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Blazorna Ibara

Plot: A mad yet brilliant fugitive, called by the public only as the Outlaw, wants to take over the world but has to attain a legendary weapon called the Kuroyuki to succeed. He recruits other criminals to help but with a drug the Outlaw himself created, gives them immense powers but turns them into monsters that obey him. after some high profile terrorist attacks, planned by the Outlaw, the government of the town of the attacks turns to an experimental system called the Armored Enhancement Rider System, or AERS, (pronouced Airs) created by a science student at Shiro University, and recruit the student and several other people to take down the Outlaw's group, Kamimaru as Kamen Riders. Characters

the characters are in the two factions, Riders and Kamimaru


The Outlaw: main antagonist. Brilliant, quick thinking, and a martial artist. Creates the Kamimaru so that he can search for the Kuroyuki with little interferance. He searches for the Kuroyuki for his goal of World Domination. He develops the G-7 Serum, a drug that turns humans into monsters. His real name is Shino Midori

Yuuki: Outlaw's right hand man, tends to join the other members of Kamimaru in battle against the Riders, but he always is cautious, which will always retreat when the tide is changing in the Riders' favor, leaving the comrade for dead. Unlike other Kamimaru members that turn into monsters and stay that way, Yuuki can shift between his human and monster forms at will. Yuuki has a connection to Sean's past.


"Doc" Ryu Shirogane:Shiro University student and inventor of the AERS and is in charge of who should go fight the Kamimaru. brilliant yet easily sidetracked, he is easily distracted by the legend of the Kuroyuki,for reasons unknown. Isn't a Rider himself but he is almost considered the leader.

Kamen Rider Thorn (mine): Sean Akabara

American by birth, a lazy bounty hunter who has a tendancy of going at his own pace with work. He likes to fight , but Sean really isn't physically strong, so he always looses. Sean has numerous scars across his arms and torso, mainly from knives, but there's a scar that was from a gunshot. Sean doesn't talk about that one scar for a reason. He is after the bounty that the Outlaw has, and is determend to get him no matter what. Doesn't like being bossed around but is reliable and looks out for his friends. His dislike of orders tends to lead to conflicts with mainly Ryu, but occasionally his fellow Riders as well. He calls Ryu "Doc" most of the time. He hangs out at Ryu's lab and is often mistaken as a student of Shiro University as a result, but he isn't. Has a history with Yuuki

As Kamen Rider Thorn, he bears crimson red shoulder and chest armor which slightly resembles Kamen Rider Diend from Kamen Rider Decade but his helmet is different, and has spikes out of the shoulders, back of the boots and the glove's knuckles. Has three alternate modes at the start, which his shoulder armor changes shape and the suit changes color entirely. to change modes, uses SD like cards called Form Chips with the belt for mode changes and henshin in general, the Form Chips' coloring matches their form's color.

Brawl Mode: This form ups Thorn's power twentyfold and speed tenfold. Silver blue in color, spikes on shoulder straighten up and become thicker, while the other spikes remain the same. Final is a Rider Punch

Blast Mode: gains an arm cannon that is attached to the right wrist in this form. Armor becomes black with red outlines. Spikes vanish on the boots and gloves in this form while the spikes on the back become shoulder blasters. Final is a merged energy bolt from the blasters and cannon fireing in unison

Lance Mode: Spikes on this form become blades except the hand spikes, which become twin arm lances. Final is energized slashes from the lances then peirces the foe with them. suit becomes a darker red in color.

9/3/2009 . Edited 9/14/2009 #1
DJ Diddy Dog FangJoker

Kamen Rider Prei/Damien Nova: A quiet boy in the twilight of his teenage years. Doesn't like to socialise much and veers on the edge of self-depreciation, but when he wields the Prei system, he does a complete 180 and gains the confidence to defeat his enemies. He does enjoy dark novels and violent movies quite a lot. Cosplaying for anime and manga conventions is his secret passion, with his personal goal to create the "ultimate cosplay". Unlike Sean (who he doesn't see eye-to-eye with on most occasions), Damien will take any order and execute it to the fullest without question, although his patience with orders does wear thin on occasion. Friends are a bonus to him, as he doesn't have many of them, believing that the 'twilight' will take him to the promised land at the end of his life. The 'twilight' is a faith Damien takes deadly seriously.

