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(I might, but I'm kinda lost...)
3/9/2010 #211
La Muerte17

Yes i will take the supplies gez dont get mad Carl said but he added how did you get past the necromorphs?

3/9/2010 #212

"Just sign these forms." she handed him a rather thick envelop full of papers. "Necro-what-now?" said Ima scratching her fuzzy mass of black hair. "I just docked... What is the Necromorphs? A new band? I'm not really that into music..."

3/9/2010 #213
La Muerte17

no they are lifeforms that if you die they will transform you into one of them and one of the ways you have to kill them is by continuous amputation thats why i have this Carl pulls out his plasma chainsaw but Carl puts away his chainsaw and signs the forms well you got lucky they are extremely dangerous Carl hands her an extra plasma cutter i would take this if i were you Carl said.

3/9/2010 . Edited 3/9/2010 #214

((Not trying to be snippy, but can you use punctuation to mark when your describing what your character is doing and when they are talking? Like having quotes when they're talking, and none when they're doing something?))

"I see... you can keep that." Ima got out her Plasma Cutter. "I already have my own weapon."

3/9/2010 #215
Lady Shockbox

Samantha looked to Ima, the aqua visor bands of her Requiem Suit alow. "You must know about Unitology... and ze Black Marker back on Earth. Vell, ze colony of Aegis IIV had the privledge of finding another Marker."

Welson cut in, leaning close to Ima so he could whisper in a hushed tone. This, undoubtedly, was to keep Chief Handon from overhearing. "Except this Marker wasn't as harmless as the one first discovered by Altman. The colony started suffering from mass dementia when it was unearthed and, once they brought it up to the ship, the bodies of the dead started mutating into alien lifeforms. The infection somehow spread to the ship and all hell broke loose. Most of the Ishimura has been overrun, save for this particular portion. Be glad that you docked with us here... had your ship docked in any of the other bays, you probably would have been ambushed by the monsters and killed."

Meanwhile, Handon was overlooking Adam curiously. "Brother? Ah... I see. To what do I owe this visit from another fellow Unitologist?"

3/9/2010 #216
Lt.James lugnerische

adam smiled as he pulled his helmet off, revling the marks on his neck

3/9/2010 #217
Lady Shockbox

Handon's reaction, granted, was just as immediate as it was uncoordinated.

The calm and collected air the man once beheld instantly left and he sharly backed away, knocking over his desk chair in the process. He shuffled and staggered from nearly falling over. The Chief's pale blue eyes were wide with a cross between awe and terror, giving him a frantic sort of air. He lifted a hand and pointed it at Adam. "The Reaper? Here?"

3/9/2010 #218
Lt.James lugnerische

adam smriked and nodded as he looked at the man as his red eyes and slited puiples narroed as he stared

3/9/2010 #219
(Can you guys, please help me get back in this?)
3/9/2010 #220

((Just walk into the room.))

"Unitologists..I knew they'd cause something bad by messing with that thing..." said Ima, looking at them both. "I also knew that aliens or zombies would come to kill us all some day...I just didn't know it'd be alien-zombies!" Ima's speech devolved into a paranoid rant about how she knew everything would happen, though it should be appearant she's just so paranoid if anything were to happen she could claim she knew it would.

3/10/2010 #221
Private Rebecca Myles walked in the room, she looked to Ima unsure what to say.
3/10/2010 #222

"What are you staring at?" she barked, swiveling to Rebecca's direction. "You want a piece of me?" she said, holding up her plasma weapon.

3/10/2010 #223
La Muerte17

woah whats going on as Carl gets between imas plasma weapon

3/10/2010 . Edited 3/10/2010 #224

Rebecca put her hands up in a surrender, "Just wondering what the hell's going." the Private replied.

3/10/2010 #225

"The universe is decaying infront of us. People are dying left and right. Dropping dead. But not only are they dropping dead, they become horrible monsters and kill their former loved ones, who most likely still love them. That's what's going on." she said in a bored monotone, as if chatting about the weather or something unimportant or casual as that.

3/10/2010 #226

Rebecca nodded in understanding "Mind putting your weapon down now?" she asked.

3/10/2010 #227
La Muerte17

i know but thats no reason to kill rebecca she never did anything to you and we have to stick together if we are going to survive

3/10/2010 #228

(Pretty please put some punctuation in your posts? I'm really trying not to be a prick about this, but its hard to understand without any.))

"Who said anything about killing her?" she said, putting her weapon down. "I don't kill people. I kill monsters. Unless those people are monsters, and not just literally." Ima got out a lollipop and started sucking on it. "Want one?" she said looking up.

3/10/2010 #229

"I'll pass." Rebecca replied with a shake of her head.

3/10/2010 #230

"I wasn't going to give you any anyway. Bl**dy wanker prick." grumbled Ima.

3/10/2010 #231
Rebecca raised an eyebrow at Ima's mumbled insults, but thought nothing of it.
3/10/2010 #232

"I saw that eyebrow." she said, looking up with her half closed eyes. "More to say, have you?"

3/10/2010 #233
"No." replied Rebecca with a fold of her arms.
3/10/2010 #234

Ima obnoxiously sucked on her lollipop. "Times like these makes me glad I sail alone. And grew up alone. Alone. I like that word." she smiled creepily.

3/10/2010 #235
"Never have guessed." said Rebecca quietly, under her breath.
3/10/2010 #236

Her smile faded as she looked at her out of the corner of her eye. "Was that sarcasm?"

3/10/2010 #237
Rebecca shrugged. "It might've been."
3/10/2010 #238

"Well I really appreciate it when you do that." she said sarcastically. "I don't understand what sarcasm is, so I'd like if you kept on using it, please it'd just be so great."

3/10/2010 #239
"You know sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, right?" she asked Ima.
3/10/2010 #240
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