Shibusen: The New Generation RP
The meisters and weapons we knew in the series have graduated and Death the Kid is the new Shinigami. That doesn't mean it's over. New miesters, new weapons,a new year . . . and new evil. Come in for roleplaying or just a chat.
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Keira Higurashi

Full Name:

Nickname or Preferred Name (if any):



Appearance: (may use image)


Soul that best suits theirs?: (Everyone has someone that can do the best with their soul.)







Crush?: (I'm a girl. What did you expect?)


Read the rules if you haven't already! There is SUPER important stuff in there!

9/15/2009 . Edited 8/13/2010 #1
Dear death gates

Full Name: Charle "Teru" Reeves

Nickname: Teru

Gender: Male

Age: 17


Soul: Calm and collected

Soul that best suits theirs: Crazy, hyper, ADD

Personality: Charle is the mysterious guy, that not many people know much about. He's popular due to his looks, but people are too scared to actually talk to him.

Family: Father is a world famous Meister, and he's always trying to match up to his expectations.

Bio: Charle is secludes himself from everyone else. Due to his lack of human contact, he isn't very good at communication. His father is a world renown Meister, and it bothers him somewhat that he has to live up to his standards.

Likes: Secretly loves lolipops and magic tricks

Dislikes: Annoying people, and meat

Clothing: dark blue button up, with white tie, black pants, and black dress shoes.

Crush: None at the moment

etc.: has ears pierced with a small silver ring liked earrings.

9/16/2009 #2
Keira Higurashi

Accepted! Sorry I took so long. My computer acted all wierd. T.T

Oh, and you can start at Shibusen Entrance.

9/16/2009 . Edited 9/16/2009 #3
Keira Higurashi

Are you still going to RP?

9/18/2009 #4
Dear death gates

oh yes, i'll start right now

9/19/2009 #5
Keira Higurashi

Full Name: Black Moon

Nickname or Preferred Name (if any): N/A

Gender: Male

Age: 14


Soul: Shy and cooperative.

Soul that best suits theirs?: Most, but nothing rebellious and angry.

Personality: Shy, quiet, cooperative, open-minded, sweet, but very sensitive.

Family?: Mom, Dad, and a sister.

Bio: He's been a very good-natured boy, and is always at the back of a room somewhere. He's not very social, but he's a very good friend if you can get through his isolation.

Likes: Animals, environment, scary movies. (wierd, huh?)

Dislikes: injustice, demons, and stereotypes.

Clothing: (In appearance.)

Crush?: N/A


10/2/2009 #6

Lol's Black equels Kuro and Shiro will call him that XD

10/2/2009 #7
Keira Higurashi

Ooh, something new today!! (Is a Japanese noob XD)

10/2/2009 #8

LOLs (Is normal at japanese.) It would be better if Kuro was a more outgoing person XD

10/2/2009 #9
Keira Higurashi

I need to make more shy characters . . . I have too many that cuss and are hyperactive. XDDD

10/2/2009 #10
Keira Higurashi

I wanna make another tecchie!!! XDD

Full Name: Kayla Valery Black

Nickname or Preferred Name (if any): KK

Gender: Female

Age: 14


Soul: Rebellious and outgoing

Soul that best suits theirs?: Critical and complicated.

Personality: Rebellious, outgoing, stubborn, optimistic sometimes and pessimistic others, straightforward, very simple-minded, tomboy, and stands up for others.

Family?: N/A

Bio: She's an orphan and wanders Death City at night. She knows the place like that back of her HAND. She's a black belt and gets in trouble from time to time. She'd love to be a pro dancer someday, but for now, she settles for kicking demon butt. XDD

Likes: dancing, music, playing guitar, DDR, karate, Shibusen, and Shinigami.

Dislikes: Being mistaken for a boy. She'll KILL you.

Clothing: (in image)

Crush?: N/A

Etc.: She has a deep respect for the school, and will kick your butt. Hard. if you even dare to threaten it.

10/11/2009 #11
Keira Higurashi

Arrow's boy-- I mean, EX-boyfriend. DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!!!!!!

