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I actually despise it. Tried watching the first episode and as soon as the song started I was like, "Nope". And that was the end of that.

10/2/2011 #31
Jonny Manz

Wait, you mean the theme song, right? I mean, that's the only song I remember from the first episode. If so, then I agree with you, that's definitely one of the weakest (if not THE weakest) elements of the show, and honestly, the only part of the show I'd be embarrassed to watch in public. But I recommend skipping it, since you don't seem to like it, and just watch the rest of Ep. 1, and at least 3 other eps, b/c that's how long I've found it takes an average guy to get hooked, or to finally confirm once and for all that he doesn't like it. I mean, hell, even a hardcore brony like me, who goes to Equestria Daily on a, well, a daily basis, it took me, like 6 episodes or so to get hooked. But holy crap, once I was there, I was there. Lauren Faust and her team are awesome (speaking of which, I'm sad she left the show, but I'm confident that with the rest of the creative team still in place, the quality will still be just as high as ever, if not even higher).

Again, you don't have to watch any more episodes, I just highly recommend it. I also understand if, after watching a few episodes, you still don't like it, and that's fine with me. Like I always say, "It's impossible to please everyone with everything, every time. The best you can hope for is to please most people with most things, most of the time." My MO isn't to force people to like the show; it's always been to get them to give it a fair chance, because that's the only way they can find out if they like it! And if they don't, well, at least they tried! :) Hell, if it wasn't for FiM, I never would've come back to this place, and my stories would've never finished up (and I sure as hell wouldn't be planning on writing anything further!)

Anyways, if you do decide to give the series another chance, here are the episodes I recommend: The first two episodes of Season 1, because there's some set-up, but none too hard to figure out if you decide on skipping them; The first two episodes of Season 2, because Discord is an awesome, awesome villain; "Party of One," because crazy Pinkie Pie is really, really funny; and "The Cutie Mark Chronicles," simply because that episode's one of my favorites. Also, all 28 episodes can easily be found on YouTube.

10/2/2011 #32
Jonny Manz

Not to mention, the fanbase is completely fucking incredible. Best fanbase I've ever been a part of! Sure, there are a few bad eggs to kind of temper everything, but for the most part, it's attracted so many talented artists, musicians, writers, it's hard to feel starved for ponies once one becomes a brony (such as myself! :)) Equestria Daily is essential, and I hope my Pony Fanfics (or as I like to call them, "FiMfics") are good enough to get posted onto Eq. Daily, once I get around to writing them, that is.

10/2/2011 #33
Ventus du Stormclad
I'd have to agree MLP FiM is awesome! Brony for life.
10/3/2011 #34
Jonny Manz

Heck yeah! *Brohoof* So, you planning on any FiMfics?

10/3/2011 #35
Ventus du Stormclad

Love to, but I couldn't do a very good one seeing as the lack of hands limit a lot of possible actions.

10/3/2011 #36
Jonny Manz

Oh, OH! I see. See, that's why I'm glad I'm a Unicorn; I can just use magic to do anything that requires a lot of dexterity.

10/3/2011 #37
Ventus du Stormclad

yes but the earth ponies can't.

Besides I think there's more than enough FiMfic writers over at Equesrtia Daily, who are far better skilled at it than i ever could be.

10/3/2011 #38
Jonny Manz

Fair enough. However, I hope to get my stories posted up there, once I get around to writing them (school's a bitch). Perhaps it's just immense hubris on my part, but after reading so many good fics, and finally understanding how to give good constructive criticism, I think I finally understand how to write a good, compelling story; though I do still think I need some practice.

10/3/2011 #39
Ventus du Stormclad

the best way to practice is in the field, if you get my drift

10/3/2011 #40
Jonny Manz

Lol, yeah, that's why I'm gonna practice with different ideas for fics ('cause I have quite a few), so once I get around to writing my super fic, it'll be as good as it can possibly be, and I can truly call it my magnum opus. However, that's probably not gonna happen 'till December, due to my college semester.

10/3/2011 . Edited 10/3/2011 #41
Jonny Manz

Haha, wow, what a derp. I had meant to say "December," the post has been edited to reflect that.

