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It is the writers turn to be in the RP's.
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Wind Crystal

Welcome! Please Remove your shoes and sanity before entering.

Floor 1: Kitchen, dining hall, OC girl's dorms.

Floor 2: Rec hall (includes TVs, games, and other things for your enjoyment), Refrence Hall (includes my own refrence stuff, essays and books and whatever else I need for my writing. Some rooms open to public, others not), Madotsuki's Dorm, Windy's Dorm... or least, that's where it's rumored to be...

Floor 3: OC boy's dorms

Floors 4: Dance hall

Floor 10: Theatre

Rest of the floors (50 in all): Who knows?

Surrounding grounds include a pool, a lake, a small farm, a battlefield, a garden, and a forest suitible for many warrior cats.


Major Citizens Include (but not limited to):

Robinstar: A beautiful dark brown she-cat with amber eyes, a red tail, and one red paw. She is very calm and caring, but she is very insecure and not confident in her ablities to lead her Clan. Dispite her insecurities, she has a fair sense of judgement and she is extremely wise and strategic. She would fight to the death to protect her Clan, but she prefers to settle disputes without bloodshed. Warriors OC.

Oakheart: A shaggy brown tom with golden-brown eyes. He is very brave and competitive, and determined to become one of the greatest warriors in all of ThunderClan. Brother of Silverwind, and son of Robinstar. Warriors OC.

Silverwind: A silver she-cat with pale blue eyes. She is extremely active, mischivious, and playful, sometimes to the point that she doesn't take her warrior duties seriously, but she is also extremely loyal to her clan. Sister of Oakheart, and daughter of Robinstar. Warriors OC.

Leafshadow: A light tan she-cat with white paws and dark green eyes. She is very logical and level-headed, but equally enthusiastic about her warrior duties. Her mother was one of Sphynxshadow's army that decided to turn on them and help fight with the Clans. Warriors OC.

Rainpaw: A tiny, energetc young cat with light grey fur speckled with black dots. Her cheerful energy in infectious, seeming to light up the whole room, but dispite her energy she is very dedicated to her work and deeply connected to StarClan. Warriors OC.

Earthstorm: A determined young cat with dark brown fur and creamy whte paws. He normally keeps quiet, not letting his emotion show. However he is extremely loyal and will jump at the first oppertunity to help his Clan, even if it means death, though this tendancy leads to him not thinking things through. He is very, very fast. Warriors OC.

Claire Linkel: A sarcastic, somewhat pessamistic fourteen-year old blonde who actually looks to be in her twenties. She was an ordinary farm girl at one point in time with a passion for Harvest Moon, but one day she got sucked into the game and is now stuck in the video game with many other kids in the same situation. She likes farmwork a lot, and spends most of her free time rding horses or playing baseball. She and Akane share a famously bitter rivalry. Harvest Moon OC.

Akane: A fun-loving, flirty little adrenaline junkie. Dispite what rumors state, she actually isn't nearly as much of a romantic as she puts out to be, and would much rather go tubing or ride a roller coaster than do anything even remotely girly. The one acception is ballroom dance, which she loves incredibly. She also likes to dress in wildly clashing colors, and adores the water. She and Claire share a famously bitter rivalry. Princess Debut OC.

Kinomi Rikku Konichiwu: A redheaded, glasses-wearing romainticist. Her DNA was fused with DNA from a Canadian Swift Fox, giving her superpowers and foxlike attributes. She has skills in both running and dancing, and has a blackbelt in karate, but she has no mind for numbers whatsoever and trusts very easily. She is an otaku to the nth degree and can frequently be found watching anime or reading manga. Her greatest atribute is possibly her ability to love, not just romantically but as a sister and as a friend. She would do anything for the people she cares about. Her dreams are to one day run her own onsen (traditional Japanese hotspring), and marry her one and only love Kisshu! Tokyo Mew Mew OC

Ichirou Konichiwu: Kinomi's twin brother, older by four minutes. He's an otaku as well, but much less pronounced and with a much greater love for ballet. Like many anime people, his hair is green, but this is not in fact natural and he's simply been dying it this color for so long no one even really remembers what color his hair originally was. He's calm and patiant, but fiercely overprotective of his little sister. Tokyo Mew Mew OC

Kaori: A very shy and sweet green-eyed witch. She loves to cook and please people in whatever way she can, and has a very free kind of lifestyle. She loves the beach and has a secret talant for basketball that she learned from her older brother. Random, somewhat unused OC.