As Kamen Rider Prei, he bears mostly black armor which seems like a cross between a phoenix and Kamen Rider Agito. To transform and change modes, Damien uses the Wing Breaker medallions in conjunction with the Breaker Belt. The insignia on his legs change to suit the form he has entered. To change forms or transform, Damien usually pulls the medallion he wears from his shirt or necklace, unfolds the wings and then connects the bird-like device to the Breaker Belt, causing it to announce "ASCENSION" (or "_____ ASCENSION" for Form changes).

Wing Form: Prei's primary form, accessed with the crimson Phoenix Breaker medallion. In this form, Prei's eyes are red and the insignia on his legs are a pair of golden wings. This form only offers basic protection, but with it, Damien can use the Rider Kick, 'Twilight Descent', where he locks the opponent in midair with the Phoenix Breaker before a pair of energy wings appears on Damien's back and he jumps, crashing into the opponent with a flying side kick.

Hydro Form: Prei's secondary form, accessed with the blue Hydro Breaker medallion. Prei's eyes are blue in this form and the insignia on his legs is that of a blue raindrop. While strength is massively decreased in this form, a speed increase makes up for this as does the Hydro Tydal weapon, a sleek shotgun that fires high-pressure water shots at enemies. In this form, Prei's finisher is 'Tydal Overwhelm', where Prei conjures a massive tidal wave to overwhelm the opponent, before crashing into the enemy with a side dropkick.

Magma Form: Prei's third form, accessed with the black and orange Magma Breaker medallion. Prei's eyes are dark orange in this form, with molten like cracks taking up most of his black suit. The insignia on Damien's legs is that of a fireball. Strength takes precedence over speed here. Every simple attack Damien pulls off is peppered by molten flames for burning punches or kicks. Damien wields the Magma Saber, its blade made of molten lava. In this form, Prei's finisher is 'Magma Blaze', where the surrounding area for a mile flashes into a dimension of a molten pit. Prei floats into the air with his armor absorbing every bit of molten energy available before smashing his opponent with a drill kick. Because of the strain put on his body by the molten energy, Damien tends to use this form sparingly.

Hurricane Form: Prei's fourth form, accessed with the emerald Tornado Breaker medallion. Prei's eyes turn green and the insignias on his legs are that of a green leaf. This is the balanced form, where strength compliments speed and vice versa. Damien wields the dual Tornado Arrowheads on his arms that can be used as melee weapons, or combined into a crossbow weapon for long-range attacks. In this form, Prei's finisher is the 'Tornado Release', where he uses a massive storm to bring the opponent into the air, where Damien unleashes several devastating knees, kicks and punches, beating the opponent back down into the ground.

9/8/2009 #2

Name: Kamen Rider Treble/Aramaki Kenji

Age: 20

Gender: Male


Kenji started off as a prodigy of the violin and got into the University (which I think you should give a name to Blazorna) on a music scholarship. He also enjoys studying various styles of swordplay as a hobby. He is a member of both the fencing and kendo clubs at the University. His devotion to his music has not made his academics suffer, though as a result of focusing on school, he doesn't have many close friends, just a handful of people from the orchestra or the clubs he's a part of he may hang out with occasionally. One day, as he was walking back to his dorm after fencing club, he stumbled across a Kamimaru attacking a random group of students. Forgetting his own safety, he tried to fight it off to give the bystanders a chance to escape. He barely survived the encounter, but his actions proved he was ready for the AERS system and accepted the offer to become a Rider. As Kamen Rider Treble, he protects others without fear of his own safety to the point of recklessness and even arrogance at times.

Rider system: Kamen Rider Treble's suit resembles Kamen Rider Ryuki's except that the "sockets" at the knees, lower arms, shoulders guards, and shoulder blades are speakers. Also he is colored black instead of red and his helmet has a cricket theme with large eyes and long antennae, looking like Black RX's helmet somewhat, but the eyes are gold. The suit has a treble clef on the belt buckle which is essentially a small CD player (Called the Disc Changer) and the right side of is belt has a holster for the various CDs (which are the size of Game Cube CDs) that stores the information of his various forms (Called Form Discs). The left side of his belt has a holster for his sword, which changes form when he does. He has to insert the Form Disc with the information of whatever form he wants to use into the Disc Changer in order to henshin. When he henshins, the Disc Changer announces the name of the form in bold and also announces the finishing attack in bold when it is used.


