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A role play about a possible AVP 3
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Skorge roared and leapt forward. He tackled him to the gound, pinning him. The human was brave, for that he must die slowly.

3/7/2011 #181
Lt.James lugnerische

adam held his knife to the creatures arm as he kept his up with his feet putting pressure on its chest as he used all his strenght in his legs to kick it off of him

3/7/2011 #182

Skorge flew 5 feet away and got to his feet. The human was strong, no reguler prey could even lift him. He stared in amazment, still baring his teeth.

3/7/2011 #183
Lt.James lugnerische

adam kept his knife within his hand as he contuined to stare down the creautre,showing no fear or any emotion to it at all

3/7/2011 #184

What was wrong with this prey no emotions visible, no delicious fear. He moved closer and suddenly wippt his sharp tail forward.

3/7/2011 #185
Lt.James lugnerische

adam quickly dodged the tail and left a small mark on it with his knife, just showing he could attack as he calmly said ".....you have speed...but speed truely is nothing when in close combat.."

3/7/2011 #186

So it was strenght he wanted, well Skorge would give it. He leapt forward grabbed the humans hands, locking them in a reversed tug-o-war.

3/7/2011 #187
Lt.James lugnerische

adam smirked as he said ".....your stronger than I thought.." as he contuined to keep his grip on the creature

3/7/2011 #188

Skorge did his best to smirk back

He decided to use his speciall abitlity to talk with the human using mind-speak. "Were is raizer, it is her I have come for, she must dieee." he hissed into the human`s mind.

3/7/2011 #189
Lt.James lugnerische

adam listened to the voice as he said "...why do you think she should die?..." he calmly asked the creature

3/7/2011 #190

He smirked" It is my mission to free my race from their ways of living in hives, it makes them weak. The only way to do that is to kill potetial queens."

3/7/2011 #191
Lt.James lugnerische

adam thought as he said "...so....you want to free them or something...and why would you kill her if shes a possible queen...don't most animals need a queen or something?..." he said remebering back to his biology classes

3/7/2011 #192

Skorge chuckled" I`ll make sure to keep the queens necessary to produe more of us, but raizer is strong, strong enough to gather all xenomorphs to her and then they will never be free...what do you care about what happens to raizer?"

3/7/2011 #193
Lt.James lugnerische

adam thought as he said "....shes...the one who let me live...I though she was going to kill me..but she didn't...well..the queen let me live.....why do you think that is?..." he said as he losened his grip on the creautres arms, acutly starting to get into the converstion they were haveing

3/7/2011 #194

Skorge didn`t notice that he had let go completly and now stood on all fours.

"Who knows how those tyranst think...Now If I go in there and kill razer, will you stand in the way?"

3/7/2011 #195
Lt.James lugnerische

adam watched the creature as he said "....its possible....." he calmly said as he turnt to walk back into the hive

3/7/2011 #196

Skorge followed close behind adam, glancing from side to side."We`ll see then..."

3/7/2011 #197
Lt.James lugnerische

adam remained quiet as he contuined to walk

3/7/2011 #198

Skorge fetl more and more uneasy as he saw the incriesing number of xenos around them, good thing they didn`t know just how many of their own kinf he had killed. There were few females here, he noted as they kept on walking.

"Where is razer?"

3/7/2011 #199
Lt.James lugnerische

adam contuined to walk as he said "...how would I know.."

3/7/2011 #200

Skorge gave him a quike glance.

"I got the imprecion that you were...friends." he chuckled at the last word.

3/7/2011 #201
Lt.James lugnerische

adam looked back as he said "...I wouldn't say friends....but.....aquantises...is a better word.."

3/7/2011 #202

Skorge made the typical xeno laugh, which was mostly a growl repeting itself.


3/7/2011 #203
Lt.James lugnerische

adam soon slid 4 kunai *throwing knives* from his wrist as he said "....if I wanted too these knives would be in your face by now.."

3/7/2011 #204

Skorge just growled, intending to intimidate the human. Most xenos he`d met had backed off just from that growl.

3/7/2011 #205
Lt.James lugnerische

adam smirked as he said "..if your trying to scare me..its not working.."

3/7/2011 #206

Skorge grinned

"Íf your not scared, then why do you just stand there. No emotional response at all. That is a sign of fear to me."

3/7/2011 #207
Autobot Alythia

(Sorry for not replying!)

Razer suddenly seemed to appear from out of nowhere, a threatening hiss escaping her, glaring right at Skorge.

3/7/2011 #208
Lt.James lugnerische

adam looked back as he said "....I show no emotion is how I handle my life..." as he said as the than stood next to razer as he contuined to hold his Kunai

3/7/2011 #209

Skorge growled in respons. They looked like a pair of angry dogs.

"Razer...Finally." he hissed.

3/7/2011 #210
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