10/3/2011 #42

Lol if it's super cute anime you're looking for I found THE GREATEST ONE the other day while looking up Hamtaro videos. It's called "Onegai My Melody". Please, just watch ONE episode on YouTube. I guarantee you will melt into a puddle due to the kawaii-ness :3 My new favourite anime to watch in between episodes of One Piece.

So, to answer your suggestion, I don't think I'll watch MLP. There are too many animes I could watch instead, which will help with learning Japanese, whereas MLP would not (I like to find good reasons for doing something). Plus, if I do somehow get hooked to MLP, I won't have time for the other things I enjoy, and that's bad.

10/4/2011 #43
Ventus du Stormclad

But if you end up enjoying MLP then you'd still be spending time watching what you like so you wouldn't be losing anything.

10/5/2011 #44
Ventus du Stormclad

Besides watching something only cause you can learn Japanese from it is a bad reason. Especially since many animes have gripping plots, engaging characters, and awesome fight scenes.

10/5/2011 #45
Jonny Manz

Actually, first off, I'm not really big one the SUPER HUGE CUTENESS =3. That's one of the reasons I like MLP:FiM so much: it's so much more substantive than just CUTE OVERLOAD OMG!!!! =3. Lauren Faust (wife of Craig McCracken, who's the creator of The Powerpuff Girls, and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, btw. She helped significantly on those shows) and her team managed to make it cute, but not TOO cute. It's all very well balanced, and the characters have very well rounded, 3D personalities. They are all very distinct from one another, and very endearing.

Second, I'm not really into anime anymore. I just watch what I can on TV (which is: Naruto: Shippuden on Disney XD, Dragon Ball Z Kai on Nicktoons [as well as Toonzai, just for the hilarious edits], and Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood [which already finished], and Inuyasha on Adult Swim [btw, still waiting on Adult Swim to air Final Act. Inuyasha is still nostalgic for me, so I'm looking forward to it]). Also, I always watch the uncut Funimation dub of One Piece as soon as each episode is posted up on Hulu (still waiting for them to continue beyond 205). Plus, I only ever watch dubs (I'm not a big sub person, and I always say, "If I wanted to bother with learning Japanese, I'd take a damn Japanese class.").

10/5/2011 #46

Watching Japanese programming is a much more entertaining and easy way to learn than taking a class. At least if you want to learn some basic / novice level Romaji and terminology.

But if you have that opinion on anime I won't try to change it. Everyone can like what they want I suppose.

Now, back to Hamtaro, yes?

Anyone been keeping up with the newest series? Probably not, just seeing if anyone has.

10/8/2011 #47
Jonny Manz

Nope, I sure as hell a'int. The most recent time I saw Hamtaro was when I popped in the only DVD that I own of it, and I gotta say, it took me back a bit. Though I could tell I didn't like it as much as I used to. That was a few months ago, and with my Hamtaro fics finally completed and done, I have no desire to watch anything Hamtaro, at least in the near future.

Speaking of my fics, have you read them? If so, review if you want to, or just flame them. I don't care about them anymore, and I'm at least a little bit ashamed of them, but then I just tell myself I wrote them when I was much younger, and more naive.

10/9/2011 #48

No I haven't read them, but I can assure you I wouldn't flame. That's not my style. I'll also say you shouldn't be ashamed of your earlier work. It is the foundation of your future work and without that practice you would never be where you are today (that is if you still write fan fiction).

Just thought I'd ask you if you were working on anything recently while I'm at it. Been looking for a good fic to read lately that I can get really into :)

10/10/2011 #49
Jonny Manz

Well, actually, the most recent thing I've written was the 2nd Chapter to HamChat History, and what a grueling experience that was. I just put it up without passing it through any sort of proofreading (except what automatically comes with Word), and only the most basic of consistency checks (all done by me, as pretty much everyone in the Hamtaro fandom I considered an " friend" hadn't been to this site for quite a few years). It was written in just about two weeks over this past summer (it was posted the day after it was finished, I believe), except for the beginning Author's Note, and the first paragraph or so. I probably shouldn't have tried to stick to the formatting conventions I'd set up in the first chapter, because looking back, they're utterly ridiculous, and they probably made the writing of the chapterFARmore difficult than it should've been. Plus, a part of me kept wanting to expand and grow the chapter, and is somewhat unhappy with how certain things turned out, but then another part of me not only wanted to get it done, so I could finally complete my fics after all these years, but to get it done before my fall semester of college started, plus, as I later realized, it's 5000+ words (5844 words, to be exact) of mainly dialogue, with very little action. That's also when I decided to extensively plan out my stories before writing, because just kind of making it up as I went along not only was not any fun at all, but it nearly gave me an anxiety attack at least once. And I think it should be obvious that it was written much more recently, not only because of the extra length and cleanliness (at least, I hope that latter one is true), but because it has a heavy pony influence. Trust me, if you ever read it, you'll see.

