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Maybe we're robbing the same place at the same time? I lack creative power right now

8/26/2011 #1

Lol, fair enough. :P I'll go ahead then...

The bank was just closing for the night, and only a few guards were staying on patrol. Two were outside the door on the stairs with torches. An hour later, someone walked up the stairs towards them. He had a hood on, so they didn't see his face. "Hey, this place is closed," one of the guards said. The person walked up to him and quickly pulled out a knife. They ran forward and stabbed the guard in the chest, then took out a gun and shot the other. The Joker pulled off the hood while a group of men in clown masks with guns joined him and headed for the door.

8/26/2011 #2

Around the same time at a back entrance to the bank two people pulled a hat on the gaurd who promptly opened the door to let them in. They came out into the front hall where the clowns were.

"Look daddy, the cheshire cats dragged in his smile!" She took out several ten sixths cards holding them between her fingers.

Jervis took a few of them away, "Alice be cvil, I hardly expect they're here to steal the same thing."

8/26/2011 #3

The Joker saw the two strange people in the bank hall. "Well hello there," he said. He motioned to his men, and they pointed their guns at the pair. "You're obviously not bank security...what would you be doing here on this fine evening?"

8/26/2011 #4

"We're trying to rob them, You appear rather familiar with the idea." Jervis said stepping in front of Alice when he saw the guns.

Alice took out a pack of cards to load her own gun," We want to kill them already, please?"

8/26/2011 #5
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