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Kuro Hakase

Scott nodded as they walked inside and upstairs to the roof. As they walked outside a familiar tune was heard whistling.

"Reaper....Reaper......." a voice sang in a eery tone

"Margeret?" Scott asked as he located a hooded figure

The figure turned around and shook it's head 'No' and aimed what looked like a gun at Scott

6/6/2011 #361

Jay tossed his own, loaded gun at Scott.

"WATCH OUT! I THINK THAT GUY ISN'T MARGARET! D:" Cried Captain Obvious (Jay)

(Wallace Ref FTW)

6/6/2011 . Edited 6/6/2011 #362
Kuro Hakase

Scott was in a bit of shock until he grabbed the gun and dodged out of the way

"WHO the----!?" Scott said only to be interupted by a hail of bullets

Scott dodged the bullets and took cover behind a wall, "Who are you?!"

The figure stopped shooting and began to reload, "Moonlight....."

6/6/2011 #363

"Hah! Called it!" shouted Izzy as he pulled out a couple of small, black orbs out of his pocket. He got up from his cover for a brief moment to throw them in Moonlight's direction.

6/6/2011 #364

Jay started spamming Hadoukens.


6/7/2011 #365
Kuro Hakase

Moonlight looked at the two attacks and jumped out of range, "Hmph!" he mumbled in the air and flipped. He aimed his now loaded guns at the two and fired in the air

6/7/2011 #366

Jay stopped a second....


He proceeded to launch Guile's Ultra...

6/8/2011 #367

The orbs Izzy had thrown shrouded part of the rooftop in darkness, letting Izzy run from his current hiding spot to behind a wall.

"Great, bullets. I'm totally not weak to those," Izzy said sarcastically. He pulled out his beam katana and a black sword from a shadow, readying himself to attack once the orbs stopped working.

6/8/2011 #368

Jay had an idea.

"We should totally call FISTHEAD!"

6/8/2011 #369

"I thought the idea was to take this guy on by ourselves?" askedd Slim. "Now you're trying to call in someone else to do your shit for you?"

6/8/2011 #370

"Good point. We'll just use his violent methods."

Jay walked over to a cow, and shoved his fist into its mouth and through its head. He did the same with its chest, before sticking his head through. He promptly removed the bloodied bovine, and looked to Moongret, or whatever.

"Like My Necklace?!" He barked, charging at the opponent with the cow as his sword.

6/9/2011 #371
Kuro Hakase

Moonlight raised an eyebrow and pressed a button on his gun.

The grinding sounds of chains could be heard in the night, his guns blades had chains spinning

When he saw Jay, he broght down his sword only to be stopped by a blue saber. Scott glared at him

"Jetts......" Moonlight mumbled looking at Scott

6/9/2011 #372

Jay poked his cowsword between the two blades.

"Mr. Pinata..."

6/9/2011 #373
Kuro Hakase

Scott and Moonlight looked att Jay the back to each other. they jumped away from each other, Moonlight shooting at Scott and him deflecting the bullets

Scott looked as if he was ready to kill,

"Lovely night....isn't it?" Moolight said to the trio

6/10/2011 #374

"...We're all straight..." Said Jay.

6/10/2011 #375

"Wasn't it just daytime before we came up here?" asked Izzy. "Is this like some supernatural thing or something?"

6/11/2011 #376

"I think he wants Gay Sex. Nighttime is best for sex, so..."

He looked back to moonlight.


6/11/2011 . Edited 6/11/2011 #377

"I doubt he wants sex if he tried killing us a few seconds ago!" shouted Izzy.

6/12/2011 #378

"He must be testing us." Said Jay, poking moonlight's chest. "For a tranny, you don't try. you should use oranges, or marshmallows stuffed into bras!"

6/12/2011 #379
Kuro Hakase

".....I'm not a tranny.." Moonlight muttered as he swatted Jay's hand away from him, he looked at the trio but mainly Scott who still looked angry.

"Where is she??!" Scott yelled to him

Moonlight blinked a few times, "Dead...."

6/14/2011 #380

Jay stared.

"Nice Blush." Said Jay, despite there not being any actual blush. He was just F$ckin with Moonlight.

"We won't beat you up if you just admit you're gay"

6/14/2011 #381
Kuro Hakase

Moonlight shot off a few rounds at Jay, clearly annoyed with him. While he did this Scott angrily slashed t Moonlight who blocked it with his blade

6/14/2011 #382

Izzy snuck up behind Moonlight and threw the black sword at him, hoping to get in a sneak attack.

6/14/2011 #383

Jay jumped into the air, and tried to suffocate Moonlight with a plastic bag as he came down.

6/15/2011 #384
Kuro Hakase

Moonlight's hoodie was cut by Izzy and he flipped to Kick Jay.

Scott came up with a dragon kick to Mooonlight's back

6/15/2011 #385

Jay Did a Zanku Hadouken before being kicked away. The two fireballs made their way to the boy.

"Guys" Said Jay "Please let me suffocate him with a plastic bag, like on the simpsons! D:"

6/16/2011 #386
Kuro Hakase

"No... he's mine.." Scott said as Moonlight took the full on kick. He was sent spiraling into the ground and got up slowly.

"Yours?" Moonlight muttered as he shot at Scott

6/16/2011 #387

Jay blinked.

"Scott...I never knew...You loved her!"

Jay pushed Moonlight into Scott, trying to get them to kiss. It only looked like Jay was making it easier for Scott to slash apart the gunner

6/16/2011 #388
Kuro Hakase

Scoot kicked Moonlight, only for it to be blocked by the flat side of the gun. After a quick staredown they began to slash at each other....

Moonlight cracked a bit of a smirk and began to sing, "Reaper,reaper...."

Scott had a sadistic smile, "That's what people call me~!"

They were both getting cut...bleeding, almost looking like two demons fighting

6/16/2011 #389

Jay was pretending to play as Scott, using an arcade controller.

"Do a Fatality, Damn You!"

6/17/2011 #390
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