Anyway, before I finished writing that, the most recent fic chapter I had written was chapter 7 to A Love Story!, which was finished... I wanna say sometime around early '07, but all I know for sure is that it was written sometime during my Freshman year (of high school). I know that, because i inserted a vocab word we learned, for no other reason than I thought it sounded cool (and it should be obvious which one it was; it is the only word to garner a footnote). Yeah, I like to procrastinate, but that wasn't the reason I hadn't updated in 5 years when I updated again (the latest update before this batch finally completed them was New Years Day, '06). The real reason was because I had lost interest not only in Hamtaro, but writing in general. I had planned to quietly abandon this site, never to be heard from again. Then, when I became a brony, I read some fics, and after a while, reading some especially high quality ones (I know you're not a brony, but to anyone else, the three I most highly recommend are "Past Sins," "Antipodes," and "On a Cross and Arrow.") they inspired me to try my hand at writing again (especially that first one I listed). Funnily enough, the exact same thing (pretty much) happened to my little brother, LightningSpike.

In fact, what inspired me to finish the fics I had up was the thought of one day, my FiMfics getting published on Eq Daily, and then I wouldn't want people to see stories that I'd abandoned (they'd think I was a flake, and a freakin' noodle). Deleting them was also out of the question, because I'm so damn sentimental.

So, yeah, if you hadn't gathered from up there, then the good news for you is that I am indeed planning on writing more. However, there are two caveats:

1. My college semester has meverybusy, so I probably won't be able to write until the middle of December, which is when fall semester ends, and

2. I'm only planning on writing FiMfics in the foreseeable future. My heart just wouldn't be in the Hamtaro fics, but hey, nothing is impossible. I may one day yet come back to those ideas I put up years ago.

10/11/2011 . Edited 10/11/2011 #50


Dang...haha, okay. To be honest, I haven't even looked at "Hamchat History" yet, but I think I will now. I actually don't mind stories without action as long as they have good plots and all that jazz. If you want to see if you still like Hamtaro, my suggestion is just try to watch a bit of the Japanese version. Yes, I know, you don't like subtitles and what not. But either did I a few months ago, nor did I even like Hamtaro. But when I saw the Japanese version my preferences just did a 360 and I was instantly hooked on the cute, Japanese hamsters. In a way, it was one of the major reasons I became a semi-weeaboo.

So, if you have a minute in between consuming MLP paraphernalia, maybe check out hamhamparadise dot com and watch an episode or two in subs. Couldn't hurt, could it? I always said I would never ride a bike, and then in grade eight (or 8th grade, as they call it in the States) I tried it and I became really good (after a few months of falling constantly like an idiot xD). Though I guess I'm not one to offer suggestions, considering I shot yours down. On second thought, I think I will give MLP a try. But you have to try to watch some Japanese Hamtaro ;)

10/13/2011 #51
Jonny Manz

All right, it's a deal. I'll give Japanese Hamtaro a try, if you give MLP:FiM another chance.

Also, what were you saying "Dang" to, exactly?

10/14/2011 . Edited 10/14/2011 #52

Lol I was saying it because of how long your response was :P

10/14/2011 #53
Jonny Manz

Yeah, looking back on it, it is pretty long, isn't it? I just wasn't sure whether you were talking about that, the length of the 2nd chapter of HCH, or the fact that all the upcoming fics I'm planning on writing are gonna be FiMfics.

Also, I must say it was truly a pain in the ass to get all that typed out, since Safari was glitching out. I had realized that with how many tabs I open up, it was too much strain for one browser, so at first I was using Firefox and Safari, but my current set-up now is Firefox and Chrome.

10/14/2011 #54
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