1st Movement: Moderato: Treble's suit is exactly as described above. Strength and speed are slightly enhanced and his sword looks like a wooden practice sword except it's black and made of a much harder material. Finishing attack: Al Fine: (pronounced All Fee-nay) Treble's sword becomes enhanced with sonic energy and he leaps in the air, then delivers a strong downward thrust towards his enemy's head which causes it, then the rest of its body to throb with high pitched cricket noises then it explodes from the inside out.

2nd Movement: Allegro: Treble's suit changes color to blue and the eyes change color to red. His sword changes to a blue rapier. Speed is greatly enhanced at the cost of strength. Finishing attack: Stacatto: (Prounounced Stah-kahto) Treble delivers a series of thrusts with his sword at super sonic speeds (sounding like crickets), each one sending out pulses of sonic energy that shatters his enemy.

3rd Movement: Largo: Treble's suit changes color to red and the eyes change color to blue. His sword changes to a red broadsword Strength is greatly enhanced at the cost of speed. Finishing attack: Sforzando: (Prounounced Sforts-ondo) Treble's sword is charged with sonic energy (sounding like crickets) which he cuts the air with, and an arc of sonic energy rushes towards the enemy, cutting it in half down the middle.

Final Movement: Prestissimo: Treble's suit changes color to gold and the eyes change color to black. His sword changes to a gold katana. Both strength and speed are greatly enhanced. Finishing attack: Al Coda: (prounounced All-coda) Treble's whole body moves at super sonic speeds, sounding like crickets, and delivers powerful slashes with his sword. He is moving so fast, he appears to be in several places at once and is essentially surrounding his enemy, giving no room for escape and it explodes, being overwhelmed with sonic energy.

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Chaos Lord Roscoso

Uh...is it alright if I join this?

9/12/2009 #4
Chaos Lord Roscoso

Name: Kamen Rider Venom/Takato Onodara

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Background: Mostly an excentric person, Takato was very skilled in Biology especially with Insects, which got him into the same University as the other riders, he mostly looks after the Insects in the labs used for study, especially The Arachnids like Spiders and Scorpions. But he sometimes finds time to enjoy being with friends, he is without a doubt the most social of the riders at most, but mostly keeps his friends at arms lenght, Takato when finding out about the AERS riders, found one of the changers and activated it, giving him his rider form, Kamen Rider Venom! After helping the other riders against the Kamimaru, he became part of the team.

Personality: Can be very friendly when he wants to be, but can sometimes ramble on whenever the topic of Insects and Arachnids come up, he usually tries to help total strangers even when not in rider form.

Rider System: Kamen Rider Venom's suit is similiar to Kamen Rider Sawsword in Rider form, but is more Spider like in Apperance, on his shoulder Guards are a Spider leg on each, four more on his Chest Armour area and two more on his knee caps, he has a pair of big Red Bug eye like Vizors like Amazon's but his helmet looks slightly like Kiva's. Also on his wrists are a pair of fangs similiar to Zabee's stinger, He can also activate the same Accel Up power as Kamen Rider Mimic.

His Finisher is he can use the Fangs on his wrists to perform the Rider Stab! Rider stab is usually in bold when said as the Fang Glow Purple with Venom.

(Well this is mine, hope you like it?)

9/12/2009 . Edited 9/13/2009 #5
Kamen Rider DiEnd

Note: Thorn, if you think this needs changes, respond to my PM. I decided to go ahead and put it up.

Operator Profile:

Name: Makoto Shirayuki

Age: 21

Height: 5' 11"

Looks: Tall, strong, athetic build, with a moderate, but noticable bust. Has brown hair and blue eyes

Personality: Confident, treats others the way she's treated, is a bit of a tomboy sometimes.

