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Madwoman with a box

Disclaimer: this idea belongs to duduerfugly, it is a great idea and I wished I owned it though.

Here you can have you characters go through their villainous, heroic, law abiding etc. what ever kind of lives they have, but with all the added drama, danger, and drastic circumstances of high school.

8/30/2009 #1

"So you wanna go make out?" Lilia asked some random boy in the halls. She needed something to distract her and she was particulary good with that sort of stuff.

"No you freak! Stay the hell away from me!"

Lilia smiled. Just one more person on her hit list.

For Lilia high school was a horrible purgatory. She was swimming with a bunch of stupid fish and couldn't get out. She belonged with all the other great villains out there in Gotham, not here at this crappy high school. She had no friends nor anyone to talk to. She was alone and liked it that way. She was simply call "The Freak".

Just as she was walking down that hall some cocky kid walked up to her.

"So Freak, you wanna make-out huh?

"Yeah, you in?"

"Sure." He lifted his eyebrows, almost doubting her. He thought they were actually going to... you know, do it. How cute.

Lilia only knew where this would lead. He had no idea.

The bell rang and Lilia walked off to the area behind the cafeteria. No one would find them there. As she walked away the boy followed in excitement. She looked back, giving her stupid admirer a seducing smile. She didn't really care about him. She just needed something to do... someone to kill.

10/1/2009 . Edited 10/1/2009 #2
Madwoman with a box

Ellda sat facing the school counseler, the fourth school counseler so far. Others were dead, had quit or had been sent to the asylum. She wasn't sure why exactly but she ha to come here once a day, in fact it was listed as one of her classes. Ellda remebered they always talked about killing people for some reason. She smiled madly thinking maybe the counseler liked killing too.

"Do you remember why you're here?" He asked Ellda shook her head and the counseler sighed as though he had said this many times, "We are trying to find out why you like murder."

"I gave the right answers on all those tests." Ellda pouted knowing she had answered her sanity test correctly,well maybe not but she had been bored who could blame her for doodling?

"You drew pictures of bloody corpses Ellda. You failed every test. Now why did you kill all those poeple?"

"I like to that's all. It's a hobby like scrapbooking and sowing. I''l show you." Ellda said grabbing a paper clip and unfolding it. She showed it to the counseler for a minute before gouging it into his neck, "See? A hobby darlin', but... oops! You dead ain't cha? My bad!" Ellda said laughing as she walked out. She stopped at the secratary's desk, "He's deadish, I think you need one that's more alive." Ellda skipped out of the office. This class was over there was time to kill....

10/1/2009 #3

He had her against the wall, lowering his face and kissing the edge of her jaw, "So freak face..."

"Shut up, just shut up!" Lilia started unbuttoning his shirt violently and pulled out her knife.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!!! Get away from me!"

Before he could say anything else she slit his throat and cut both his arms deep to his bone.

She set him down on the ground after his heart beat decreased and washed the blood off her hands in the bathroom, not before see a strange girl trot out of the office, and returned to the scene of the crime.

"HELP!!! Somebody HELP!!! He's dead!" It wasn't long before school officials came. Her work was finished.

10/3/2009 . Edited 12/29/2009 #4
Madwoman with a box

Ellda heard someone screaming. She wasn't quite sure about what but Ellda liked screaming. Ellda followed the sound, and as she got closer she realized that the smell of blood was getting really strong. Ellda touched a sticky spot on her coat, definetly not enough to be causing this smell. Ellda walked out a back door and if she had been a normal person she would have gagged at the smell and the sight. Ellda went down on her knees and slowly reached a hand forward and felt it touch bloody skin.

"I got competition." Ellda muttered to herself.

10/4/2009 #5

Lilia walked back to class after the police had found her. She had sobbed so hard then that she was sure she had convices them. All it took was tears and flirting. She let out a light chuckle. What idiots. Just as she was about to enter the classroom she heard footsteps at the end of the hall.

It was the blind girl, no one special. What did interest her was the dried blood that stained her gloves. Before she could get to close, Lilia walked into her class. No need to get in trouble just yet. Just as she got to her seat her teacher completed the lesson and the students began on their homework. Suddenly she heard her teacher talking on the phone in the back of the room quietly.

"Have you heard... Yeah two murders... In ONE day!!! If there's anymore I might just quit. I denfinetly don't want to die."

That meant Lilia had some compeition.

10/15/2009 . Edited 12/28/2009 #6
Madwoman with a box

The next day Ellda walked into the counselers office and sat down not expecting them to have a new counceler but having been blamed for two murders in one day could make even her cautious.

"Hello Ellda." Said Jeremiah Arkham

"This is the fastest I've ever gotten a new counseler, You've got to be as crazy as I am to take this job." Ellda said giggling.

