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heres a Elfen Lied Role Playing Forum,we each start in the facilty and than we meet up,can be either male or female, plot is mostly based on the events in the anime
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Lt.James lugnerische

heres the template




Hair Color:

Eye color:

Code number:

Varint-Pure or Silpelit- :


Vector Range:



heres my charater

Name: Adam wade

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Hair Color: Red

Eye color: Red

Code number:74

Varint-Pure or Silpelit- : Pure

Vectors: 44

Vector Range: 12 meters

Bio: his mother and father were both scientists at the faciliaty...but unknown to the others,his mother was a pure queen dicolinus, as he had lived in the faciliaty almost his entire life, he was raised with his sister, number 7, also known as nana, though when he was 7,his mother had suddenly been killed by a SAT squad of soliders, as it was than clear to him, that his own father had sold them out for a large sum of money, and soon after adam and nana had been imprisioned in the institue, but after 10 long years, he was finally able to excape one day when they were going to use him to track a rouge dicilonus, and after he had excaped, he met up with a dicolinus hunter,named Nick, and soon after he met with the Neocolinus, Kazuto, and after they had excaped the DRI many times, adam had met with a girl...a Queen....named Sakura....and now the mixed group is trying to surive in the world where many are out to end their lives...

9/24/2009 . Edited 12/23/2011 #1

Name: Has no name, but is called Experiment 666 or Karl by researchers and others who know of his existence.

Age: 16


Sex: Male

Hair Color:Blond/Golden Yellow

Eye color: Black

Code number: 666

Varint-Pure or Silpelit: Pure

Vectors: Has been altered where instead of transparent hands, he has a shapeshifting crow named Arma. Arma is a silent, emotioneless bird that does have a big attachment to Karl and vice versa. Arma can shapeshift into any object of the same volume. All objects are signified with a black color except for a red dot on each side to represent the eyes of Arma. Karl talks to her despite he knows she can't talk back and acts like she can. That fact is unknown if Karl really can understand her in some way that no one else can. Arma can fly.

Vector Range:

History: The other one of two "special" experiments that are male and not born from a human. Already born as a regular human, he was directly infused with the virus. Almost nothing physically changed him except for his strength and horns. When his horns formed, Arma had appeared and at the time it was unknown what Arma's role in the experiment was or if she had any significance at all. Arma and Karl immediately grew a close attachment to each other. After surviving the procedure, he was able to wander around the premises along with his other, Climber. Unfortunately, Karl went through a lot of torturous physical, mental, and social abuse. In the process, he lost it and ended up making his first kill against an armed soldier. The price was paid for him though as the soldier was able to cause three parallel slashes to his left eye (his view) and the skin around it ending up grey in color. That scar would be permanent, but Karl was still able to se perfectly well with the wounded eye. He was afterwards, forced into wearing a pirate outfit with an eyepatch over his wounded eye as well. His white collared, long sleeve shift had the words "Experiment 666" on the back of it. He was lead into solitary confinement with Arma being unable to move as well as only being fed with a tube for some years, at the same time as Climber was taken into precaution because of Karl and was forced into a deep slumber with a similar restraint. With each moment of his confinement, Karl grew in his hatred for humans as he was idle in his confinement with Arma. After so many years of confinement, he was able to succesfully escape at the age of 13 and killed nearly all of the residents of the facility before he escaped. Currently, he has still not been captured.

Personality: Has a great disdain and grudge towards humans. He is a compulsive liar who tells the truth as often as he doesn't smile. Has a kind of maniacal laught. He does not hestitate to kill women, children, pretty much anything that moves. Overall, it was due to his experiences of abuse that broke his psychological sanity. He is very deceptive where he has a record that no one who meets him for the first time ever survives their encounter with him. Karl appeared to have something of the Spiderman Syndrome.

Battle Style: The virus affected him in which he obtained superhuman strength and reasonable speed. He is very good in close combat, but has a great disadvantage in long ranged combat. Still, he almost always finds a way to somehow overcome this weakness at least with a little bit to his favor.