History: Living a normal life since birth, she entered middle school at the age of 14. Her strengths in athletics became apparent, but she was no stranger to the books. During that period and into high-school, she also attended a martial arts school, and mainly made friends with boys, and did activities just as good as they did. She ended up graduating from school at the age of 19, then went on a personal journey for the next year and a half, learning many skills, such as cooking, bike maintenance, how to survive, lockpicking, gardening, house-cleaning and others. As she went through her journey she made a lot of friends and contacts...and it was one of these contacts that alerted her to the existance of the enemy, and directed her to see someone if she felt like being a part of something bigger. On her way to that person, she was attacked by a Kamimaru, but was able to dodge and weave her way around some attacks, then she got hit in the upper chest and stomach which sent her flying into the grass, but, being undeterred, she waited until the Kamimaru was right over her, then she struck, kicking him where it hurts, then after regaining her footing, she sweep-kicked him in the face, causing him to flip in the air before landing flat on his back. At the point the opportunity to run presented itself, and she took it, running towards the place the person said he'd be. Her usual clothing is a blue t-shirt, with a dark green sweatshirt over it, then blue jeans and black shoes or boots, depending on the occasion. As Kamen Rider Mimic, she will often either flick her wrist before a punch, or smack her hands together before doing a Drive action, or run her left hand up the front of the Mimic Edge before going into battle.

Suit Profile:

As Kamen Rider Mimic, her suit is like this, and will conform to her body profile:

Helmet: the base suit for the helmet will be black, then 7 magenta barcodes snap into place, then as a part of the transformation the two outer barcodes become blue, and activate two more barcodes that snap in place, forming a 45 degree angle V in relation to the top of the first two barcodes. Then the eyes of the helmet appear about halfway along the 45 degree angle barcodes and flash in as green, completing the helmet's part of the transformation.

Chest: The base suit for the chest armor will be black, then both sides of the silver chest plate armor will lock into place over the upper torso, a blue M appearing at the left side of the chest armor, and ending on the right side of the chest armor, the middle of the M marking the spot where the chest armor locks in. The silver gauntlets also appear, with a slot on the top part of the left gauntlet for the Mimic Accel Watch, which is a watch in normal form but when transformed enables the use of the suit's Accel Up technology, normal maximum time of usage, 15 seconds, emergency usage, 45 seconds, but will cancel the transformation if pushed that far., and Mimic's fingertips are reinforced by armored tips (think of Faiz's fingertipped hands)

Belt: The belt is a white belt, the Drive Storage compartment on the left side, which holds Form Drives and Mimic's personal Drives. On the right side of the belt is the the Mimic Sniper (Diend's gun, just without the card loader and shortened, when a long range shot is required, the gun extends [to the normal form you see on the show], and a targeting sight appears on the suit's heads up display, to be zoomed in etc.). In the center of the belt facing forward is a black-lined holder for the Mimic Phone, a specialized phone with a retractable USB connector on the bottom and a USB port on the left side of the phone, when the transformation is accessed with the call of "Henshin!", the Mimic Phone is typically thrust up into the air, then brought down until it clicks into place on the holder's port, then its pressed down onto the belt and the belt says "Complete," thus initiating the transformation with a blue light spreading over the suit which then dissipates to reveal the transformation process and completion. To use a Form Drive or a personal Drive, the Drive is inserted into the Phone's USB port, the operator will say "Form Henshin!" and the Drive will automatically return to Storage as the belt says the copied Rider's name and form i.e. "Thorn Blast." The process for the personal drives is the same, except the operator will say "Mimic Drive." or "Final Mimic Drive." and then once the Drive is inserted the belt will say the name of the Drive.

List of Mimic Drives:

"Mimic Cut". - An attack that charges up energy in the Mimic Edge, before being used to weaken the enemy. The Final Strike version of this fires an anti-gravity pulse along the ground, which immobilizes ground-based targets by levitating them in the air, and overcharges the energy in the blade before the Operator runs up to the trapped enemy and performs the Mimic Sparkle Cut, in which several highly powerful slashes are used to defeat the enemy.

"Mimic Blast." - An attack that grants the Mimic Sniper rapid fire capabilities and enables the shots to arc, curve, and track targets. The Final Strike version of this shoots out two small energy-nets that attach themselves quite securely to the enemy's feet, slowing them down considerably, then energy is drawn from the Mimic suit and in some cases the Machine Gaika as well, and channels it into the gun's barrels, then when the trigger is pulled the tremendous buildup of blue energy is released, becoming an energy blast that serves to defeat the enemy.

"Final Rider Strike: Mi-Mi-Mi-Mimic!" - This finishing attack by Mimic involves the channeling of energy through the suit and into the right foot (or both feet / the right fist, depending on the situation). Once the energy is in place, several kicks can be performed per the Operator's preference:

1. A roundhouse kick can be performed, with the Operator running forward and jumping into the air, bringing the right foot across the face of the enemy, and landing with her back to the enemy, or if started with her back to the enemy, a counter-roundhouse kick can be performed by simply swinging the right foot around and through the enemy to defeat it.

