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I know everyone has one of these, a part that they like better then all others.

For me, it's when Donny and Omar are shotting the people in the theater until the explostion (which was also cool). However, i do have one problem with that bit 'cuz Donny dies in it and i liked Donny =(

Oh well, i guess that it was needed... i guess... Oh well, what's done is done.

Anyway, what are your fav part(s) of the movie and what do ya like about it?

9/13/2009 #1

Well, my favourite episode is a scene with "Italians" and Colonel Landa. It was incredibly funny, especially when he laughed on Hammersmark's lie about her broken leg and his speech in Italian. In my opinion it's the best scene in the movie;)

But I like also the scene in the "Nadine" bar and Shoshanna's preparations for her revenge.

9/13/2009 #2

My favorite scene is probably Von Hammersmark's death scene...Only because Landa is my favourite, and I find it to be hypnotizing to watch Christoph Waltz play Landa. The whole scene teeters on the edge of an explosion. One minute, Landa is being his usual handsome, charismatic, well-mannered-Standartenführer self, then all of a sudden: he is on top of her, strangling her.

It's the first time we actually see Landa committing violence...and it is gruesome!

Das ist was ich denke trotzdem...aber der ganze Film war hervorragend!

9/19/2009 #3
Thy Great Pretender

It has to be Fredrick and Shosanna's death scene. The acting, the music, the emotions, camera work, it was just fantastic.

Close second would have to be the bar scene. Such tension! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time just waiting for August to work out who they really were. I LOVE the German language, its so beautiful to listen to although I can't understand a word :( Well that's not true I watch a lot of German TV and film so I can recognise some words and phrases but if you sat me infront of a German man and told me to have a conversation with him I just couldn't do it, I just love to listen.

And the whole "I have my pistol pointed at your t***" bit was just hilarious! :D

And of course Hans Landa and the shoe! *dies* I was terrified for poor Bridget

9/25/2009 #4

Well, all of the scenes are great, but my fav is the one when Donny smashes that Nazi sergeant and then Private Butz immediately tells them everything. Hilarious!

It's such a violent part, and normally I hate violence, but I just can't stop grinning whenever I watch it!

The Italian speaking part was good too. Pretty much every scene with the Basterds in it rocked.

11/11/2009 #5

well of course the whole movie was amazing

one of my favorites was the scene where Donny beats the guy with his bat, and then Butz tells them everything

or the scene in the basement tavern

"say auf weidersehen to your nazi balls!"

12/27/2009 #6

For the moment, my favorite scene is probably when Aldo and Utivich end up being captured by Landa. The scene strikes me as hilarious, and very well done as far as characterization goes. Its hard to choose though, between that and the Basterds introduction, and Landa's initial interrogation. One is obviously more subtle than the other, but I love them all.

12/29/2009 #7

I really liked the scene when they decided they were going to the premiere as Italians. Especially when Omar said: 'I can't speak Italian' and Aldo said: 'Just keep your fuckin' mouth shut' It totally cracked me up. And later, when Landa starts talking Italian, Donny and Aldo look at each other like, W**! The whole movie was amazing!

1/19/2010 #8

My favorite part in the movie is when Landa appears behind Shosanna. "Ah, Landa!" Then that heavy Bath Attack theme plays...

I swear that scene made my heart skip a beat. Love it. Then Landa places that courtesy kiss on Shosanna's hand. Oh, wow...

2/6/2010 #9
Tessa Thead

I like the part where makes the intitial speech about his team and when they have the first attack. they were both very entertaining.

2/8/2010 #10

Here are my favourite scenes, with no special order:

- ... all the scenes where Landa speaks French. Really, he has a real lovely accent. (the "Attendez la crème!" quote was my favourite one, among aaaaall the other quotes)

- the whole scene in the Louisiane bar. Such tension! And I loved the dialogues; even if my German is awful and I really dislike learning it at school, I still like this language a lot and I'm quite happy when I see that I understand at least a few words and sentences. And Hicox's voice makes me melt, while Stiglitz's one is quite funny but lovely as well.

