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Kagahara Tobi

"Let go before my grey hair starts to kick in." Alex left for the garadge carrying the keys with her.

"Your past dead why worry about grey hair." Lexa mumbled following after "Come along boyo."

7/2/2011 #31
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam remained quiet as he walked along with them

7/2/2011 #32
Kagahara Tobi

Alex opened the garadge and tossed Lexa the keys, "I am so not sitting in the front." she laughed nervously getting in the back seat. (song in my head now...)

"Aw shut up..." Lexa mumbled as sat in the driver seat and put the key in the ignition.

7/2/2011 #33
Lt.James lugnerische

(o...k... ^^)

Adam remained quiet as he sat down in the front seat next to Lexa

7/2/2011 #34
Kagahara Tobi

(Note: lexa should never drive anything other than a jet...)

Lexa turned on the car and slammed her foot on the gas pedal taking them out into the street at dangerous speeds. Alex sat back with her feet on each seat in front of her keeping her balance on the one she was sitting on. Lexa drove down the street going almost 100 mph, she ran six red lights, hit four people, caused two accidents, was on a high speed chase, drove down into the substation underground and drove back up on the outskirts of the city.

"I haven't driven a car is some time how exilerating!" She smiled happily going down a dirt path.

"H-how did you the subway without killing us?"


7/2/2011 #35
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam remained quiet as he sat next to her as he said "...this is fun...I suppose.."

7/2/2011 #36
Kagahara Tobi

Lexa looked out of the window at a house not to far away, "Kay now we gotta jump out."


"I kinda broke the gas peddle...and the emergency break doesn't really all."

"I hate you..."

"Good." Lexa smiled opening the door, "Our stop is near that house."

7/2/2011 #37
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam pulled up his sleeve, and pressed his hand against the side of the car, as the metal began to coat it and the breaks soon activated

7/2/2011 #38
Kagahara Tobi

Lexa bent down and looked under the car while it was still moving. "Whats that?" She looked at a small metal sphere under it.

"Don't lose you arm." Alex scoffed rubbing her head.

7/2/2011 #39
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam remained quiet as the car began to slow down and would evently stop

7/2/2011 #40
Kagahara Tobi

Lexa pulled it off, electrocuting herself in the process and hopped out of the car as it slowed, "My little bug robot buddy." she smiled as the sphere lay in her hand.

"Your insane..." Alex followed her out being extra careful not to touch her static sister.

7/2/2011 #41
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam remained quiet as he pulled his hand from the side of the car, the metal like substance going back into his hand

7/2/2011 #42
Kagahara Tobi

"geez whats with him?" Alex whispered to Lexa. She only gave her sister an odd look, "How would you act if little bickering twins with serious problems took you to the outskirts of town to talk about Uni's and riots?"

"And necros?" Lexa glared at her sister, "What?"

"Just get inside." she opened the door and walked in, it looked abandoned and unkept. "Just as bad as i left it."

"I can tell." Alex kicked at a bored giving herself a splinter, she pulled it out of her foot and followed Lexa around.

7/2/2011 #43
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam looked toawrds Lexa, and than Alex as he followed them as well

7/2/2011 #44
Kagahara Tobi

"Watch you step." Lexa warned before falling into a hole.

"What irony..." Alex laughed, "You alright?"

"Yeah." her voice echoed up.

7/2/2011 #45
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam nodded as he said "..with my didnt see a it.."

7/2/2011 #46
Kagahara Tobi

"We all have our secrets..." Alex looked at Adam, "I hope you can keep the secret." She jumped down following her sister.

7/2/2011 #47
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam followed her as well as he said " one can really know...but....if you want to know, I can tell you.."

7/2/2011 #48
Kagahara Tobi

"How 'bout we all come clean when we find my sister." Alex looked at him then suddenly stopped. "Do you feel that?"

7/2/2011 #49
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam stoped as well as he looked around as he said "...I feel...something.."

7/2/2011 #50
Kagahara Tobi

Alex took another step then heared a horrid scream, a light, then Lexa walking back over bloody. "'t mind the dead was an accident." she frowned then walked in the direction they were coming from until she found a metal door.

"What the..." Alex looked back at were her sister had come from curiously. "Now i wanna know what she killed cause there is no way that was a human scream...." She backed up and followed her sister, "Soon enough? Oy! You know something i shouldn't!?" She hissed.

7/3/2011 #51
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam remained quiet as he looked towards lexa as he said "...what did you end.."

7/3/2011 #52
Kagahara Tobi

"Tell your knife to shut up!" Lexa growled opening the door, "It was just a lil monster guy."

7/3/2011 #53
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam remained quiet as he contuined to look around as he said "..what now?.."

7/4/2011 #54
Kagahara Tobi

"First lock down, second arm up, third plan, fourth leave before We get found." Lexa sounded rediculously serious as she made it over to a wall and turned on a switch making all the lights and computers in her lab turn on. "And Fifthly.....finish what we started Adam...."

"Were can find an arm?" Alex mocked.

7/8/2011 #55
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam nodded as he said " what can i do to help?..."

7/8/2011 #56
Kagahara Tobi

"Help me plan." A few of her monitors started to glow red, "This city is going to go under soon from the riot and our old friends."

"Oy those shits?" Alex groaned walking to a large safe, "I fuckin hatte those things."

7/9/2011 #57
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam quietly looked over the map as he said " appears either way were going to have them comming at us.."

7/9/2011 #58
Kagahara Tobi

"Yup weather they be alive or dead....Suit Up Alex then you can take over for a moment." She typed away hacking at the mainfraim for EarthGov.

"I am not good with that stuff but alright." Alex shrugged dissapearing behind a curtain.

7/9/2011 #59
Lt.James lugnerische

Adam looked up as he said " I'll do what I can..."

7/9/2011 #60
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