2. A flying side kick can be performed by the Operator leaning down on the right foot then running toward the enemy and jumping into the air, coming down towards the enemy right foot first.

3. A drop kick can be performed by the Operator who leans back on one foot while stretching the suit's arms at a 45 degree angle, then jumping into the air, flipping once, then coming down towards the enemy both feet first.

4, Finally, an energy powered Rider Punch can be performed by the Operator, raring back the right fist before going forward and striking it into the enemy (usually the gut, or an uppercut), which sends the enemy flying backwards and lines them up for a Rider Kick. The kicks may also be performed starting from the seat of the Machine Gaika, and its speed increases the impact of the kick. These attacks are in addition to the two final strikes mentioned above.

Legs: The base suit for the leg armor is black, with blue and silver knee and ankle guards, and with blue and silver boots. Two energy conduits also run up the sides of the leg armor, and attach to the belt to assist in performing finishing attacks by channeling the energy for said attacks. And finally, two medium sized M letters are on the bottom of the boot, presumably the conduit for finishing attacks.

Bike: named by Operator Shirayuki as the Machine Gaika (or "Victory Fire"), in normal form its a stylish motorbike, but when Mimic transforms, the bike gains a layer of armor, the left handlebar becomes the handle for the Mimic Edge, and it gains the capability for the Operator to interface with it via USB drive, drawing on its additional power for finishing gun, sword, and kick attacks, being able to generate a shield of special fire around the bike to either damage the enemy in a critical moment or to make a showy entrance by ramming the enemy.

9/12/2009 . Edited 9/15/2009 #6
Kamen Rider DiEnd

To the above...crap, I had it neatly spaced out, but this screwed it up. If anyone wants to see it the way it was originally intended to be read, PM me.

9/12/2009 #7
Chaos Lord Roscoso

That does look good man.

9/13/2009 #8
Chaos Lord Roscoso

By the way John, you think I can use that Accel Up power too for my OC Rider?

9/13/2009 #9
Kamen Rider DiEnd

Well you've already got Clock Up...If thorn accepts you, if you don't have it once he talks to you then I don't know, apparently the Mimic suit was the debut of this power. Maybe there's a way to work it in, I just write for this really lol

9/13/2009 #10
Blazorna Ibara

Actually John, I was the one that suggested Roscoso to replace the Clock up with Accel Up. And he's a member of our group.

9/13/2009 #11
Kamen Rider DiEnd

Ok, didn't know. So, the screwed up formatting of the post aside....how did I do?

9/13/2009 #12
Kamen Rider DiEnd

and also, the Accel Up thing sounds like a good idea if you want to use it. :)

9/13/2009 #13
Chaos Lord Roscoso


9/13/2009 #14
Chaos Lord Roscoso

On another note we need to figure out the order in which we do these chapters?

9/13/2009 #15
Kamen Rider DiEnd

I heard that TeKnAm and PhinalPhantasy were working on the next chapter, then after that you, me, and Diddy Dog would decide who goes next...I think so, at least.

9/13/2009 #16
Chaos Lord Roscoso

Well from what I guess, each of our first chapters will be our characters Intros, I'm ok with going last.

9/13/2009 #17
Chaos Lord Roscoso

But John...maybe if I do go last, how about for laughs my OC Takato tries to flirt multiple times with your OC, Makoto...and fails every time?

9/14/2009 . Edited 9/14/2009 #18
Kamen Rider DiEnd

Sounds like a good idea. We can discuss that more when the time's right. Also, I'm doing a prequel fic for my OC, it'll be up in the near future.

9/14/2009 #19
Chaos Lord Roscoso

That's good hope to see it then.

9/14/2009 #20

Nice Rider profiles guys.

9/14/2009 #21
Kamen Rider DiEnd

Thank you, I've also completed my prequel, and I've sent it to Rosco for beta-reading. Any of the other authors here who'd like to preview it are welcome to do so just PM me. (I PMed thorn already)

9/14/2009 #22
Blazorna Ibara

A few new things I added to my post.

The University is now named Shiro University.

The drug the Outlaw created is refered to as the G-7 Serum (I'll handle revealing that name in my next chapter)

this will be a Running gag: Sean tends to be mistaken as a student at Shiro University, but he really isn't.

not sure if you noticed, but I decided to have Yuuki and Sean know each other after an incident in Sean's past.

that it for my changes.

