Since there are no Holes forums, I decided to make one. Squidshippers, MarySue haters, bashers and lovers, and all fans for this wonderful book or movie or u just came for the ride are welcome
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I used to be an avid reader of Holes fanfiction. Recently, however, I can't read many stories unless there is an OC. The OCs are major Mary Sues, or the one's I read. The plots are so overdone, the pairings, and everything. I'm just tired of it, and I need those great author's back who actually had a plot and a story with potential. Who else feels the same way and want to say it? I seriously lost my love for Hole fanfictions thanks to those [i]great authors[/i].
10/14/2007 #1
Yeah they are always having girls at Camp Green Lake now and they are all perfect and the guys all want them... I was excited when I found Holes only to find out that a lot of them are all Mary-Sues, but then again a lot of fanfictions are turning out that way.
10/28/2007 #2
well, no one wants their very own character to be hated by the originals, basically. though that would be interesting perhaps to read. But everyone knows camp green lake got turned into a girl scouts' camp, so that may be one of the reasons why they are mary sues? nah, i bet that has absolutely NOTHING to do with it. forget that last suggestion i'm just throwing things out there. but yeah, if you take the time to make up a character, you're gonna want at least ONE other character to appreciate them. i must agree having all the boys fall is a little extreme.
1/4/2008 #3
ok, i decided to finally say something even though i might be sorry for it. anyway, i happen to be a mary sue author, and to tell the truth, i enjoy it. it's sad i know. but some stories seem to be mary sues and then the plot twists before you give it a chance. take my fic [i]Darkness, the Moon, and A Couple of Holes[/i]. now, i know that it seems like it's a girl-gets-sent-to-CGL-and-falls-in-love-with-(insert character name), but it's not, trust me, i should know. so, uh, i guess what i'm trying to say is that sometimes it turns out different. and also, i am kinda getting tired of it. which is a little depressing to me. but that's besides the point. just give the story a chance. oh, and, uh, don't worry about me. i'm gonna try writing something different for holes...
2/8/2008 #4
Bardess of Avon

I find it amazing that you can change your mind so many times in one post.

I have read your stuff, and I must agree; you are the very epitome of a Suethor. We all have our sickening little fantasies, but some of them are better left for our own personal thoughts.

Girls in CGL are rarely anything BUT Sues. No, scratch that; ALL of them are Sues, but a few gems are well-written Sues.

I have to wonder why people keep posting these ridiculous stories? I mean, surely they know by now that there's nothing special about a girl in CGL? I refuse to read those now. I don't care how "gud" they claim it is; girls were not meant for CGL. End of discussion. The only people that can get away with this are CroonerWhore and EmeraldEyez, both of whom have stopped updating thanks to fear of Suedom.

3/28/2008 #5
The Lurking Lurker

I f*** agree with you Migun! I mean, it's not that I like reading the stories, I mean, I look for SOME originality! Is there any on this site, f*** no! It's all stupid angst!sue or some other s*** that should be taken off. I mean, if you look on the first page, nearly ever (notice how I say NEARLY) story is with an OC, or more!

It's just hard to find good stories. I once came across a vamp!sue, tried to read it, but atlas, a MARY SUE.

Don't get me started on the grammar with 75% of the population on this fandom. It would kill every English teacher out there...

3/31/2008 #6
Sorceress Damia

You want to know something sad? I don't even care about Sues anymore. Not one bit. It's when someone writes a Sue story while simultaneously butchering the English language because they were in such a hurry to put their silly little fantasy online (for instance, I've seen one author of another fandom(s) who writes her stories and they all have the same character, name and all. Makes you wonder if it's uncreativity, or someone just really likes a certain actor)...that's what bugs me. If I see a story in this fandom that has any good grammar at all, screw it if the main character is a Sue, LOL. I mean, there really is no escaping it.

4/17/2008 #7
Sorceress Damia

LOL, I totally just realized...man, I'd love to see some of these chickadees get hit with one of Flame Rising's doozies.