- Stiglitz slaughtering the Officers was awfully fantastic. I loved his gaze when he woke one Officer up, and then thrust his fist into his mouth. Really funny.

- and maybe, when Shoshanna prepared herself, I loved the song (Cat People -Putting out the Fire- by David Bowie) and Mélanie Laurent was not bad at all in this scene.

2/28/2010 #11
Harlequin Sequins

Every scene with Landa. He's such an amazingly complex character, and Waltz such an arresting, talented actor, that he steals the spotlight every shot he's in.

Hans Landa has to be Tarantino's magnum opus. :)

3/20/2010 #12

Loving the Italian part!!!! I love when Landa stars asking Briggite how did she broke her leg. It's totally funny. And when Landa stars laughing a lot and the basterds look at him like. W**? xDDD

5/30/2010 #13
Princess of All Cosmos

Best part in the movie: "That's a bingo! That is how you say it, right?" "You just say bingo." "Bingo! How exciting!"

Second favorite part: "Nein nein nein nein nein!" -Hitler

6/2/2010 . Edited 6/2/2010 #14

Ohhh!!! In that part he looks really like a child!!. xDDDD

6/3/2010 #15

Ahh, i love a lot of scenes, here some:

1. GIANT REVENGE thing, all that scene where it shows and when she talk and when everything burns :) you know what i mean.


3. All beginning, it was great.

4. ITALIANO! all these Gor Laaa Mii ;D and when landa starts hysterical laught.

5. When Landa shows in restaurant, i dont know, i just like it.

6.All scene with "Cat people (putting out fire)" music (Shosanna + axe = :D)

7. Scene with "un Amico" (when Shosanna is shot ;(, but it was so theatralic... and.. ah.. i love it..

7/15/2010 #16

Goebbels: "Ah Landa!" And the other Gestapo whips up to salute him, and that amazing music plays. Such terror in that scene!

Also love Shosanna getting ready and doing warpaint before rubbing it in ;) and then when she walks out and the arrows point to the main hierarchy Nazi's.

The scene were Shosanna and Frederick shoot each other and she kind of explodes in a burst of red and then the last look she gives as she dies...she seems more alive in that look than she has for the entire film! i just love the tragedy of her and different circumstances things could have been so different, but because of the times and who she is and who he is it could have never worked. Just love that whole scene!

All the final interrogation scenes with when hes on the phoneline asking not only to be forgave but to be made a war hero...and then he says something about how hes to be known as personally bringing hitler and goebbels down...(and then you see him planting the explosives under goebbels chair) and then he says "well that part is actually true." :')

11/14/2010 #17

Brad Pitt speaking Italian. hands down. xD

12/8/2010 #18
Lord Darling
Any part where Hans Landa grasps for a word, because German accents make me very...compliant, shall we say. Aldo's opening scene for the petulant way he says: 'And ah WANT mah scalps!' Any scene with Archie Hicox because he's so. Bloody. Perfect. I hated it when he died...
1/25/2011 #19

My fave scenes in no particular order or reason are:

1. ANY scene with Col Landa

2. The basterds introduction (Love Donny's grin)

3. Donny bashing the guy's head in with a bat (he rocks that scene)

4. Operation Kino (too bad Hugo & Wiki died) loved how they kept getting interrupted by Wilhelm, Archie looked like he wanted to kill him. I also liked the look Stiglitz kept giving Dieter (hated him)

5. Finally everything from act 5. Love the song Cat People by David Bowie. I loved Donny's face when him & Omar were shooting all those germans. (why oh why did Donny have to die.

6/9/2011 #20
The Villain A

1. Aldo Raine blurting out "Bonjourno" after a long pause when Landa expects him to say something in italian.

2. Seeing Landa go from smug snake to screaming bloody murder when Raine shoots the radioman and carves a swastika in his forehead, gouging out huge chunks of flesh in the process. Christoph Waltz was such a delightful a*** throughout the film it felt good to see.

3/3/2012 #21

-) Probably all the scenes with Landa.

-) Shosanna preparing her revenge.

-) Hitler banning the usage of 'Bear Jew' - nice dig on the modern political correctness.

1/5/2015 #22
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