Full Name: Derek Ron Fletching

Nickname or Preferred Name (if any): Arrow calls him Derek-kun, but girls prefer to call him Derek-sama.

Gender: Male

Age: 17


Soul: Cunning and decietful.

Soul that best suits theirs?: Cheerful and optimistic

Personality: Player, decietful, has his moments,

Family?: N/A, he's a loner if you don't count the millions of girls following him.

Bio: He was raised in a fairly rich family. He met a girl named Arrow (DUN DUN DUN DUUUN) in a Karaoke bar and got together. He got dumped though because he was a player. He continuously goes out with girls, and doesn't mind just one hour date then ditching them.

Likes: Girls generally (EXCEPT tomboys), picking fights, money, singing, and playing bass guitar.

Dislikes: Boyfriends OF the girls he dates (or once dated), gloomy people, and the color purple.

Clothing: On appearance pic!!!

Crush?: Still kind of likes Arrow.

Etc.: He boasts he can make ALMOST every girl fall for him, whether they've dated him, or not.

10/14/2009 #12
Air Siren


Topic: Create a Miester/Technician

Full Name: Koji Dustan Sanosuki

Nickname or Preferred Name (if any): Dustan


Age: 15


Soul:Greedy and Competitive

Soul that best suits theirs?: Giving and shy

Personality:Very Greedy and competitive. Will always want to win. Is also very likely to become a traitor

Family?:raised himself

Bio:Parents disappered when he was 8 years old. He then took care of him self until now. He plans to enroll in shibusen to gain more power.

Likes:Money; Power;Winning

Dislikes:Poor people; weakness; losing; and bananas

Clothing:look at picture


Etc.: Is an expert pick pocket


1/7/2010 #13
Keira Higurashi


1/7/2010 #14

Full Name: Fumomo

Nickname or Preferred Name (if any): None

Gender: Male/Female- changes o.0

Age: very old but looks 18

Appearance: She/He has long black hair but is so messy that you can't see his/her face. Fumomo's eyes are covered with a red blndfold. Wears a black cloak and you can't see under it. Really pale.

Soul: Dangerous and unknowning

Soul that best suits theirs?: Can't wield weapons, her soul consumes others expect for Kiriri, the weapon god.

Personality: Unknowing and always ready to kill people.

Family?: If you count Kiriri and Shiyaya.

Bio:Fumomo is kinda a god. She/He is one of the three creators of soul, following under abilities. She/He has two other sisters/brothers, are they are genderless. Her/His base power comes from the fire that burns within humans, so the more peopel around him/her, the stronger. Fumomo was trapped into a crystal prison, not able to move for over millions of years. She has still not been freed from that time.

Likes: Deaths and killing people

Dislikes: Humans, witches and weapons.

Etc.: Fumomo's weakness is water, so he/she nevers goes near it. Even a drop will burn her badly. Though Fumomo is kinda a god, you can still kill him/her with her weakness, or consume his/her power.

1/29/2010 . Edited 1/29/2010 #15

umm, can I still join in the roleplay? or is it over?

4/1/2010 #16
Keira Higurashi

I'd like it if he/she didn't have two genders, but they're accepted.

Yes, you may join the RP. It's always open, but not exactly always ALIVE.

4/10/2010 #17

Well the point is that god's are genderless XD So that is what I was getting at. But in terms, Fumomo is genderless.

4/10/2010 #18

Name: James Anderson Harvvard(I wanted to spell it with two v's.)

Soul: Calm

Personality: Calm very often, but that automatically changes when in a battle. When fighting, he always gets depressed and anger filled, though unkown why. He will often mock kid because of his obbsession for symmetry, but ends up getting a Shinigama Chop by good old paps. He hates it when people interupt his battles, and will say things like: "Stay your weak-ass out of this! This is MY fight!" or just throw them out, no matter who, harshly. It is hinted that he has a deppression dissorder.

Family: Unknown. He makes hints about his family in some episodes, an that's it. Whenever someone asks him "Do you have a family" he will reply "I-I don't feel like talking about it."

