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This thread is pretty self-explainatory. Introduce yourself, what you'd like to be called and any pet peeves or details about yourself that you'd like to share -- and maybe even how you came across Pandora Hearts!

Anyway, I should probably go ahead and start. I'm VampireGirl148, but I prefer to go by Eri. This is my first forum, so any advice or suggestions about running this forum will be appreciated.

8/23/2009 #1

Hi, Eri. Well let's see. When you started going on and on and on and on in the TWEWY forum about Pandora Hearts, I figured that I should go check it out! and here I am, a fanatic!

Well, annoyance has some good outcomes.

I like to be called Jared, not SC, or Will, or anything like that.

Um, I hate to think of my pet peeves, so I won't list them, but I'll say something about Eri nice and loud. She's a stickler for good grammar. She was once called a "Grammar NAZI!"

But, yeah, That's pretty much me.


8/27/2009 #2


I don't care about the bad grammar you may or may not have! I promise I'll be nice!!

lol /jk

Anyway, yeah, I am kinda a grammar freak, but oh well. -flicks Jared on the forehead-

8/27/2009 #3

I'm new but i LOVE pandora hearts !!!!

I was visiting the states over summer and while I was at my cousin's house I found a copy of Yen magazine on the cofee table. I think It was the third or fourth retrace and I found it interesting so when I got home i went on manga fox and read all of the chapters up to 40. I'm sad that there aren't any new ones out yet. I also started watching the anime latley.

Please pardon my grammar and spelling. I live in germany and speak german most of the day. ( I still read english books ... )

Anyways I love pandora hearts. I'd gladly help with the rp as Echo/Zwei (that's 2 in german) , Vincent and the Cheshire Cat!

9/28/2009 #4


-laughs- Yeah, we do need to get that rp going again. It's cool that you live in Germany. Not a lot of people speak German at my school.

Nice choices on the characters, by the way. Vincent is so funny~. Have you seen the special episodes? They're hilarious. And mostly for fanservice. lol

Anyway, I hope you have a great time here!

10/3/2009 #5


Hajimashite, Just call me Elli. This forum looked fun and friendly, plus I love pandora hearts! eh...about me...I'm 5''4...female...I have a huge phobia of wasps and clowns....I like solving and hair...I love sweets and anime....erm...///' sorry, I get so introverted....even though I may sound real confident in my profile. -_-' I got into pandora hearts? I saw some video on youtube, the opening theme I think, and I decided to watch it. :3

I hope to get much discussion.^^

11/8/2009 #6
The Lost and Forgotten

Heyy I'm The Lost and Forgotten... I love pandora hearts and I just stumbled across this forum...

PLEASE don't call me The Lost and Forgotten... It's such a mouth full...

Either Call me Vanzza, or atleast TLAF...

Anyways ello~

6/26/2010 #7
Katy Starcatcher

OH NOOOOOO!!!!! I'M LAATE!!!!!! Okay, my name is Katy Starcatcher. i luv Pandora Hearts and Persona 4. I luv Break. XD

Call me Katy, if you please...

7/30/2010 #8

hi! I'm fremylace55!! I love Pandora hearts and I ship oz x Alice. hope ya all could be friends

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