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12/18/2010 #1

Krista glanced nervously around the school, she had unpacked all her things last night and today was the start of the new school year and to say she was nervous was an understatment. She glanced down at herself, she was dressed in the school uniform which she has to say she is pretty pissed about but she had made some small changes to it for example she had made the skirt slightly shorter but not enough to be called a s*** and she was also wearing a pair of black ankle boots.

(i really need to watch Covenant again, i cant remember the school uniform well i know what im watching when i get home tomorrow lol)

12/18/2010 #2

Rory sat at the bottom of the staircase of the boring a** school she was forced to go to. Spencer; the home to the rich and snobby! The only thing worse then the people at this school was the uniform, she had cheated and dyed it slightly darker then it was supposed to be so while everyone else had theirs a dark blue colour hers was very close to being black. She looked down at her converse chunks and sighed, at least Ella let her pick her own shoes this time. She stood up ready to go up to meet her room-mate, who ever that was going to be.

(Lol, don't worry, neither can I.)

12/18/2010 #3

Krista bit her bottom lip and shrugged her messenger bag to her other shoulder, she really didnt want to be there but she didnt have anywhere else to go. She had heard about there being witches here and if that was true she was hoping they could help her because she needed all the help she could get. She sighed and made herway up the staircase and into the school to find her class.

(Gah we need more people)

12/18/2010 #4
Pogue walked the upstairs hall. His books in one hand. He pushed his hair back with his free hand. Pogue was confident in going to school. His brothers were elsewhere. He looked ahead and saw a girl. A new girl, that is. He smiled to himself. A new girl meant fresh meat. He walked casually over to her. "Need some help?" He asked, politely.
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