wow...1st forum...cool...anything from fave characters...to fave pairings...anything on the movie..
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Anything and everything that you can think of that would be considered a subject for discussion. Symbolism in numbers, setting, the characters' roles and behavior. Whatever. I hope I'm not the only one pondering on all this stuff. ;)_

10/4/2009 #1

Okay, first something obvious: religion. Pope 1 XD I never really thought of him as like the pope exactly but other people seem to.

It's like how the Catholic church used to be in Europe I suppose, holding real political power. Though...........there may be many things associated with religion around, but I don't see things resembling religion itself. Does anyone else find something like that?

10/4/2009 #2
Masako Moonshade

Definitely. Especially in his attitudes towards science and alchemy, and the fact that everyone blindly accepted everything he said. There's also my theory that the Chancellor and Scientist somehow represent the Devil and God.

One thing I noticed was 9's staff-- it's not much of a weapon. In fact, it was once a weapon, turned into a benign source of light.

I thought it could have been a mild reference to a couple of things: the 9th tarot card, the Hermit, is the seeker of truth. He carries a walking staff in one hand and a lantern in the other. In 9's case, combining the two was more practical.

Or it could be a reference to Moses' staff-- since Moses led his people out of misery and slavery, but in the process he killed all the firstborn Egyptians, drowned the Egyptian army, and killed off a generation of Hebrews by wandering for forty years in the desert. In that case 1's hat could be compared to the Pharoh's crown.

10/4/2009 #3

Totally. I did some research on numbers (just cuz I was curious) and I learned that the number 1 can represent God, which adds to the religion factor.

10/4/2009 #4
Masako Moonshade

That reminds me-- I'm not too knowledgeable on numerological significance in many cultures, but I've got some theories on the numbers of the survivors, at least in a christian/european context:

3 is the number of the trinity and thus union (triangles are the strongest geometrical shape), it's also the number of stories and storytellers (in western culture most stories happen in 3s-- three sisters, three dances, three monsters, three nights, etc. In any story containing three individuals, the third will invariably succeed while the first two fail)

4 is the number of cardinal directions, and thus the number of order and stability.

7 is the number of completion-- 7 days of creation in Jewish/Christian faiths-- and another significant number for stories (seven dwarves, seven swans, seven princesses) though the number 7 appears more in the form of supporting cast while 3 often appears more as part of the narrative.

9 is the number of wholeness-- a trinity of trinities in the Christian belief system, if I'm not mistaken. It's also positively seen in the Bahai faith and in Hindu faith as the number of completion, being the highest whole single-digit number in the base-10 system, and is considered a positive number in Chinese culture. In Japanese, though, it's considered unlucky, because it shares pronunciation with the word for 'suffering'.

I've also been working on figuring out any connection to the Tarot (my husband suggested it) but so far I've only been able to come up with 9 being the Hermit.

10/4/2009 #5
Ferret Coldfinger

Man is 5

The Devil is 6

God is 7

10/11/2009 #6
Ferret Coldfinger

6 being the 'key'.

10/11/2009 #7
Masako Moonshade

Dur du du du dur.

Wow. All this talk of numerology and I never thought to ask good old Wikipedia. Here's Wiki's list of "common examples":

Individual. Aggressor. Yang.Balance. Union. Receptive. Yin.Communication/interaction. Neutrality.Creation.Action. Restlessness.Reaction/flux. Responsibility.Thought/consciousness.Power/sacrifice.Highest level of change

Well, it looks like it fits for 1 and 2, 3, 6 (he's definitely in flux), ...um... would you consider 7 to be the thoughtful type?, and definitely for 8 and 9.

10/14/2009 #8

I see symbolism in the way 1 looses all his clothes and accessories in the movie toward the end, he even looses his fingers, and eventually his life. Think about it, he looses everything! His body uard, his followers, no one actually listenes to him when Nine comes along, with good reason of course, but still. In the scientist's eyes, he was supposed to be the leader no? Yet he turned into this power obsessed freak. I think a lot of people underestimate One's character, I think, in a way, he's facinating.

