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A toolbox of useful info for writers of FFX fanfiction: the game script, maps, NPC names, Spira's timeline, backstory about the characters and world from Squaresoft's Ultimania guides, and more!
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This thread is a compendium of useful resources based on CANON (the script or supplemental material produced by Square-Enix) to help you track down niggling points of backstory, NPC names, the history and geography of Spira, and much more.


A fan translation of the Spira timeline in Squaresoft's Final Fantasy X: Ultimania Omega Guide (which was only published in Japanese)

A few minor translation corrections:


Best map I've found:

Fan Translation of the in-game map, with a few more places labelled!


I've got screencaps of most of the FFX NPCS here:

And your best stop for FFX screencaps of in-game cutscenes -- NOT just FMVs -- is Blue Laguna:

Spira Entry on Final Fantasy Wikia

I'm hesitant to include this because it's fan research, not canon. But there's great screencaps and good info. Just remember, we don't always know the source for this info (the game's developers, or fan interpretation):

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In addition to the "REAL" History of Spira linked to above, there's a ton of great resources for fanfic writers in pmog's thread. Here's an index of all the fascinating information about Spira that pmog translated from Squaresoft's Ultimania guides to FFX:

HISTORY OF SPIRA ACCORDING TO TEMPLES OF YEVON (the "censored" version that most of the PCs know):








Notes on Belgemine:

Alas, pmog wore out before translating Rikku's story and Yuna's story. Does anyone know where to find them?


"ALL AVAILABLE CHARACTER HEIGHTS (IN CENTIMETRES) Rikku - 158 Yuna 161 Lulu - 167 (175 with heels and hair) Jyscal, Tidus - 175 Auron - 182 Seymour - 187 Wakka - 188 Jecht - 190 Cid - 192 Kimahri Ronso - 204 Yenke Ronso - 240 Biran Ronso - 250 Seymour's about 6'1 (about Wakka's height), and Kimahri's about 6'7. The apparent discrepancy could be an illusion because of depth perception, a graphical model/scale mistake, or just Seymour's hair. Jyscal's about Tidus' height (5'7)."




Translation of the Hymn of the Fayth (I've seen line 2 translated as "Dream, Child of Prayer"):

The exact lyrics for the Hymn of the Fayth are as follows: i e yu i no bo me no re n mi ri yo ju yo go ha sa te ka na e ku ta ma e Taken at face value, those "words" are pure gibberish. However, they are an anagram of actual Japanese lyrics. Properly arranged, those would be: inore yo ebon ju yumemiyo inorigo hatenaku sakae tamae That can be loosely translated as: Pray, Yu Yevon Dream, oh fayth Be forever prosperous

ALSO: TRANSLATIONS OF EXCERPTS FROM FF X-2 ULTIMANIA GUIDE (with a little more on history of sphere, pyreflies, dresspehers etc):


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Fans have done a lot of research on the characters' names. Their findings are posted on this Final Fantasy Character Names Origins guide:

Remember, this isn't canon, but rather, fans' best attempts to decipher the names.

Tidus - Supposedly pronounced Tee-duh, but they went with the Americanized "Tie-dus" in Kingdom Hearts. According to fan research on Name Origins ( it's derived from the old honorific for the Okinawan king which meant "child of the sun."

Yuna - "Yuna" (Yuu-na) is also from the Ryukyu dialect, and means "night," and also refers to the hibiscus flower, which is called "yuna" because of the fact that it is more open at night than during the day. Tara Mars mentions that this flower also decorates Yuna's outfit and jewelry."

Auron - many (including me) speculated his name is derived from Latin aurum, gold, or aurora, aura, words for dawn and light, but the -on ending appears Greek, not Latin. Hm.

Lulu - someone claims this means "famous warrior maiden," but I'd like confirmation... i.e. a language. Other fans point to suspicious with Louise Brooks ( FFX's Yojimbo seems partly film-derived, after all.

Wakka - supposedly "Water" in the Ainu language of Hokkaido. This clicks with me; the Ainu are an unusual ethnic group in northern Japan. (

Kimahri - that page says "Kimari means 'settlement', 'conclusion', 'regulation', 'rule', and 'custom' in Japanese." I'm wondering if we've got the wrong Kimahri, as that doesn't seem to fit.

Rikku - no known connection to anything. (Run it through an Al Bhed translator, and you get "huggo" :) )

Belgemine - seems to derive from berugu and mine, "mountain" and "peak, ridge". The translator flailed on why. I'd point to the geography of Remiem, although I'm not sure.

Calli - "light"

That's it for translations (there's a few more on that page, but I'm lazy).

Also, Brother's name in Japanese is Aniki. That seems less odd to me!