4/17/2008 #8
Bardess of Avon

Flame Rising would claw his eyes out. SnuffSnuff reviews quite a bit Holes fics. I love reading her reviews. They're not flames, because they do offer concrit, but...you have to read them to see what I mean. In any case, I've given up on this fandom. I like reading about OFCs because, well, I can't really relate to guys, but all of the OFCs here are Sues. Seriously. Even if they're well-written.

4/17/2008 #9

so, way back in the day, when holes just freshly came out of theatres and i was totally obsessed with the movie (i think i was in my pre-teens at the time) were the times where the "sue-dom" was originated from. it was the times when there were just a little over a hundred stories in the archive and they were pretty damn interesting. you have to realize these stories have originated from some of the best, and most individual stories i've read. it's been five years and the whole holes category has been ruined and ripped to shreds.

but you have to admit, after reading or watching holes, these bad-boys who seem a bit too innocent to be delinquents.. and then to cross the land of holes fanfiction where suddenly, girls are too inferior to attend a girls facility and mingling them with the boys is equivalent to whatever their outrageous punishment is, is very appealing. these pairings are based on lust, what the opinion of a teenage boys reaction is to a gorgeous girl in the middle of hell. a "good girl gone bad."

honestly, with all these overused plot lines used, can these new authors really prove that they know the original story anymore? like, had an interest to the story outside their 5th grade required reading? kate and sam, the curse, anything?

just throwing that out there ;)

5/8/2008 #10
The Lurking Lurker

Yes, well, CAMERAxWHORE, there's something called respecting the author and what he/she created. Raping a story with Mary Sues would make said author roll in his/her grave. It's all about respect, but many people choose to ignore it. Plus, there are many other creative ways to write a fanfic about Holes. You even mentioned some!

I will agree, a little less of 2% of girl stories were good. But then again, their characters had depth. These...girls now...don't have depth.

Plus, would it f*** kill someone write a story with a boy going to camp? I've only read three thus far.

5/28/2008 #11

ohh, i hope you don't think i'm for mary sue's, i'm most definitely not.

i'm just tired of reading the same crap over and over again,

a little bit of originality would suffice?

i think we've had enough of seeing perfection in our world.

5/30/2008 #12

I totally agree with you, Mignun. I mean, don't get me wrong, I try out the stories, but it's just no good.

Grammar is a major turn-off. A good 75% of writers don't understand what proof-reading is.

Characters: Wow, all I can say is that they ARE Mary Sues. I mean, they don't give them depth (like DPMOA stated). Sure they tell us in lengthy paragraphs, or even in two sentences, what their character looks like. I mean, were's their story? Where's their personality? All I see is hyper cracked up girls with bi-polarism. Seriously...

CAMERAXWHORE, lol. Luckily no one is for Mary Sues. I know you're not. And I don't think originality would suffice, seeing how there isn't any.

6/1/2008 #13
The Lurking Lurker

My apologizes for thinking you were for Mary Sues.

Though, it's just getting boring coming to the Holes fandom to see author's trying to be cool and put girls in a Holes story. I mean, today, I went down the page and only one, ONE, story had to deal with Kissing Kate Barlow. Every other story had to deal with 'a girl and her friends'. Seriously, why do people have to put trash on this site? They already know it's not wanted.

Sure, I agree, at first girls going to CGL was okay, because it wasn't done before. But now, it's just pathetic. I've read at least three stories with the SAME plot, with the characters acting the same, but with people having different names. It's tiring.

Plus, have you seen how many girls use chatspeak IN the story? Sure, author notes are tolerable, but IN THE STORY? That's where I draw the line. I mean, it seems like English class is becoming a waste in our schools.

Seriously, they make me ashamed of being a teenage girl!

6/10/2008 #14

I feel the same way. It's just tiring. Some people write really well, but they just aren't creative enough. Meh...