Mimooseloketeenisaliea 'Mim' Falkonar : A young, blue-skinned alien girl. She comes from a very wealthy family, but prefers to work her way to the top of her planet's government than have it simply handed to her because of her birth. She posesses a very strong, very defiant will, and would rather die than lose her pride or honor. She adores dance above all else, from ballet to lyrical her traditional Arsmian dances to even ballroom, and dances not only for enjoyment but for a sense of freedom she can't normally get and as a part of her religion. She is extremely spiritual, but loves to mess around as well. She likes the snow and the cold and is the world's worst cook. She and Attie share a famous rivalry, spawned from a mutual inferiority complex. Random OC+Novel Character

Madotsuki: No one but Windy knows anything about her, and no one wants to. Due to tragic and horrific events in her past, she's locked herself away forever in her room and shut herself into the sinister relm of her own disterbingly warped dreamworld. Yume Nikki OC.

Cynthia 'Cicada' Jillian Corgrey: Cicada, once a desprite romantic who'd been cheated just a few too many times over and the world's most boring desk job, now owns beautiful farm her father forced on her. Her own house doubles as a boarding house for many of the girls in the valley of Forget-Me-Not and Mineral Town who are either sick of their own house, trying to run away to avoid their lives there, or simply don't have a place to stay. Dispite the fact that she and her borders have all sworn a solumn oath never to fall in love again, she manages to hide a secret lover, a theif named Skye. She actually has a degree in Shakespeare and frequently quotes him. Harvest Moon OC.

Bree: A pixie with naturally pink hair. She's very much a tomboy and has a fierce desire for adventure, so she set out to learn the way of a Magi and has become very powerful in her travels. MagiQuest OC.

Maria 'Quincy' Quince: A quiet dreamer. Quincy has a facination for all things British and enjoys Skakespeare and the Beatles. Her main skill is playing the guitar. She has trouble expressing her emotions in words, so her guitar became her link to the world. She is also a color-sound synestesiac, meaning she interprites sound as color in her mind. She's never really met her parents, except long ago in he past, and her only family member is her sister Jack, whom she cares for deeply. She's also a bit of a modern hippi, although what that exactly entails I won't bother to explain here... Pendragon OC

Jaqualine 'Jack' Quince: A cute, redheaded little girl. She's sweet, cute, and mischivious, frequently popping out of nowhere. She's a self-proclaimed ninja, but she has a girly side as well and can normally be caught sporting fluffy jean skirts and lots of nail polish. Pendragon OC

Artemis 'Attie' Gwendolyn Jones: A sixteen year old girl with uncontrolable timetraveling abilities. She looks younger than she really is, and most mistake her for a young boy. She fuels the assumption by dressing and acting male as well, simply because she finds it easier to be a boy than a girl. Convinience and survival are the words she lives by, and she will pick up any skill or assume any personala if it means giving her a better chance of survival. She can come across as cold and distant, but she's gaining a softer side now. She's very logical and resonable, liking simple solutions to things, and good at putting things into perspective. She and Mim share a famous rivalry, spawned from a mutual inferiority complex. Random OC+Novel Character.

Joey Callisto: A world-famous artist, and Kinomi and Ichirou's dad's American cousin. He loves finding the detail and beauty in things, and has a small obsession with angel wings. He's a mild psycic and can see someone's past and inner thoughts by looking them in the eyes, but does not realize that this is actually anything unnatural. He simply things of it as 'sudden insperation', and normally puts these pasts and souls into his own paintings. Tokyo Mew Mew OC.

