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Recently, the long running To Love-ru series has come to a sudden abrupt end. If you haven't read the final volume of the manga, you can find it at:

www (dot) onemanga (dot) com

Personally, I think the ending was a bit lacking myself, but I'd like to hear the opinions from everyone else as well.

9/1/2009 #1

You got a point there my friend.

9/5/2009 #2

Hey! You review stuff here too ClanCrusher!

But yeah, IMO, the ending was really was basically "Ok...and everything KEPT GOING ON LIKE IT DID BEFORE!"

4/20/2010 #3
Koarse Krimson

Yeah. It was a bit of a disappointment really. Felt rushed and all.

Rito never really got much progress, saying he loved you to everyone on accident.

But oh well, was a fun journey while it lasted. Time for me to read the mangaka's new manga.

5/6/2010 #4
Another Duck

It was rushed, yes, but unfortunately, from what I've read, it had to do with real life problems of the creator. It's not as if he wanted it to end like this, but with real life interfering, it just couldn't go on.

6/26/2010 #5

It's understandable that the series had to end because of problems with the author, but it's still disappointing watching the series closely for 1 and a half years to have it end just like it started. Well, alot of Harem/Ecchi mangas have bad or disappointing endings. The only story that I have read thus far that is Harem and has had a good ending is Love Hina.

7/13/2010 #6

Well, when it comes to a Harem manga, if it wants to end realistically, someone has to lose eventually, and chances are someone somewhere was going to like the character that lost and be disappointed in the ending. I think harem manga endings are usually left purposefully vague so the reader can essentially make up their own ending. Especially one like To Love-Ru where the entire series was pretty lighthearted, except for maybe one or two climactic moments. But, I suppose that's what fanfiction is for, ne? Filling in the ending.

7/13/2010 #7

I guess you're right. But still, it was pretty obvious that LaLa was the "main girl". In series like Love Hina(overusing it as reference, sorry) we kinda knew who the "main girl" was among the sea of Harem, and in the end he married that girl. Now, are you familiar with KissXSis? The manga is literally showing you 2 equal sides, so that the reader is forced to choose between those two girls. Both of them are given equal time, with one girl having a chapter or two to herself, then the other. This would be alot more difficult to come up with an ending(unless they go for a harem ending) since you're making happy 50% of the people but devastating the other 50%.

7/13/2010 #8
Another Duck

Most harem series are rather predictable. Lala is obviously the one he'd choose at the end, but at the same time, the option of choosing more than one was clearly open.

I'm not too familiar with KissXSis, as I stopped watching the anime fairly soon. It just wasn't my cup of tea. Anyway, that one seemed to be gunning for both of them, rather than one of them.

If you want a series where it really isn't predictable, try the manga of Ichigo 100%. Which choice he'd make at the end was not obvious, and there were at least three very believable choices (or two, if you're cynical in your trope awareness like me).

7/15/2010 #9

I despised the KissXSis anime as well; the manga's much better. Anyhow, thanks! I'll try out Ichigo 100%! I've heard lots of good things about it, but I never read beyond the first chapter for some reason. I'm sure that most mangakas give Harem open endings so that no one is disappointed. I'll try Ichigo 100% now.

7/16/2010 #10

So yeah, this is the post informing everyone that I get to eat my words. Why? Because they`ve started To Love-Ru up again in a sequel called To Love-Ru Darkness. Although the harem undercurrents were never very subtle when it came to this manga, I think it`s safe to say that they`ve completely axed the subtlety at this point and are going on in full harem mode. At least that`s what Momo is aiming for. Actually, she seems to be stepping up to a main character position if the first chapter is anything to go by. Personally, I`m hopeful that Golden Darkness will get a bit more screen time too, considering the title. Finally, some actual backstory. Hopefully this will give me a lot more fuel to complete my own To Love-Ru fanfic in the works.

Oh, and the rating has just bumped up from slightly M to...completely M. Yeah, they`re showing full frontals now. And there`s going to be all new characters too. Yep, they`re adding more characters to their cast of about...25 people. Lunatics.

If you haven`t already read it yet, the first chapter is avaliable to read for free on Manga Fox. And now you don`t have an excuse. Go read it.

Last but not least, due to the fact that the relevancy of this thread is now gone, I`ll be permenantly locking this topic in a couple days, unless this series decides to abruptly end as well.

Till next time,


10/6/2010 #11
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