6/14/2008 #15

I definitely don't support mary-sues, and the sh!tty, all too well expected Holes stories that are the only ones people are posting nowadays is a big turn off. It's too bad that this is what Holes fanfics consist of, really! Like, somebody (me, for example) could write a very interesting non mary sue story, even if it was still GACGL, and nobody would want to read it because of all the b.s. that's out there. it makes me sad, because I know that I can write and develop a story alot better than many of the little girls that are making themselves look ridiculous lately, but I don't dare to (yet) because of the Mary Sue controversy. Maybe my idea still wouldn't be very unique because it would have the same girl at camp green lake basis, but it could definitely have lots of potential since I've really been working hard on making it unique, and shouldn't be classified with the rest.

(Not that I've posted it yet) but it would probably end up being criticized just for being GACGL anyway, no matter how captivating/eccentric it might be. Which really is just too bad. So I don't know what to do. I don't to put such effort into a story if nobody will enjoy or appreciate it and it would just be a waste of time.

It's people like that that are ruining this for the rest of us ! = (

xox Sacha

9/5/2010 #16

I agree with everyone above: SUES SHOULD DIE! Possibly with something lizard-oriented. Thrown into a pit. "THIS IS CAMP GREEN LAKE!" Too dramatic?

I know no author wants to be told, or even foster the idea that their characters could be Mary Sues, but I wrote a story for Holes--named "Holes" because I couldn't think of a better title! It's a really old story, the first I ever uploaded to FF.net, so old nobody can even find it when they search through the Holes archives, but I wanted to throw it out there as a possible read for people who are interested in reading stories where not every D-Tent boy falls for the girl. It's a slight gender-bender story (Stanley becomes Stella, who mistakenly ends up at Camp Green Lake due to a fault in the paperwork; her name's down as Stanley) but I just wanted to throw it out there.

Let the buzzards peck at it in the middle of the desert in the hot sun if you don't like it, but I had fun writing it. And it's one of the only stories I've ever actually completed. (Fills me with guilt, actually).

I'm working on another story now, having rediscovered my love for the film (particularly Sigourney Weaver's portrayal of the Warden "Excuse me!" love her!) so input on how to keep the characters from being Sue-ish would be very much appreciated!

3/14/2011 #17

No idea if anyone is still on here or not but I'd like to give my two cents if that's okay.

About Mary Sues: Try not to have them so perfect. Their looks, their posture, the way that they dress extra. Try not to have them the main center of the story.

Try to write an original plot. wright about Squid, Zigzag, Zero, Armpit extra. There's so much that we don't know about them.

What happened years later after Holes? Did any of them besides Zero and Stanley hook up again? If so when? How? Try to make a believable plot.

Writing about an Mary Sue or an Oc is fun to do but don't try to have them be the only main characters.

When you are writing about a possible new character rather male or female think things out first. What is the characters name? Their believes? Their religion, if they have one? What's their backgrounds? Who did they live with before they were sent to Camp Green Lake? Or is it a character that meets a character that had been to Camp Green Lake but they didn't go themselves?

How old is the character? Do they have any siblings? Extra. A person with a tan skin, flawless skin with blue eyes and blonde hair is going to sound flawless.perfect otherwise known as a Mary Sue.

I can't remember reading the book though I'm sure that I did but I loved the movie to pieces. Which is surprising since movies normally suck when they are based off the books. Not all of the movies but a lot of them do.

It wouldn't be so bad about the Mary Sues if there weren't so many of them or if they had an believable plot to them, you know?

No mellowenglishgal: That isn't too dramatic. If anybody reads any Harry Potter fanfiction stories you'll see a bunch of Mary Sues on there. A lot of time it's just self insert Mary Sues but the author makes them better looking. (Excuse me while I go and barf!).

There are so many characters that you can write about: Kissing Kate, The Warden, Mr. Sir, Mr. Pandanski, Zero, Stanley, Zigzag, Armpit, Twitch, Sam, extra. You don't have to make up new characters just to fill in a few "plot holes" for your stories. Not trying to be mean and I'm sorry if it seems like I am, not trying to be.

1/17/2012 #18
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