Chi: Persuasive as he is power-hungry, Chi is a formidable opponent. He has a charasmatic way of speaking and an unusually calm demenor, and prefers to win over or toment his foes with his speech and incredible knowledge of the human mind. He can manipulate, convince, and decive with perfect ease, but when that doesn't work he can prove a strong fighter. He controls the element of earth. Chi may appear suave, but he can't be trusted and will resort to murder, torture, rape, and anything else that can get him what he wants. Follower and son of Kinu. Tokyo Mew Mew OC.

Mizu: He may be a villan of my story, but really he's just your avarige 12-year-old. He just wants to kick back, live the good life, and get the girl of his dreams.... which is, unfortunantly, Ichirou's girlfriend. He controls the element of water, and is actually a pretty fun guy to hang around with. Follower of Kinu. Tokyo Mew Mew OC.

Tei: Not much is known about him, he prefers to stay quiet. He sees Mizu as a younger brother, though, and is fiercely protective of him. Tei's element is wind and air. Follower of Kinu. Tokyo Mew Mew OC.

Fi and Re: Two little immature nine-year-old twins who control the ellement of fire. They seem to opperate on one psyche, always together, always speaking in unison or finishing each other's sentence's, and seeming completely lost and lonely if they are apart from each other for even a moment. Like Mizu, they may be villans, but they're just kids and all they really want is to have fun. Follower of Kinu. Tokyo Mew Mew OC.

Kinu: An absolute, complete enigma. Manipulative as Chi, but she uses her manipulation more for survival and less for power. She can control energy in general, frequently simply using elements or plants but able to completely take over the minds of certian creatures. Pretty much evil to the nth degree a lot of the time, but has a deep respect for Windy and does what she says without complaint. Rumored to have been alive for milleniums. Tokyo Mew Mew OC.

Devo: Possibly the strangest denizen of Windy's mind. He's a walking, taking carrot with high pitched voice, an appitite for bananas, and a passion for yoga. It's as random as it sounds...

Ronnie: A geniticaly produced girl, created by a combination of cloning and gene splicing. As an experement some of her human DNA was replaced with that of an average american shorthair housecat. Personality under development. OC that just randomly walked into me head for no purpose or reason.

Dakota Kenning: A plain, average american high schooler. She likes horseback riding, McDonalds, classic rock... and is Cupid's temp. The greek god of love, Eros (Cupid) was hurt and, as the first mortal to touch him, Dakota had to take over his job until he got better. Now she has complete control over all love and hate in the universe... OC from my NaNoWriMo novel.

Juliette 'Jelly' Veronica Taylor: The girliest character in my mind. She's a speed demon who rides the air, owns a budgie, and has a soft spot for sparkles and the color pink. Normally regarded as a bit of a ditz, she's actually smarter than she lets on. It's just that she's only interested in applying this smartness to things like hairstyling and cosmetology.... Random OC

Niel Harlem: A calm, level-headed gardener. She's an orphan, adopted by a single man, and though she doesn't know it she's the decendednt of the greek goddess Demeter. She's very good at cultivating fruits and vegetables, but she prefers to grow flowers because she enjoys their colors and scents. Since she never speaks, many people see her as either a snob or as someone extremely shy, but in reality she is legitimently mute and has never been able to speak a word all her life. Random OC

Staff of my mind:

Galetea: A tall, calm robotic nurse who takes care of the medical ward. The only full android in my mind, she likes to read but hates when I call her Robonurse.

Makoto: Sometimes an AI security system, sometimes a young short-haired android prison wardon. Strict but playful, she takes care off all the prison dorms, and feeds through the video fotage that Kisanki gets.

Kisanki: The AI hub of my mind. Everything from the other staff feeds through to her. Very sarcastic and a bit overworked in her opinion, I normally end up just using her to look up anime boys or Youtube videos, but really she can keep an eye on everyhting that happens in my mind.

9/4/2009 . Edited 4/16/2010 #1

I open the door to Windy's mind. "Well I guess this is it. I look at the sign. "Please remove shoes and sanity.... right like I have any sanity left." I take off my shoes and proceed to the kitchen. "Ohh! BBQ chips!"