We have a whole slew of names in Final Fantasy X, mostly thanks to Blitzball players having names. We don't know what they mean, but they may help you imitate them to design your own Spiran names.


Chappu, Lulu (she doesn't look native), Yuna (Bevelle import), Wakka

Luzzu and Gatta

Jassu, Letty, Keepa, Botta

Vilucha (woman in Besaid house, first on right, married to unnamed fisherman who's always worrying Sin's going to get him while he's supporting his family)

Jassu admits he always knew about Yuna's Al Bhed ancestry. I have a hunch he may be Al Bhed (partly) himself, due to the blond hair. He's the only non Al Bhed who's blond.

Note that Besaid has a lively weavers industry and seems known for its fabrics; there's a couple weavers and a few other people trading or interested in selling Besaid fabrics.


Since Lord Ohalland came from here, and he was a great Blitzball player, even the clergy seem blitz-addicted.

Vurocha (the captain with the eyepatch, swimming around)

Isken (I think he's the guy who loses his memory, but I get him mixed up with the next guy)


Kulukan (the female barkeep, love that name)

Deim (in temple, always teasing...)

Nizarut (goalie, guy who's always showing off his victory pose in temple)

Mep (priest in temple who plays blitzball)

Tatts (fisherman ? on dock who loses his memory for a while because of Sin's toxin, then finds out he lost his family)


Graav, Bickson, Raudy, Abus, Doram, Balgerda (last two are women)

Bobba, Jimma - Annoying sphere announcers on PA system

Shaami (annoying female reporter)

Zalitz (I think this is the young Crusader in the sphere theater)

Wedge, Biggs (of course! Guards to Luca stadium's main gate)

Jumal (nervous father on bench in Luca Square)

Shuu (woman in what looks like lobsterback uniform in Luca Cafe)

Al Bhed Names

Rin, Shinra, Cid (heh), Rikku, Brother/Aniki

Al Bhed Psyches: Berrik, Eigaar, Nimrook, Blappa, Judda (female), Lakkam (female)

Linna (woman who looks like Nhadala in FFX-2, sitting outside Macalania Temple saying it's cold)

Naida (woman in bikini in Calm Lands Agency)

Ropp (receptionist in Mi'ihen Highroad Agency)

Nedus (guy in gas mask on Luca dock 2(?)

Bilghen (mentioned as creator of Lightning Towers in Thunder Plains long ago)

Guado Names

Seymour (not like anyone else's name)


Tromell (note spelling, which i tend to screw up)

Giera Guado, Zazi Guado, Navara Guado, Auda Guado, Pah Guado, Noy Guado, Yuma Guado


Basik Ronso, Irga Ronso (female), Zev Ronso, Gazna Ronso, Nuvy Ronso (female), Argai Ronso, Zamzi Ronso, Kelk Ronso



Yo Mika (his full name from Ultimania Guide)

Wen Kinoc

Lucil, Elma, Clasko

Omega (gratuitous Final Fantasy name like Cid; in this case a heretical priest from 600 ? years ago)

Trema (FFX-2)

Baralai (FFX-2)

Isaaru (summoner)

Mi'ihen (founder of Crusaders)

Maroda, Pacce

Belgemine (summoner)

Zuke (ex-summoner)

Ginnem (ex-summoner)

Dona, Barthello

Braska, Yocun, Ohalland, Gandof, Yunalesca (Zanarkand, of course), Zaon (ditto)

Miscellaneous Locations

Maechen (FFX-2 claims he's from Zanarkand)

Kiyuri -- busy, brusque sailor who chews out Tidus for being clueless a few times on the S.S. Winno (I borrowed her as my ship captain some years later)

Kyou -- Crusader who gives up after Operation Mi'ihen and guards Djose Temple. He's on the bridge in front of the temple and looks like Beclem in X-2.

Miyu -- female crusader on bench on north side of Moonflow, just before road to Guadosalam

Mifurey -- Only one line, but she makes the most of it. Very friendly receptionist in the Thunder Plains Travel Agency. I dont think she's Al Bhed, but it's hard to tell.

Svanda -- Chocobo trainer in Calm Lands

Durren -- Crusader in Gorge on north end of Calm Lands

Calli -- girl on Mi'ihen Highroad


Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva, Bahamut, Magus Sisters (Cindy, Mindy, and who's the praying mantis? I forget), Yojimbo, Anima


Nhadala (female Al Bhed), Toblii (wth is this guy?!), Shinra (Al Bhed), Buddy (uuuh..), Nooj, Paine, LeBlanc, Gippal, Baralai, Yaibal, Ormi, Logos, Lenne (Zanarkand), Shuyin (Zanarkand), Vidina (means "the future" in Al Bhed, may not be a typical name)


The northern continent of Spira is called "Wilderia Continent" in the Ultimania Guide. The southern continent is "Djose Continent."

