strike as it landed, next was a fierce strike with his knuckles. It has been so long since I had to fight like this...... He took a shallow breathe as he shot in with three fingers going for a main pressure point, and finally he copped a nice feel of her breast that also doubled a palm strike to knock her away. Damn....... "Nice rack....." He let that quietly slip as he finished his assault.

8/27/2010 #388

In the meanwhile, Nekoru had finally landed, using a bunch of trees to make the Turiboshi and gracefully avoidind to fall and be splatted against the ground. He quickly turned his face and saw what Hideo was doing.

It's nice the fact he's been holding the upper hand - Nekoru thought with a smile - I might even end up not having to end up much... Lucky me, getting on the good side of a captain AND without doing much either ;)

After Hideo said something which Nekoru could not listen but assumed it was a proclamation of justice, he aimed at making a coup the grace: raising the hand, he aimed at Freya and said just 4 words.

"Hado 4, Byakurai!", he said finally casting the Kido spell, a large blast aimed to kick Freya as he was down, so that Hideo could make a coup de grace. Brave man Nekoru ain't, and she still was way too powerful to defeat in a fair duel.


8/27/2010 #389

Freya was blown away, crushing several building on the way, the punches pierced through her Hierro, it was pain she haven't felt in quite a long time, she stood up and the rubble and the dust fell from her clothing, it wasn't very clean anymore, her abdomen ached but it was nothing she couldn't bare, she looked at Hideo and narrowed her eyes, How long it has been since she had to fight like this ? Ah....... that Arrancar, she remembered, a slight pout could be seen on her eyebrows. " Ridiculous...." Freya stated as she raised her hand to stop the incoming Kido. " Trying to fight against me with that kind of power ?................How vane..... " Freya moved Her hand Gracefully and without any effort the deflected the Kido back at Nekoru.

8/27/2010 #390
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