10/14/2009 #9
Masako Moonshade

You ain't seen nothin' yet. Check the "1" thread on this forum. I think you'll have fun there. (welcome to the forum, by the way)

10/14/2009 #10

I had just figured it out XD although I find 1 very interesting, I'm actually more into 6 and the twins. It's fun to see how these characters who almost never talk, say so much just in the way they interact with the other characters...

10/14/2009 #11
Masako Moonshade

Ooh. Please post something in their threads, too. They've been regrettably dead lately, and I can't wait to see some new opinions!

10/14/2009 #12

It's too hard to focus on all of these at once O.o it's 12 p.m here, I will do tomorrow or somwthing though, don't worry! I like this place :D

10/14/2009 #13
Masako Moonshade

And we like you!

10/14/2009 #14
Tora Marikama

Am I the only one that picked up on the chess board? 9 and 8 fight on a chess board in 1's throne room. I think that says a lot about the way 1 acts and treats the others.

The voicebox from the baby doll could be symbolic of 9 being young and pure, the voice of an inosent.

And Shane Acker explained the light bulb, but no one else brought it up here... the light bulb staff is symbolic of 9's ablity to see through the darkness and provail were the others failed. Then it breaks at the end, right before he brings up the subject of sacerficeing himself.

12/5/2009 #15

Yeah I noticed that too.

12/6/2009 #16
S. Snowflake

*knocks on the forum door* "Anyone still home?"

I know this was already explained on the DVD about the connection between 7, her helmet, and the birdcage seen in the catbeast fight scene, but has anyone else thought about 7's bird helmet as something to do with being like a frightened bird underneath your skin? She wears the helmet until the end, and by then she loses all of her guard, not wanting anyone else to die. I think the helmet is an emotional mask.

Ooh, and here's another one: In mythology and natural history, human beings were afraid of three sorts of animals. Beasts of Earth (as in large mammals, particularly cats), Beasts of Sky (birds), and Serpentine Beasts (like snakes and other reptiles). When the stitchpunks encounter the cat beast, winged beast, and the snake-like seamstress, they are actually fighting the reincarnated forms of ancient human fears.

6/26/2010 #17

*peeks out of dusty forum window* "No, not really. Just me D"

I thought I'd throw in my own theory pertaining to 1. I really doubt he's a symbol for religion (nor to I think the film is an allagory at all) as there is little evidance to support it other than the Pope outfit. Stitchpunks likely don't have a conception of religion, besides maybe 3 and 4, because the humans are dead and thus they would have nothing to base it upon. More or less, 1 is more like a political figure: he strives to keep the others ignorant, "2 always had to know - too much", the obviously knew something the others didn't, and he has high power over the others. I also think he might be a symbol of the educated class, the Banjamin from Animal Farm: uses sophisticated language. He seems to be powered by logic only, his logic tells him to hide and later destory the Machine - he does this up until his death. Personally, I've developed the fact that he might have been "religious" per-say but renounced what "faith" he had now trusts soley himself for survial.

2 may also have been a symbol for the educated, 3 and 4 as well.

5 is obviously the typical civilian, kept ignorant by evil-politician-1 XD

6 I have a bit to say on. I find him quite similar to Simon from Lord of the Flies being he's a mystic. He knew the truth but was largly ignored accept by 9. Unlike Simon he wasn't destoryed by society, unless you want to use your imaginiation.

The number 7 is assioiated with faith. 7 and 1 hate eachother, this may have been science vs religion in a way. Oh wait...1 died. NO! THERES GOES OUR LOGIC!

8 is the working class, easily brainwashed by politician-1. Reminds me alot of Jurgis from The Jungle, big, ignorant and hurt by society.

