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Likes, Dislikes and all feelings about the changes made to the formerly Tamora Pierce Fanfiction Archives
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What do you think of the new way Tamora Pierce stories are categorized?
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The Lady Grace

When I went to visit my favorite part of this wonderful website, I found that the familiar face of Tamora Pierce Fanfiction has changed forever. The Archives have been split by series, so now it is impossible to find anything. Nothing is in its proper catergory. Not to metion, in the new Protector of the Small section, under characters I noticed several flaws: missing characters (most notable Dom) and Kel's, the main character of the series, name is spelled wrong.

This will take some getting used to, and changes will have to be made. I am curious to see what other loyal readers think. Do we like this change? Or do we wish things could go back to the way they were before?

9/2/2009 #1
Oh, I hate it. It's made keeping up with one of my favourite fan fiction topics almost impossible!
9/3/2009 #2

Personally i'm not against change but i am against the changes made. instead of making the series into categories they should've found a way to make the worlds (tortall and the circle of magic world) into categories. just because a series is over doesnt mean that characters wont make an appearance in later series.

9/3/2009 #3

I might like it better if they some how organized all the stories into their rightful place so it'd be easier to find them. I do like the fact that having them seperate you get to find stories using the characters, but how could they forget Dom? =[ If those things were fixed, than I definitely would like this change a lot better. But, as it is, I honestly wish they could go back to the way they were before or at least be seperated by world, not series.

P.S. I'm sorry if I'm complaining too much. =[

9/3/2009 #4
Tortallan Renegade

I hate it to the power of sixty. The only to way to keep up with it now is to use a feedreader and I can't find anything now!

9/3/2009 #5
The Lady Grace

The thing that bothers me so much is (besides the face that they forgot Dom and spelled Kel wrong) is that a majority of stories are in the wrong catagories. That bugs me so much. Authors need to fix what catagories stories belong in, and if it applies to more than one do a cross-over.

9/4/2009 #6
Kari of Mindelan

Well, the problem with that is that they didn't tell any of us that they were going to switch, so now we have to go and change it over ourselves. And for those authors who have a ton of stories, talk about a major pain. Personally I thought that it was fine just the way it was!!

9/4/2009 #7

It really annoys me. I sent a message to FF and so did at least 2 other members I've been talking to. I'm a moderator in 3 different forums and in every one we actually have a thread dedicated to what FF has done and we've posted copies of the emails we sent to FF. Hopefully they'll read it and change it back! *crosses fingers*

9/4/2009 #8
Tortallan Renegade

Hi again =D You've probably already heard of this, but I thought I'd post it up here anyway (I'm posting on communities as well as PM-ing people) This is just the general message that I've been using:

As you may have noticed, the Tamora Pierce archive has recently been reorganized into 9 different categories. These changes have created a lot of anger and confusion and its time for the fan base to voice its opinion.

Our aim is to get the series merged back together so the archive returns to its original state, but this will only be achieved through numbers and word of mouth. There are two ways that you can show your support for this protest: The first is to email categories(@)fanfiction(.)com – remove brackets. The second is to sign the petition at www(.)gopetition(.)com/online/30539/signatures(.)html (copy and paste that into your address bar and remove all the brackets) This petition will be sent to the site once our goal of 150 signatures is achieved. Please leave a comment if you sign it and you only have to include an initial for the last name field (I would change it to optional but the site wont allow it)

Hopefully, if we work together and present a strong protest, we will be able to fix this situation and continue to watch this wonderful community grow.


Jess – Tortallan Renegade

Please contact me via email or private message if you want more information, I’m quite friendly and wont bite. I am also sorry if I accidentally send this message to you twice/post it on more than one of the communities you follow. I’m trying to keep track of where I post it and to whom I send it but I’m really an amateur at organising mass-protests (I mean, how often does something like this happen?!)

Remember, every little bit helps!

9/5/2009 #9
Rowena of Naxen

I suggest you all sign Tortallan Renegade's petition as well as writing an e-mail to the administrators, which I'm going to do now. (Starzgirl, I'm glad you put a thread up in our forum. I was just about to.) Now it's not only impossible to find stories, it's also impossible to place them. All of mine got put in the 'Song of the Lioness' category when they changed it and now I have to go fix that...


9/5/2009 #10
The Lady Grace

I sent FF an email about character names for the POtS section just because it was bugging me, I will defiantly send one requesting they push Tamora Pierce back into one category. I would settle even for a Tortall universe category and a Circle category, which makes way more sense that a bunch of really small categories for each and every individual series.