Baaj, Besaid, Bikanel (with the Sanubia Desert), Kilika, Luca, Mi'ihen Highroad, Djose, [St.] Bevelle, Zanarkand, Mt. Gagazet, Calm Lands, Thunder Plains, Guadosalam, Moonflow (yes, I know, totally out of order... this is mostly reference to help with spelling)

Miscellaneous Names

Based on models, it seems Cid's airship is the Fahrenheit. Which goes right along with the Celsius in X-2. (Which suggests Kelvin as a logical name as well)

SS Winno - Ferry from Kilika to Luca

SS Liki - Ferry from Besaid to Kilika

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Most people know how to find Al Bhed translators like:

But did you know there's a ton of inscriptions in the backgrounds of Final Fantasy X, many using a Yevon alphabet?


Some of the characters marked with secondary meanings in Japanese appear when you open the special treasure chests in each Cloister of Trials, and are used in Baaj Cloister and Zanarkand Dome's Cloister puzzles as symbols for the various temples... I can't remember which goes with which temple (or aeon).

Here are Spiran fonts plus screencaps from the Ultimania Guide showing their use in the game. A TON of tiny little inscriptions are translated here, if you can squint hard enough:

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Did you know? The following words are not normally capitalized in the game:

fayth, aeon, fiend, pyreflies, sinspawn, guardian, summoner, warrior monk, maester, machina, spheres, temples, teachings (as in "Yevon's teachings"), chocobo, shoopuf


Tidus: Being a guardian's tiring!

Tidus: So, what are these "sinspawn" anyway?

Auron: That Kinoc, a maester?

Wakka: But you Al Bhed use the forbidden machina!

Wakka: It's in Yevon's teachings! Not that you'd know!

Auron: The fayth are the ones that give power to the summoners.

I can't figure out whether specific monsters like sand wolves and epaaj would be capitalized. I'm guessing not, since sinspawn and shoopuf aren't, but I often forget this fact.


titles of particular rooms or things, such as the Chamber of the Fayth, Hymn of the Fayth, the Fayth Scar, the Final Aeon, the Final Summoning

when referring to a person by Title + Name: "But, Maester Seymour, sir..." "My Lady Summoner!" "That's a statue of High Summoner Braska."

Titles of Respect

When referring to someone's job, the job isn't capitalized, anymore than he's a librarian is capitalized. For example: Shelinda: Why, yesterday they called me out of the blue and made me captain of the guard!

But when referring to job title followed by personal name, both are capitalized.

Examples: He is a maester. "Yes, Captain Lucil." Speak to the base commander. "Lady Yuna!"

Also, when using a special military or religious rank in direct address, i.e. speaking directly to the person of that rank, one capitalizes the rank even if the name doesn't follow the title:

Elma: Yes, Captain, sir! [see below about "sir"]

I'm guessing that meyvn works the same way as maester, although I haven't verified it by checking X-2: Meyvn Nooj, but He is the mevyn of the Youth League.

Sir, milady, lady, ma'am:

On the other hand, titles like "lady" and "sir" are not capitalized, even in direct address, unless followed by a personal name.

Examples: "Yes, sir!", "Yes, ma'am!" or "Thank you, my lady." "Sir Auron!" "Look, it's Lady Yunalesca!"

Sir, lady, ma'am, etc are different from words like Captain and Maester, because the former are just general terms of respect for people of no particular rank. The latter are special terms used within organizations. See the difference?

Note that at other times Luzzu and Elma call Captain Lucil "ma'am."

Just to be confusing, Your Grace is always capitalized in the game, probably because it only ever appears in direct address "Yes, Your Grace!" It's used for Seymour. I think it's also used for Mika, which means it must be a standard title of respect for maesters.

Organizations in Spira

The Crusaders have stations called lodges. Not capitalized. I suspect they may capitalize them if they're using the full title. For instance, one might refer to the Besaid Lodge. But:

Wakka: About the Crusaders, you can ask them yourself. They've got a lodge in the village.When the formal, official organization (or whatever you want to call it) of maesters is used, much like the U.S. Senate, it's capitalized:

Lulu: That's Wen Kinoc, one of the Four Maesters of Yevon. He leads the warrior monks, and also commands the Crusaders.

Confusingly, the Crusaders are capitalized, but the warrior monks aren't. I guess it's like the difference between the Green Berets (a special fighting unit) and the police.

NOTE about military hierarchy: We don't get much detail about ranks, but in FFX-2, Lucil is promoted from captain to commander. Odd, since it's the other way around in most military organizations that use those titles.

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Thanks for this. If only I'd known this thread was here before I started my fanfic, then I wouldn't now be worrying about contradictions. Never mind, I'll just have to wave my creative license around if anyone calls me on it.

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