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Beam Katana Peony

Welcome to San Romero High School. This place got 5 stars on WhereToSendYourBratsdotcom! Great location, lots of extracurricular activities, a cheerleading squad...

...oh, and a horde of the walking undead bent on eating everyone on campus.

You've barely made it out of the parking lot and suddenly a small group of zombies has shown up. You can't take this sitting down, those zombies are making perverted comments about your mother and they look like they're going to take a dump on your car the second you look away!

Slaughter them! Slaughter them all! Kill these zombified weirdos!

7/15/2012 #1
Brother Mouse
Dom looked at the zombified facsimiles of his classmates and sighed "Why do I get the feeling that Juliet has something to do with this?" Dom made a few hand signs from Naruto and then put both index and middle fingers in x shape before parting them, causing a sheathed katana to appear "At least I get to hone my skills on you fuckers..." Dom went into a fighting stance with his blade drawn. "Have at thee, hellish servants of the unknown necromancer!"
8/7/2012 #2
Sayuri walked up to the school. "Ah, a real school. No jungle rebels, no landmines, just an ordinary campus with..." He trailed off as he saw the zombies. Shaking his head, he muttered "Why does God hate me so?" Drawing his electro katana, his robotic eye glowed red. "The one day I forget my armor."
8/12/2012 #3
Brother Mouse

As Dom sliced, diced, and juked through the hordes of his class he eyed a crazy looking cyborg jedi-wannabe he did an epic display of swordsmanship and crowd control and got back-to-back with him "'sup." he said "You just move here?"

8/15/2012 #4
"Yep," he answered as he cut a zombie into sushi. "You know, I always thought high school'd be less chaotic than living in a rebel camp." Pausing to kick back a zombie into a group, he shrugged. "Guess I was wrong."
8/15/2012 #5
Brother Mouse

"Yeah, i've got the strangest feeling that this one cheerleader chick has something to do with this" Dom sliced and diced a couple more zombies

8/16/2012 #6
"How the hell would a cheerleader have anything to do with a zombie attack?" Sayuri asked. Hefting up a tire iron, he lobbed it like a ninja star, catching a zombie between the eyes. "I mean, haven't you played Resident Evil? It was obviously a pharmeceutical company."
8/16/2012 #7
Brother Mouse

"I don't mean directly!" slice to the left, slice to the right, cross slash "Havent you ever seen a movie where the in crowd of a school fucks over a geek and then the geek ends up taking his revenge in a horrific and supernatural way?" roundhouse fat bastard to left "For someone who acts sweet and innocent i've been certain my entire life that that crazy zombie hunting skank was secretly a total bitch!" decapitation to fallen zombie "Though the strange cheerful and goody-two-shoes sounding voice in my head that shows up whenever i go off my meds (like today) keeps telling me i'm just suffering from unresolved sexual tension..."

8/17/2012 #8
"So, the zombie hunter is responsible for the zombie outbreak? Interesting logic there." Leaping up, he bounced off what looked like a zombified janitor and jumped onto the roof. Waving over, he called "You coming?"
8/17/2012 #9
Brother Mouse

Dom did some ninja tricks to get up to the roof "Like i said, not directly." he eyed a school bus flipping over in the other lot "She probably said something to the wrong geek. And i think i know which..."

8/18/2012 #10
"Uh huh." Looking around, he commented "There has to be a source somewhere. Find it, and we might be able to stop it, or at least keep any new zombies from popping up."
8/18/2012 #11
Brother Mouse

"Dude, they come back as humans when the necromancer gets axed...i think."

8/20/2012 #12
"Alright. So we find the necromancer, chop him into bite-sized pieces, bring back all the students, and pray we aren't charged with homicide for killing the zombies earlier." Walking up to a skylight, Sayuri punched a robotic fist through it, smashing the glass. Turning back, he called "Let's do this."
8/20/2012 #13
Brother Mouse
"Doubtful that we'll find the emo bastard until the endgame..."
8/20/2012 #14
"That's what we use mods for." Jumping in, Sayuri landed in a horde of zombies. He swung left and right with his sword, clearing a good three foot radius around himself. But the zombies, they just kept coming.
8/20/2012 #15
Brother Mouse
"You know, I think I've heard of this kinda thing before." Dom Sid some ninja tricks and started flinging shuriken at the zombies brains "It's the heroine's 18th birthday and some crazy ass shit goes down while discovering some new powers!"
8/21/2012 #16
Sayuri was quiet a second. "I'm a little more concerned how you know it's her birthday." Stopping to punch a zombie that was getting a little close, he began to look around. "We need a computer. I can hack it and maybe find the security footage so we can see where the zombies originated from...or at least check the teacher's online histories."
8/21/2012 #17
Brother Mouse
"Dude I've lived next door to her since I was eight, dude. And the schools computer lab isnpver there." he points to te sky light north of their position
8/22/2012 #18
"Ah. That makes it a little less creepy." Cutting a path to the lab, Sayuri opened the door, motioning for his companion to follow him.
8/22/2012 #19
Brother Mouse
Dom did a ninja flip down into the computer lab and did not see any zombies.
8/22/2012 #20
Going in a little more casually, Sayuri walked up to a computer. Turning it on, he was quiet a few minutes as he started hacking. Then, out of nowhere, he chuckled.
8/22/2012 #21
Brother Mouse
"What's so funny?"
8/23/2012 #22
"Oh, well, you see...I just discovered that the Algebra 2 teacher is a furry." looking back at the screen, he laughed even harder, nearly falling out of his seat.
8/23/2012 #23
Brother Mouse
Dom rolled his eyes and kept an eye on the door "How about some relevant information." he says "Everyone knew Mr. Renard was into furry shit. He was into everything but those weird mascot suits."
8/23/2012 #24
Wiping a tear from the corner of his human eye, Sayuri continued hacking. After a few more minutes, he swore and smashed his fist against the desk, breaking it. "They use the old fashioned VHS-based security system. Unless we find the tapes, we won't get anything."
8/24/2012 #25
Brother Mouse
"This is her mess." Dom says as he unsheathes his blade "Which means dear sweet Juliet is gonna have to deal with the source herself. But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun before she does."
8/24/2012 #26
"Sounds like a plan." Drawing his electro katana, Sayuri walked up to the door. Zombies had crowded outside and were looking pretty eager to get in. "You ready?"
8/24/2012 #27
Brother Mouse
Dom rolled his eyes and threw a cymbal monkey strapped to homebrew explosives out the window and watched as the Zombies crowded around it. Then it blew up "Hell yeah."
8/25/2012 #28
"Sounds good to me." Kicking the door out (and taking a few zombies out with it), Sayuri charged outside. However, as soon as he got out, the zombies dissapeared. "The hell," he muttered. Then, the door behind him was blocked by a piece of handy debris. "Great. A boss battle? Really?"
8/25/2012 #29
Brother Mouse
Dom powerslid out of the room before the debris came down "I wonder if we get some shwag for getting a SSStylish ranking?" katana at the ready Dom was ready to kick ass
8/26/2012 #30
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