I'm in a bind at coming up with another major antagonist or two, you guys have any suggestions?

9/14/2009 #23
Chaos Lord Roscoso

How about a Dark Rider? Like some Criminal or someone somehow gets a special Changer and becomes an Enemy Kamen Rider?

9/15/2009 #24
Kamen Rider DiEnd

okay guys, my prequel is posted...feel free to read and review. :)

Edit: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5378998/1/Kamen_Rider_AERS_Encounter

9/15/2009 . Edited 9/15/2009 #25

Tenryo Yamada AKA Kamen Rider NET (NET is an acronym for Neo Electron-Terrestrian)

Tenryo is a 20-year-old man with little to no memory of who he is. ll he knows is his name and age. After his twelfth birthday, he began to do odd-jobs for cash, just to get by, until he found an ad for Technology testing as PsyLab Corp., a high-end tenchology firm. Upon being instated into the company's ranks, he began his work, and soon developed a knack for taking and fooling aruond with things he wasn't eant to touch. eventually, he was granted use of the NET Rider system, which was developed along with four other systems, The WEB, CYBER, DATA, and SERVO systems, to combat the Lectros, a breed of monster that were created as a computer visurs. For two years he fought alongside, and eventually against, his comrades, and through each one's deat, grew a little less naive and a little more mature. however, through those deaths, he has spawned a dark, negative side that means to eliminate him and aide the enemy. Now, having been out of work and carrying his ever-up-kept equipment with him, Tenryo has been re-enlisted to help fight a new monster breed. what will happen when Tenryo begins transforming again?

Kamen Rider NET: A green suit with interlocking, grid-like armor plating cover this warrior, with small orange lights binking to disorient the foe from all angles of his body. his physical abilities are multiplied tenfold, and has a total of six forms he can assume:

Band: Base form, weapon is the NETBlayd, a simple electron-composed sword that is held on his side until tapped, releasing it's true form. The weapon can extend or shrink to any dimension, making it a dangerous weapon for any monster to face. Finshr is a slashing combo.

T4: Accessed by adding the WEBGaunt to his system using the FTP Multiplier accessory as a router, this form featuresin inverted color scheme. Weapon is the NET Blaygun, formedby fusing his weapon with the WEBBower. Finisher is a combinating bow-shot/slash attack.

T3: Accessed by adding the CYBER system's CYBERHelm to his own by use of the HTP Additor accessory, this soldier has a more aggressive look and red color with purple eyes and blue lights. Weapon is the CYBERBlayster, a combination blade and laser-blaster Finishing attack is similar to theT4 finisher.

HIGH: Accessed through merging his syste with the DATA syteme's DATABooter through use of the PAP6 Fractor accessory, this form bears a distinct yellow color with black grd, silver lights, and crimson eyes. Weapon is the NETBlayve, a bladed glove that deals massive electrical damage. Finsher is a Rider Punch.

WIRELESS: accessed by merging his system with the SERVO system's SERVOScyther through use of the HTML Slider, this form brears a significatly dimished amount of armor, with black color and purple grid, blue eyes nd silver lights. Weapon is teh NETBlaythe, a scythe weapon with a sword's blade on the empty end. Finisher is an acrobatic version of a Rider Slash.

SATELLITE: Accessed through the merging of his systems with all the other four, with appropriate accessories and the Route Linker attachment this soldier of justice bears mid-level armor on a gold suit with silver grid, gleaming platinum-colored eyes and crystal white lights. Weapon is the OMINET, A combination of all the weapons used before. Therfore, his attacks ae random, spontaneous, and allways cause collateral damage. Finisher is a slashng Rider Kick.

9/15/2009 . Edited 9/15/2009 #26
Chaos Lord Roscoso

Very good chapter John.

9/15/2009 #27
Chaos Lord Roscoso

Who know maybe I'll do a Preview chapter for my OC Takato.

9/15/2009 #28
Blazorna Ibara

not a bad thought there Ross. though the Dark Rider's changer will have to come from either a stolen AERS changer or have the Outlaw create one himself.

9/15/2009 #29
Chaos Lord Roscoso

I'd go with a Stolen AERS changer. Or like the Outlaw has one of his monsters steal information about the system and he copies it?

9/15/2009 #30
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