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What do you think Darry's love life would be. I know that in the book, Pony says that Darry's too busy for anything outside of work and going to the gym, but do you think he would make time for a woman if he was really interested in her? And what type of woman do you think that Darry would be interested in? I've got a few ideas of my own, but I'd really like to hear what other people say.

9/24/2009 #1
This account is deleted 1

Hmm -- well, Ponyboy (and even Soda, to a certain age of course) are Darrel's first priorities. Then he has three (or was it two?) jobs to work, bills to worry about. All of this is very time consuming, when you think about it. And he does need his downtime, too. This is clearly a stressful lifestyle, one that leaves him short on money. He also has the desire to go to college, which will cost more money, more time.

I mean, I'm sure he will go on dates here and there, get some action. He can't live like that one hundred percent of the time. A guy as young and good looking as him has... wants. You can't just go from sexy football star of highschool, boy of the year to the lifestyle he is currently (so to speak, of course) living.

So, to answer your question, I think he would date girls here and there, possibly the same girl, even more so if he's interested in her. If he loves her, I'm sure he would make time, but like I said, it'd be hard -- might lead to complications that would ultimately lead to breaking up. But yes, he would date. It wouldn't necessarily lead to anything too serious until Pony heads off to college and he's living along, with with his brothers in the house, he would still have some fun.

As for what type of girl he'd date, here's my idea: All the greasers (and by that I mean our wonderful main characters, seven young men created by S.E. Hinton herself) date girls that are "like" them, so to speak. Now, I'm not saying the greasers are bad, however, you don't see them dating classy socials. They date sluts, whores -- girls who wear too much make up and sleep around. Now, Darrel is different -- he is smart and has high standards. He seems goal oriented; he has a plan. He's a good guy, too, with lots of heart. He wouldn't go for a girl like that. However, I wouldn't see some socy girl kissing his butt, either. They would deem him as a Dallas Winston, I suppose, and go for someone like Randy, Bob, etc. Darry, I believe, would end up with a bit of an older woman (one, two, three, possibly even four years older?) who is classy, yet not rich, not poor -- in the middle. She'd be smart, and her looks could vary. Darry isn't the type to go for the hot girl. She would be plain on the outside, superior and lovely and glowing on the inside. I think he'd want someone who is motherly, too -- family oriented. In since he's spent a lot of his life raising Pony and Soda, he's used to being a "father". He'd want a "mother".

This is all hypothetical, though. Just my opinion.

- Em

P.S. Darry's the best =D

10/27/2009 #2

Thanks for your response. I thought I’d never get one. =)

Darry works two jobs (the construction one and another mystery one.) Now, if Darry has two jobs and Soda dropped out to work at the gas station full-time, then how is money tight in the Curtis household? Or am I missing something here? I think I’m getting a little off-topic.

I definitely think that he goes on dates from time to time. He can’t spend all of his time working and worrying about his brothers. It’d drive him crazy if he did.

If Darry found “the one”, I think he’d really work on trying to make it work. He’d see a break up with a girl that he’d love as a failure, and he seems to be the type that wouldn’t accept failure in any form. Darry’s girl would have to have the patience of a saint, though. At least until soda and Pony leave the house and he’d have a little bit more time to devote to her.

I think that Darry’s girl would be one of those sweet, fun-loving types whose presence would cheer him up, even when he’s had the worst day ever. He wouldn’t want someone who’s serious all the time. She’d be pretty, but the real kind, very natural. I’m not sure that he’d go for an older woman, though. I think he’d want someone slightly younger (maybe one to three years?) to kind of, like, protect. But I don’t think that he’d want one of those weak types. His girl would have a spine.

Soc-y girls would be slightly interested in him, I think, but they wouldn’t act on it because he’s a greaser. And because they couldn’t “fix” him like they’d believe they could do with someone like Dally. I think a girl in the “middle” would be most attracted to him. They would admire his ambition and would cheer him on towards reaching his goals. A soc or a greaser girl wouldn’t see the point in him working so hard. (I’m basing this on the fact that the middle class would know the value of hard work and what it can get you.)

I hope everything I said came out the way I intended it. Sometimes it doesn’t. Thank you for sharing your opinion. I appreciated it. =)

10/29/2009 #3

This account is deleted 1, I totally agree with you 100%.

IntoxicatedCirculation, do you know how much things cost? We're not even talking about material thing here, just basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter.

7/13/2010 #4

Party-Shoes16, I do know how things cost, I just find it a little weird that Darry works a full-time job and a part-time job and Soda works full-time, so I don't really understand how they can have money problems; unless they've got an expensive house payment or something....


7/14/2010 #5


Living off of minimum wage is tough. There are a lot of things that have to be paid for that people don't think about.

Let's just take taxes. What do they have to pay taxes on, and what do they cost? When I moved from out of state my taxes and cost on water, utility, electricity, and things like that were cut in have. The state also didn't have a school tax.

I also just recently found out that there is an Outsider's series. I've only seen one episode, but in it they have to pay rent. There is also mention in both this episode and in the book on how much it cost to feed their family.

Things were also a little different back then. Most things were still produced in America and things didn't go on sale all the time. People couldn't go spend all their money at Wall-Mart.

However, as I have been told by people who lived during such time period, you could get a decent job off of an associates, or Two-year college degree.

I was always a little fuzzy on that part, and social services. I always wondered about their parents will.

Darry can't stand the thought of having his brother's taken away from him. He might not date much because he might think that could cause problems with the case worker.

So I ask, let's jest say per month, does it cost for the car payment, rent, gas, school supplies, food, utilities?

Didn't Ponyboy go to the hospital? Those cost are outrageous. It takes years to pay them off.

Don't you think that Darry might have a few things on his mind to worry about other than what girl he's going to date? He can live without the love of a girlfriend, but not without the love of his brothers.

7/14/2010 #6

You do make some valid points with costs and all that. I personally don't quite get how they're always so tight on money. Although I do think that money would've been tight in the Curtis house after Ponyboy went to the hospital.

You also make some valid points about Darry's love life. Dating would be pretty stressful for him, I think, since he has all that other stuff to worry about; but I also think that he'd maybe want a girl to see occassionally, to maybe help relieve some of his stress. I don't see him getting serious with a woman though until after Ponyboy's gone.

7/15/2010 #7

I defiantly agree with you about not getting serious. It would take a very special person to be willing to take all of that on.

7/15/2010 #8

Is it weird If I fufil all the requirements except for the age. (lol)

9/4/2011 #9
Even a refrigerator in the 60's cost a ton of money. Little technology made things cost more to make. Darry and Soda work for minimum wage and they need some time off at some point. I know this forum is old, but to answer the romance part, I always thought of a middle class girl who loves outdoors and children. She'd be 19-21 and go to college. Very motherly, sweet, doesn't wear a lot of make-up, very active.
4/15/2015 #10
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