I will sign that petition.

9/5/2009 #11

I know! It takes forever to find things now, and instead of organizing it, they did the exact opposite. When I go to the Song of the Lioness archive, I never know what I'm going to find. And the other archives... well they're really lacking. I can understand separating Tortall and Circle of Magic but every series! Ugh!

9/12/2009 #12

I agree, they really should change it back.

it is so confusing the way that it is now.


9/18/2009 #13

Personally, I'd been wanting a change; however, the change was done poorly, IMO.

Tamora Pierce has two worlds: Circle of Magic and Tortall. when these were all in one category, you could only search by those constraints... no narrowing it down.

What I think is that they SHOULDN'T change it back, but rather change it to merge it into two categories, one after the other, labled "Tamora Pierce: Tortall" and "Tamora Pierce: Circle of Magic". and within that, be able to specify searches by character names... And anyone wishing to do a crossover with characters from both, could just use the crossover feature that the rest of the site uses. The previous setup, though simpler, also made it difficult to narrow down to specific searches...

The Sub-sub categories are rediculous though, since Song of the Lioness, Immortals, Trickster, and Protector of the Small series are all intertwined with one another, characters, stories, and all...

9/27/2009 #14
Tortallan Renegade

That's what I've changed the petition's statement to - splitting them into two categories instead of nine - and I got a reply once but never heard anything back after that.

The petition is here: If you want to look at it/haven't seen it yet

9/27/2009 #15

Read and Signed.

9/28/2009 #16

I hate it. I just popped back into the Tamora Pierce genre and while it was slightly irritating having to sift thru everything (cuz i like the Tortall universe more than the Circle of Magic one) Now I cant find anything. And the things that were up in my recent interest, the Beka Cooper series were extremely disorganized and well.....badly written. I couldn't help but wonder if the good stories got put into another category by accident being that this is a new change. I'm definitely signing the petition. Split into the two worlds with more search options after.

12/9/2009 #17

It really is irritating. I rarely visit the the other archives beside the Song of the Lioness. I know myself and most others still post all their stories in that archive though none of mine are based on the Alanna series. I was in the Beka Cooper series the other day and there was only like 3 pages of fics that I've already read! Very disappointing. I have my own Beka Cooper based fics but I post mine still in the Song of the Lioness archive and i've found others there as well. I'm just holding out and not moving any of my fics over :P

So, yeah, KaguyaVulpes, most all of the Tamora Pierce fics still are in the Song of the Lioness archive. Not many have switched them over to the specific categories (myself included). I'm still hoping we can get them to change everything back! :)

12/9/2009 . Edited 12/9/2009 #18

Is there any news on that? The tamora pierce thing?

5/22/2010 #19
I signed the petition.
8/4/2010 #20

The Tamora Pierce Fandoms are overlapping.

In the land of Tortall: you have a common character list in Song of the Lioness books as you do in Immortals, Protector of the Small and Trickster. The Beka books are about the ancestors of the people in the afore mentioned series. At the very least the Tortall fandoms should be merged. How many of us go to Protector of the Small looking for a good Kel story and wind up finding an Alanna story, and vice versa? The system they instated is flawed, we don't find what we are looking for by splitting the fandoms, and it makes crossovers involving Aly, Kel, Diane and Alanna very hard to categorize. Besides the fact that there are so few stories in each of the fandoms anyway.

Then there is Emeland. The categories for it are as follows: Circle of Magic, Circle Opens and the Will of the Empress. They are basically a series and a sequel series plus another sequel. Why do they have their own fandoms? Will the new book out for the series in a few years time get it's own fandom too?

Surely with the new search systems we seem to get every three months they can merge the fandoms back into a great big Tamora Pierce, with a categorizer saying what era it is from, we can already sort by characters, why not then just add by worlds, or series? Or better yet, if you really can't stand there just being a fandom under an author's name, rather than a book or series, make it "Tortall, Tamora Pierce" and "Emelan, Tamora Pierce".

Even Tamora Pierce herself merged them all into her book "Tortall and other lands", which I see doesn't have it's own fandom, oh dear! what will we do? We do what we always do, when in trouble, post it under another heading, or as some authors do, multiple times in multiple categories: now THAT is annoying.

In my opinion as a reader, and author it would be alot easier if we re-merged the fandoms.

Think about it dear moderators, will you please?

8/3/2013 #21
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