"Do you like it here, in gotham?"

"Yeah, this whole town is crazy! Whats not to like?" This statement was followed by more laughing on Ellda's part.

"Then i'll make a deal with you... you won't kill me and will at least try to stop being crazy, and you won't get sent to a mental institution on the other side of the states."

Ellda was quiet, they couldn't send her away.. could they? They didn't have crazies in the west like they did here, "I will.....trrryyy."

"We have a deal then."

Jeremiah looked over the list he had been writing while they where talking:

Possible causes of insanity

1)Identity crisis


3)Loss of perception of reality

4)ultra sensory perception


6)Maligant narcissism

7)Antisocial personality disorder

8)any combination of the above

This wasn't going to be easy.

10/18/2009 #7
Fullmetal Knight

In the halls was Dick Grayson as he looked unsure and glanced around. He had been adopted by Bruce Wayne, the richest man in Gotham and hopefully no one recognized him yet

11/3/2009 #8
Madwoman with a box

Ellda walked to her next class glumly. Walked....Usually she cartwheeled or skipped or ran, never walked. That was one of his rules. She had to walk, She had t go to class, she couldn't have her hat or her mask and tommorow she couldn't bring her bloodstained ringmasters outfit. Maybe it would have been easier to get sent to the other coast. How hard would it be to break out of an asylum and come back? Ellda was so absorbed in her fictional plans of getting sent away she didn't bother to listen for any one coming her way and walked into another boy n the hallway.

11/4/2009 #9

The end of school had finally come. It was really becoming a bother at times for Lilia. If she killed too much people would start to suspect something. She sat in her car in the parking lot smoking with the radio on high, subtly rocking her head to the music. She had trained classically for a few years and could play but it wasn't something she chose to do often. She had come out with an appreciation of music though; plus she particularly liked this song.

I can't decide whether you should live or die...

"Crap," Lilia mumbled as some of her knives fell off the restraint at her hip. As she picked them up Lilia saw someone in the corner of her eye. It was the blind girl again walking awkwardly towards a classroom.

"Finally, I think I've found someone interestingly insane here," Lilia grinned as she turned on the engine and drove away, determined to find her the next day.

Oh, you'll probably go to heaven

Please don't hang your head and cry

No wonder why

My heart feels dead inside

It's cold and hard and petrified

Lock the doors and close the blinds

We're going for a ride.

12/28/2009 . Edited 12/28/2009 #10
Madwoman with a box

" Do I even have 'normal' clothes?" Ellda muttered as she dug through a box full of mostly knives.

Then she stood up smiling, "I can steal he never said i can't steal. I'm gonna go rip off macy's!" Ellda said laughing,"i never thought i'd say that."

2/3/2010 #11

Lillia sat in her room... alone. She really needed wanted a sense of normalcy today, as odd as it seemed for her. She began to talk to herself. She didn't have a roommate so she could do whatever she wanted.

"I check the mall and see who needs to be taught a lesson. What else is there to do?" She walked towards the door and put on her coat, "I heard they have a sale at Macy's."

2/4/2010 #12
Madwoman with a box

Ellda walked around the store afeeling all of the clothes, she was sure that what she was picking wasn't color cordinated. Not that she would ever be able to tell. She traced the rows rows of rhinestones on a t-shirt she had grabbed and, for the second time that day, walked head on into some one (Lillia),

2/6/2010 #13

Lillia was walking through the mall when suddenly she bumped into someone.

"Watch where you're going idiot!" she grabbed at the person's collar until she saw who it was. The blind girl... Ellda, right?

"Oh... hi. Sorry about that. I thought you were my ex." Lillia smiled and began profusely apologizing. She didn't actually have an ex-boyfriend (they were all dead), but she didn't want Ellda to get the wrong idea about her now. After all, Lillia wanted to torture her later.

2/7/2010 #14
Madwoman with a box

Ellda would have liked to come up with any number of snappy comebacks about the girl and her ex. however considering the absence of lethal weaponry in her pockets and how pissed off this person had been a minute ago decided it would be best not to do anything she might regret.

"If you do find your ex, which I am not, when you bury him put lye in the pit, the body will decompose faster."

2/23/2010 #15

Meanwhile, Erin stood at reception, smiling sweetly at the receptionist. Who was looking nervous, understandably when the girl in front of her was not only a Moroni but also a former Arkham inmate. "Thank you" Erin said taking her timetables and heading down the corridor. She turned the corner, and headed to the mall, where she saw two girls fighting "Not interupting am I?"

3/1/2010 . Edited 3/1/2010 #16
Madwoman with a box

(Ellda and Lilia are at the mall)

3/1/2010 #17

(Really? *reads back* doh! I'll edit it)

3/1/2010 #18
Madwoman with a box

"That depends on whether she still thinks I'm her ex." Ellda said turning her head to face Lilia. Would she still want to kill Ellda, in front of witnesses?