Bio: His past is unknown.

Likes: Pickles and fighting, and, for some odd reason, quicksand.

Dislikes: When someone he cares about is being a complete idiot and when someone tries to interrupt and/or help him fight.

Clothing: Where's a vest with a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and an odd symbol on the back of his vest.

Crush: Unknown...if any.

4/22/2010 #19
Keira Higurashi

You do know, Shinigami-sama is Kid right?

One more thing, I'd like it if you have a bio. A few sentences please. ^^

4/23/2010 #20
Keira Higurashi

Full Name: Serena Erins

Nickname or Preferred Name (if any): Control Freak, by people who have worked with her.

Gender: Female

Age: 14


Soul: Independant, fiery, and controlling

Soul that best suits theirs?: Dependant and calm

Personality: She likes to do things on her own, but she gets stubborn when things don't go her way. She's usually laid-back about it, but when it includes her, it has to go her way or you get a fist in the face. She's a control freak, most would put it. She has a fiery attitude and tends to drift off to la la land. She doesn't spare people's feelings when it comes to serious matters and won't hold back if you've done something to her friends and/or family. She stands up for others, and won't let you stand up for her even at a crucial moment in time.

Family?: An older brother and a younger sister.

Bio: Her parents died when she was four, leaving the task of taking care of her and her sister. She eventually learned to play the guitar to play gigs to help support them at the age of 9. It didn't exactly get much money, but it helped. They were caught by the police when they were living off the streets and were shipped off to an orphanage. Their adoptive family lived at Death City, so they joined Shibusen. Her sister caught a life-threatening disease however, and stays at home most of the time. Serena also found out she was anorexic. (Not the skinny model kind of thing, like the stressed out, can't eat kind of thing.)

Likes: Family, music, dumplings, and dark chocolate.

Dislikes: Overly sweet food, being used, fainting, and getting help from others.

Clothing: On pic.

Crush?: n/a

Etc.: n/a

4/28/2010 #21

Full Name:Tenrai Hi

Nickname or Preferred Name (if any):




Soul:Cheery and playful

Soul that best suits theirs?: Accepting and tolerant.

Personality:Tenrai has a bright enthusiastic personality and likes to join in whenever people are having fun and is always trying to cheer people up.


Bio: Tenrai grew up with her mother only because her father left her mother as being an only child she was a bit spoiled and got whatever she wanted from her mom, she started to have singing lessons since her mother always said she had the voice of an angel and then her mother and herself moved to Death City(( for reasons unknown)) where she heard about Shisuben at first her mother didn't allow her to go but after several months of continuos pestering her mother evnetually gave up and let her go to Shisuben.

Likes: Playing games and singing

Dislikes: Sitting still and boring stuff.

Clothing: On pic

Crush?:None yet

Etc.: N/A

5/2/2010 . Edited 5/2/2010 #22
Keira Higurashi

Before I accept her, she's a bit of a Mary-Sue. She needs a little more weakness to her, if you don't mind. ^^

5/3/2010 #23

Full Name: Aetherus Naria Opa

Nickname or Preferred Name (if any): Aether, Guitar Hero

Gender: Male

Age: 17


Soul: Punk, Goth, Rebel.

Soul that best suits theirs?: Rebellious, breaks rules, likes to have a party

Personality: He is an active going person. he enjoys parties and Music. he is a musician, quite known. His guitar skill is amazing. he is kind hearted. But at time sin battle, he can make a serious face and perfectly fight alongside with his weapon, Sepharim.

Family?: His father is a leaader in the economical world. Mother died at birth.

Bio: Aether is the son of a prestigeous man. His father never home. No male role model to look up. No motherly warmth. Only the empty shells of the servants. He ound comfort in music and began that. He also found his skill in archery. He was given a personal butler, who he enjoyed.

Likes: Music, Partying, Drinking, Drawing, Reading and doing extreme stuff

Dislikes: Silent activities.

Clothing: His attire is normally baggy trousers of any dark or fluroscent colour. A t-shirt and shirt or jacket. He wears time to time a bandana around his head.

