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Casual role playing forum for batman. I know its in the nolanverse section but Its really more of a Batman Misc. Ocs welcome, probably in need of new canons too.
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Jejune Nightshade

Alice followed after her quietly, glancing around for signs that they had been discovered.

(Who wants to be crane?)

11/15/2010 #541
The Crimson Nutcase

(no idea, but i am off to sleep now anyway)

Jean didn't hear anything and the lack of sound was starting to get to her

11/15/2010 #542
Jejune Nightshade

(Night. And should I do 'im?)"

"You ok?" Alice asked, noticing an air of nervousness around Jean.

11/15/2010 #543
The Crimson Nutcase

(if you want to)

Jean just stopped ''its just the lack of sound....i hate it''

11/15/2010 #544

(How would people feel if we timeskipped ahead a few years? I'm thinking Erin could leave then Cherry could return etc Thoughts?)

11/16/2010 #545
Jejune Nightshade

(Dunno, depends on whether you wanna see the good doctor harrassed by a fourteen year old or not. ;))

Alice paused, turning her head around, "You're right.... it is too quiet....." she glanced around nervously, even old buildings had their creaks and groans but this one.... this one was silent as a grave.

(And ok, I'll do 'im)

11/16/2010 #546

(( I don't mind waiting until you guys are done with harassing him))

11/16/2010 #547
Madwoman with a box
(I like your time skip idea, sounds intereting:))
11/16/2010 #548

(( And it'll be a chance to develop Cherry beyond being a baby. Babies aren't that interesting to write))

Cherry looked up at her mother and auntie with wide eyes as she sucked her thumb. It looked like she knew they were discussing the future.

11/16/2010 #549
Jejune Nightshade

(it's fine by me)

11/16/2010 #550

((Thanks, let's see what others think))

11/16/2010 #551
Jejune Nightshade

(got it)

11/16/2010 #552
The Crimson Nutcase

(sounds cool)

Jean just glared around the hallways as they walked along ''could have given better directions''

11/16/2010 #553
Jejune Nightshade

Alice chuckled, "Probably wanted me to get lost......" they finally arrived at a used looking door, "You think this is it?"

11/16/2010 #554
The Crimson Nutcase

Jean slowly opened the door ''Dr.Crane?'' she asked as she walked into the room

11/16/2010 #555

((Thanks Crimson :) I'll wait to return when you've done you're thing with Crane))

Erin picked up Cherry then hugged Ellda with one arm "Take care of yourself" She said with a smile "Try not to get into too much trouble while I'm gone eh?"

11/16/2010 #556
Jejune Nightshade

Alice peered in to the room, it was a full blown mad scientists lab, beakers, test tubes, bubbling chemicals. Alice gasped, "Dang, this must be his main lab." she walked in, noticing a few beds with straps and blood stains, "I'm guessing this is where he does most of his testing as well...." she murmered.

11/16/2010 #557
The Crimson Nutcase

Jean saw the beds with blood and straps and walked closed ''i really shouldn't be getting use to this sort of thing''

11/16/2010 #558
Jejune Nightshade

"What do you mean?" Alice asked.

11/16/2010 #559
The Crimson Nutcase

''blood stained walls...death...the shock of it is sort of gone'' Jean said to Alice as they kept looking for Crane

11/16/2010 #560
Jejune Nightshade

"Ohhhhh.... yeah, you do get used to it don't you? Especially in this city..."


Dr. Crane slowly woke up, he blinked, a bit bleary eyed, he suddenly saw his notes, "Seems I did need sleep...." he rubbed his eyes and put his glasses back on.

(Are you allowed to cuss in here?)

11/16/2010 #561
Madwoman with a box
(As long as you don't go gordon ramsay with it sure)
11/16/2010 #562
Jejune Nightshade

(Gordan Ramsay?)

11/16/2010 #563
Madwoman with a box
(He has a tv show where he helps people fix their restraunts he's known for a finicky palate and saying fuck every other word)
11/16/2010 #564
Jejune Nightshade

(lol, don't worry, I won't do that..... still LMAO XD)

11/16/2010 #565
The Crimson Nutcase

Jean nodded as she started looking over the notes and chemicals she saw at the table

11/16/2010 #566
Jejune Nightshade

Dr. Crane suddenly heard people move within his laboratory, he grabbed a canister of fear toxin, "Let's deal with the intruders now....."


Alice peered around, "Where are the people?"

11/16/2010 #567
The Crimson Nutcase

''guessing from the blood and lacking fo screams...there not hear any more'' she said to Alice as she kept searching round

11/16/2010 #568
Jejune Nightshade

Alice laughed at that, "I guess they aren't."


Dr. Crane grimaced when he heard the familiar laugh, "How did she find me?" he asked himself as he walked towards the voice.

11/16/2010 #569
The Crimson Nutcase

Jean heared some foot steps over the noise of Alice ''i think your friend is coming closer''

(can use Jean if you want...sorry i am just really tired)

11/16/2010 #570
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