10/1/2009 #2
Wind Crystal

I looked up from the doodle I was doing at the table and smiled at bh. "Hey there!" I called over the noise going on around me. "Find a seat if you can!"

Being lunchtime, the cafeteria was packed with all the OCs and characters, doing what they normally did:

Akane was sitting in the corner with Kinomi and Kaori, picking at her salad. While the other two girls were engaged in a discussion about some manga they had both read or something, Akane was busy staring at Attie, wishing she was beside her. Or him, in her mind. Only about half of the OCs had figured out that Attie was a girl, and Akane definently wasn't one of them.

Attie, however, was completely oblivious to Akane's crush on her and was busy chatting away with Ichirou, Twill, and Bree. The three girls were still the newest editions to Windy's mind, and as usual Claire had been putting them through what she called 'noob initiation'. Beside them, Quincy and Cicada were talking over some sheets of complex music, apperently Cidada's fiddle was teaming up with Quincy's guitar for a Barrage-style duet. Jack and Mim were perched in front of the microwave, cheering it on for some reason as the bar of Ivory soap they had stuck inside was growing and mutationg strangely, and Claire had paused in her discussion with me (Windy) to turn and start launching peas off the end of her spoon at the back of Akane's head.

In short, normality.

10/1/2009 . Edited 10/1/2009 #3

I got a sandwich and sat down across from Windy so it'd be easier to talk. "Hey, man you've got a highly populated mind. Most I've got is a few OC's."

10/1/2009 #4
Wind Crystal

I shrugged, grinning. "Well, yah... I've been in the OC biz for 3 years. My first was Robinstar, but she never comes into the building. She's out in the forest with her two children, I think"

10/1/2009 #5

"Heh wow, I've barely been in the biz for a year but I'm at least a good writer and I like reviews. Though I have few OC's they are pretty powerful... and somewhat insane."

10/1/2009 #6
Wind Crystal

"I don't go for power, sort of. I'm more for a touch of normality. Though they're all totally different--" Mim galred at her for that. "Ok, ok, mostly different, but the theme mainly expressed is strong, independent girls. Some more so than others..."

10/1/2009 #7

"I'm guessing that's Attie you mean. Well mine are anything but normal... heck Maverick's so dangerous he has to be chained and locked in a cage in a dark corner of my mind heavily guarded at all times by Mike." I say laughing a little.

10/1/2009 #8
Wind Crystal

I nodded. "I know what you mean, there's this one girl who's the mentally-disterbed shut in.... no one's allowed in her room without my supervision. No one wants to go anyway, once you're in if you don't know how to properly get out you're stuck forever in the world of her dreams. Very scary, and a frequent noob initiation from Claire." I said, sipping my milk. "And as for the girls-are-strong thing, It's more than Attie. Mim too, she's pretty stong on this." At these words both Attie and Mim glared at me, but I ignored them. "Cicada lives on her own, Quincy's a working mom at age 18, Robin's a wise and beloved leader-- or she was befroe she died in the RP--, Twill's changing neverland as we know it, Kinomi's a fighter-fox.... they're all stong, fun, different, independent girls. Although maybe not too independent, a few get hooked on their boys...." Here I glanced at Kinomi, Akane, and Cicada.

10/1/2009 #9

"Hmm none of mine have settled down with someone yet. Though Marcus has been acting weirder than usual lately. But aside from him Bill is pretty solitary, the few times I let Maverick out he is just mean, agressive and other kinds of the same thing. Jacob is still new and getting his shakedown initiation so he's as of now unkown." I said munching on the sandwich and some chips.

10/1/2009 #10
Wind Crystal

I laughed. "Mine seem to always got someone. Kinomi's got Kish, Akane's got Vince but she falls for everyone, Quincy might got Spader, Ichirou's got Mint, Robin's got Wookiepelt and they had two kids, Claire's got Cliff, Cicada's got Skye, Twill's got Conner, and Mim's got Jake. The only solos are Bree, Jack, and Attie, although with Attie the whole thing's just uncharted water. I got no clue where she stands."

10/1/2009 #11

"With the whole Charlie thing if I remember right. Aw well that'll solve itself sooner or later." I just munch on food. "Is there a game room around here?"