Crush?: None

Etc.: He has a pet parrot at home.

5/4/2010 #24
Keira Higurashi

Awesome, he's accepted. ^^

5/6/2010 #25
Keira Higurashi

Full Name: Chika Orochi

Nickname or Preferred Name (if any): n/a

Gender: Female

Age: 16


Soul: Energetic and conservative

Soul that best suits theirs?: Just as energetic as her.

Personality: She is most likely seen bouncing off the walls, although she does get down on herself for making herself a fool afterwards. She needs a huge self-esteem boost, but no one seems to notice. She likes to pry into people's business and won't let you alone until you've told her what she wants to know. She does like to keep in mind her manners and will politely correct others, but they usually ignore her suggestions. She doesn't blush easily, but if you do make her blush, it's going to be awkward. When you do make her angry, manners are pushed aside and a full-out cuss session begins. When she's happy, she also forgets her manners and her personal space bubble deteroriates (so yes, she will hug, and do affectionate stuff).

Family?: Grandma, parents, and brother

Bio: Her parents are on a mission, and left when she was born. She was left in the hands of her grandmother and has been living there since. When she was seven she was being severely bullied by guys and has had a fear and hatred of them since. The only boy she loves is her brother (at the moment . . .). Her grandpa died, and since then she hasn't been eating enough. Fainting is common for her lately, but she convinces everyone she is okay.

Likes: Huge fan of JC Chasez. You will most likely find her singing Blowin' Me Up when she thinks no one is watching or listening. And Family. Disgrace their name, HUGE bruise on your face the next day.

Dislikes: Stereotypes and guys (see bio if you don't know why) and fainting.

Clothing: on pic

Crush?: n/a

Etc.: Has a dog named Hiroki.

5/20/2010 #26

(Oh why do I see fun with this character.... :D)

5/20/2010 #27
Among The Moonlight

Full Name: Koori Soryu

Nickname or Preferred Name (if any): N/A

Gender: Female

Age: 16


Soul: She is shy at times but has a lively positive side to her.

Soul that best suits theirs?: Someone easy going but also energetic

Personality: She is generally a casual person, tends to keep to herself when first meeting people but once you get to know her she's quite outgoing and speaks the honest truth, even if sometimes its not the right time or know one wants to hear it, it just needs to be said. Asuka tends to look on the bright side of life and tries not to let things get her down. She likes to fight and doesnt take losing well.

Family?: Three sister's and her mother. Father is never there.

Bio: She grew up not knowing her father very well and as far as she was concerned, good riddance. Her mother had a soft spot for him and always stuck to his side but her older sister's knew what really happened and what he did to them all. He was a very violent man with bad drinking habits and who would often blame his family for any misfortune that befalled him, resulting in him beating them. Of course Koori was only a baby and Her sisters took it in turns to look after her. One day he took it too far and lashed out at the baby which resulted in the eldest sister chucking him out for good. There mother to madly in love with the man and to used to being walked all over couldnt lift a finger to help her family.She has a phobia for small enclosed spaces as well as fire and is forever weary around older men thanks to her father. She can think on her feet when she wants to but is often unable to stick up for herself, taking after her mother. She is easily taken over by anger which dulls her intelligence, causing her to make silly mistakes when in battle and will probably end up costing her her life. Koori suffers from anorexia but she has never admitted it to anyone, it usually cause her to faint from lack of energy from time to time but she always blames it on the situation instead.

Likes: To sketch but also loves her music.

Dislikes: Being left out and awkward moments.

Clothing: On the picture

Crush?: None

Etc.: A small abandoned wolf cub tends to follow her around who she has named Torak.

5/27/2010 . Edited 5/28/2010 #28
Keira Higurashi

She is a bit of a Mary-Sue. She needs more weaknesses.

Once you do that, and I give you the OK, then you can start. ^^

5/27/2010 #29
Among The Moonlight

Whatever you say! ^^ I have re-edited it I hope thats alright :/ I can put more in if you want :D

5/27/2010 #30
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