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Lt.James lugnerische

ok, heres the topic ^^.

7/1/2011 #1
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam sighed as he quietly walked down the road, trying to keep away from people, as he had a hard time being near or speaking to people, as he still relived the horrible events of the disaster that happened 4 years prior...

7/1/2011 #2
Kagahara Tobi

Lexa walked along marking the day on the calander. Then she ran her fingers along the scar on her neck, "Its been four years...." she stopped suddenly and stared at the date, "Four years since that hell..."

"Four years already!?" Her sister suddenly appeared, "Damn...not too bad, huh? A nice four years sitting..."

"Lying awake waiting for another disaster to erupt?"

"Well...that really wasn't what i was thinking...." She muttered messing with the hidden knife.

7/1/2011 #3
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam quietly walked along a sidewalk, looked at his silver toned hand, which trailed to his arm, as he unkowningly passed their house, as his vision went black and passed out..

7/1/2011 #4
Kagahara Tobi

"Lets go out!" She grabbed her sister's arm and ran outside, "Drink unitll our livers turn to dust!" Alex laughed loudly, "C'mon little sister! It could be fun!"

"Yeah what if you start another bar fight like last time Alex!?"

"Lexa honey, it was his fault for poking at my arm."

7/1/2011 #5
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam remained quiet as he laid on the ground, convolsing in pain...

7/1/2011 #6
Kagahara Tobi

The two looked over at the convulsing man, "Well shit..." Alex ran over trying to hold him down, "H-hey get him to calm down!" Lexa nodded and ran inside, after quickly rummaging through her medical stuff she pulled out a syringe with her special mix of relaxers. She ran back outside quickly and injected it into Adam's neck. "It better work!" Alex hissed at her sister, "Shut up you try making shit to help ease the pain!" Lexa shot back, the two shot death glares at each other then focused back on Adam.

7/1/2011 #7
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam began to slightly relax as,they would have noticed his hand had a metalic like sheen to it...

7/2/2011 #8
Kagahara Tobi

"We should take him inside..." Lexa suggested looking down at his metalic hand then tilting her head, "I wonder what that is...."

"Who cares at the moment...lets get him on the couch before i decide to do something i shouldn't" her sister grinned.

"Whatever..." Lexa rolled her eyes as the two helped him up and took him inside. Once inside they layed him on the couch and relaxed for a moment.

"How is it you can beat the shit out of a necro, help him inside, drink heavily, start bar fights...but you need my help to get dressed in the morning."

"Ap ap ap ap ap....shut up Lexa, your a hacker and building genius that can't use a microwave...."

7/2/2011 #9
Lt.James lugnerische

(lol, they both have their faults)

Adam remained quietly asleep on the couch, where they had placed him, as his metalic like hand twitched slightly

7/2/2011 #10
Kagahara Tobi

(Yup...cuz its alot funnier than having nice normal twins...)

"Hey..." Alex started to mess with the sleeping man, "Wake up before i put your hand in warm water."

"You really think he's going to wake up with just that he's probably tired." she stared at his twitching hand, "Hm..."

7/2/2011 #11
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam remained still asleep, ignoring Alex, as his metalic hand moved and batted alex's hand away from him, as either he was doing it, or it was, though when his hand touched her, his would have felt completely cold, like metal..

(yea, he has the ELS in his hand and arm)

7/2/2011 #12
Kagahara Tobi

"Ew!" Alex jumped back, "I hate that weird feeling." she would have rubbed her hand but instead grabbed a pillow and hit him with it, "Don't push my hand off lazy!" Lexa was trying to hold her back and drag her away. "Alex let him rest..."

7/2/2011 #13
Lt.James lugnerische

when the pillow him him, he still remained quiet, out cold

7/2/2011 #14
Kagahara Tobi

"How about you go buy the damn alcohol while I watch sleeping beauty over here kay?" She stuffed money in Alex's pocket and pushed her out the door, "No fights or the Vodka is off limits." she closed the door and relaxed as her sister walked down the street.

" hot tempered..." she walked back over to Adam and payed close attention to the metalic covering that kept moving. "I'll watch this...and not bother him." she said lowly waiting for him to wake up.

7/2/2011 #15
Lt.James lugnerische

As Adam remained still, his eye lids twitched lightly as he quietly said "...did my arm do anything?..."

7/2/2011 #16
Kagahara Tobi

"Yeah piss off my sister...but everyone does that..." Lexa smiled. "Were did that come from?"

7/2/2011 #17
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam quietly opened his eyes, showing their were an icy blue as he said "..what do you mean?.."

7/2/2011 #18
Kagahara Tobi

"That metalic sheet enveloping your arm? You can't honestly have me beleive you don't know its there." she looked at him, "Woah your eyes are an interesting color..."

7/2/2011 #19
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam raised a brow as he said " eyes are noticable..and about my arm..well....its sort of a secreat..."

7/2/2011 #20
Kagahara Tobi

"Alright whatever makes yo-" she was cut off with her sister storming through the door.

"Ay! Lexa honey! I just caught wind of an upcoming riot down town!" She laughed exited, "Wanna join in the beating?"

"With who?" she walked over to her sister.

"Uni's are being their assy selfs and raising hell! Rumor has it EarthGov's gonna have some hot lava pretty soon."

"Alex..." she put her hands on her shoulders, "...We have to go...if we get caught we are dead meat."

7/2/2011 #21
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam listened as he said "..a riot huh?.." as he looked around and than at his arm as he said " asked about my awnser is, the ELS.."

7/2/2011 #22
Kagahara Tobi

"Hm...ELS...sounds fun." Alex said sarcastically.

"Shut up nubby." Lexa pushed her, "You alright now? You kinda sezured out earlier on the sidewalk...."

"Don't call me nubby you convict..." Alex mumbled .

7/2/2011 #23
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam remained quiet as he said "..can you both calm down and just try to figure out whats going to happen?..."

7/2/2011 #24
Kagahara Tobi

"She started it!" The said simultaniously as they pointed to each other.

"Your lucky i don't have my claws from sprawl!" Lexa spat sitting on one of the chairs.

"Yeah? and your lucky i don't wip out my knife." she sat on the opposite chair.

"If anything me and Alex needs to leave now...if we don't and corpsers storm my house again, we might get taken to a place we were suppose to be a few years ago."

7/2/2011 #25
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam remained quiet as he stood up and said "....I suggest we just make a plan..."

7/2/2011 #26
Kagahara Tobi

"Sit down at least." They both told him.

"We can go into my lab and plan there..."

"Unless we get stopped for speeding again." Alex laughed.

7/2/2011 #27
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam nodded as he said "..well...lets go than.."

7/2/2011 #28
Kagahara Tobi

Lexa stood up and looked at Adam, "Do you get sick ealsily?"

Alex snickered in the background as she went to go get the keys.

7/2/2011 #29
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam shook his head as he said "..well.not really.."

7/2/2011 #30
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