Other facts: A slight paranoia of heights and loves to play the violin despite his lack of stock. It is with irony that he possibly has a crush on a human girl.

10/4/2009 . Edited 10/5/2009 #2

Name: Climber

Age: 16

Appearance: Wears a black mountain climging suit, gloves, shoes, and a helmet. Every part of his body is covered except for his unusual face. The link is a view of what he would look like.

Sex: Male

Hair Color: None

Eye color: Brown

Code number: 3173 though has been called Project "Climber"

Varint-Pure or Silpelit: Pure

Vectors: Three

Vector Range: 2 meters

History: One of two "special" experiments that were previously inanimate objects but when researchers exposed the objects with vectors that always pass on the virus to whoever or whatever it touches. The virus had an unusual effect as for both subjects, the virus remained in the objects and were eventually able to make a mind of its own, sort of a consciousness as the result was that both subjects were brought to life. Experiment 3173 is a cloth mannequin dressed in a mountain climbing outfit. For that reason of how he is dressed he was and is named "The Climber" but has been shorten to "Climber" when he awakens. He used to be able to explore and walk around normally in the lab premises. After a certain incident with the other "special" experiment, the lab researchers decided to "seal" him so that another horrific rebellion doesn't happen again. Climber was a bit abused by humans, but did not seem to comprehend it well. He has never woke up and is currently restrained like others of his kind where he is restrained so much that he can't move.

Personality: When Climber awakens, he instantly has the naive, innocent personality of a child. He constantly wants to be useful for others, but does not want to kill anybody. He really doesn't know anthing about everything constantly learning something. Being awake only for a brief period of time, his vocabulary is very limited due to the limited exposure of any spoken language. He knows almost nothing on the written language. When he was able to move around freely, he was greatly influenced with amusement parks as one of his main phrases is "Ferris Wheel!" instead of "Snap!" or something like that.

Battle Style: The virus affected him in a way where he is faster and more agile than a normal human. He also cannot feel pain. He does not realize he possesses vectors until later on. Even when he does, he feels they are a dangerous thing and prefers to use his pickaxe that he always carries as his weapon of choice.

Other facts: Developed a paranoia of fire, particularly cigarettes since that is the more common form of fire that he has seen. Being inhuman, he does not need to eat, drink, skeep, and other things that humans need to do.

10/4/2009 . Edited 10/5/2009 #3
Lt.James lugnerische

both are approved ^^

10/5/2009 #4

Sorry, I'm going to change it where Karl is still in the facility but will escape and will happen to find your character and help him escape possibly.

10/5/2009 #5
Lt.James lugnerische

ok it doesnt matter to me so start RPing when ever you like

10/5/2009 #6

Name: Unknown, but just known as the mysterious violin girl

Age: 16


Sex: Female

Hair Color: Red

Eye color: Black

Code number: None

Varint-Pure or Silpelit- : Human

Vectors: None

Vector Range: None

Any information on her: A mysterious human girl that is very talented at playing the violin. She becomes a possible love interest to Karl later on in the RP. She used to have a brother and sister, but both of them died thanks to Adam.

10/5/2009 . Edited 10/5/2009 #7
Lt.James lugnerische

approved,so what,she come to the house,see the bodys and run from adam?

10/5/2009 #8
Mithos of the blue sky and sea


Age:???(Looks about 11.)


Hair-Color:Crimson Red

Eye-Color:Split orange K-9 eyes



Vector Range:30-Meters

History:A Special Dicolinus created from the combined genetics of Lucy and one other other high-class unit,he is very intelligent,skilled,wicked and unstable,he was given the highest level training and managed to keep moving foreword,he was all alone through his whole life except for when this one girl the daughter of a scientist at the lab wandered off and met him,they became fast friends and she gave him her teddy-bear,he kept it as his most treasured possession,though when he hard some people talking outside his cell about how the girls father would be leaving for a long while because his daughter had been in an accident he went mad and tried to escape,Like Lucy whom he was made from he managed to though not without getting hurt,he now had just escaped still clutching that teddy-Bear longing to see the girl he felt was his only friend.