*skips 9* The Machine I always thought repersented society itself in a way. In a post-apocoliptic world it destroyed five things - 1 (logic) 2 (the weak) 5 (the comman man) 6 (mystics/philsofers) and 8 (the ignorant). Yeah, I have a very gloomy outlook on life. 7 should have died too, just for the joke, "there goes the last female" XD

6/26/2010 #18

I always thought that 9's original mistake of awakening the beast was similar to the story of adam and eve from the bible. 9 (eve) takes the talisman (the forbidden fruit) and so kills his friends (creates original sin)

also, 9 had just been introduced to this worl, just like adam and eve

8/16/2010 #19

oh yeah and if 9 hadn't woken the brain, nobody would have died, just like if eve hadn't taken the fruit, humans wouldn't be mortal

8/16/2010 #20

If 9 never woke up then eventually Cat Beast would have taken a Stitchpunk and awoken the Fabricator with it. Once Mr.Fab was up and running he'd be making beasts to take the Stitchpunk so he can eetz their soulz. Therefore, if 9 never woke up ALL of them would be dead but just to cool ones.

In the sinareo that he never woke up the Fabricator AFTER Cat Beast was dead that would be true, but I think that the Stitchpunks where SUPPOSED to die to restart life as was implyed at the very end of the film. lol, caps abuse.

8/16/2010 #21

Well i sure hope that in the event of a sequel there is some way to bring them back logically, ive bookmarked some stories where 9 brings them back, do u think there will be one? Should they bring the characters back? if so, how? I swear im so obsessed over this and I hav so many questions!

8/16/2010 #22

I have a sequel FF in which Fabricator returned and planned to create "evil" Stitchpunk. To do this he rebuilt the dead doll's bodys to study. Pressing the talisman in the worng order would cause only data of a soul to be extracted (the light of that being red), he used that to pick up trace amout of soul from the dead and living Stitchpunk. Doing this caused a disruption in the actual soul spirits and pulled them back into their bodies. He used the data to bring to life his Stitchpunk. Doesn't make perfact sence, but neither did the actual film.

I really doubt there will be a sequel because a little less than half of the reviews it received were negative. And that I'm kind of a jinx, when I like a movie, there usually is never a sequel. I would only watch the sequel if, A) They brought 1 back, 1 is great, or B) if it were a prequel about the Scientest.

8/16/2010 #23

i strongly believe that a sequel will show up, although critics gave it mixed to positive reviews, it did net a lot of money, and movies that make money, make sequels. Some of the stories i read indicated either that the scientists journal revealed a way to bring them back, or that the scientist had a sort of collegue who invented 3 stitches whos purpose were to bring the others back, and in another 9 uses the talisman to go back in time to correct his mistakes. That last one was the longest and best written ive seen, nearing 30 long chapters, the author even has a sequel started. I can give u the name if ur interested.

Also ive seen ur story, haven't read it, but it looked interesting enough to put on alerts. I will definately start reading tomorrow. I literally just started visiting this site a week ago, and this is my first real forum participation, i hope to see more of you in the future, and i hope to see more 9 in the future... I even have my first ever story workin in my brain as i type. Im hoping it will be very different than any other 9 story so far... I'll give you my first ideas if u ask

In my opinion there is so much more story to be told in this world, don't you agree? If they can bring the characters back then they shouldn't have a problem with making a sequel, which for some reason i just know will come. Please elaborate on all that ive written

8/16/2010 #24

I wouldn't count on a sequel, and if there was going to be one, it'd be in three years at least - bu then I'll probably be off my 9 fetish. If there is one, according to what Shane said on the commentary, it will be about the Scientest and how we was involved with the Great War and maybe how he interacted with his creations. I'm fairly interested in seeing that, even if there's no 1.

I write some long-a** stories, I'd like to see that 30 chapter one just to find out if it's bigger than mine so I feel better about myself.

I've been around 9 FF enough to know what is and isn't original. There is definiatly alot open to fan interpritation, this damn movie is soooooo full of plotholes! This is getting off the subject of this thread, Private Message me if you wanna chat more.

8/16/2010 #25
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