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Oxnard is my fave hammy so i love this couple! Jingle's my second fave and i wish he had a date. he doesn't seem to have a crush or anything. i wonder why...
1/1/2006 #1
Jonny Manz

I guess he's just a wandering ham or something.

1/2/2006 . Edited 9/29/2011 #2
Pepper and Oxy go so cute together! I guess it's their pashion for sunflower seeds!
1/2/2006 #3
Jonny Manz
Post by cappyandpashy4ever: [q]Pepper and Oxy go so cute together! I guess it's their pashion for sunflower seeds![/q] It probably is. It probably is. And, yes they do go good together! Yay! Signed, Jonathan The Ham-Ham
1/7/2006 #4
Pepnard is probably my fave couple. Because I love Oxnard. If Pepper wasn't around, Oxnard would be mine! ALL MINE!!! MWAHAHAHAHAH! (begins shrpening large knife)
1/7/2006 #5
Jonny Manz
To quote SpongeBob, [q]That's creepy. But flattering![/q] (At Least for Oxnard.) See ya. Signed, Jonathan The Ham-Ham
2/12/2006 #6
Sorry, I just love Oxnard! GO OXY BABY! My friends can't see what I see in him. It's his adorable plumpness dontcha know?
2/12/2006 #7
Soul of Hell
omg! I just heard in Japan Hamtaro is on its last episode and on it Oxnard and Pepper are getting married!
3/29/2006 #8
THEY'RE GETTING MARRIED? *spits out whatever I was drinking* OMG! I am soo happy for them! Oxnard and Pepper forever! YOU HEAR MEEEEE? FOREVEEEERRRR!
4/1/2006 #9
It's a shame that their marriage episode was also the final Japanese episode in Japan too, atleast they still have Hamtaro products there, the videos and DVDs(not all of season 3 through) and.. Tottoko Hamutaro Haai, which is kinda like a sequel to the original anime. Tottoko Hamutarou Haai is produced by another company, it's five mins. long and it's in CGI(Computer generated images, a.k.a it's all in 3D).
6/15/2006 #10
Yeah, it is sad, but I'm planning to buy all the Jap. episodes I can get from PlayAsia! I already have some English ones, and besides, I hate the english voices.
6/27/2006 #11
Not all of the Japanese episodes were put on DVD, and it looks like they haven't made any new episode DVDs since Hamtaro ended in Japan....... -_-
6/27/2006 #12
Jonny Manz
Dang... I wish I could understand Japanese... Then I could watch those episodes! Once again, dang! Signed, Jonathan The Ham-Ham
7/15/2006 #13
You don't have to know Japanese to understand. Just watching can give you an edit of the story. Like, I watched the second movie.. and could easily get a sense of what was happening.
7/15/2006 #14
Jonny Manz
Eh... I can't just run on pictures... I need dialouge... Or at least English subtitles. XD Signed, Jonathan The Ham-Ham
8/1/2006 #15
There is no subtitles. But there's also a preveiw of that episode on hamkingdom site, alot of prove there.
10/4/2006 #16
Jonny Manz
LOL, if it DID have english subtitles, it would be vice-versa of Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix (only released in Japan), because that has English spoken words with Japanese subtitles. XD Signed, Jonathan The Ham-Ham
12/9/2006 #17
Jonny Manz

Ugh... damn square-enix, only releasing the Final Mix games in Japan...

10/2/2011 #18

If you want most of the Hamtaro episodes with subs, you can find them on Just Google it and it should be the first website.

10/2/2011 #19
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