10/15/2009 #9
Lt.James lugnerische

approved,start RPing when you want

10/15/2009 #10
Mithos of the blue sky and sea


Age:10(though has been modified to be able to look her age and also about 16 she can alter her body to affect her age.)



Before alteration:

(Now she can go between forms though her hair is now blue and her eyes red.)

Code-Number:133 Bio-Tech Hybrid Dicolinis(the code is tattooed on her left ass cheek.

Vectors:80(she uses them to make weapons on her body like blades and scythes,she can also just shoot them out.)

Vector-Range:15 meters

History:A young girl whose father was researching the Dicolinis however she was in an accident and was on deaths-door so he volunteered her for the special project he was working on,it involved cyborg implants and Dicolinis Gene manipulation,she is now a Dicolinis-Cyborg and barely remembers anything,she has a split personality that is sadistic,cruel and murerous.

10/15/2009 #11
Lt.James lugnerische

sounds good shes approved

10/15/2009 #12
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

(Your gonna be her,she sure went through some changes if you looked at the pics of her.)

10/15/2009 #13
Lt.James lugnerische

ok man

10/15/2009 #14
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Ashalia Wilhelm/Ash

Age:???(Looks about 16)


Appearance:Dark appearance:

Code-Number:99,L-C Variant-series:She is a special type made using a normal girl and Lucy's DNA,and special Nanite treatments.),the mark is tattooed on her left Ass-Cheek

vectors:65(though the number of Nano-machines in her system is near infinite.)


History:The product of a joint project between the facility and a company called Vector-Tech,she was a termini ally Ill girl so her brother one of the heads of the project volunteered her for it,afterwords she was trained to be a killer,he himself killed the guards and freed her they are both now in hiding,she goes berserk and kills people on a whim,she snaps anytime and anyplace though she has never once attacked her brother.


Name:Jeramiah Wilhelm/Jermey







History:A child prodigy he was scouted by Vector-Tech for his amazxing skill,his talents included Genetheropy,Gene manipulation,Nanomachine creation and application,as well as pychotheropy,He is the older brother of Ash and her only living famioly,he loved his sister dearly and only did what he did to save her,now he and her aare on the run,and he swears on his life he will never abandon her,he is always covering up her crimes and trying to help them live a normal life,oddly though he used to have azure blue eyes yet now they are blood red.

10/28/2009 . Edited 10/28/2009 #15
Lt.James lugnerische

i really dont even need to say approved but could you also add a small sub sheet of her brother below her sheat

10/28/2009 #16
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

(Okay but he is Human just telling you that now,though he has blood red eyes so maybe he is tweaking his own genes?)

10/28/2009 #17
Lt.James lugnerische

(sounds good enough to me)

10/28/2009 #18
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Trisha/Trish Ekhart


Appearance: (Her hair will be black and she has nice long legs,and a big round read that is well just mega sexy.)

Dicolinus form:

and for pregnancy photo

Code-Number:none?(Would a Mate really need one?)

Vectors:None(She becomes infected and can harness 20)

Vector-Range:None.(When she gets them 15-meters.)

History:A brilliant young female scientist for the Dicolinus research facility,she has lived a good life with a somewhat good family a young genius she graduated collage at the top of her class,this is her first actual job as a researcher and she was selected for the hybrid program,thus she is being forced to have sex with #74 until she becomes pregnant and assuming she survived the process she will be forced to have another and another.However due to the fact she is being given his seed,once she is inpregnanted she will eventually begin to turn into a Dicolinus.

10/30/2009 . Edited 10/30/2009 #19
Brawler 1337

I think I'll join in using characters from my fanfic, Aftermath. I've posted it under the Elfen Lied section, if you want to read it. It's a work in progress.

Name: Kazuto Mishikawa

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Species: Neoclonius. Neoclonius is a classification of Diclonius-like individuals with strange differences in appearance—such as more than 2 horns—or other unusual physical properties--such as different vector abilities. A Neoclonius can be naturally born by sexual reproduction between a Silpelit with an exceptionally rare genetic defect that allows her to have children—Lucy does not count because she is pure/queen/whatever—and a human male (I didn't really account for Diclonius male/human female reproduction since Diclonius males appear to be uncommon). They can also be produced by more artificial methods.