10/1/2009 #12
Wind Crystal

"Charlie...." I raised an eyebrow, teasing with my unseen plans. "Or Marcus! And games are on the 28 floor or the rec room on the 2 floor"

10/1/2009 #13

"Great... you have Smash Bros War?" I ask.

10/1/2009 #14
Wind Crystal

I shrugged. "Who knows? I have most every game me or the OCs like, and knowing Attie, Akane, and Ichirou I'd have it. But mostly I just stick to Harvest Moon, Pokemon, and the Mario games, epecially Paper Mario. And mainly Wii or GameCube or especially Nintendo 64 games. Wiis are high tech and all, but nothing beats a good N64..."

Meanwhile, Quincy had left and Cicada had relocated over to Kinomi and Akane, who were both giggling at the story she was telling them. "....and so I read about it in one of those makeup catologs Windy likes to get, and I really liked it so I got it. It's called 'Touch Me and Then Try To Leave.....' and it's honestly the best body cream I've ever had. True to it's name, too! I can't get Skye to leave the house!"

Akane laughed. "Which is exactly what you wanted of course!"

"Well yah! But seriously, I run a farm. I have to actually get some sleep from time to time." Cicada chuckled, then glanced at Kinomi with a teasing smle and leaned in a little closer, dropping her voice slightly. "You wanna borrow some? Just a dab of it, and I know Kish won't be able to keep his hands off you"

Kinomi blushed feircely and her fox ears and tail popped out, something that only happened when she was embarrased or excited. But mostly embarrassed. "Y-Y-You serious?!"

Cicada nodded, grinning at the effect she was creating. "Just a little bit of cream.... some sexy smoky eye shadow.... a little bit of my most seductive perfume...." With every word, Kinomi's face was growing redder.... "Kish won't be able to keep himself away... he'll be yours for the whole night"

The combination of exceitement and embarassment was too much for her to take, and with a tiny pop Kinomi was suddenly gone.

"I think you went a bit far, Cicada" Akane commented, peering over at the frantic-looking, red-furred fox who had appeared where Kinomi had been.

Cidada sighed and picked up the little animal. "Sorry, Kinomi, I was only kidding....."

The fox, Kinomi, didn't seem to be listening, she was just squirming to get free. Cicada dropped her and she landed clumsily on the table. still glancing around franticly. Her heyes fell on Attie, who was staring at the whole incident in utter confusion, and she took off running at her. Kinomi launched herself off the table at Attie, an the next thing you knew Kinomi had knocked her to the floor, now suddenly in human form, her lips glued to Attie's in a sudden kiss.

"WHAT THE HECK?!!?!?" Attie yelled, shoving Kinomi off her roughly and wiping her mouth on the back of her hand. "What was that for!?"

"Sorry!" Kinomi whined. "When I turn into a fox the only way I can turn back is if I kiss someone!"

" is that why you were making at with your brother the other day?"

"WE WERE NOT MAKING OUT!" Ichirou and Kinomi yelled in unison.

And I, of course, was just watching all this trying not to laugh......

10/3/2009 #15

I'm watching it too with a wierd look on my face. "If this is what happens daily then this place is weirder than I thought." I hear someone in a cabinet trying to hold their laughter. "What the- alright guys come out!" From the cabinet Marcus climbs out along with Jacob. "What are you guys doing here?"

"We decided to sneak out of your head after we got bored and John fell asleep." Marcus said. "This place is way more exciting than what we were doing before!" Him and Jacob were still cracking up and I'm just standing there staring at them.

(Hey I'm back!)

10/4/2009 #16
Wind Crystal

I laughed and nodded. "Oh yah, this is pretty daily." I said, then spotted Marcus and Jacob and waved at them. "Hey guys! What up?"

Attie glanced up and smile as she saw Marcus. "Marcus! How'd you get in here?"

