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THE COMPLETE FFX GAME SCRIPT (including all the no-named NPCs):

I compiled this over the years because I started noticing that all the NPCs in Besaid, and many of the NPCs in Kilika, are recurring characters, even though they don't have names. Besaid's NPCs, especially, have definite personalities, some of them with minor backstories.

There are other "Complete" scripts out there, but they're still not quite as complete -- I've got some optional cutscenes they don't, plus, since I labeled each NPC, if you're crazy enough, you can follow them through the game.

Often, after a major plot event, you'll find that various parts of Spira are discussing it. So everyone takes sides after Yuna's called a traitor -- Besaid starts fighting the temple to protect her! -- and there's a time when the Crusaders are out of favor, but then, after Bevelle starts acting dictatorial and declaring martial law, a lot of places change their minds and start siding with the Crusaders again.

Little details like that flesh out the world of FFX -- and can be useful for adding realism to our fanfiction!

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