Hair Color: Crimson

Eye color: Red

Appearance: Kazuto has three horns. Two are right above the ears, where the horns on a normal Diclonius are located. He often covers this up with a hat or beanie. The third horn is slightly shorter and is found in the middle of his forehead. He tends to hide this with a headband, although a beanie works pretty much just as well. When he's not locked up in some facility, he wears brown pants and a blue jacket that he leaves unzipped—and, for some strange reason, he doesn't wear a shirt underneath.

Code number: Registered with DWEC as 42. Unregistered with the Kakuzawa Institute.

Vectors: None. His entire body can act as a vector, so long as he has enough concentration and stamina to do so.

Vector Range: 4 meters

History (*WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR AFTERMATH*): Kazuto was born on July 11, 2023—17 years after the Lucy incident. He lived a fairly peaceful life with his father and Diclonius mother in Kamakura until he turned thirteen. At this age, he was kidnapped and transported to some high-tech testing facility in America; he stayed there for seven years. He got used to his (somewhat) American lifestyle. He even learned to speak English so fluently that he now speaks Japanese with a thick American accent. When he was transferred back to a complex in Kamakura, the organization that captured him—the Diclonius Weaponization and Evolution Corporation, or DWEC—began more testing on him. That night, he managed to escape the facility with Lucy, whom DWEC had recently awoken from cryostasis. For one week, they avoided DWEC's attempts to recapture or kill them. Then they ran into Hana, a sadistic Neoclonius with vectors that could bend space-time. After the ensuing battle, Kazuto handed Lucy over to buy some time to plan out a way to destroy DWEC. But when Hana revealed that she would not let Kazuto go off the radar like she had originally said, Kazuto dashed towards her in an attempt to take Lucy back. He was unsuccessful: Hana time warped back to the facility right as he reached out to grab hold of Lucy. But the resulting ripples in the fabric of space-time hit Kazuto, sending him back in time. He ends up 37 years in the past—perhaps a day or so after the end of the Lucy incident. It was then that a new life began for Kazuto, and a new chapter of understanding unfolded...

But what if he was sent back a little further? And what if he was captured by the Kakuzawa Institute. It is here where our alternate reality begins...

5/7/2010 . Edited 5/31/2010 #20
Lt.James lugnerische

approved, but i warn you, this froum is massivly a lemon forum, just tellin ya if you dont like lemons or such ok ^^, but your approved as well ^^

5/8/2010 #21
Brawler 1337

I don't mind lemon style, but I think I'll keep Kazuto's storyline more towards action. I think I'll also do a profile for Hana when I get the chance.

5/8/2010 #22
Lt.James lugnerische

ok than ^^, just thought i would tell you, and jsut to let you know, adam has 2 kids,hum..so maby..hana would kidnap them to raise them under her own evil influicens?

5/8/2010 #23

I'm fucking bored and my computer won't run games right now for some odd reason. So I'm going to creep your forums James until I fix it. ^_^

Name: Nicholas Connor

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Hair Color: Black

Eye color: Grey

Code number: Horizone Biotech Experiment number 237

Varint-Pure or Silpelit- : Human... mostly

Appearance: Long black hair, shoulder length, blue eyes, black jacket, red shirt which aptly state "Religion is for those who fear hell, spirituality is for those who have been there." black jeans, chuck's high tops

Background: Connor was a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, in the line of duty his left arm was blown off and during medical tests was determined to be suitable genetically for the purposes of Horizone. All information pertaining to his genetic modifications is stricly classified. For now. Suffice it to say he was designed to contain and eliminate Diclonius.