10/4/2009 #17

Marcus saw Attie and waved back. "This guy's a Sci-fi geek and to top it off know WAY too much about stargate! You'd be surprised at the amount of alien tech he has laying around! There are a dozen ways to get in here! Oooh! Big pretzels!" Marcus ran over to the pretzel rotator and took a seat after grabbing one. Jacob followed suit and I just sighed. "Great now I gotta keep an eye on these nuts. Then everyones meal started shaking and blew up in a flour explosion.

10/4/2009 #18
Wind Crystal

I wiped the flour off her glasses, rather unfazed by the sudden occurance. Random happenings were the nrom in my mind. "Eh, what happened this time?"

"I SWEAR I had nothig to do with it!!!!"

"Right, Mim, I'll pretend I beleive you..... since when are you even allowed near the stove?"

"I didn't do anything! Seriously!"

Meanwhile Attie had sat herself down beside MArcus and across from bh. "Hi" She said, extending an hand toward bh. "So you're Marcus's creater, huh? Nice to meet you at last."

10/4/2009 #19

I take her hand and shake it. "Yeah Marcus is one of the newest in a very small number of OC's. Man since he got there Bill and John immediately pulled a salvo of pranks on him until, they shoved him into Maverick's cage. Then I had to step in......."

"Why did you have to do that? I was about to have some fun with him." Maverick said revealing himself and I fall out of my chair.

"Wha! How? How are you out of your cage!"

"Simple I bribed Mike with virtual chocolate.... and I caused the flour bomb." He said shrugging and grabbed a sandwich with his tail and I'm freaking out here!

10/4/2009 #20
Wind Crystal

"I know the feeling...." Attie muttered, glaring over at Claire. "See that blond chick over there? First human OC created. She puts us all though a noob initiation. Locked us in the Lemon Room AND Madotsuki's Dorm. Nearly died on that second one....."

I was eyeing Maverick with caution. "Hi..... I don't know you. Who are you?"

10/4/2009 #21

"Wow" I say.

Maverick looks over to Windy. "My name's Maverick Dark, the monster of many names. Demon of Space, The Great Destroyer and my personal favorite The Planet Cracker." he smiled a very maniacle one after the last one.

"He's serious about it all! I had to remove so many major components from his ship to make it even remotely safe!" I whisper to Windy.

Maverick decided to pull another stunt and with only a glance caused Claire's food to explode. Not flour this time.

10/4/2009 #22
Wind Crystal

Claire sat there, a little stunned, covered in her lunch, then slowly, she turned to glare ferociously at Mavrick. "Did you do this?" She seethed.

Attie gave a low whistle. "Well.... this is gonna get interesting......"

10/4/2009 #23

"Yeah i did... you got a problem with that?" he said switching to his deep rumbling monster voice, his blood red slitted eyes only added to it.

"I suggest we don't interfere right now." I say slowly backing away.

10/4/2009 #24
Wind Crystal

Claire just glared at hm. If looks could kill, he'd be six feet under by now. But she said nothing. And a second later she rose from her chair and walked out of the room.

I gave a humorless grin. "In the list of people in this place not to tick off, that girl ranks as number one. You, my friend, have just earned yourself a powerful enemy"

10/4/2009 #25

"Eh I've blown up several dozen planets with my ship and my own power. I'm not worried. Heck maybe I should just kill her now." He said and casually munched on his food while me and Marcus just back away a little. Jacob was already a ways away but he kept cautious."

10/4/2009 #26
Wind Crystal

I stood up suddenly, glaring at Maverick with suprime, sudden hatred. "If you hurt her at all.... if you lay even a finger on any one of them........" I seethed trhough gritted teeth. "I swear I will hunt you down, , peel away your skin, chop you up, knead your meat, shape you and cook you, cover you with a sauce of your own blood, and eat you as a hamburger. You got that?"

10/4/2009 . Edited 10/4/2009 #27

Maverick just shrugged and kept eating. "Umm threats won't work on him. He's regenerated his entire body from one cell before!"

10/4/2009 #28
Wind Crystal

I grinned slightly. "Ever had to face up to words? They're the most powerful and most powerless thing in the universe."

10/4/2009 #29

"yeah I've had to in two dozen universes. I just blast them away." Maverick said.

10/4/2009 #30
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