(We might have to wait a few days for her to reply cause she just moved.)

3/1/2010 #19

(Ok I'll go on the normal Gotham thread then :D)

3/2/2010 #20

Lilia looked at the girl who had interrupted her.

"Oh, no, it was an accident. I'm really sorry about that. My ex and I broke up months ago and he's dying to see me again. Practically stalking me." Lilia internally chuckled at her stupid joke, if only they knew how true that was. "I just thought she was someone else. No big deal." Lilia gave her an encouraging smile.

"Well, I better be off then. Nice meeting you Ellda." She looked towards the other girl. "Nice to meet you too. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some shopping to do."

Lilia began walking away towards the juniors section, hoping the other girl would follow. Ellda would probably understand what she was about to do (kill and all) so she wouldn't follow, after all she did offer some useful advice about dead bodies, so she could live for a while. In the mean while, that girl would have to do.

Lilia quickly checked her knives and syringes hidden under her skirt as she pulled down her v-neck a little and widened her smile as she walked up to a teenage boy who worked there. His eyes widened, drifting to her chest, as she walked up to him.

She giggled flirtatiously before she asked, "Hi, I in a hypothetical situation, you know, for fun, could a body fit in those garment bags?"

(Muahahahahahaha! I've finally posted!)

3/4/2010 . Edited 3/4/2010 #21
Madwoman with a box

(Yay! and now you can't seduce dr Arkham.)

Ellda sighed and ran her finger over the pattern on the shirt again. Shopping was just not all it was cut out to be. Cutting, as long as I don't kill them....... or stalking.... following not stalking, following. Ellda tossed the clothes on the nearest rack and immeadiatly set off after Lilia. That girl was wierd but it was her kind of wierd.

(ps; we're still on with the seduce/killing of prince william?)

3/4/2010 #22

Erin had an odd feeling about these girls, like they could have been in Arkham with her, except they hadn't. But they definitely had the potential. "Hey" She called to Ellda "Wait up"

3/5/2010 #23
Madwoman with a box

"Hurry then, or I can't follow her." Ellda said agitated. To hell with Dr. Arkham she really wanted to kill some one, she would just have to be careful....maybe.

3/6/2010 #24

Erin fell into step beside Ellda and whistled a little tune " You know that shirt back there suited you" She continued with typical high school girl chatter, but underneath she was tense as a coiled spring, after all you could never be too careful.

3/7/2010 #25

It had been almost fifteen minutes and she'd finally finished with him. The storage closet was cramped as she left the still convulsing young teenager with a teasing kiss. He had yet to recover from his high to realise what had happened. She'd slit his wrists and injected him with a heroin overdose before she'd stuffed his soon-to-be-dead body in a garment bag.

Lilia quickly made herself look presentable, fixing her clothes and licking the blood off her fingers before walking outside, leaving the garment bag in the closet.

She couldn't go too far before seeing her next victims. Ellda and the other girl were walking in her direction. Lilia swiftly walked to a clothing rack and picked up a dress.

"Pretty..." she cooed. She'd handle them later, after all, she had plenty of death wishes to answer and there was no rush.

3/7/2010 . Edited 3/7/2010 #26
Madwoman with a box

"I couldn't tell, doesn't really matter I can always come back." Ellda muttered hearing a door close.

"Pretty.." Lilia cooed, Ellda walked over to her.

"Whadya do?"

3/7/2010 #27

It wasn't long before Ellda made her way over to where Lilia was standing.

"Whadya do?" she asked.

"Well aren't you curious to know," Lilia replied, lightly tapping Ellda's nose."I finished up some buisness with one of the employees. We decided to have some fun but he got boring." She pouted slightly and turned her back, giving her full attention to the dress as she held it against herself in front of a mirror. It was a little short but she didn't care. It was cute and reminded her of something Audrey Hepburn would wear. She might actually try to keep this dress blood free.

"If you don't mind, I'm going to go try this on." Lilia walked to the dressing room. She didn't really want to try it on, she knew it would look perfect, but Lilia wanted to see Ellda's reaction.

3/7/2010 #28
Madwoman with a box

"Fashion is overated, I don't know what I pick out and I'm just fine. Doc has something about me needing to wear 'normal' clothes." Ellda said brightly talking some what to herself.

Ellda began running her hands over clothes on the rack by the dressing rooms picking out a pair of slacks, a print t-shirt and a jacket. Normal clothes, like crazies aren't normal around here.

3/7/2010 #29

Erin was watching them out of the corner of her eye, while pocketing various piecies of jewelery that took her fancy. "If you ask me normal is overrated. In fact in this city it's pure hypocrisy."

3/8/2010 #30
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