5/15/2010 . Edited 5/15/2010 #24
Lt.James lugnerische


5/15/2010 #25

Name: Yuki Asakura

Age: 14

Sex: male

Hair Color: black

Eye color: green

Code number: 59

Varint-Pure or Silpelit- : Pure

Vectors: 8

Vector Range: 6 meters

Bio: born to a family of powerful Diclonii who have been hiding out, Yuki grew up in an unusually tolerant environment, where the other children treated him as someone special due to his horns. His parents were notably disappointed that, aside from four mean bullies, Keisuke wound up not hating the entire human race as they do, but they love him anyway. However, Yuki has recently been pursued by odd men from the research facility.

He harbors inside him, though, a one sided affection for a girl that just might provide a breaking point, given she seems to prefer one of the Four Bullies, Kazuo.

6/19/2010 . Edited 6/21/2010 #26
Brawler 1337

Name: Hana Usagi

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Species: Neoclonius

Hair Color: Pink

Eye color: Red. Since she is in State 3, they are oddly angular and have black veins.

Appearance: Hana always wears a canary yellow short-sleeved shirt, a purple skirt, a red scarf, and a green beret. The beret is tilted upwards slightly on the right side of her head because of her horns. Hana has two horns, both on the right side of her head.

Code number: Number 13-A for DWEC. "A" signifies that the subject is an active weapon for DWEC or the army.

Vectors: 6. Her vectors cannot cut anything and they cannot pick up some things that other Diclonii's vectors can. But they make up for that shortcoming with one special ability: they can bend space-time. They allow her to teleport wherever and whenever she wants and speed up and slow down objects (but not the flow of time in general or around certain people). She could be capable of more.

Vector Range: 2.5 meters

History/Personality: Much of Hana's history—prior to her capture and training as a killer—is classified. To understand Hana's personality now that she has been weaponized, one must understand a Neoclonius' psychological progression. This progression can be described in "states:"

--State 1: Sanity. The base state of a Neoclonius. This is where the Neoclonius usually has a conscience and is fully aware of his or her actions.

--State 2: Ferocity. In this state, the Neoclonius relapses to his or her primal survival instincts, killing anyone who he or she sees as a potential threat; usually, this judgement isn't very sound, so it's more like the Neoclonius just kills everything in sight. There is usually a transformation in the eyes that indicates that the Neoclonius is in State 2. It is possible for a Neoclonius to revert back to State 1 from State 2, but it takes some concentration.

--State 3: Sadism. The final state in a Neoclonius' psychological progression. The Neoclonius becomes bloodthirsty, seeking to kill anything and everything for his or her own enjoyment. State 3 Neoclonii are incredibly difficult to contain and control, as they also reach their full potential in this state. Usually, the eye transformation indicating the Neoclonius' State 2 transformation becomes even more severe in State 3. It is almost impossible for a State 3 Neoclonius to revert back to State 2 or State 1; in fact, no Neoclonius who is known to have reached State 3 has ever reverted from it. Some Neoclonii are known to have gone from State 1 directly to State 3, never once experiencing State 2. This could be from the Neoclonius resisting State 2 transformations for extended periods of time.

Hana is a State 3 Neoclonius. She enjoys seeing people die, and she absolutely loves killing. She loves it so much that she wields a vibro-katana to make up for her vectors' inability to cut through objects. She chose a sword over a gun because she loves getting up close and personal. She loves hearing the dying screams of her victims as her sword tears through their flesh. (Oh, and BTW, when the sword is stuck in flesh or another solid material, the frequency of its vibrations is reduced to a level within the range of human hearing, so it screeches when it cuts through things.) She also tends to exaggerate her emotions greatly.

7/1/2010 . Edited 8/2/2010 #27
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Luna Cephilia




Before alteration:

Code number:None

Vectors:20 and growing

Vector range:???

History:A famel police officer whose father was a dicolinus researcher,she was sent to keep an eye on Adam.

7/6/2010 #28
Lt.James lugnerische


7/6/2010 #29
Brawler 1337

Note: I screwed up on Hana's appearance. She's supposed to have a purple skirt and a red scarf. I remembered this because I designed her on Soulcalibur IV's character creator, and I recently played as her.

8/2/2010 . Edited 8/2/2010 #30
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